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March 28, 2015



...how do you use the urinals?


anonamom-you would be so proud of me. I have been cooking up tonics with fresh ginger, lemon juice, chicken broth, fresh garlic, usually the part of the celery with leaves, spicy dried peppers left over from Barbara's turkey marinade and anything else I read might clear out the gunk from my lungs.

Of course it has created a lot of what's that smell in the kitchen.


didn't get the memo, sarc:



This link is for matt and anyone else who admires what our fine military can do. http://www.fayobserver.com/military/fort-bragg-sniper-competition-tests-skills-of-soldiers-law-enforcement/article_bbaf854b-d3eb-504f-bd70-9c20499f2f81.html

Just up the road a ways from anonamom and then hit.


John I would accept a ride from any of the fine gentlemen who post here
RSE. We are staying in Buckhead


MR-I live in BH. Where?

Miss Marple

Ignatz, I wasn't talking about being polite. I was talking about informing the voters of what is going on.

When you leave the explanations up to the left, then they just get everyone who s uninformerd (that would be a LOT of people) upset.

Do you remember how they didn't release the photos of the gentle giant roughing up the store owner until a couple of days later? That allowed the lying criminal friend to start the "Hands up, don't shoot!" thing, with terrible results. If those photos had been released right away, a lot of the wind would have been taken out of the left's sails.

Same thing here. because Pence didn't say anything until after the furor started, it allowed the controversy to grow.

This isn't about being polite at all. I am sorry you interpreted my complaint that way, as it makes me sound like a silly person.

I am talking about being smart. I am not saying the law shouldn't have been passed, nor that we should repeal it. I AM saying that Pence mismanaged this and has made it much worse.


Fox had the video of the gentle giant roughing up the convenience store owner up right away, Miss Marple. Didn't do any good at all.


I"ll be available around May 30...

Trip to PCB planned for May 13-17 (girls weekend) and I've canceled my trip to Biloxi for April. Decided to buy a new smoker instead and save Biloxi for May/June, another girls trip in September and maybe do Universal for October.

Trying to get to Charlotte in the next couple of weeks to ride the new coaster. That will be a quick overnight visit, but maybe anonamom will be available to hang out.

Love the outing of our authors and bravo/brava to them.

Someone please flap some butterfly wings in Japan and change the jet stream, please. Brrrr.

Danube on iPad

Cold and rainy in Trier, Germany tonight--which we are savoring. Europe goes on DST overnight.



Our plane lands on Friday and we are staying at the Hampton Inn
Are you familiar with one hundred and three West


Here ya go:



Janet just posted this link on her FB page:


If anyone thinks the Mafia is dead in Vegas has another think coming :-)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Fair enough, MM.
Never intended to make you sound silly.


103 West is one of the best establishments in Atlanta and is a sister establishment to where we had the last JOM Atlanta meetup. The reception should be awesome.

Do you have rehearsal dinner stuff on Friday night? or maybe lunch on Saturday/Sunday would work depending on when you are flying out.


rse, that broth sounds like it'll cure you.
Nasty cold--you've been sick for a while, haven't you?

Steph, I'll definitely meet you for a drink or dinner--but you can have that new rollercoaster all to yourself. I never got beyond what is now probably the Rugrats Runaway Riptar in the kiddie section.


here's a tidbit where past is prologue, Dan Moldea, went after Reagan and Laxalt for hazier connections, he subsequently went to work for Larry Flynt, after wait for it, Starr shepherded one of his books past a libel suit,


Braised lamb shanks in wine, homemade smoked chicken stock, rosemary, garlic, onion, and brown sugar and a '99 Damilano Barolo Riserva for dinner tonight. House smells wonderful.


LOL, anonamom.. I'm so excited about that new coaster! The Intimidator is awesome, too. We're trying to decide on season passes to CW or to all of Cedar Faire's parks and do a little run up to Ohio and hit Cedar Point and Kings Island in July, too. BIL is in Columbus.

Ultimate vacay: All the coaster parks on the east coast (Kings Dominion, Kennywood, Six Flags NJ etc) and then all the parks on the west coast (Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Universal).


New TM post.


You don't happen to remember what the kiddie coaster was called twenty years ago?
I just remembered--It was Scoobie Do!

Captain Hate on the iPad

Keep me in the loop if you go to Cedar Point; not my favorite place but anything for Steph.


I agree with Miss Marple. Being a fellow Hoosier has nothing to do with that. Pence should have done some basic education before signing the bill. I hate the term, but the optics were bad. Would his education minimize the LIV temper tantrum? Maybe some. Who knows, but it wouldn't have given them additional fuel.

I also agree with Jane. Nothing wrong with the law. Should open opportunities with those having the entrepreneurial spirit. If the law is so horrible, where has the venom been for the last 20+ years since Clinton signed the Federal version.

Glasater, it is true that Fox had the pics up, but LIVs and the left don't tend to get their news from Fox.
Glass ter


Let me know about Cedar Point as well We are about an hour away on the west side
No rehearsal dinner Getting in at around five O'clock on Friday. Brunch on Sunday is possible We will go to the
smoky Mountains and to Chicamaug Battlefield Our plane from AtlantA a leaves on Weds afternoon


maryrose--I replied to you on the new thread but I live close to there and could get there easily any time you would like to do something.

Getting in anytime I would take the train, but especially on a Friday afternoon. Get off at Lenox station and catch a cab. Lenox road runs between the two halves of the station. It crosses Peachtree but turning makes no sense unless you want to run up the meter because that same road deadends at Piedmont Rd by your Hampton Inn.

Beasts of England

Congrats to our JOM authors!!


No one will see this, but you left me out! :) Joan, a lurker from the earliest days of jom, :) is actually JJ Minor, an award-winning (and that's the triple truth, since I've won awards at writing conferences in three different states, as well as being awarded $500 first prize in a writing magazine's annual short story contest), author of short stories, young adult novels, and mysteries.

Actually, what I'm most proud of are the two covers for my Kindle shorts--one is beautiful and one is fun and both totally represent the stories' content. One of my writing friends, who is a graphic artist, created the covers for me and they make me totally happy every time I look at them on amazon, even though I seem to be failing at acquiring readers. :) Go to amazon and search for JJ Minor 'Perfect Trust' (YA) and JJ Minor 'Let Me Entertain You' to see the covers. :) You'll love them. I guarantee it. You can also read the little stories too. For free if you want. They're listed at 99 cents, but since you all know the author, I'll gift them to you.

Well, I've entertained myself this Sunday morning, simply just being here. Woke up with a headache, bad one--in right eye and sinus--and started reading tech blogs, wikipedia, etc., then decided to check jom. And, about 10 or 15 min. later, plus one cup of coffee, the pain on the right side of my head has subsided a bit, and I've been able to reflect on my former writing glory. :) Wish I knew how to post pictures, and I'd post my covers, since they please me so much! :)


JJ Minor - Perfect Trust


JJ Minor - Let Me Entertain You

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