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March 03, 2015





As the snow piles up in Taxachusetts is Lieawatha still claiming to be an Eskimo?

Miss Marple

I hope Webb does throw his hat in the ring. The ensuing fight between the Prog Left and the semi-normal old-school dems would be awesome.


Watching Joe(there's a dead woman in my office and she's got semen on her thighs)Scarborough take the Clintons to task for being 'dodgy' has to be one of the all-time unintentionally funny moments in tv punditry. The sheer lack of self-awareness needed to do that segment borders mental illness.

Every wild-eyed right-wing accusation leveled at the Clintons has collapsed under the weight of it's own bullshit.

1.No,Bill Clinton did not have a rape room in an Arkansas motel with victims supplied to him by the State troopers.

2.No,Hillary did not execute Vince foster because he found out she was a dyke.

3.No,Whitewater was not a scandal.Etc etc etc.

4.Yes,the Clintons were responsible for the
largest and longest economic expansion in American history. Fact.

5.Yes he got his dick sucked but so what.....consider it mandatory job-stress relief,something a lot of guys at this site could use-yes I know Republican women are good christian women and the Lord looks down on that sort of thing blah blah blah.Well Democratic aren't good Christian women and unlike righty women the dem ladies know how to take care of their men.


Slim/NYT Edit Board would endorse Fauxchahontas over HildaBeast in Dem primaries. WaPo will endorse HildaBeast over Warren, but Bezos might endorse Webb over the Hillarity


Rules? Justice Dept knew about Lerners email storage. Shut down all conversation about the backup storage site in court in July.

jimmyk on iPad

From the last thread:

'-- Tommy Vietor, NSC spokesperson, Apr 2012: "Our position is clear: Iran must live up to its international obligations, including full suspension of uranium enrichment as required by multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions." '

Clarice, that was like more than two years ago!

Happy Birthday, Jane. Hope this year really is the best.


TM, you're such a cynic!


People went to jail for Whitewater and Clinton paid SusanM to sit her fat ass in Fed lock up to not testify against Billy. Billy surrendered his law license in lieu of prosecution for perjuring himself in a case where he paid beaucoup bucks in damages for ordering a young lady to suck his miserable shriveled little dick who didn't want to. Billy/Hill the Grifters have sucked virtually all of the money that well intentioned saps gave them to rebuild Haiti.


'Possibly' violating the rules. Now why would this distraction be the topic when Bibi is set to deliver his Ten Commandments?

I sense another nothing-burger.


--I hope Webb does throw his hat in the ring.--

We're gonna need a bigger ring. :)


It seems to be time to mention how the left went bonkers when they found a personal email account being used by Sarah Palin.


Happy, happy birthday Jane. I wish you sunshine and warmer temperatures for your special day.


Ignatz-- heh

I know you're not a Mustang guy, but this is cool: http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/1968-ford-mustang-shelby-gt-350-shelby-bait-hooks-a-bigger-fish/ar-AA8GGRe?ocid=iehp


And right on cue, the toadies working for the democratic party and calling themselves journalists are bringing up Romney, not Palin, in order to lay ground cover for the hideous one. Apparently as governor he used a personal email account.


TK: "I wonder when the Feds will be raiding, fingerprinting, and confiscating everything from the mosque?"
- and: not as long as what they preach their qualifies as a protect able "religion" under the FA.

BTW, as their fear of having someone speak truth to power prompts the resident trolls here to rrach eleventy in beclowning themselves (and unwittingly revealing their fascistic and utterly un-American natures), it strikes me that they present a deal on illegal immigrant amnesty that even i might accept: trading one such prog for each illegal.


Omri Ceren, the Israel Project:Netanyahu made a gesture toward the new regional reality in yesterday's speech to Congress: America's traditional Israeli and Arab allies vs. extremist Sunnis like Al Qaeda and ISIS vs. extremist Shiites led by Iran. Behind closed doors this isn't even a debate any more: when Western-aligned Arab leaders talk about "our security" they explicitly include Israel, and Israeli-Arab security cooperation barely counts as an open secret any more.
It will be interesting to whether Netanyahu revisits the topic in today's speech. The Prime Minister has been quite explicit that he views Iranian nuclear acquisition as an existential threat to the future of Jewry, and that this overarching concern is what drives his calculations. But the geopolitical action is about the formation of an Israeli-Arab bloc opposite Iran opposite Sunni extremists.
To give you a sense of where the region is, I've pasted this morning's editorial from Faisal J. Abbas, the powerful Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabiya English. The headline is "President Obama, listen to Netanyahu on Iran." He covers each regional bloc in turn. The top part is in support of Netanyahu. The middle part is about Iranian expansionism. The bottom part is about how Iran Al Qaeda. One, two, three.
Pull quote:
In just a few words, Mr. Netanyahu managed to accurately summarize a clear and present danger, not just to Israel (which obviously is his concern), but to other U.S. allies in the region

President Obama, listen to Netanyahu on Iran
Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Romney was US Secretary of State?



There, I said it. Rock on.


They did it too defense.

Good grief.


"revealing their fascistic and utterly un-American natures)"

Oh yeah?

Remember the USS Liberty !

How's that for patriotism?

Old Lurker

Romney was covered by the US document laws? Who knew?


So myself and a couple of my Dem friends were sitting around drinking Heiniken and trying to figure out what this whole Republican 'sponsor a hymie day' was all about.

The consensus among my lib buds seems to be this;a callous right-wing attempt to cause friction and hopefully separate Democrats from an important part of their base,the Jew.

I laughed out loud and rejected the premise because FSP studies 101 dictates that the nature of all relationships between Sovereign nations must be based upon a spirit of bi-partisanship.

But my dem buds pushed the idea that the GOP intentionally harmed US/Israeli relations in order to take political advantage of the collapse. And it seems a lot of Israelis are saying the same thing.

Right-wingers,you've been busted.Tut tut tut......intentionally hurting Israel and putting her in a weak position so you could juice her for some Jew dollars in an election year. Roflamo,how very sad and obvious. You'll be paid for this.


Thank you Mayor Bane, shootings are up 20% this year. You do not stop, question and frisk gangbangers, they start carrying their guns on the street, and the result is predictable. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/murders-20-2015-year-to-year-comparison-nypd-article-1.2134509?cid=bitly&utm_content=buffer36e6a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=NYDailyNewsTw


Actually I should have addressed that last message to Clarice,so allow me a tiny addendum.....Clarice,you and your party are going to pay for trying to hurt Israel.


"If it was an accident, it was the best planned accident I've ever heard of" - USS Liberty survivor.


BTW-- one of the 'hot' precincts wher shootings are way up is the Bronx precinct where my daughter currently lives. Thank you again Mayor Bane. Bastard.


Someone just commented that Bush got rid of thousands of emails. anyoe remember that?


How about this: A pro America Democrat -- Amazing!



Truly the last sane Democrat.

Rick Ballard

Israel under progressive leadership bombed a US ship? That's as surprising as progressive France talking the nitiwt Carter into substituting Khomeini for Pahlavi.

When you need to have a truly stupid error made - you can't go wrong hiring a progressive.

Captain Hate

HB Jane.

Tom Maguire: internet slumlord




Israel makes lots of 'mistakes' and someone else gets the Butcher's Bill.

It's all innocent, even when 35 Americans die when they 'bomb' an ally.


Break a leg, BiBi!! :-)


A.B.Stoddard, in trying to defend preznit jiveass and all the amoral American hating Dems, looks rather dyspeptic.


Slimy Harry Reid slimes Bibi by a handshake.

Miss Marple

Very deft greeting to Reid to disarm the political charge.


As Krauthammer put it - the only thing Israel is asking for from the US is that it stop running interference for Iran.

Not much to ask, really, is it?


"If you want help, then at least get out of the way."


Sorry, meant to type "If you WON'T help, then at least get out of the way."


It seems to be time to mention how the left went bonkers when they found a personal email account being used by Sarah Palin.

posted by Sue

Yep Sue,

Palin sued over private e-mails---Suit accuses governor, staff of obstructing state records laws

11,100,000 results at Google to the search line "Governor Palin sued for using private emails."


She's a racketeer.

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