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February 14, 2015


Jeff Dobbs

I'm madly in love with my wife.



Miss Marple


What a snot Obama is.

David, internet troll

I find your lack of faith in our foreign policy betters disturbing. Remember, 12-dimensional chess!


First maybe. Just dumb luck.

Thomas Collins

No decisive victory, no enduring peace.

The 3rd Brigade will do its job. The current Commander-in-Chief won't do his.

daddy #BringBackOurSnow


Here's MarkO's A-Bomb link: The World At War Ep24 The Bomb


Posted 33 minutes ago:

Time left until Obama leaves office Time until Friday, January 20, 2017 (Washington DC time)

705 DAYS




Freddie Mercury

I'm madly in love with my wife.

I'm in love with my car.



He'll have to rewrite the new FCC regulations to take out the special privileges of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo after that middle finger from them.


Hmmm, new thread and my DSL turns back on. Definitely a conspiracy.


it's snowing and the wind is howling ...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Hit posted at the bottom of the last thread that Fournier just apologized:

Fourier's apologized.

Ron Fournier @ron_fournier · 45m 45 minutes ago
Leaving accuracy Qs to author. My RT was smug/rash. Apologies, @ScottWalker … Broke own rules:

"Leaving accuracy Qs to author"?

That's the equivalent of leading from behind and strategic patience in the world of online journalism.

(i took out the links that were in his tweet.

Posted by: hit and run

Let me be the first to say that that apology is not good enough. Fournier now needs to go on offense against Gail Collins of the New York Times.

He needs to expend at least as much effort making her look like an imbecile as he expending trying to make Scott Walker look like an imbecile, especially since in her case it's true.

Not a good enough Mea Culpa, Mister Fournier. Try again.

Eric in Boise

Stay warm, Eastern Seaboard JOMers. Find a valentine and snuggle.

Jeff Dobbs


daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Here's part of Ron Fournier's New Years Resolutions, (My Pledge to Be a Better Twitter Citizen)
which he published on 5 Jan 2015:

No mocking: Mockery is the language of insecure people saddled with weak arguments.

No name-calling: Only an idiot resorts to that.

Wait for confirmation: No self-respecting journalist would distribute rumor or unsourced material under his or her byline. The same standard should apply, whenever possible, to my timeline.

Kiss my ass, Mister Fournier. I wish you were from the ACC so I could hate your guts!


Daddy, here are the actual teacher employment levels for WI. Act 10 started in 2011, note employment was going down before then. The courts and recall kept Act 10 in doubt thru 2012. The trend has been up since then. link to DPI stats.

Jeff Dobbs

Ok, Valentines dinner cooking has commenced.

Picked up some marvelous pork chops. Stunning pork chops. Nearly two inches thing pork chops. Let's hope I do them justice.



Broke own rules:

Good thing he wasn't out of alignment with his values.

Danube on iPad

Thanks daddy.


Shots fired at synagogue in central Copenhagen, nearby Norreport train station evacuated:

Via twitter and Reuters

Old Lurker

Just a random synagogue, I'm sure Jane.

Miss Marple

Laura Winkler retweeted
Breaking News ‏@NewsOnTheMin 18m18 minutes ago

BREAKING: Shots fired at synagogue in Krystalgade in Copenhagen, reports Danish Broadcaster. @MortenFrich

daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Here's is Fournier's Twitter of Apology:

Follow Ron Fournier

I am not able to post there since I don't have disqus or FaceBook or whatever, but if any of you guys do, would you consider please replying there and telling him it is his duty now to go after Gail Collins, and to hit her for this lie he so willingly helped disseminate thru the Twitterverse?

All's I'm seeing at his apology thread are tweets saying what a swell guy Ron is for tweeting his apology. Bullshit.

His and Gail Collins lie just took 3 or 4 laps around the planet, while the truth is just getting it's boots on.

No pats on the back from me, Fournier. What else was he supposed to do once he was shown that the timeline was impossible? He had to apologize for that.

But that was nothing but personal ass-covering.

If he does not now go publicly after Gail Collins for spouting that Lie, then he continues to do a disservice to Scott Walker, and Ron Fournier will prove himself to be an abject coward.

Miss Marple

Breaking News Feed ‏@PzFeed 12m12 minutes ago

BREAKING NEWS: Nørreport Station in Copenhagen being evacuated as new shooting erupts in city


Seems there is some stuff going on in Copenhagen.

Eric in Boise

Mmmm, pork chops. I like to brown them nicely in a skillet, then slow cook them in Campbells noodle soup (Chicken noodle or double noodle). Serve them with the noodles on top and veggies (asparagus works well) on the side. Easy comfort food.

Hit's recipe with those two inchers is probably a bit more sophisticated. :)

Shots fired at synagogue in central Copenhagen

Sounds like Little Achmed and the randoms are kicking their Scandinavian tour into gear.

daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Jeb seems to be tacking to the left before having the bird in hand, to mangle metaphorically.

His brother was smarter.

Not to mention that his brother had one heck of a classier wife and daughters.

I don't Jeb's wife or daughter within a hundred miles of the White House:

Grrrr. I'm still furious with Fournier.

Can you guys tell?



About to make the filet mignon with brandy cream sauce I have mad every Valentines since we were dating.

Hubby got the Old Widow because he remembers that orange label because that's what we had at the hospital when our first was born. Traditions are fun.

Everybody enjoy.


I went after him Daddy. I asked him how his NY's resolutions were working out. No reply.






♪Let's chop the whole head off...♬

Miss Marple


I spent quite a bit of time arguing with him this morning. It wasn't until Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes, and John McCormack went after him that he backed down.

SO much for the opinions of us little people.


bbc reporting on the Synagogue attack


daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Great, Jane.

I do hope Jonah or somebody kicks his rear end next time FOX lets him on the panel.

Boy would I love that panel guest to be Mark Levin.

"What the hell are you talking about Fournier, you numbskull? How could you be so stupid as to accept at face value anything that imbecile Gail Collins wrote? Get off the show you dope!"


He is always a terrible guest. There are 2 Ron Fourniers on Twitter. I had to apologize after yelling at the wrong one. He said it happens all the time.


White House Valentine's Day twitter pic - https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/566714774411427840

one comment -
jparent ‏@janeparent 2h2 hours ago

@exjon @WhiteHouse Taken at the marriage counselor's office?

Jack is Back

I wonder if Obama's selfie buddy Helle Thorning-Schmid will call the attacks in Copenhagen "Islamic Terror or Extremism"?


CNN is reporting that the shooting was on the corner of the street and the synagogue happened to be on the corner of the street. There is no way to determine that this isn't coincidence.



tots random ...


So did Miss Marple.

I was there to do so, but saw it had already happened.

Your Twitter wish is our command!


not getting much in the way of updates via the Beeb ...

odd though they would be starting out shooting civilians then turn their weapons on responding LE ... leading LE into a trap perhaps?


Free speech in Britain: Police tracking people who bought Charlie Hebdo

Several British police forces have questioned newsagents in an attempt to monitor sales of a special edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine following the Paris attacks, the Guardian has learned.


In at least two cases – in Wiltshire and in Presteigne, Wales – officers have requested that newsagents hand over the names of customers who bought the magazine.

Jim Miller

On the Japanese willingness to surrender after two A-bombs were dropped: It strikes me as possibly significant that there was an attempted coup to prevent surrender, after the bombs were dropped -- and after the emperor had announced the surrender.

Officers assassinated Takeshi Mori, the general commanding the Imperial Guards and were preparing fake orders so that they could take over the palace. Another general, Tanaka, arrived in time to stop the coup, and suppress the insurrection.

Without the A-bombs, perhaps that coup, or another one, might have succeeded.

Incidentally, clarice was right about some Japanese civilians committing suicide on Okinawa, though our psych warfare people, using loudspeakers on LCIs and tnnks, tried, with some success, to persuade them to live.

Captain Hate

Very impressive Levin imitation, daddy; it was like I was hearing it through my laptop speakers.

Jack is Back


Now reading or listening to free speech is suspect.

1984? Shee we are way past that.

Slaap Lekker, Alemenge! Tots Morgen.

daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Great to see that Miss Marple:

So, let's discuss YOUR failures, Ron, since you set yourself up as "not being kindergarten."

You're the number one push backer in the current link! Bravo!


that NYT article has yet to be corrected and the comment section ... yikes.

fake but accurate is the standard these days. nice Levin rant daddy.

Miss Marple

daddy, I just went back and told him he was duty bound to ask Gail Collins to apologize and correct the story.

Then I told him that he didn't pay any attention to us little poeple and didn't apologize until McCormack and Hayes had called him out.

Those dems always act like they "care" so much about us common folk, but they are snooty as all get-out if you don't kowtow to them. That is how I got banned by Jake Tapper, who is as thin-skinned as Obama.


We now have a winter weather watch. :(

Thanks you guys. NOT.


officers have requested that newsagents hand over the names of customers who bought the magazine.

Isn't that about 3 million people?

Fournier is a snot.


Stephanie, the sharing economy now includes winter.


I was banned on twitter by Jake Tapper, MM and by Obama.

Miss Marple

I don't ever comment to Obama, as I figure I don't need an audit.

glasater, I have 2 good friends on another forum who have been banned by Tapper as well.

We probably should start a club.

daddy #BringBackOurSnow

Great job, Miss Marple.

Next visit, I'm bringing the 16 Year Balvenie:)

For those who haven't followed this, here's Fournier's snarky first tweet:

Ron FournierVerified account

Welcome to the Big Time, @ScottWalker. This is @nytimescollins; she'll be keeping you real: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/02/14/opinion

Snarky, mean, demeaning, dismissive, deprecating, and shows that Fournier well understands the power of The New York Times.

So with that said, Fournier now knows that the correct, the honest, the proper, the courageous thing to do, is for him to publicly go after Gail Collins and demand a correction, and head right into the power of The New York Times to fight back against their lie smearing Scott Walker which he helped promulgate.

I don't think he has the guts to do it.


Eric in Boise

We now have a winter weather watch.

Tell 'em you see some in Boston, and then tell them to go away.



you can take it back ...


nice collection.

daddy #BringBackOurSnow

That is how I got banned by Jake Tapper, who is as thin-skinned as Obama.

Miss M,

I think I recall Tapper also banning MayBee.

I miss MayBee:(



anyone here a machinist ...


... or rather anyone here at all?



I was a decent machinist back in the day. What's up?


An eaglet has hatched:


2 eggs one hatched so far. Just in time for our winter storm.


That is very cool Stephanie.



I think you've already become part of the JOM 'girl gang' with your great investigative comments here.

We will be gearing up for 2016 as this year rolls along :-)

BTW, it's a pretty loosely run organization...

James D.

I already knew Fournier is a lying jackass, so today's idiocy isn't a surprise.

Nice job pushing back against his garbage, MM and Jane!

Now that you've followed me, Jane, you get to see my endless book advertising, since that's mainly what I use Twitter for...


Scott Walker's FB page linked to the Weekly Standard article about the Collins BS. He's damn fast on the social networking stuff. He was on it by 2 o'clock.

Eric in Boise

I know it's early in the game, but I'm wondering if Scandinavian Jews will be following in the footsteps of their French counterparts if this escalates, and bailing. I've heard the Mohametan situation in Malmo is daunting.

I'm sure it's not much better in other locales.

Any JOMers (JiB?) with significant time spent in Sweden or Denmark (or elsewhere in Scandi), please chime in.

Jeff Dobbs

the JOM 'girl gang' ... BTW, it's a pretty loosely run organization...

But not an organization of loose girls.


The Chinese Bible church of greater lowell is closed tomorrow.

I had no idea there were Chinese bible churches.


James, I generally only tweet between 5 and 6 during "The Five". And I'm just fine with the advertising.


Posted by: DrJ | February 14, 2015 at 08:32 PM-

I'll send over an email in a little bit.


But not an organization of loose girls.

You sure?

Miss Marple

Eric, I haven't been to Denmark or Sweden since 1969. Mostly was in Copenhagen but took the airfoil boat across to Malmo, just so we could say we had been in Sweden.

I hate to see that about Copenhagen, which is where my dad's paternal grandparents were from. Lovely city.

Jeff Dobbs

You sure?

I was sure up until now.


OH come on hit... you know I'll lay anything. ;)

Eric in Boise

Seventy three comments in, and no trolls.

Esto Perpetua.*

* Idaho State Motto: "May it Always Be."


And MayBee does nudes. Yeah, we're not a loose bunch at all.

Jeff Dobbs


Miss Marple

Dang it is cold!

My blood pressure medicine makes me susceptible to being cold. I am sitting here in a turtleneck and a sweatshirt, knee socks on under my jeans, and I am still cold.

I really don't like winter, especially this part where there areno holidays and it's just unending bleakness and cold.

My dad, every year at this time, would say, "You know Chrissy, the Indians always called February the Starvation Moon.' LOL!


Eric, if you awakened them I will not forgive you - for at least a week.

I dunno how people can spend every day on twitter. It is so damn depressing. Isis just executed 2 more people and crucified a 3rd. We retweet and do nothing else. And I am so distraught about the hatred of Jews. I will never ever understand it. And we do nothing. I'm ready to march, fight and do anything else necessary. We need a leader.


But not an organization of loose girls

Having Janet on board keeps us in line :-)

Eric in Boise

Me too, Jane.

We are the people we've been waiting for.


Jane, you can follow the pope.
He doesn't tweet much about current events.


I'm not so sure about the pope these days anonamom. He's a little too squishy for me these days.


Wow, Scott Brown is sounding tough.

Miss Marple

I keep the Twitter window open but only check in periodically. I mostly follow news people and a few oddballs, like Ivanka Trump (reat shoes), Emergency Kittens (nice breather), a lady who posts nothing but paintings by famous artists (she is an art historian), a couple of vintage photo sites, and Alton Brown.

You have to have some fluff interspersed with the bad news or you go nuts. I go to Twitter and talk back to people like Fournier and Rick Klein, because they need to hear what normal people think. Plus mocking.

I also like the breaking news aspect, or I wouldn't have heard about the Copenhagen shootings until about an hour later on Fox.

Yes, we need a leader. I can speak out and donate money, but I cannot lead the country.

We just have to keep working and praying.

Centralcal on iPad

Well, I WAS blocked by Ron Fournier and I had only followed him for a few weeks.

Girl gang has another notch in our collective belts.


>>>I had no idea there were Chinese bible churches.

Posted by: Jane | February 14, 2015 at 08:53 PM <<<

not really relevant here, but this article is about the growth of the church in China


cold and windy here ...

Danube on iPad

MayBee is really beautiful naked.

Jeff Dobbs

Cold and windy here too.

In the next 5 days, 2 of them will have lows of 4 degrees.

I'm never trusting the whole not seeing my shadow thing again.


Wow, Scott Brown is sounding tough.

Fauxcahontas wannabe.

Old Lurker

She is indeed, DoT. Shall we trade pictures for a year?


Excellent link, Rich.


Tapper threw the whole state of Florida under the bus for Salon, don't say I didn't warn you all.

So more random folk shooting, maybe since his gal helping is involved he'll be interesting. Right

Miss Marple


I got blocked by Tapper the first month I was on Twitter. I dared to criticize something he said. HA!

What I do remember was his feed filling up with all sorts of sappy dreck when Michael Jackson died, because he had been a big MJ fan.

I think it is fair to also point out that his college major was POPULAR CULTURE. This is a black mark against him in my book.


Gen boykin, the one burned by are in was with the Judge tonight and he suggested a strategy that won't be followed in this adminstration

Miss Marple

kanye and Kim are menaces to society. Now Kanye has developed a body suit which basically looks like wearing pantyhose over underwear.


Miss Marple

Think I will head to bed with about 3 blankets and flannel PJ's.


daddy #BringBackOurSnow



Face palm with an old one.

Frau Atomkraaft Ja!


Oy! that's worth hiding from all eyes. Has the man no shame? Popular culture of a dairy kind, say yogurt or kefir, would be respectable. I bet his parents were embarrassed at his graduation Jake accepted his diploma in popular culture.

Frau Atomkraft Ja!

At first Tapper put on a great show of asking the WH hard questions. Then he must have received the David Brooks message: R.o.l.l. O.v.e.r.

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