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March 26, 2015



the Vizzini presidency is also an option,


Is this the birther thread?


Well Ukraine Venezuela uh, er, Kentucky still looks good in the bracket.


this is what I was referring to in the other thread:


Obama needs to be removed from office.

He is in rebellion against The Constitution of the United States.

Anyone who so much as says a word or lifts a finger to defend his legitimacy as POTUS is also in rebellion against The Constitution of the United States.

Soylent Red

This presidency is going to get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

Actually, I should have typed that six years ago.

Jack is Back (on his iPad)

He's going to be down the road this weekend playing golf at Floridian National. If he plays from the tips (which I doubt) he'll be lucky to break 125 use less than a dozen balls. BTW, AF1 costs $207k an hour.

Do not expect an Ashraf Ghani moment from him thanking the American taxpayer.


Actually, I should have typed that six years ago.

Here's one for you:



how does one say 'bad cop' in Russian:



I recall this source of pelf:



Hmm. Has the Surge reversed Tikrit? Why iz there so little self awareness on the right? Warning....rhetorical question, not that you recognize the nomenclature.


Oh and that "kidnapped" woman in Calif that mysteriously turned up hundreds of miles from her home in Nor Cal and at her father's home in So Cal?

We she has lawyered up, and is refusing to speak to police investigators.

Meanwhile it turns out the ransom demand was $8500.

Police are outright stating that they believe she and he no account boyfriend cooked up a plan to generate some extra cash.

Rick Ballard

Cheering news, the Shite militia piddling around Tikrit now promise to fire on US planes if they bomb the Sunnis who are scaring the militias Shiteless.

Apparently, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy, according to Shite leaders.


their cunning plans have no limit, rick:



good grief ... Obama can't even buy friends.


Posted by: FTL | March 26, 2015 at 06:42 PM

that pretty much doomed us. thanks for the compliment on the previous thread.


If he plays from the tips

Momjeans will be playing the ladies tees...

And watch for the footwedge to come out liberally...



You are rocking at this new job. Thank you.

I was at the dentist today in very liberal MA - I had 3 conversations with people who worked there - none of whom are news junkies, I am quite sure.

They hate Obama. They hate him. They think he is destroying the country. They haven't put it all together, and they were talking superficial stuff, but they are well aware that something is very wrong. They think he is a racist. They think he is on the other side.

That is progress. I am quite sure of it.

At one point when I was replying I said to the younger one - in her 20's - "I don't want to offend you" - her reply: "you are not"



Jim Miller,

You do a great job on your blog. I am always impressed.

Beasts of England

Is Notre Dame just trolling us with those f*cking green shoes? Seriously. That should be a ten point deduction per half. I'm super cereal.

Beasts of England

And don't get me going on their black player with a Frohawk. Ugh. :)


spring rain here in Fairfax ...


Jane @ 7:29 -- wonderful news on the dentist's staff! I hope we are reaching a tipping point WRT this jackalope/


PS The Grafton County GOP up here in New Hampshire has a tie auction to raise funds. So far I am the lead on John Bolton's tie. There are a number of 2016 candidates' ties on the list. LUN


Breitbart finds an AP article that has a black activist talking about Hillary and black voters:

He warned Clinton that “any criticism of Obama could cost her some black voters,” many of whom may still not have gotten over the 2008 campaign in which the Clinton campaign tried to paint Obama as the “black candidate” who could not win.

He writes that “black voters are among the most loyal of the Democratic Party base, and their record high turnout for Obama was an important part of his victory.” In 2012, as Love notes, “Obama won in no small part because blacks turned out for him in record numbers, particularly in swing states like Ohio.”

“However, with a charismatic Obama no longer on the ballot, maintaining the same level of enthusiasm for any other candidate is a challenge,” he continues. “Let’s remember President George W. Bush won re-election in 2004 with just 11% of the black vote. Had Mitt Romney been able to duplicate that number of black votes, he would be president now.”

Centralcal on iPad

Amazing, maryrose! That you are able to follow along and type comments from your cell phone. Go girl!

Marlene on Kindle

maryd,have any candidates gone up to the north country? The Littleton Diner will be visited quite often in the coming months,I'm sure!

Jeff Dobbs

Thanks, Jane. Since my birther gambit didn't produce any ill side effects, I am emboldened.

I think next I'll pull a "TM on eight cups of coffee" and rapid fire like seven threads over a couple hours.

I just won't tell anyone when it's coming.


Marlene, Rick Perry was in Littleton a couple of weeks ago, and I wish I had known about it. Ted Cruz was the speaker at the Grafton County dinner on March 15. we had tickets but opted out because of snow. can't recall how far north the others have gotten, but they are in the Union Leader every day.


hit, you're a HOOT! Thanks so much for what you are doing.

Danube on iPad

I'm so glad I lived when I did. You young people are fucked.

Bon soir.

Jim Eagle

If the US has caved to Iranian enrichment in their hardened facility then I think the Israelis, Saudis and their sunni friends will go for the leaders. Forget the faciility. Take out the Mullahs with Extreme Prejudice. Take out the military and Al Quds leadership the same way.

if anyone in the world has their geosychronous addresses its the Israelis and they would be glad to share with the Sunni nations.


FWIW CNN International initially had a ticker saying something like "Chaos likely to increase in Yemen", but now are using more Administration friendly tickers making it sound less like a catastrophe.

BBC on the other hand is showing much more straightforward coverage of the collapse of the conflict, with detailed reporting on areas and facilities taken over by the Houti's. Apparently they haven't got the memo yet to continue calling it an ongoing Administration strategy of success.


could this be the reason behind the tiptoing, in the case that is as shallow as a wading pool,



In 2012 I went to a Perry event with Tom Bowler (an infrequent poster here) and his wife, in NH. I gave him a Sturbridge Tea Party tee shirt.

I've never seen him wear it That may be because he is a really small guy and I think I brought him a "large". NH is a very fun state to be in during election time. I plan to go see Walker there when he returns.

Let us know if you get Bolton's tie. He's been on a few NRO cruises and I'm a huge fan. I'd really like to sit down with him and have a conversation about his time at Yale and his conversion of Clarence Thomas from a rabid liberal to an uber conservative.


That's okay, daddy. The facts will speak for themselves soon enough.

I truly believe we are headed for a black swan somewhere within the next 6 months. Obama and his clique have pushed over the edge and I think that eventually the muddle will realize that they have been had in the biggest fraud of all time. Well maybe not quite. The Soviet Union was a pretty big fraud as was the Ching Dynasty.

Nobody realizes that the emperor has no clothes until the little kid pipes up.

Jim Eagle


CNN are such fools. The Saudi's and gulf states launched this effort in Yemen without notifying the US. All that bowing has got The Champ nowhere with his former masters. They have witnessed his conversion to shia and will never trust him again.

I wonder which sect Brennan belongs to?


Hanbali, that's the branch of the Wahhabis,

Jim Eagle


No wonder he is keeping s**t from Al-Bozo bin Tehran.


Fifty years from now, Obama will be regarded as the worst president in the history of the US, unless Hillary is elected.

Katherine Timpf

"'I'm so glad I lived when I did. You young people are fucked.'"

Is this another one of Phil Robertson's stupid quotes?

I told you to leave his message behind.

Centralcal on iPad

It won't take 50 years, MarkO.

Jane on Ipad


I predict the same will be true in 5000 years, and 5 million. First task, getting us thru 16 months.


Perhaps people will remember that Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic Party rife with cronyism and populist excess.

Perhaps they will remember that almost 200 years later they forgot and elected another Democrat populist who ran another lawless administration rife with cronyism and populist excess.


Jane, I had no idea that Rick Perry was a small guy. It's just amazing how people photograph. I REALLY WANT Bolton's tie and will hang in as long as my rather slender resources hold out! Will keep you posted.

Miss Marple

Good evening, all!

Local-international news. I have a friend who works as a department head at alocal hospital. She has a Russian Ukrainian working for her. The girl told her that her relatives in Siberia and in Moscow absolutely are convinced that the United States is out to get Russia and have become extremely anti-American. (Thanks, Obama.)

She said no matter how much she tries to tell them that people in the US are NOT out to get them and hardly even TALK about Russia, they will not believe her.

I am very sad to hear this, because it used to be that the Russian people liked us, even if they didn't like our president.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Once that a-hole Digger left I haven't had any problem cheering for ND's basketball team. Eff the Shockers.

Jim Eagle

For all the Notre Dame haters out there, go to your fainting couches as The Shockers of Wichita State are being cattle prodded to the point of a 20 point loss so far. Not only can the Irish play slow but fast and that doesn't help anyone who decides to try one or the other.

Bring better tactics.


another one of those 'cunning, cunning, plans'

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The Holes have somehow gotten into Wisconsin's heads.


I was out working all day. I know, I denounce myself. But, did anyone see that a Hillary campaign group has banned the use of certain words that might be used in stories about her as "sexist?"

It could be a parody site, but the Twitter account finds unacceptable these words:

"polarizing," "calculating," "disingenuous," "insincere," "ambitious," "inevitable," "entitled," "over-confident," "secretive," "will do anything to win," "represents the past," and "out of touch."

I hope it's true. The scary thing is that it could be true.

The words I use to describe her are not on this list.

Centralcal on iPad

Yeah, I am not seeing "liar" or "corrupt," so glad to know I am not sexist. Phew.

Jim Eagle

This is a story about why you don't fix it if its not broken.

I am noit a Navy aviator but my friends that are shake theeir heads after I sent this to them.


Captain Hate on the iPhone

These refs obviously didn't get the "Wisconsin Never Fouls" memo.


>>>Posted by: Danube on iPad | March 26, 2015 at 08:10 PM

this needs some mood music ... some filter ... maybe Marilyn Manson ... NIN

yeah some NIN ...



Posted by: Katherine Timpf | March 26, 2015 at 08:50 PM-

lol ... you're cute in your glasses too.

Beasts of England

In spite of the green shoes, the Domers looked really good. Let's see what the Fighting Calamaris can do...


had they been as forceful in support of the Huntress, we would have noticed;


J. Fred Muggs

Its been a while but that guy Dublin Dave and his friiend Ben have been holding down the monkey/chimp/simian fort for all of us. As long as they post I don't have to. I'd rather eat bananas and sniff other apey ass.

My cousin Kokomo sent me this pic from like back in the 50's when he read a lot. Now all he does is paly FIFA '15 on his iPhone.


Your daily Wretchard:


From the title obviously it is about the plane crash. It evolves into a discussion of fault tolerance, a recurring theme of his.

Jim Eagle

I think Roy Williams just saw his life disappear before him. daddy, your Noles are going down right now since those Badgers have the bit in their teeth.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Lol @ Roy not calling a timeout until the lead was squandered.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Roy is leaving unused timeout to his players in his will.


A couple of weeks ago, someone came up to me on Queens Boulevard simply because I was wearing a U. Va. cap and told me Wisconsin was going to be really tough in the tournament. Seems this person knew about both programs because UVa's coach, Tony Bennett, had played at Wisconsin, and in fact Bennett's father was the coach at Wisconsin for many years. Anyway, looks like he was right.

Jim Eagle

Spoke too soon? Great game in LA. Now a 1 pt. game but Badgers stil have lead and hte ball. 50 secs to go.

Jeff Dobbs

I see MarkO is showing up in the sidebar at Insty's after Instry RT'd him.


some more mood music for DoT ...


Can't You Trip Like I Do

Filter and the Crystal Method


I've got more too ...

Jim Eagle

Its over. Badgers go forward. Desperartion sets in for the Heels. daddy is probably glad he is snug in a bed in Narita. Acutally he is peobably flying since it is 10 in the morning there.


Boo:( Off to Singapore.


Miss Marple

Dr. J,

Thanks for posting Wretchard's link.

The comments had a foreboding passage:

We are pounding on the cabin door while the commander in chief has us hurtling towards the ground.


Jim Eagle


Say hello to Orchard Road for me.


Does Wretchard mention whether or not the CIC was truly eligible to be in the cockpit?

Jim Eagle

BTW, vote-a-rama is underway in the Sentate. Good let those pompous pricks suffer a sleepless night for the good of the country.

Kentucky looks to make Huggs look like he was at Cincy, a loser.

Jim Eagle


slaap lekker, tots morgen.


Congrats to Notre Dame and Wisconsin Both great games I left the room to make sure Wisconsin would win


well what do they know,



I love that Georgia State coach


so much for my bold prediction 18-2 ...


He may not know yet.


The Senate has been voting on amendments since noon

Beasts of England

I guess the WVU guard who spouted off about UK going 36-1 is feeling like a jerk. Or a bigger jerk than usual.


it's not Sun Tzu, a battle is only won or lost, when it happens,


This was the week the white house thought it would be kicking Netanyahu like a football.

Meanwhile, in the good news department, Yemen sits under Saudi Arabia. And, if nothing else, the saudi's have collected a whole array of armaments. Which they are using. I'm sure in Yemen, where bombs fall from the sky, the roads are also clogged with tanks.

Peace in our time? God works in strange ways.

Beasts of England

I love Barkley's 'In the Annapolis' commercial...


only 26 points, it could be worse ...


'just a flesh wound'



the world is a pigsty ...

Strawman Cometh

Last night, the House of Representatives passed its annual budget resolution. Their recommendation for public media funding? ZERO.[YEAAAH!!!]

You can help restore this critical funding eliminate these bucks for parasites TODAY.

Call your Member of Congress, Rep. Mark Walker [Yes, Hit, we have the same Representative in th People's House] at (202) 225-3065 and say:

I was very disappointed heartened to learn that the House Budget Resolution recommends cutting off funding for public government media. I strongly urge Rep. Mark Walker to vote to restore these funds maintain these cuts in the final Budget Resolution.

Without this funding, the operation of hundreds of public government television and radio stations will be threatened. Programming and services provided to Propaganda and agitprop provided to listeners and viewers like you the Lackwitz sisters would be very limited. [THE CHILDREN] Children would have to say goodbye to lovable characters on public television that have prepared them for success in the classroom. [ I had something for this, but could taste and sense prevailed]

Please call your Member of Congress today!!!

Thanks for all that you do for public media,

Strawman Cometh

That was from Protectmypublicmedia.com


This presidency is going to get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

Actually, I should have typed that six years ago.

an old comment from fdcol63 -

"Americans walked through a door last night, and it locked behind them.

Certainly, nothing dire will happen immediately. But the long-term rot will continue unabated, at times slowly and at other times more quickly, until someday .. maybe years in the future .... most of us will recognize that this was indeed a pivotal moment that altered the course of America and our society in such ways that we can never hope to recover.

While the euphoria is now about America having evolved enough to finally elect an African-American as president, the majority of Americans will someday recognize that he wasn't just that, but he was more importantly a Marxist, anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Semitic, black separationist, Muslim jihadi sympathizing, corrupt Chicago politician who loathed the half of himself that was Caucasian.

Posted by: fdcol63 | November 05, 2008 at 09:41 AM "


even the blacklist doesn't get this cynical:



and Soylent's comment from 2010 -

"I sure hope Obamacare covers massive third degree burns and radiation sickness."


"Chaos likely to increase in Yemen"

I like Taranto's "The White House tries to make Yemen into Lemonade."

Barack Obama once cited Yemen as his administration’s great counterterrorism success story. Give him a break, you might say—that was more than six months ago. Surely he’s changed his view to take account of evolving circumstances, such as the country’s takeover by what are invariably called “Iranian-backed Houthi militants.”

Oh no he hasn’t.

And did anyone see Psaki's response to a question from Megyn about Hillary's server, whether State was involved in setting it up, and Psaki said something like "C'mon, that was six years ago."

See Palestine recently.

Is there any way Axelrod is not using public money in Nigeria?


steyn was more to the point, that Belmont


focusing on hardware, rather than software, the motivation behind an assailant has been a fatal flaw,


magic eightball would say no, the odd thing is Buhari was generally against corruption, that's why the juntas bounced him, for the amiable mountebanks that they've had since, but Axelturf always has an angle,

they did find a GLG 20, for some of the briefings today, so there is that,


Peter. Tony Bennett played at U.W.GREEN BAY.


In other news (AAAS):

On March 19, President Obama announced David Recordon, former Engineering Director at Facebook, as the director of White House Information Technology, a newly created position that will be responsible for modernizing the White House's own technology.

Uh huh.

Much gracious.

Thanks, n.

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