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February 28, 2015



Now the Obama drove the world into a ditch, we all get slurpies while we stand around and watch.



Loved your link about the blind IRS agent. Doesn't surprise me in the least.


Good morning, TM.


Was Al Gore beached on Nantucket?



I was going to post the YouTube, but I chickened out.


Captain Hate

I saw on the last thread that AliceH is still using Firefox, as am I, which had a nice little note claiming how wonderful the net neutrality law was. In case you thought their homosexual marriage thought crime punishment was a one off.

Kudos to Miss Marple for not being confused by that retard sock claiming how great a candidate Willard Romney was.


You forgot the pic of Inhofe holding a snowball as evidence directly refuting GW.

Now, that's entertainment.



Danube on iPad

Wonderful dish on bloated harridan Rosie O'Donnell:


Jack is Back! [IPFL No. 324557L4]

Does anyone here use Firefox or Chrome on a Mac and have you installed Greasemonkey for either then the narcisolator script?

When I go to dowload Greasemonkey for Mac I get the following security message:

Reported Web Forgery!

This web page at www.comodo-browser.com has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust.

Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Never, in a million years, would I have confused that sock for you! I have you to think for seeing an image of a tomato can in my mind whenever I see McCain or Romney, and I even LIKE Romney (although he was a poor candidate).


Glenn Reynolds touching on why the progressives had a meltdown over Rudy questioning their cult leader's patriotism [clue: because they define 'patriotism' to mean something that it doesn't]:

"So that's why people care about patriotism in a president. Perhaps we need to pay closer attention to these questions where presidents are concerned, but perhaps we should go a step farther: In a country like ours, where voters reign supreme, it seems as if concern about the patriotism of rulers ought to also apply to voters.

Science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, in his famous novel Starship Troopers, envisioned a society where voters, too, had to demonstrate their patriotism before being allowed to vote. In his fictional society, the right to vote came only after some kind of dangerous public service — in the military, as a volunteer in dangerous medical experiments, or in other ways that demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice personally for the common good. The thought was that such voters would be more careful, and less selfish, in their voting.

So when the five-day wonder of questioning Barack Obama's patriotism is over, perhaps we should address another question: How patriotic is the electorate? And how long can we survive as a nation if the answer is "not very"? And we should proceed from there."

OMFG - how VERY DARE YOU question our patriotism!! lol

Jack is Back! [IPFL No. 324557L4]


Casey Key is located South of Sarasota not North of it as in the Enquirer article. Couple of great seafood places there.

Jeff Dobbs

Link to last page of thread


JiB, I use Firefox and Mac. Downloaded new version from Extrameous:


Added trolls to the list using Menu:Tools:Greasemonkey:Manage User Scripts: and [Control-Click] narcisolator


I ain't going to apologize for the m.

Captain Hate

Yes, I have mixed feelings on Romney as well. He's a nice person, I'm sure, and would have managed the growth of the leviathan better than 404, but that's not really what we need. There are a few people in the Horde who state flat out that he would have been a great president which I think is revisionist nonsense which will never be proven one way or another. They aren't lint heads on other things so maybe they're right but I don't think so.


Taiwan animation on net neutrality. Very clear argument.

Captain Hate

Speaking of temps, when I got in my car in the garage this morning the temperature said 17. Once I started driving the temperature dropped eventually bottoming out at -4. I've heard conflicting reports on whether or not the temperature sensor in cars reflects wind chill but I've always assumed it does not and that the initial reading was more a sign of how much heat stays trapped in a closed garage that's protected from the open air.


--You forgot the pic of Inhofe holding a snowball as evidence directly refuting GW.--

But some dumbass like Al Gore holding a snowball as evidence directly proving global warming makes perfect sense, right?

Captain Hate

Shocking that WaPo's Chris Cillizza says Jeb Bush "was very very good at CPAC" on memeorandum. I'm sure none of you saw that coming.

Captain Hate

Hold the presses:



James O'Keefe still sending out fund raising emails for his Sharpton thing.

Has he jumped the former whale?


The GOP hopefuls will hopefully enlighten us soon about their views on net NEUTERING. Call me a cynic, but ISTM the end goal for the collectivists is to use this FCC maneuver to eventually punish or silence opposing views.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

As far as Romney being agood president, we have the following clues:

He recognized the danger of Putin.
He had John Bolton giving him fooreign policy advice.
Mrs. Romney wouldn't have been dressing like a crazy person and ordering a revamp of the school lunch menu.

On those 3 things he would have been way ahead of Obama.

But alternate history isn't really something I care to delve into, since it can drive you crazy.

Better to look forward and deal with today's problems.

Miss Marple

The Washington Post is doing what it always does, trying to make us pick our worst candidate. I am surprised they are not pushing Huckabee.


The weather is no longer a subject for polite conversation. Either a wry comment about "global warming" or a smug assertion of "climate change" generally reveals quite quickly the political inclinations of the speaker. These are unusual times (and I'm not talking about the weather).

Cecil Turner

Letting the MSM pick the GOP candidate is even stupider than letting them run the debates . . . but not by a lot.

Jeff Dobbs

Ok, now caught up. Good call by rich saying I was probably playing pool last night.

I even came home early - midnight.

At a current 1,350 comments, the previous thread broke in to the top 5 of all time.

It won't make it to #4 unless the narcisolator comments keep up over there for a good while.


" makes perfect sense, right?"

I'm not sure what your definition of perfect sense might be.

Maybe they're both perfect representatives of their essence, which includes a fair amount of stupidity.


Peter King on the continuing stoopid...


He recalled when Republicans “enthusiastically followed Ted Cruz over the cliff” for last year’s shutdown, and lamented how many members of his party “live in an echo chamber” where everything is always “anti-Obama.” King even went so far to say that this fight over DHS funding may hurt the GOP’s chances in the next presidential election.

Danube on iPad

Hit, what sort of game do you normally play? Nineball? Eightball? Straight pool? How is your national ranking determined?


It's the show-me state again.


Law enforcement officials warned that this would open a door for felons to possess guns.

But never mind all that. Voters approved the measure anyway, because freedom.

On Friday, a circuit judge in St. Louis ruled that the constitutional amendment can’t prohibit a felon from possessing a gun.

“About a year ago, my office and others warned Sen. Kurt Schafer and the Missouri General Assembly that a then-proposed Constitutional Amendment could raise new, deadly concerns for law-abiding citizens,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

“Now, I’m disheartened to see that those warnings may be coming true… Everyone should agree that more guns in the hands of more criminals will only equal more violence. If prosecutors lose the ability to prosecute felons in possession of firearms, more gang members, drug dealers and domestic abusers — the persons responsible for most of the shootings in our communities — will be allowed to carry guns.”


--Maybe they're both perfect representatives of their essence, which includes a fair amount of stupidity.--

Well, if I had to pick, I'd have to stick with excessive snow being evidence for global warming being, by a considerable margin, much the stupider of the two positions.


Well that's what freedom is all about; choose your own variety of stoopid.

Jeff Dobbs

DoT - I play 8 ball. UPA tracks stats nationally, using the following criteria (among others):

Winning % games
Winning % matches
Shot %
Misses per game
Break % (at least one ball made on break)
Foul % (% of games where foul occurs)
Effective safety % (a called safety where opponent does not pocket a ball or fouls on next shot)
Positive Safety Return % (you pocket a ball or do not foul after opponents called safety).
The last two are then used to determine a Strategy Intelligence Quotient (SIQ) which is a letter grade from A+ to F.

They then employ an algorithm to calculate a Systematic Speed Ratio, a number between 0 and 1,000, which determines your ranking.

They give us a cool dashboard with the stats and a number of charts.

But of course, I also maintain my own spreadsheet.



Rosie lives up to absolutely everything I ever imagined her to be.



Thanks for the last page link!


Rosie appeared to be celebrating Festivus.

Captain Hate

I am surprised they are not pushing Huckabee.

I think once they listened to Huckabee sing and after months of intense therapy in a controlled setting they're finally able to re-enter polite society.


Who cast Stephen A. Smith as part of College Game Day?


Morning all, the dispatching of Nemtsov seems odd, because he hadn't been a major force since then, now that Navalny has seized the spotlight.

caught the first two episodes of HoC, Underwood hasn't killed anyone yet, except for a drone strike in Yemen, he's finding that holding the throne, is harder than seizing it, he's still more sensible than most of the real life Democrat manques



Is your garage attached to your house? Is there insulation in the shared wall(s)? The garage is likely being heated by the house.

Temp sensor in the car is not going to be effected in any appreciable way by wind.

Likely not windy in the garage anyway.


It's been many years since Rosie celebrated with a pole.


Peter King was very perceptive on the issue of radicalization of immigrant communities, back 4 years ago, surprisingly they have not apologized, then again he was for intervening against the Optometrist, so it's a 50/50 proposition,

Had to watch it twice.

Yo Taiwan; manboobs on the One, and the End!


if you were still wondering Scary Larry is still an idiot, Johnson not McDonnell that question is moot,

Praise Gaia and Pass the Gumbo.

When they came for your religion at the dinner table, you had doubts. When they came for your politics at the dinner table, you had trouts.
When they came for your weather at the dinner table, what else is there to talk abouts?


Et tu, net neut?


I guess I'm not surprised how an unconventional address was buried:


Those were the days, my friends, I'm sure they'll never end.

Swashbuckler Sue serenaded Scary's lunacy, decks ran black under a blood red moon.


cilizza really makes me revisit, my wish to have attended Georgetown,

Tardy, the discourtesy of kings.

Honorary Degree's in the mail, narciso; the committee has passed your final draft.


Ooh, missed out on 'Tardy, the courtesy of history'.


Yes..very odd indeed. I wonder who benefits?


Danube on iPad

Good God, Hit. Who keeps all those stats during every game?

Ever meet the Duchess of Doom?


Also odd that D-Dawg didn't get a change of venue. The Show must go on as pretext for the distraction.


thanks, btw, the fellow who was the villain in Casino Royale, Mikkelsen, plays the Volodya manqué in the series, this is yet another show Zaphod doesn't understand,


Republicans "following Ted Cruz over the cliff" (to a sweeping electoral blowout: http://youtu.be/1IbStIb9XXw


I think his attorney should have taken a deal, Paris and Copenhagen, and now the lad from Queens Park, make his case a slamdunk,


Amen, brother:http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/02/28/levin-we-are-not-a-nation-of-immigrants-we-are-a-nation-of-citizens/


Uncle Ruslan had help which won't help T-Dawg or the survivor D-dawg.


"In the aftermath of the Boston Bombing terror attack, people couldn’t get enough of “Uncle Ruslan,” who heaped ridicule on his two “loser” nephews, one dead, one barely alive . But there were some discordant notes too. Graham Fuller, for example, a former top Reagan-era CIA official, was careful to shield Tsarni’s real identity in an interview.

Also, while Ruslan Tsarni was delivering up nightly sound bites on television, he was simultaneously up to his hubcaps in international financial intrigue over six billion dollars discovered “missing” from a Kazakh bank, where he was accused of helping to launder the missing cash to ensure it stayed missing.

The scandal also featured titillating hints that a few million dollars of the missing money had been shoveled (through the sale of a dilapidated estate for millions more than it was worth) to a personage near the heart of another current and highly-publicized scandal…England’s Prince Andrew.

Accused of taking part in orgies with underage girls on disgraced billionaire banker Jeffrey Epstein’s airliner and yacht, the randy Prince, it turns out, had also been mucking about with associates of “Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni, whose nephews terrorized Boston, and whose “associates” were called, by the English judge on the case, “an international network of criminals.”



I use Safari and occasionally Chrome on a Mac solid state laptop. Firefox to me is a mess and really cannot explain why I feel that way except it seems to handle the cache horribly.

We're going to be getting messages as you describe above more and more even from sites we've known and loved and trusted.



good god you never go full kirk lazarus like that:


Old Lurker

Romney vs Obama last four years?

Clearly Romney hands down on the day to day things.

But I believe we are so radically off course that nothing short of a consensus re-dedication to our founding principles will renew our ability to be the greatest country on earth of all time, capable of doing more good for more people than ever before.

While getting the trains to run on time, Romney would have sought enough middle ground that the frog would be well boiled by the time he would have been done with us. Anytime Good attempts to meet Evil halfway, Evil wins.

The value of having such a mind numbingly bad person and anti American as President is that MAYBE even the muddle and RINOs might see how dreadful is Obama's vision of the "Ghost of Christmas Future" that we might earn one final chance to restore our virtues.

Far from running in 2016 on details, Walker must run on a simple list of "these are the founding principles which I believe made this country great, but which we have allowed to decline to the point of invisibility. Elect me and every action I take will be to move us closer to what we were and can still be, and always in reference to the above list."

Ain't gonna happen, I suspect.


why do they keep asking silly questions like that:



Nemtsov was about to reveal Russian links to Ukraine separatists.

"He said he would reveal persuasive evidence of the involvement of Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Someone was very afraid of this ... They killed him," Poroshenko said.

Frau Morgenstunde hat Gold im Munde

Good to see Kim up and adding special effects. I watched the video twice, too. I love the little puffy creatures who are happy about a net neutrality they have not yet seen and won't for weeks to come. Prog faith is special.


Global warming a threat to arctic seals!! http://www.thegwpf.org/content/uploads/2015/02/Crockford-2015.pdf


"Poroshenko paid tribute to Nemtsov, who was shot dead late on Friday, and said the fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin had told him a couple of weeks ago that he had proof of Russia's role in the Ukraine crisis and would reveal it."

I'm sure Poroshenko is telling the truth. What motive would he have for lying?


it's ironic that the powerbroker in Ghelfi's Russian noir, and the boss of the antihero was named Nemtsov, it's an interesting foray in Volodya land,


a reasonable inference, could be more of a Thomas A Becket among the oprichniki



well it's in their nation:



Anyone remember how to go directly to a comment? If someone can remind me, I could try to get the narcisolator to fix the Recent Comments links.

Or, if someone wants to simply post the code that does it, that's even better!


Kinda like LHO hiding behind 'Fair Play for Cuba'.

It's obvious from all the evidence he acted alone as a Left-
wing and recently shelled nut.

Rick Ballard

Emily Litella Works At The Pentagon

Announcing the timeline for Mosul was a pathetic attempt to get the Shite majority in Irag to commit to saving Sunnis and Kurds. The Iraqi Shite majority is content with the status quo. Absolutely no one of any importance to the Shite majority is in danger so there is no reason to act.


Chick on the radio last night said that Jerome Corsi has knowledge that Hannity and Jeb rehearsed the q&a session with particular questions designed to bolster Jeb above the rest.

I know. "GROAN! Corsi!!"

I still owe him gratitude for the Swiftboat revelations.


"Rather, he suggested that the Iraqi forces were not imminently ready for such an offensive.

“I don’t think we are there yet,” Kirby said. “There are gaps and seams that need to be closed.”

Just waiting for additional Billyuns in bribes for proper motivation to save their own bacon. It's their country to lose.


CH, here are some r values for ordinary building materials:

The temp sensor shouldn't be swayed in any perceptible way due to wind. Some of the body control computers save the last displayed temp prior to shutting the car off. When the car is turned back on the display has to tick down from there.


for MarkO, the latest sort of sequel to Abe Lincoln Vampire slayer, involves vampires of course, Howard Hughes and Rasputin to name a few, but the Minsk crew, as well, in the JFK assassination,

Miss Marple


Well, their plan backfired if such was the case, because I rarely watch a Hannity interview.

They probably went over the questions for Hannity's benefit, since without some scripting he will revert to his same standard questions and comments, which I can repeat from memory.

Usually these involve invoking Reagan, a variation of "the conservative message works when it's applied (stolen from Rush)," a rehash of something which has been covered numerous times (such as Benghazi, with nothing new), etc.

On top of that, he occasionally will accidentally get an interesting answer, but NEVER follows up, just moves on the next item on his list.

I usually turn off the TV before Hannity, or if it's still on I pay no attention.


Corsi went down the rabbit hole, after Swift Boats, which just goes to show that O'Neil was more level headed in the first place.


Ugh I was watching an episode of 12 monkeys which seemed less fake,

James D.

OL @ 12:03

I agree completely. Both about what needs to happen, and that it probably won't.


he's more likely than most of those deemed 'electable' by the Clique, this is the key thing, they are the steering committee of the whole enterprise,

Cecil Turner

You'd think all the EU officials kissing Putin's a$$ would get in the way of him ordering hits on meddlesome critics . . . but apparently not.

And hey, State was impressed with the good job getting the Ukraine ceasefire signed . . . peace in our time! That rosy view of the obvious makes me so confident when Kerry assures us there are "less [sic] violent deaths today" and that we're safer than ever. It'd make a good clown show, if it were just a bit funnier.

Beasts of England

Some of the changes to the Ryder Cup selection process are much needed and should help the USA become competitive again. Holding one automatic qualifier until the end of the season would have helped in 2014 and the increase of Captain's picks to four from three is similarly positive.

Yet, speaking of Captains, the choice of Davis Love III should be enough to offset any net gains in the selection process. And announcing Tom 'puka shells' Lehman as a Vice Captain is heinous. I'm sure Ricky Fowler and the other young guns have soooooooo much in common with puka boy. Ugh. Screw the PGA.

p.s. Have a nice day!! 😎

Cecil Turner

It's their country to lose.

Oh, that makes perfect sense. After all, US foreign policy is designed to enable other countries to reach their jihadist potential.

Old Lurker

"less [sic] violent deaths today"



Yes, Milbarge and Fitzhume, could handle things more competently,

Old Lurker

Ooops. Yale.

Sorry Harvard.


those words you are using. . .



" After all, US foreign policy is designed to enable other countries to reach their jihadist potential."



maybe they should call themselves harridan,


Rick Ballard


Which is the lesser weevil?

I agree with your 12:03. On a cheerier note - the progressive fascist world state is going to be rather difficult to achieve as currency devaluation games step up and Xi and Modi continue to explore the advantages of a Eurasian Co-Prosperity Sphere. When do you think the Global Village Idiots will note that world population growth is confined to those incapable of producing a surplus?

Jack is Back! [IPFL No. 324557L4]

Meet those 52 members of the "self righteous, delusional wing of Peter King's Republican Party" who stood against Boehner on the DHS funding.

My Congressman is one of them.



pass the confy chair:



I mean if they are going to go through the Pantomine of funding the 'Ministry of Fudge' the least they could is mandate, that they have to say Voldemort, and get nets for the Death Eaters.


I keep waiting for a fistfight on the House floor. Cue their only value; entertainment.

Old Lurker

Hey Rick. With the downgrade of Chicago debt, does it hit the rocks at the bottom of the cliff before or after Greece? Now that would be a good wager.

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