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March 22, 2015



Oh my goodness, what a momentous change. I abhor change. But this might be something I could live with, and even enjoy. Thanks TM and hit for dreaming it up!

Jack is Back!


McKinsey will tell you that 75% of companies that fail do so because they reject change. Change is good. We all need to embrace it and continuously improve our status and life. This is why I have changed from traveling coach to traveling first class and drinking champagne now instead of Fetzers.

Now if I can only find my change in my pocket to pay for all the change:)


daddy, they left to watch the men play at a friends place. Probably crying in their beer about now.


Rich and Daddy, like I said the other day, I wrote. "I'll have mine BLACK", on the side of my cup. Oh the CONVERSATION that followed!!!


Okay, I'm over the shock.

Iggy, Duck Amuck is The Best. You've reminded me that my kids haven't seen it. Thanks!

Danube on iPad

Every day at the Del Mar meeting begins with the founder (Bing) serenading the crowd with

"Where the surf meets the turf down at ol' Del Mar
Take a train, take a plane, take a car...."

The crowd sings along and it's a delight.


sometimes the world is nearly as strange as 'Duck Amok' sometimes even stranger.


Only one Ohio team left in the tournament and that is Xavier
Now I know how the Texans feel


Posted by: daddy | March 22, 2015 at 07:53 PM

One of our cats, Missy, watches TV alot. She seems to like sports with lots of action (affinity for soccer though). The others couldn't care less, typical cats.

Danube on iPad

Fredo the beloved Golden warches TV avidly and intently, but only when dogs are on. It's remarkable to see.



Coach to first class/Fetzer's to champagne is the kind of change I can embrace. Jack Welch declared a few years back that he would only drink good wine for the rest of his life. My dad says that means $100/bottle and up. Nice!


Thanks for the good song stories, Jack and DoT.


does it seem, like they think they had nothing to do with the current circumstances:




Narciso. Yes

Eric in Boise

I wrote. "I'll have mine BLACK", on the side of my cup.

"I like my coffee like I like my ladies."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. Light and sweet."

"Oh. I thought you meant hot and black."

Danube on iPad

The hell with all the crap that surrounds us: here's something that JOMers (of a certain age) can just kick back and relish. I'm seeing Clarice as Rita and myself as Astaire. If it weren't for my foot surgery....





Rita Hayworth had it all, didn't she?

Jack is Back!

CH is sitting in his living room in Cleveland with a craft beer in his hand watching a very compelling Terps v. Mountaineer's game. And the game is just down the road in Columbus. Hell, he might even be there since he has gone silent.

Hello, CH!


Looks like West Virginia against the Captain Hater's is gonna' be a barn burner. 15 - 10 Mountaineers in the first 6 minutes.


how did your uncle end up at LaRosey, Danube?


CH is sitting in his living room in Cleveland...

No, he is sitting in Santa Cruz, CA. He may have a craft beer in his hand, though.

Jack is Back!

When GUS shows up: One of my Flemish nephews just got accepted to Marquette for their master's program in Economics and Finance. In fact, my favorite nephew since he is Mrs. JiB's godson and plays a mean alto sax, speaks 7 languages, is Frederick's guardian among the kids and is an All-Belgian field hockey player. Damn good golfer also.


Posted by: Danube on iPad | March 22, 2015 at 09:07 PM

Great link/video DoT. The wife and I really enjoyed it.

Jack is Back!

Thanks DrJ. Forgot about his traveling out to Santa Cruz. sure hope he has cable to watch his Terps. They are looking good agains the most agressive team in hoops.


CH, if you're reading this, I hope you're digging your visit to banana slug territory, and that Hatette and grandbaby are doing well.

Is there some sort of basketball going on?


hit, my sheaves gathered around yours and bowed down.


a review of the book I've been mentioning, I guess I should get around to Godel, Bach, Escher,


Hey MarkO! This is a family blog.

Jeff Dobbs

Circling back...

Hit and run amok!

Posted by: lyle | March 22, 2015 at 12:32 PM

Oh, that's good!

On the speculation front, TC wondered aloud about TM and Jearlyn Merritt at Talk Left combining efforts.

Memories....light the corners of my mind....

I joined JOM as a commenter in the fall of 2006. So I was still relatively new when I came across Jeralyn posting a comment in early 2007.

And off we went...

Thank you for coming here and being civil.

Really, that's cool.

Civil voices from the left are refreshing like a cool mountain breeze, especially in the fall when the aspens are turning.

Sorry, got carried away.
Posted by: hit and run | February 28, 2007 at 05:12 PM


Hmmmmm. I'm getting a picture here. You. Me. Maybe we can head back on over to your place? A nice quiet corner over on TalkLeft where we can be alone. You TalkLeft, I'll talkright and maybe we can meet in the middle? ::wink, wink::


well unless you...

No really. kidding.

But if you change your....

OK stopping now.

Posted by: hit and run | February 28, 2007 at 08:15 PM


Where is H & R?
Posted by: centralcal | February 28, 2007 at 09:49 PM


Last I saw H&R, he was propositioning Ms. Merritt. Just sayin'...

Posted by: Sue | February 28, 2007 at 09:54 PM


Whoa, Sue, I just saw your comment:

I must have missed that show, what are you referring to?

Posted by: TalkLeft | February 28, 2007 at 11:20 PM


As Emily Litella once said, Never Mind. I saw Sue's H&R comment and mistook it for H&C and for the life of me, as many times as I've appeared on Hannity and Colmes, could not conjure up one time either one of them came close to agreeing with me, let alone propositioning with me.

My bad.

Posted by: TalkLeft | March 01, 2007 at 12:43 AM

So close.

After that I emailed TM for the first time, just to kinda say hi and hope he didn't mind my shenanigans on JOM.

His reply included...

Well - now that you and Jeralyn have discovered something beautiful, I guess you are now "Hit on 'er and Run".

Ba da bump!

Jeralyn and I exchanged emails for a while. She's in Denver, and I used to be. She encouraged me to move back . . . for the craft beer! She was always very sweet.


about Zawahiri's crib again:


Jack is Back!

It's now official. Ferguson is a war zone.

Shot's Fired As #Ferguson Protest Mob Marches in Delmar Loop.


Holder and Obama are so proud of their contributions to racism in America. Starbucks biggest loser.

Jim Miller

It's been one year since the Oso mud slide.

I'm about 80-90 percent certain that the deaths could have been avoided, with a more competent local officials running Snohomish County.

(If you need a review, I just linked to the Wikipedia article.)

Strawman Cometh

Is there some sort of basketball going on?

Says Ms. 0-5 on Thursday

how long since all Triangle (NCS, Duke, unc) made the sweet 16?


Our Springer Spaniels have never noticed the TV, either video or sound, except as a good place to sit near because we humans are fascinated by it. Also, when I turn it off the current resident hound immediately jumps up and howls with pleasure, because that means I'm going to let her out to pee, give her a treat when she comes back in, and then she gets to come upstairs and sleep on her mat on the bedroom floor.


#8 Oregon/#1 Wisconsin is a very tight game.

5 to go, Wisconsin up 3. Oregon keeps catching up but can't take a lead, then swiftly gives it back.

4 mins remaining.


Danube @ 9;07 --WOW!

I must have been just a tad too young to enjoy Rita Hayworth's movies. Thanks for posting this beautiful montage. What a fabulously talented woman --and what a tragedy that she did not know it.



H&R@9:41 what a fun story! Thanks for sharing - really enjoyed it.


All the good people of ferguson should pack up and leave.

Strawman Cometh

Our Cavalier (which were bred from Springers) maintains a strict four legs bad rule on the TV - runs them off the screen.

Jim Miller

daddy - In my experience, most dogs do not watch TV. (On the other hand, gorillas, I've read, like it. If I recall correctly, they are especially fond of pro wrestling.)

Possibly relevant: Some time ago, I saw a video of a frog trying, again and again, to catch a bug displayed on an iPad (iPhone?).

Presumably they would do the same to a bug displayed on a TV.

Frogs pay attention to sights and sounds, most dogs to smells first.


My granddog watches cartoons.

Jack is Back!

Going out to read. Way too much basketball today. \

BTW, Frederick is now playing from the forward trees and shot his handicap today. All net pars and one net birdie. 5300 yards for an 11 year old. Looking to the Masters in 12 years.

Jack is Back!

... forward tees... I am the one playing from the forward trees....




Captain Hate on the iPhone

I'm sitting in Santa Cruz drinking a Lagunitas A Little Sump'n Sump'n Ale and trying to keep it together with Thuggy Bear's Mountainqueers making the Terps play with less poise than should be the case. The winner gets to play Kentucky; welcome to Hell. If it's us we may not get a single rebound.

The meetup with Man Tran and friends went very well. And yes, Clarice, my iPhone mapping software screwed me again.

Man Tran

Great meet up with CH at the Crows Nest in SC. Burned thru 2 hrs just like that (snap). Never even got to any music discussions.

Re Bing, my dad went to dances in Spokane when Bing was a no-name local kid. (Mid-1920s)

Man Tran

Hah! That was close to simultaneous.


Our Diva whom we lost in Jan watched TV. The other two dogs pay it no mind whatsoever. Although if there's a siren, her brother, Biscuit, starts howling which is wont. I keep a tight thumb on the remote.


drinking a Lagunitas

Ah! Petaluma, Sonoma county. Very decent brewery. Many of those were consumed in the last hit meet-up (the Pale Ale, IIRC).

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Yes, Porch, everybody is fine. Hatettes blood pressure is so under she's done with medication.


great news, Captain, about that Godel novel:

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Under control

Man Tran, next time we'll talk music. Go Terps!


2 hours would never be enough for a JOM meetup. 6 minimum for me. Ideally at least a weekend. With lots of alcohol.

Hit, your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to get Jeralyn commenting again.


re the wiki on the Iranian program, the suggestion it was under the previous ayatollah, not Khamenei



like the two peaks of kilimanjaro:


Lagunitas, I have to try that,



Why should anyone listen to ANY advice from THAT guy???

Is he a big expert? Has he lived an honorable successful life?

It is ridiculous how some losers assume their opinions should be amplified. I'd rather get advice & opinions from...well,...just about anybody.


I believe I mentioned during the Westminster this year that our dog loves the TV. The Bichon, not the Yorkie who totally pays it no attention. She has the music to the commercials with animals in them memorized and will come running to bark at all the commercials with animals. I've seriously considered asking Isakson to introduce a bill banning animals in commercials except that is not a conservative response to my problem, but damn it gets annoying.

She also loves cartoons. Particularly the Ice Age cartoons with the squirrel and his acorn. Last night there was a Disney movie marathon on one of the channels and she was fascinated by the lobster in the Little Mermaid. Her attention waned after about 5-10 minutes, though.

BTW, the Atlanta Zoo's gorilla Willie B (may he rest in peace), had a TV installed in his off viewing chambers where he would watch for hours.

Miss Marple

Glad to hear that about your daughter, Captain Hate!


Dave (in MA)
Well, he does have some first-hand experience in the injected substances department.

Posted by: Janet | March 22, 2015 at 10:27 PM

someone ought to ask him about his favorite socialist paradise Venezuela.


great to hear about the meet up ... safe travels CH.


how did the box turn out?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If you want a great and greatly underrated Rita Hayworth flick, try You Were Never Lovelier with Fred Astaire, the hilarious Xavier Cugat and the incomparable Adolph Menjou continually fencing with Astaire.

Superb script, a pretty good Kern and Mercer score and Hayworth and Astaire are great together.

Danube on iPad

Narc, when my grandfather died at age 49, my grandmother remarried the wonderful Naval Aviator George D. Murray. During the 1930s George was Ass't, Naval Aatache at our embassies in London, Paris and Berlin. Her two older boys were adults by then, but the youngest was still school-age, so they parked him at Le Rosey so as to have him nearby.


Senator Cruz's campaign can be followed by texting 'Constitution' to 33733. Senator Cruz was talking about it on Glenn Beck's show. The nice thing is that they do not inundate your phone with useless messages.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Well that was a painful way to end the season. I'll be rooting hard for Kentucky next game.



for a first go not too badly. the lid was misshapen because the dimensions were a mm or so off but its a box. a bit like a kid proud of his first finger painting.


I was mentioning that French novel about Godel, it was a pretty fast read, they didn't quite get incompleteness theory, then again who does,


No Comment



Heh, CH--Download wayz and you'll be better off! XOXO

So glad to hear your daughter is fine.


yes, garmin is dark magic, forged on Mt, Doom!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That link from Belle is interesting.
A bunch of black Marxists patting themselves on the back for "Interrupting white spaces to raise white consciousness and expose internalized racism" which presumably also applies to the table of black people peacefully eating with their white friends.



Tonight around midnight there will be some news you won’t want to miss. Be sure to follow on Twitter (@TedCruz) and stay tuned!

Ted posted this to his FB page.

The black marxists also pulled that stunt in Minnesota and were evidently forced out of the restaurant today.

Funny thing re the Atlanta protest - Decatur is extremely lib. Lots of LGBT live there and SJWs. Home to Agnes Scott College - all female and very SJW. They don't dare wander into Snellville, Lawrenceville, or other not so SJW hangouts on this side of the ATL.


Phil Kerpen ‏@kerpen 9h9 hours ago
The meeting for which Menendez is about to be arrested took place IN HARRY REID'S OFFICE. And Reid took $700K from criminal donor Melgen.

Is this accurate?


the Searchlight Strangler has been taking pelf from all sorts going back to the 70s, re Casino, played by the serious Smothers Brothers, and Abramoff, so it wouldn't surprise me.


Yeah Steph, I was gonna say, why Decatur of all places in Atlanta to stage a protest, Decatur is probably the most integrated inclusive place in the ATL. I am sure blacks and whites there were saying WTF.


It was a safe (cowardly) place to hold that protest. Kinda like how feminists are all up in Christian's faces not so much in Muslims.

Dave (in MA)

Who wants to Smell like a Whopper™?

Danube on iPad

The Dersh talks basics about how foreign policy authority is delegated under the constitution:



BlkLiberationProject ‏@blklibmn 11h11 hours ago
The whole restaurant yelled and swore at us. A man followed us outside to keep yelling asking us if white lives matter too.


BlkLiberationProject ‏@blklibmn 11h11 hours ago
Just left a very hostile moment at Maynard's in Excelsior. Owners physically pushing us and snatching signs. #BlackBrunchMN


Too bad Dershowitz had to taint his otherwise worthy column right from the get go with "Hillary Clinton, whom I admire...." I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and suppose he was just being diplomatic before skewering her.


Around midnight...

Come on Teddy, Come on Teddy, move your bloomin arse.


Yep. It's official Cruz is running.





Taqiyya Ted.


CIA Director John Brennan Appears On Fox News Sunday – And Missing Historical Puzzle Pieces Simultaneously Fall Into Place….

Posted by sundance

Sorry to go so deep on a weekend, but seeing Brennan broadcast in a 22 minute interview is enough to blow the blood pressure cuff:

I have never been more certain of something, yet simultaneously never able to prove it, as I am about two events. The first is that Jack Lew and the White House in 2010/2011 coordinated the DOJ attack, with Eric Holder, against political opposition using the IRS.

The second event is that journalist Michael Hastings was killed by the dispatch of CIA Director John Brennan.



How's the Hillary EMAIL scandal doing?

You think i'm a troll and to a degree I guess you could say that I am a TROLL.....but my greater purpose is to save you from yourselves.

How's Benghazi doing?

What about fastn'furious?

Are you starting to see the myriad of ways you're being manipulated?


All in good time
Benghazi Fast and Furious Hillarys emails will. E revealed and all the players exposed The sadness comes in the realization that these scumbags have assumed power and abused it I am patient and can wait or the truth

BB Key



He is running! Ted Cruz - A Time for Truth



Morning all. Cap'n, great news about the Hatette's BP.


Hell it's been an hour...


Re; TV's and puppies -

Like me, kiwi is only in it for the background noise.


Snow here today. Should I send it your way Jane?


Had a bit of excitement near me last night. Fortunately the perp was moving away from my farm.

Rick Ballard

NYT exposes Red Witch Benghazi communication.

This like reading Pravda, what does

But four senior government officials offered descriptions of some of the key messages, on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to jeopardize their access to secret information.
actually mean? Elected officials or appointed officials?

The presentation of the information selected shows Red Witch's deep concern over how she will be seen without a word concerning the four Americans dead because Hillary Rodham Clinton declined to follow advice regarding security.

This is political death by a thousand cuts. Better put some ice on it, Red Witch.

Jack is Back!


There are Piggly-Wiggly's in Wisconsin? More change.

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