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March 22, 2015



JiB, they were here before I got here 25 years ago.


Yeah Henry, I've only got 5 feet left in my backyard.


Jane-could you please get it to all go away before I get there in about 10 days?

Of course Red seeing snow on a northern college tour the first week of April kept her in the South and closer to home.

Sorry about this wish, but let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Jack is Back!

Interesting. Did Hitler make it out alive?

A Nazi hideout has been discovered in the jungles of Argentina?



Amazing that no shoppers in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot were injured. Sounds like the culprit shot the patrol car several times, but where were the officer's bullets going? Very scary.



"It looks like 12 FAM 564.4 is the relevant regulation um, excuse me, “recommendation” in the Foreign Affairs Manual. Waiting for the spox to clarify that although the briefing is mandatory, signing the separation statement is really optional and voluntary!"

Beasts of England

You mean we're 24 hours into the 'hit and regnum' without a beer thread? Something is adrift. I know if TM had handed the keys to Iggy we'd have had a girls on bikes post by now...

And how about those two double eagles at Bay Hill yesterday? Talk about bending the arc of probability!


I'm looking forward to seeing some amazing pool videos - the kind where the "rack" on display is wooden, not anatomical. Also mouthwatering recipes and an occasional apropo scripture verse. Hail, hit!

Jack is Back!

Ted Cruz para Presidente!



Carlos Slim does look like he wants to knock HildaBeast out of the race.

Jeff Dobbs

You mean we're 24 hours into the 'hit and regnum' without a beer thread? Something is adrift.

Heh. Probably no beer thread today. I mean, probably not even a pool thread even though Monday is league night.

But there is a post about to go up. Something of little real value about Hillary, and more about some SSP (that's an old-time JOM abbreviation some may not remember).


SSP = ?




NK, the question is whether SSP is an actual JOM acronym or something Mr. Superpowers just made up (with plenty of time for supporting cut & paste).


Is the JOM Glossary linked in the margins and I'm just not seeing it? If not, I suggest our new, benevolent overlord put one there for passers-by puzzled by Carlos Slim, the Red Witch, Stedman, 404, Cankles, etc.

Jeff Dobbs



I'm gonna guess SSP= "super secret plan".

If that's wrong... I have other guesses!



Miss Marple


Much more than just the State Department money.


h&r@9:30 - okay, that wasn't one of my already-thought of guesses, but I'm positive it would have been one of my eventually, give-me-another-minute guesses. I'm counting it!



That is hysterical!

For more hilarity, don't forget FWDAJ today at noon EST - and you can get the live stream at LUN.

(end shameless self promotion)

Posted by: Jane | March 24, 2009 at 09:25 AM


Speaking of selfish, self-promoters, MOzo is over in Japan touting the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn efforts there. Japan, whose average female students' "learning" far surpasses the Obama girls elite education?


"The emails have not been made public, and The New York Times was not permitted to review them. But four senior government officials offered descriptions of some of the key messages, on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to jeopardize their access to secret information."

I'm no Hillary fan, but how is this a NEWS piece?
Like Rick asked - Elected officials or appointed officials?

The piece was written by Michael S. Schmidt - who's he talkin' to?


Hmmm. Is it my memory (from lurking through much of that) or do superpowers include sneaky control over comment history? (They do in WordPress).


Janet- to people like us, none of that is new. However, to NY Times readers, these Benghazi emails are revelations-- they bought the Hillary meme that Benghazi was a rightwing fable.... move along. Again, Slim's Dancing Chimps are beginning to give HildaBeast the Meme treatment. Will she push back... or go away?

Old Lurker

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