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February 20, 2015



welcome to the hotel Castro:http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/02/did_anybody_tell_rep_pelosi_about_the_hotel_that_she_stayed_in_cuba.html

Thomas Collins

How kind of us to brief Islamic State on details of plans to retake Mosul.


Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Richard Fernandez - http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2015/02/21/the-faithless-men/

some bits -

"It is hard to square the sight of that funeral, with its open defiance, symbolisms and militancy, with the media narrative — a line which the president has sought to advance – that people like the Denmark shooter are crazy. That they are “Lone Wolves”; disturbed individuals and marginalized persons who belong to no larger community of belief."...

"The shooter loved “his country” as much or more than persons who hold their patriotism as above suspicion, though heaven knows why. But make no mistake: the Cophenhagen shooter’s country was not Denmark. Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was not crazy, he was just the enemy.

“Enemy”. A man who fights for another cause, another country. What a quaint word. To use it is to soil yourself, it seems. ..."...

"And Giuliani understands something else too: that unless America retains an irreducible cohort of people willing to match the jihad with love of country for love of cause, belief for belief, sacrifice for sacrifice then however well armed the malicious brats in office are they will, despite their advantages, be beaten like a drum."

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Thank you Janet for the link to the Richard Fernandez article.

The absolute fury and panic by the dems and the press is something to behold. It's like we threw holy water on demons or something.


Rights groups around the world have called for urgent action to protect private communications after it was revealed that US and British spies hacked into the world’s largest sim card manufacturer and gained unfettered access to billions of mobile phones around the globe.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and its British equivalent, GCHQ, hacked into Gemalto, a Netherlands sim card manufacturer, stealing encryption keys that allowed them to secretly monitor voice calls and data, according to documents newly released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The breach, revealed in documents provided to the Intercept, gave the agencies the power to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, which experts said violated international laws.

Sim card database hack gave US and UK spies access to billions of cellphones

Rachel Logan, Amnesty UK’s legal director, said: “This mass sim hacking allegation seems be just the latest disturbing revelation about how GCHQ has overreached. These spooks must stop pretending the law doesn’t apply to them.

“We keep seeing the intelligence agencies claiming everything’s fine and then being caught out when challenged in court.”


I know...Guardian. What many forget is they passively accepted GCHQ demanding they destroy the Snowden harddrives then smashed them with sledgehammers. Not even a whimper.

Rick Ballard


I don't see why vermin shouldn't be baited into a kill zone. The IS forces are guests of the Sunni in Mosul. The Sunni could raise a militia within the city and kill them off - if they wanted to.

IS is a #hashtag operation and giving them a flee or die option isn't, IMO, a bad move.


Anbar Awakening redux, redux, redux....


Every 80 minutes a veteran commits suicide.

22,000 calls per month on hotline for vets in crisis.

Jack is Back!

Rudy is right, per Kevin Williamson.


I love his Holden Caulfield analogy including if he had a talk show he would be Chris Hayes (who has been cancelled, BTW).

Miss Marple


This is a wonderful interview with both, and it's a nice antitdote to all of the depressing things we are reading.

Old Lurker

Last night Clarice opined that most senior government employees would not likely disobey a court order. She and I both know a number for whom that is indeed true.

But I think there are plenty who would be happy to do so, and who do do so, and who Obama knows will do so and those people are hard at work doing so. The higher level culprits are confident this DoJ will not charge them with anything, and unlike W, Obama can be trusted to pardon them when the time comes. You and I would worry about being bankrupted by the legal fees getting to that point, but there are enough prog billionaires happy to cover those bills.

At the lower level, all the agencies are populated by plenty of foot soldiers lacking the IQ and values and character and who are more than willing to turn the cranks on the shredders as instructed. At that level I am sure many of them think their job is to facilitate the redistribution they hope to accomplish and that they are just doing their part in stiffing the man.

Miss Marple


Boy, both Rudy's statement and Walker's refusal to attack him have the left in a tizzy!

Captain Hate

All basketball, college and NBA, is meaningless and boring until postseason play begins.

Spoken like somebody who doesn't have a clue of what this season is like. Keep defending Goodell; it's very entertaining.

Captain Hate

Boy, both Rudy's statement and Walker's refusal to attack him have the left in a tizzy!

I don't think they'll ever get out of the full retard mode.

Old Lurker

New thread

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