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March 28, 2015



All excellent books. TCFAB!


You guys rock!


WOW - That was a hell of an outing! Congrats to all.

And in case you missed it:



I also have a book that celebrates the male body, called "String-theory". In it I pose in different types of G-strings in different parts of my trailer.It is available on Amazon.com for $149.99 while stocks last.

Danube on iPad

These days we have to take our victories where we find them. This one is a minor one indeed, but I will take it and relish it with great satisfaction:



Jane,I don't think we'll have spring this year. Hubby drove up to the cabin to check on things and he called to tell me that the snow in the wood is up to his knees. A local canoe/kayak race on one of the streams has been postponed because the water is still ice covered.




Adam Smith seems totally unaware that actions have consequences, especially purposeful actions. His fear that "it could happen again" indicates he's learned nothing.


More defeats:



That Brit "pastor" sounds like an attention-freak imo. He positioned himself in the middle of a busy street, used loudspeakers and a live mic to make incendiary comments re muslims and homosexuality, then shouted down the inevitable responses? A twin to that American "Christian" Koran-burning nut.


I am glad to see this full report on James, Robin and Stephen. They do great and interesting work.



Kudos to all our JOM authors. It's heartbreaking that the whole-word boondoggle that rse exposes keeps millions of children from learning to read, which "Why Johnny Can't Read" proved decades ago.


On the last thread Extraneus put up a good link
{as always)put than the thread died.


But an American Thinker article remains us of what we face if the Democrats regain the Senate.


James D.

Thanks, Hit!

Obviously I will vouch for my own books. But I've got Robin's book, and if ever there were a book that ought to be a national bestseller and a driver of conversation and debate in the media, it's hers.

I am ashamed to admit i haven't read she's yet, but I will rectify that!


DOT From previous thread
Lynch is no help because she is stuck in confirmation hell thanks to the Dems refusal to pass the trafficking bill
Holder is a liar and crook
Obama the main perp in all things requiring the Merde Touch


Thanks hit. What I nice thing to come back to from my target run.

Now if TC and Jane can just do something about this weather. I did not like Jane's report of more snow.

The Diva asked me last night if she needed to tell me what shows she wanted to see. Yes please.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Hmmm . . . "This" or "That" . . .
Enquiring minds want to know.

Should one use the construction "*This* calls for a beer" - or the alternative (and no less acceptable construction, imo) "*That* calls for a beer" (or *another* beer)?

"This calls for a beer" might best be used when one speaks to oneself, a la the "VIOH", or one addresses an event/situation in which they are participating, to which "this" refers.

"That calls for a beer" might best be used when one remarks upon an external event/situation, such as someone else's comment (in a popular blog, perhaps?),
or in the manner of a pronouncement to a group.

What sayeth thee, JOM'ers? Should the Keeper of the Style Guide rule upon the acceptable definition(s) of "TCFAB"?


Michael, as long as the called for beer reaches me, semantics can hang.

For John Doe watchers, the WI SC hearings will not be televised. The SC decided to cancel oral arguments because disclosure of secret proceedings is problematic.

Plus,ma small victory over Walker derangement. 90 days in jail plus fines for Tweeted threats to Walker's son.


Nice, post, Hit.

Thomas Collins

Mere flurries in the Seaport District, rse. If there is any weather event you and Diva will need to deal with, it will be likely be thunderstorms or high winds. But TC the meteorologist is predicting decent weather for your sojourn to The Home of the Bean and the Cod.


From henry's second link:

The judge also banned Peffer from using social media for anything besides looking for work.

An unemployed lefty. Whodathunkit?


James D, your books have great receives at Amazon, but the many raves at goodreads.com are semi-orgasmic...

"J.J. DiBenedetto's incredible talent is very visible in this fourth installment of the Dreams series. He takes the reader through the shock of an inexplicable arrest, through the arrest and booking procedure an unprepared woman should never have to endure, to the healing process. But this healing process isn't without mountains to scale, and DiBenedetto handles the journey with great care. Of all the Dreams books, this one is my favorite. Sara grows, both as a woman and as a doctor, as she fights for her sanity. Each word, each sentence, captures the essence of the characters. Not only is this book worth many reads, it has left me panting for the promised fifth book in the series."

James D.

Just by the way, if any of y'all who haven't yet do want to take a look at my books, the first one (Dream Student) is free on Amazon - http://getBook.at/DreamStudent

And book two (Dream Doctor) is only $0.99 for the next couple of days - http://getBook.at/Dreamdoctor

James D.

Yeah, I liked that review, too, Deb!



Thomas Collins

I think there is a preliminary separation of powers issue here, Michael. Does concentrating the thread starting power and the style guide power in one individual promote tyranny? I say we need H&R to address we the JOM people and assure us that he will use these combined powers judiciously.

Jeff Dobbs

I have no compunctions about using my power for whatever whim I think will make me happy.

Sorry. Human Nature. Can't help it. I'll try my best to be happy by making y'all happy, but in life there are no guarantees.

Oh, and it will always be This to me.

Jeff Dobbs

Crap. Did I . . . did I just use the word "sorry"?

I have a lot of thinking to do about the decisions I've made.


Yeah, I liked that review, too, Deb!

You sure you didn't write it?

Jeff Dobbs

I'm going to purposefully not only very egregiously split an infinitive, but make a delibarate spelling error, and include unnecessary punctuation, and correct none of it.

There. I feel a little better.


Hit You are doing a fabulous job

daddy on iPad

Hit sama,

A truthful and wonderful post. Thanks for paying homage to our marvelously skilled bunch that deserve praise for their terrific efforts.

Miss Marple

Google "Indiana Religious Freedom Law Sparks Fury" in the Wall Street Journal. It's a good synopsis of the hysterical overreaction Pence signing this law has had.

I posted an analysis from an IU law professor on my Facebook page, but so far all of the ranters (who unfortunately include a lot in my family) have not bothered to READ the law or understand what it is for.

So don't be thinking you can explain complex legal or economic subjects tot he electorate. Passions seem to rule above all else.

Miss Marple

Furthermore, Pence is at fault for letting this issue become controversial. He should have met with the gay commuity and explained it, and he should NOT have had a big fundamentalist leader present at the signing, WHICH he did behind closed doors.

So no wonder people are paranoid.


In light of the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement, questions have been and are being raised about Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be President of the United States. If Ted Cruz is what he claims to be he will not dismiss these questions as irrelevant or inconsiderable. He will not encourage people to belittle and ridicule those who broach such questions, as Obama and his collaborators have done. In fact, he will respond to them using exactly the same logic that can and should be applied to Obama’s situation. He will not see them simply as a campaign problem. He will see them as an opportunity to do exactly the work he says he wants to do: Restore respect for the authority of the U.S. Constitution.


This Calls For A Birther


... http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/indianas-religious-freedom-restoration-act-explained_900641.html?page=2

Danube on iPad

When will this annoying nincompoop have the good grace to die?


Miss Marple


Now our hell is complete with Jimmah weighing in. I bet he shows up on the Sunday talk shows this weekend.


Imagine my surprise! Kind of you to post pointers, hit.

My book is also available for free on ExploringCharacter.com to read or for audio download, chapter by chapter. Clarice once kindly called it “deep” and she assured me that was positive. ;-)

The draft of the paper “Educating Stability” on the website corroborates rse's book which I read and found a tour de force.

JamesD’s “Dream Student” will be my vacation read.

Thanks again, hit, and for JOMers’ comments.


Great post, hara. Props to all our authors and their hard work and efforts.

Danube on iPad

We go a lotta talent here, for sure. Very nice going, all three of you writers.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I join the praise for the JOM writers.

Strawman Cometh

New questions on the current Federal diversity questionnaire for housing loans: Is your spouse male or female? This is after the applicant's gender has been determined.
"Female, but a couple of queers have bought the place next door, if that's helpful."


Let's also remember who is negotiating our fate today:


Rick Ballard

"Passions seem to rule above all else."

Miss Marple,

There is no passion involved in a conditioned reflex. There is plenty of emotion involved in the responses generated among the peck and droolers concerned but their passion is reserved for pecking and drooling.

Your description of the setting and audience for Pence's signing indicates he has an understanding of how to generate click bait and that he believes the value of positive affirmation for his gesture far outweighs the negative slobbering from progs.

It's really rather amusing to watch slobbering, gibbering progs make asses of themselves with Blue Hell antics which serve to stiffen resolve in the Free States.


"Does concentrating the thread starting power and the style guide power in one individual promote tyranny?"

Why do you think I compliment hit at every turn?


Just you wait a minute. Hit was always my favorite.

Miss Marple


I do not like click bait and I do not appreciate both sides getting everyone upset because the law hasn't been explained properly.

And let me tell you something, if he is inviting religious conservatives into his office just to poke the gay community with a stick, then I am not at all supportive.

A LEADER would get on TV ahead of signing it and explain it, like Bush did with the bill prohibiting the use of fetal stem cells from abortions. People might not agree, but at least the issue wouldn't be exaggerated by the press.

So no, I do not think Pence did a good job with this, at all. The city stands to lose a lot of convention business. The Republican mayor is upset and opposes this, Eli Lilly (major employer here) is questioning the decision, and MY FAMILY, not "slobbering gibbering progs" but ACTUAL PEOPLE, are confused and upset.

Rick Ballard

If your is reacting without determining what is actually involved in the bill or how it relates to existing legislation on both the state and federal level, then their confusion and feelings are entirely understandable. By both sides.


Just last Sunday, for the first time, I was explaining the JOM site to my wife. Since I've spent so much time here I was telling her about the caliber of people here (and those that have been here in the past). I had her read Clarice's Sunday column with quotes from other JoM'ers. Now I'll show her this post and brag about the three authors. Thanks to all JOM posters.


I think tonight will be the first time I've ever rooted for Notre Dame to win a game.

Miss Marple

This is quite right, and why I am angry about this. Either Pence or the Speaker of the House should have explained what this bill was, along with copies of the bill along with the already-existing federal bill and the one from Illinois. Both of those were passed several years ago.

But when you allow the liberal Indy paper and the liberal artsy weekly to define what the bill means, and when you let some supporter go around saying "this means wedding bakers don't have to serve gays," AND you have that guy in your office for the bill signing which is closed to the press, then you contribute to the worst type of hysteria in the city.

Now he is having to call convention customers and reassure them, the Mayor of Indianapoli9s (an ex-Marine GOP guy) is upset and the City is passing its own bill, the GOP has been tarred as religious fanatics, and the whole city is in an uproar one way or another one week before we host the Final Four. Heck, the NCAA which is located here in the city expressed concern.

As we have seen when you do not get out in front of this type of demonizing, it snowballs into a big, on-going issue, just like Ferguson did.

There were 1000 people in front of the State House today demonstrating, and that is a lot on short notice and in very cold weather.

So I am disgusted with the gay activists who are manipulating and scaring people, and I am mad at Pence for being so ham-handed.



Great post, hit. Proud to say I own all these works.

Later this afternoon, all the Gourds and their instruments will be in the same bar at the same time - first time since the hiatus in December 2013. Just saying. I will make only one prediction: if the hoped-for happens, the bar better be careful that it doesn't run out of beer.

Belated happy birthday, cathyf!


The left is so delicate in how THEY do things.

at Instapundit - HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UNC Charlotte quietly adopts new transgender bathroom policy. “The current policy states that any student, faculty or staff member may use the restroom that corresponds to the individual’s gender identity.”

There is hysteria, but it is on the right, so nobody cares.
Fanatics are a-okay, as long as they are not Christian religious fanatics.
Secular fanatics, Muslims, gender screwed-up fanatics,... they are all good.


afternoon, all, the Jeff Gerth piece, which I'd be surprised if it's gotten much play, answers a question that I wondered about, where did the talking points come from, well we now know, Sid Blumenthal, and he got it from Drumheller, who was part of the crew that set the 'no WMD narrative'while at the company, his network is likely fmr,BND and/or DGSE like Mssr, Choet, who was the onewho assured there was nothing to the Niger affair, which involves Cogema, which way back, kickstarted the Iranian nuclear program, in the 70s


Sorry it turned out this way for Indy Looks like Pence is just showboating instead of legislating
However I am weary of this call a mob protesting Don't these people have lives
If not it's time that got one Volunteer or visit the sick Do something useful


Silly question but if you are biologically a woman but 'identify' as a man, how do you use the urinals?


now why is this important, because the Guccifer cables, revealed the priority to get the video and 'rogue Kaddafi loyalists' as the main players in Benghazi,


Deb in NC
I have rooted for them my whole life I can't getover that it has been thirty six years since they made the Elite Eight
Y sister said in order to get tickets to these games you have to purchase for both games And that makes it rather expensive Any idea of what tickets cost
It is great publicity for Cleveland

Miss Marple


It's like no one remembers how much damage a misstep in the culture wars can cause.

There is nothing wrong with the bill itself, but Pence has not forged any ties to the Indianapolis community (mostly remaining in his office with supportive staff and cronies) and if you ask me, simply intended to use the governorship as a platform to run for the presidency.

Only he didn't count on so many good candiates running, and so now it looks like he won't run unless Cruz implodes. Meanwhile, his governing leaves a lot to be desired.

I am sick of unnecessary stuff which damages our goal, and this will be turned into a national controversy, I am sure.
So it really is going to affect all of us once the national press starts in.

Boy, I wish we could have Mitch Daniels back!


I would agree somewhat Deb, however they seem to act differently when Chowdhary pulls this off,
I guess it falls under the category, 'let the wookie win'


Is there anything wrong with the bill, I don't think so, the intent is clear in their protest, they want to make it impossible for someone with a clear conscience, to practice their faith,

Miss Marple


This is true. The bill doesn't prohibit people from suing for non-service. I simply says that IF the person sued has a religious objection then the court is to take that into account, but the defendant must demonstrate a hardship in observing their faith.

To hear the agitators tell it, "No gays allowed" stickers will be posted all over town tomorrow. This is just ridiculous.

But, as I said, the problem is that Pence didn't explain this and signed it behind closed doors with a supporter present who has made disparaging remarks about gays. How stupid is that?


unnecessary stuff

???? I don't get this attitude AT ALL.

Maybe if we all just shut up & only do "perfect" things....America will miraculously become conservative.

I'm in favor of passing thousands & thousands of laws protecting our freedoms...well written ones, crappy written ones...& just jam the courts full of our laws if the left wants to take them to court. We can then claim that America has spoken & Americans overwhelmingly support freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom, freedom, freedom,...

Then pass some more laws about freedom of religion & speech. Then pass a few more.

Pence is not the enemy.


when the well known constitutional scholar Miley Cyrus, has weighed in, we've jumped the Megalodon,

Miss Marple

Well, Janet, as I said, this could have been done well and the law would have still passed but without the furor.

I do not see how it does us any good when you don't EXPLAIN things and when you end up having to play catch-up after the fact.

And Pence isn't the enemy, but as a Hoosier who is watching this close-up, I am pretty exasperated at this unnecessary controversy (which is what I meant by "stuff").

Miss Marple


Who do you think has more influence with public opinion? Miss Marple on Twitter and Facebook, trying to politely explain that people shouldn't be upset, or Miley Cyrus?

The answer is not me.


Janet Individual freedom is what America was founded upon
I believe the optics of Pences presentation could have been better
The left never hesitates to limit our freedoms so we must guard them vigorously


Explaining things doesn't always help -- ref Walker and Act 10.


after the Huntress's church was burned, purportedly for a stance that Obama shared at the time, after Ferguson went up in flames, and Fortune
congratulates the protest leaders, I find any explanation would satisfy the peanut gallery

Miss Marple

Well, I am done talking about this.

Next week when this is the featured subject on the Final Four, don't say I didn't warn you.

Jim Eagle

Saw this on a David Webb tweet:

May need to right click to see it all. My photobucket is acting up today. May not be sized right.


Exdem, Wikipedia writes on stp devices. Pilot’s catalogs also have such devices for long flights in small aircraft.


we pay tribute to our great adversaries, I would rename them Red Coats, but they haven't playing nearly as well to merit that honor, recently,


So what if gays think it means that businesses don't have to serve gays if their religion prohibits it?

Threats against convention business. Boycotts. Economic terrorism. Thug behavior.

I think Rick has it right. These things will result in more Republican votes in 2016, especially when the voters know that the claims were exaggerated.


MM-I used this link in yesterday's post. http://www.ssireview.org/images/articles/2011_WI_Feature_Kania.pdf

If you go to FN 4 on the last page it alarmingly states Indianapolis is one of the cities piloting this Collective Impact Cradle to Career Social Innovation vision.

I have no doubt that's true because it slso shows up in a Collaborative Building Toolkit I have that was used in the 75 Metro area 'convening' in Dallas In January, two months ago.

Lazybusy-Red and I met with our windy city lurker several years ago when she was looking at colleges. Boy did we catch grief that we were meeting with "someone I knew from the Internet."


More "slobbering, gibbering progs" please, especially in areas with many "moderate" voters.



Boy did we catch grief that we were meeting with "someone I knew from the Internet."

I always call these sorts "my imaginary friend(s)." Most people smile at that description.

Marlene on Kindle

We admire Gov.Lepage because he is blunt and honest.His recent tiff with Stephen King is a good example.Lepage said,Stephen King can make me the villain in his next book. In other words,get over it.


More March Madness today on T BS


Fran I like that My across the country friends


Well now at least Steph, Beasts, and I can be classified as friends you met in ATL while at a conference.


If I understand the Pence bill - and I may not, it says people can refuse to serve others based on their religion. So Christians don't have to make gay wedding cakes, Muslims don't have to serve pork, etc.

Well I'm about as pro-gay as it gets around here and I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, a good entrepreneur could enter the market and make a killing, and should.


Sorry. Doctor J When I try to shorten it it comes out Fran


Thomas Jefferson weeps;



Any chance of my meeting Steph. RSE and others when I come to Atlanta on the thirtieth of May for my nephews wedding

Marlene on Kindle

rse,ha! I got the eyeroll from the daughter when meeting the internet friends.


Very appreciative to be associated with our talented authors here.


After Terry McAuliffe was elected VA guv, nothing else they'd do would surprise me.


should have stayed on PoI:


Lee Daniels and Danny Strong are a bad influence,

Jeff Dobbs

Yup, when Bad invited me to her house for lunch - she had her kids come over to meet me. But ask them, and they came over to make sure her internet friend wasn't some wacko.

Surprise, kids! I am a wacko.


well in the nicest way, of course:

Rick Ballard

"In other words,get over it."

LePage, as Walker and now Pence, has gauged the true weight of the slobbering, gibbering progs and found it as ephemeral as a passing feather. I believe Red Witch's "I am WOMAN hear me whine." schtick falls into the same category.

I cannot adduce a conservative principle which applies to "We're fed up with your shit, now shut up and sit down." but the governors named seem to believe moderates are capable of hearing it applied without reacting with revulsion.


even Governor Luthor occasionally lives up to billing, against the minions directed by Charlie Cheetah's patron, John Morgan,


the story thus far,


of course, North Yemen couldn't really secede, from the rest of the country,


Sure maryrose. I am probably the most centrally located of the ATL people. That just means I can usually figure out a backroad way to get almost anywhere.

What part of town will you be staying in?

I was just looking at some brunch options because red's 21st b'day falls on Mothers Day so of course she wants to go out and have a legal drink and fine, memorable meal.

It was a reminder of the really cool options available.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I hesitate to disagree with as sage a mind as Miss Marple but since when do good manners, good sense or dotting i's and crossing t's from the right make any difference to the reactions of the screaming left?

Even if the right is as polite as Emily Post the left just makes up crap to get outraged about. If we have to endure their ginned up outrage let's at least have the satisfaction of having knocked a few of their teeth out so their outrage isn't quite so contrived.


If internet dating is mainstream, why isn't internet friending acceptable?


I hopped into a car with PD who I had never met and drove to Milwaukee for lunch with Henry and Mel. My kids and wife thought I was crazy.

I suspect there's a JOM'er whose house I can see from mine but he's kinda secretive. (Bori)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In the spring an old man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of hogs.
A sunny, 70ish Saturday out here means one thing; prowling, trundling herds of obese, insecure 60-something guys with new leathers, straddling new bikes impeding traffic, peacocking past cute, creeped-out, 20-something girls and toppling over, Arte Johnson like in the middle of gentle country lanes.

There's something to be said for the good old days when guys worked til they were 65 or 70, retired in penury for a couple of weeks and keeled over dead as a hammer.

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