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February 22, 2015



So Giuliani walks back the truth.
Testicle free party.

Jack is Back (on his iPad)

I still say that Stephen Coughlin's analysis says it all. The whole political class and their current military leadership are brain dead.


I saw a SHOCKING headline in the SLIMES just half an hour ago!!
A "noted" Climate Change Skeptic!! Is receiving funding from a GASSPPPPPPP!!!


So fucked up on so many levels.

Miss Marple

I just saw the Jim Webb interview (missed it last night due to other things).

He could be a formidable candidate if he didn't have such a hot temper. Probably the only one who could win the white working class back to the dems (presuming we end up with someone like Bush).

Another reason why we shouldn't run someone from the GOPe. They do not connect.


Posted by: Jack is Back (on his iPad) | February 22, 2015 at 08:11 PM -

that was a good find. thanks for the link. depressing to watch though.




Hillary would have told us if this was a problem.


Miss Marple-

another Dem to sell out the working man ... Jim Webb voted for Obamacare and during his comfortable retirement claims he regrets it.


Sure is slow in here. If y'all are all off watching the Oscars... I'ma be real disappointed.


nope. still here. The gyro and dolmades were excellent by the way ... hit the spot.


I am not watching the Oscars, Stephanie.

I am working on a 69 GTO with a transplant 455.

...and drinking.

jimmyk on iPhone

Daddy, if you're still in Sydney:

@iowahawkblog: Yo Sydney: come celebrate my birthday with Tim Blair tomorrow night at the Aurora Hotel on Crown Street. OR ELSE

Almost scary to think of Blair, Burge, and daddy together in one place.

Captain Hate

I just saw the Jim Webb interview (missed it last night due to other things).

He could be a formidable candidate if he didn't have such a hot temper giant empty skull.


The Chinese hit the spot, but I'm hungry - again. Quelle Surprise.

Wow. I'ma come by TK's and take a spin.


Posted by: Threadkiller | February 22, 2015 at 10:20 PM -

is it yours or a client's ...


some mood music.

Miss Marple

Guys, I am not saying I would vote for Webb. (I think he has a hot temper and is probably not good at compromise. Plus the Obamacare vote.)

I am just saying he would be much tougher to beat than Hillary or Warren.


What is striking, is the David Cole byline. The conclusion is something we already guessed.


Watching act of valor, and previously man who would be king.


Best friend's, Rich.

Captain Hate

Sure is slow in here. If y'all are all off watching the Oscars... I'ma be real disappointed.

Reading, listening to music and watching that snooty soap opera on state television.

I see to the side that Goober Graham couldn't get to the ABC cameras fast enough to say there's "no doubt" that 404 "loves his country". RINOs are so predictable in their spinelessness.


Posted by: Miss Marple | February 22, 2015 at 10:27 PM -

wouldn't think you would and I agree he'd be a tougher opponent that the so called front runners. Also we can't count the GOPe out yet in squandering any possibility of victory.

how does a Bush-Huntsman ticket sound? a loser to me but campaign cash for the GOPe.

Miss Marple

"Snooty soap opera on state television" is Downton Abbey on PBS, I presume. HAHA!

Love ya, Captain Hate!


What are you listening to, captain.


Check Drudge right now... bwahahahaha.

American Diaper.

The hubs is watching an A&E documentary on the American Sniper story.

Out y'alls I'ma go read something.


Always cheery, rich.

Dave (in MA)

Wife is fast-forwarding through the Oscars on the DVR and the parrot keeps snickering.
I haven't seen any of the movies, so I can't bring myself to give a crap.


Nah. I'ma go start a 1000 piece Wysocki jigsaw puzzle. Time to sort the pieces.


>>>RINOs are so predictable in their spinelessness.

Posted by: Captain Hate | February 22, 2015 at 10:32 PM<<<

We should have had a pool. The RINO brackets for the Madness of the Week ...


sounds like fun.


The only one I saw was American sniper.

Miss Marple

Huntsman is the only person in politics who is JUST as arrogant and obnoxious as Obama.

I consider that this was because they were both told they were special snowflakes and never had a real job.

Yes, the money thing is always lurking around.

Don't know the answer. Money is power in the party (as it is in the dems as well). Mostly it has to do with TV and airplanes and all the stuff it takes to campaign now, because God forbid voters just READ a candidate's positions on the internet.

I don't think Jeb is going to make it regardless of how much money he has. He's dull and without the fighting spirit we need. My choices are Walker, Perry, and Jindal.

We will see. I just don't see how Jeb can win by pushing both Common Core (whcih I can guarantee you is a killer here in Indiana) and immigration (which is also unpopulr).

Also, there are things which will be brought out. I just can't see how it would work for him.

Captain Hate

I'll give the Bill Moyers Payola network credit for one thing; they didn't interrupt their nearly sole entertaining program for either the Super Bowl or the Oscars.

Pumpkin Head Webb would give the Reagan democrats somebody to vote for, so that would make inroads into any non-GOPe candidate. The lefties wouldn't be happy though.


>>>Always cheery, rich.

Posted by: narciso | February 22, 2015 at 10:38 PM<<<

trying to be.

Captain Hate

Here's one thing I was listening to


Miss Marple

Found a Webb poster!

He's even got a sword!


So obama isn't the only democrat who hates America!


I haven't been follwowing. But was Macdonald elected and stepped down in the series

Miss Marple

Think I will head to bed.



Posted by: narciso | February 22, 2015 at 10:41 PM -

maybe it was about the fake baby they used in the film ... not sure where it was filmed, but I could just imagine the legal hoops they would have had to go through to use a real baby (anyway).


come celebrate my birthday with Tim Blair tomorrow night at the Aurora Hotel on Crown Street. OR ELSE

Rat, rats, rats, rats, rats, JimmyK. Missed it by that much:(

Am in Manila, and the 2 stories headlining The Philippine Star, are that local Boxing hero Manny Paquiao will go up against Floyd Mayweather, and then just below that is this story, What Role if any Did the US Play in the Anti-Muslim Terrorist Operation that led to the deaths of 44 Philippine Police Commando's in January

Wretchard I recall had some strong comments about that tragedy last month. I doubt this story is making the newspapers back home, but Narciso may be able to make some sense of it.

Captain Hate

Huntsman shocked me by saying nice things about Mike Lee and declining to challenge him in a primary. I think that's the only thing he's ever done I've respected beside having hawt daughters.

Captain Hate

Is Act of Valor good?

Jim Miller

So far, I'd say narciso is the thread winner.

(Some speculation: It seems nearly certain to me that the CIA and the Senate staffers got into a real fight some years ago. The report is just the propaganda put out by one side in this war. I suspect that Jay Rockefeller is at least partly to blame, perhaps by choosing dubious staffers, perhaps by encouraging hyper-partisan behavior, perhaps both.

I don't remember the details, but I do remember him signing off on what was essentially a partisan plot against Bush.)


Interesting daddy, so the disdain of our allies isn't limited to Africa or even south asia.


Thanks jim miller. The whole shindig really falls into the Levick group scam that Deborah Burlingame uncovered.


That involved the gulf states and blue chip wall street firms. The former have been at the forefront of Jay vee team financing.

Jim Miller

One of the things I admire about Huntsman is the two girls he adopted. (0ne frome China, one from India.) Granted, his wife almost certainly deserves most of the credit for that, but he had to agree to both adoptions.

And, yes, I'd give the McCains credit for their adoption, too.

Democrats say they care about children; some Republicans show by their actions that they acturally do care about children.

I am still perplexed by his presidential campaign -- but I get cheered up every time I look at one of those pictures of the family.


S o I'm pon dering vwas the Senate report cover for the al marri release. It turns out that the father of the Jay vee's computer expert relocated to qatar



What also caught my eye in that story was this name, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Along with current President Aquino and Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II, it seems it is always the same handful of families pretty much running everything in the P.I. The results of that sort of dynastic mis-governance ought to be enough to make us run away as fast as we can from Clinton 2 and Bush 3.

Captain Hate



With a few exceptions like Estrada that has been true. Also the late mags assay doesn't seem to have any politically inclined offspring

Jane on Ipad

I also thought Webb was impressive. A person who is liberal on social issues and not a left wing nutcase would certainly consider him. And he could actually bring some white people back to the dems - which is why I keep saying "run Lizzie run".

What's with the Oscars? I just turned them on and it's all about black people. The mere mention of "racism" brings the house down. It's as if they all fear dear leader.


I would be very surprised if Jeb were the nominee.


Yes, Jay rockefeller was caught out plotting to politicize what had always been a bipartisan , apolitical operation. I suspect the NYT came clean because it wants to continue to curry favor with inside sources in the agency. Why else?


--I just turned them on...--

Masochist much?
Fifty Shades of Jane.


Rockefeller did seem to drop off the radar awfully fast ... thought he had retired before 2015.

The Oscars are as black as an all hands meeting at Vox ...


Oscars: Joan Rivers Left Out of In Memoriam Tribute



Joan Rivers Dead Two Months After Calling Obama Gay ...


Yeah, but we hate Alex Jones...


Say what?!


Lots of fun, Rich.

Wish you were here.

Dave (in MA)

IMO they could have included an In Memoriam for Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese, who did a ton of Hollywood soundtracks.

Jane, Accuweather is saying -12 tomorrow night/Tuesday morning.


anyone that claims torture does work is a fool ... I guarantee you that within 4 days I can get your ATM pin out of you and not once lay a hand on you ... sure, you'll lie about it the first time you give an answer ... but by the 5th or 6th time you'll give up the goods ... you see I won't let you go until I verify the pin ...

Danube on iPad

"Joan Rivers Dead Two Months After Calling Obama Gay ..."

She didn't even last as long as Breitbart or Fuddy. Every death is now suspect.

Let us hope the WND and Birther Report heroes are in their bunkers with plenty of MREs. And of course water and Scotch.

Dave (in MA)

Fuddy didn't get an In Memoriam...

Danube on iPad

Had to go to an Oscar party I couldn't avoid. Lots of boredom and a few instances of sickening juvenile political drivel. Lovely Hollywood niece and hub were there looking great.

Obviously American Sniper had no chance with this bunch.


Dave (in MA)

Fargin iceholes.


Reaching across the isle in Hollywood is an approved revenue source.




'Birdman' wins four Oscars, including best picture


Boyhood star Patricia Arquette, whose portrayal of a struggling single mom garnered her the trophy for best supporting actress, gave her thanks and then spoke out for gender equality.

To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and every citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America."



Watched Birdman the other night and although I think Michael Keaton is a terrific actor especially for Beetlejuice - Birdman is so Hollywood inside baseball as to be close to unwatchable.


Maybe we don't need Fabio after all.

Scott Walker rides a Harley!


I sure hope he has cool riding gear.


Morning schaudenboner, WaPo sob story on WI unions. The Right to Work bill starts debate tomorrow.


Video: Oscars 2015: Lady Gaga Sings 'Sound of Music' Medley


Thomas Collins

Cole's agenda is clear from the last four paragraphs of his op ed. Cole argues that, the committee focused on the CIA to get the GOP to sign on to an investigation it otherwise would not have if the focus was going to be Bush, Cheney and the other members of the Bush Administration. In the course of these four paragraphs, Cole doesn't raise the issue of what Dem Congresscritters in leadership and the intelligence committees knew and when they knew it.

What starts off as an apparently thoughtful piece on the report ends with the usual get Booosh/Cheney meme.



Walker has been riding a Harley for awhile. I saw a photo of him riding, looked like he was wearing about what you would expect for a middle aged guy who isn't a gang member.

Pretty much "regular guy".

Thomas Collins

As far as the Oscars go, I didn't watch it, but I read that The Grand Budapest Hotel snagged four trophies. That's the only movie I saw of the nominated movies.


"Jane, Accuweather is saying -12 tomorrow night/Tuesday morning."

I'm going to dig a hole. Call me when it's summer.

Ad Hominem et Ad Suspiciens.

Soon's science is sound, and disturbing to the alarmists.


A real or imagined problem in King v Burwellhttp://www.washingtonexaminer.com/supreme-court-obamacare-case-could-be-derailed/article/2560414?utm_campaign=Washington%20Examiner:%20Politics%20Today

Captain Hate

As far as the Oscars go, I didn't watch it, but I read that The Grand Budapest Hotel snagged four trophies. That's the only movie I saw of the nominated movies.

That and American Sniper are the only movies I'm at all interested in seeing.

I'm listening to Levin's friday night show about how dishonest the WSJ editorial page is on how the GOP should bend over on 404's illegal immigration scam. Those shitheads are just as unprincipled as the commiecrats.


Oh boy, more union protests at the Capitol in Madison.

Your popcorn supply may be safe -- unlike the govt unions, the private sector guys work for a living so only small crowds are expected. Plus, these guys have a clue: “I don’t know what banging on a plastic bucket and blowing on a horn will do,” Terry McGowan, the business manager for Operating Engineers Local 139.

Captain Hate

-11 here now.

The next idiot who says "Ooooh isn't it great the pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training" is getting smacked like he just said something stupid about global warming.


"So Giuliani walks back the truth.
Testicle free party."

Walker an Giuli need the muddle. It's the practicality of winning that makes geldings in a bi-partisan system; the best danged system in the world.

Jack is Back!

I now know what Ed Norton experienced everytime he had to go to work in the sewer.


At last, somebody with a brain ...

(Reuters) - Iraq's defense minister criticized the United States on Sunday for declaring a timeframe for an offensive to recapture the Islamic State's northern stronghold of Mosul, saying military commanders should not show their hand to the enemy.

... well, duh.
Now if somebody could tell the White House.


A day after Kerry says if the cease-fire doesn't work it's all Poootin's fault, the false-flagging commences. Moar sanctions please.

Just like MH17.


Miss Marple

Regarding the attack on Mosul, again we must ask the question: If he deliberately wanted the US to fail, how would he do anything different?

Good morning!



I feel your pain. Actually, I felt it for years growing up. That's why I live in the South, and have learned to love 38 and rainy in February. (Which I guess you guys will achieve sometime towards the end of March.)

As for the latest nonsense. I think Obama loves his country, in the same way a nagging husband who always complains the house isn't clean enough, and why is dinner mediocre tonight, and why can't you get the kids to shut up, dear loves his wife. I don't really question the love, but see why the wife might.

As for immigration -- surely there is a way for the professionally antagonized in the GOP (I'm thinking of Mark Levin and his ilk) to take comfort in the court victory and avoid that fight that does not look good for the GOP?


Meanwhile there is no joy in Mudville:

Greek leaders scrambled on Sunday to come up with a list of proposed changes to the nation’s austerity program that would be acceptable to their creditors by a Monday deadline, even as they faced a revolt by members of their own radical-left party, angered that the government had bent to demands by Brussels.

An 11th-hour deal reached on Friday by Greece and eurozone finance ministers did nothing immediately to reduce the obligations Greece must fulfill to keep a lifeline of cash coming and avoid insolvency for the heavily indebted government.

The sole concession to Athens was to allow it to propose changes to the requirements agreed to with creditors by the previous Greek governments, in effect allowing Athens to change the shape of its obligations, not reduce them.

While the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hailed the chance to propose its own overhauls as a victory, the deal represented a steep climb down for his Syriza party, which had vowed to get rid of the current bailout program.

Lie to voters to get elected, and then disappoint them. Sounds like Obamacare...


If Obama is a pinko, why is he pushing the needle to the Right?


Miss Marple

In physics, the statement is "For every actions, there is an equal and opposite reaction."


Baloney. You can't throw 'IT' in the slammer for 20 years. It's time to cull out individuals for prosecution.



Glenn Reynolds last evening nails this one:

Democrats use “civility” as a shield because they know that conservatives care about civility, while Democrats don’t. Thus, reproached for incivility, Republicans will retreat, while Dems will say “screw you, I’m stickin’ it to the man.”

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

All this whining about someone criticizing President Obama is a joke.
Where were they during the Bush administration? ...why they were participating in & amplifying the personal criticism.

Are we not allowed to criticize Obama? How creepy is THAT idea.

and the left not only tore down Bush, they mocked, vilified & slandered American citizens....they still do.
All the slander & name calling against anyone who went to a tea party rally.
Reid slandering the Koch family by name on the Senate floor.
The list is endless...
Where was all the MFM angst THEN?

Man Tran

We went to an obligatory Oscar party. The only consolation was that all attendees were conservative and most were hardcore opera and musical aficionados. They were all blown away by Lady Gaga's performance. Question: why does someone with that kind of talent waste it on crap, once they've made their millions on the crap? My own personal examples are Tom Jones and Van Morrison: both amazing blues singers, but you couldn't give me their day job albums.

Rick Ballard

Likewise, the NYT report on the efficacy of EIT will cover our "allies" use of Mahometan ROE in the event any IS captives survive long enough to sob in front of cameras. One might also surmise that early announcement of the timing of the Mosul Show is meant to explain why the Kurds are not being armed and supported in their current envelopment and investment of Mosul as well as a rather pathetic excuse for Baghdad's failure to act to date. IOW - the same mirage masking a charade used for the entire tenure of BOzo of the Merde Touch.


henry, Gus:http://dailycaller.com/2015/02/22/taxpayer-funded-u-wisconsin-chancellor-spends-her-days-lobbying-alumni-against-scott-walker/

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Milbank who wet his pants over the Obama criticism had no problem vilifying President Bush.

On Dec. 18, 2008 Milbank wrote a half page article with big pictures celebrating an event of 6 activists throwing shoes at a papier mache likeness of President Bush out in front of the White House.

"For a Last Hurrah, Protesters Give Bush the Boot"

Here is a picture of the event from the This Ain't Hell blog - http://thisainthell.us/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/pink_10.jpg

So that pitiful gathering of approx. 6 professional activists, 20-25 reporters/crew AT LEAST, & some random people passing by
...gets a half page article.

Throwing shoes at a likeness of the POTUS used to be hilarious.


Good catch, Janet.


Clarice, she's mad that Walker & the legislature won't let her raise tuition as high as the rest of the Big 10 or something. Makes her feel "cheap" to be most affordable. Today's WSJ has an editorial on it.



jimmyk on iPhone

I only caught a bit of the Oscars because my daughter was watching--unfortunately the Arquette speech. Have only seen "Sniper" of all the movies. Have never liked inside Hollywood movies, even "All About Eve," so would never bother with Birdman.

Miss Marple

The only inside Hollywood movie I ever liked was"Nevada Smith", which was a subplot of "The Carpetbaggers."

Because Steve McQueen.

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