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March 29, 2015


Beasts of England

What I did or who I did?


Followed your instructions and called for a beer! Plus played my bass at 11 per Earth Hour max energy consumption etiquette.

Jim Eagle

Frederick and I made 2' blow guns for his Nerf darts out of 1/2" PVC Pipe, a female screw end adapter and some ducttape to wrap it. He can shoot his Nerf dart over 50 feet. There is a way to make it deadly with special paper darts and nails. But we won't go there,


I did this on short notice, it's interesting the fellow that Drumheller, relied on to assure us, Iraq had no nukes, Naji Sabri, is now teaching in Qatar, and they always have our best interests at heart,

Thomas Collins

I went to a house warming party for a woman less than half my age. Spoke with several women less than half my age at the party. Had some wine with them. Swear to Gaia.

Now for the letdown. Party was thrown by a woman who takes exercise classes with my wife. Wife was with me. Fun party, but sedate (perhaps it heated up after my wife and I left). It was perhaps the first time I have been at a party with all but one person (my wife) half or less than half my age.

Sorry for the anticlimactic ending, H&R. Next time I report on my Saturday night I'll try to do better.

Jeff Dobbs

Did JiB really type the words "female screw" four minutes after Beasts asked "who I did?"

I want the record straight: I did not orchestrate that. That's unadulterated, unedited and unfiltered JOM right there.


they were all modifiers, your favorite, Mrs. Granholm was in fine form, today, btim, 'stark


an illustration:



My niece came to visit with her new dog Stanley. Stanley walked into my house and immediately peed on my Persian rug, then went into the dining room and pooped on the floor. My niece, while picking up the poop, knocked over a large pot of gerber daisies I've been nursing since last summer getting dirt and pieces of clay pot all over the oriental rug.

Then Stanley a schitzu Scottish terrier with the biggest underbite I've ever seen, decided it was his mission in life to hump kiwi. Kiwi defended herself brilliantly.

The mission was to take me out for a late birthday dinner (which we did and was great) but Stanley had to spend the time in his bag, as I feared we would have 2 dead dogs when we got home.

Later when we came home, kiwi peed on the rug, having never ever done that before, but having seen the trend...

I suggested some serious dog training was in order, particularly since Lins got up to walk Stanley at 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM.

Dinner was at Rovezzi's (TC) where we had my favorite carpaccio and a couple of other small plates, accompanied by 2 dirty martini's with the molten chocolate lava for desert.

The end.

Jim Eagle

Looks like it is over for the Zags. Off to read my book. No sense watching a defeat. IMHO whoever wins Wisconsin- Kentuchy wins the whole thing.


Jane, yeah the "dogs" spilled beer, wine, spaghetti etc on my various Persian rugs. That's the ticket. ;)


ah, the 'Spring Surprise'


Thomas Collins

Given Stanley's and your niece's follies, Jane, I'd say only two dirty martinis shows admirable restraint.


don't recall what i did Saturday but vaguely recall posting here very early in the morning ...

of course beasts of course ...


i remember krystal and natalie ...


but i think that was Friday into Saturday morning ...

Marlene on Kindle

Speaking of dogs,our dog has been having sneezing fits since we got back from Florida.Last night I was watching a movie,hubby was sound asleep and the dog was sneezing.Too much excitement.

surbuban gal

Late doing my lurking reading (actually working on Sunday afternoon) but GMax, so nice to have a fellow Spartan cheering them on. What a game.

Thomas Collins

Now, Rich, I am sure you were chairing a seminar at the Mercatus Center discussing Karl Menger's comments on Aristotle in Principles of Economics, and that you led a vigorous panel discussion with audience participation on the impact, vel non, of Aristotle's theory of value on the Austrian Economics School.


well I didn't expect subtlety from the founder of Act Up,


I liked the vampire tale with Hughes and Rasputin,
found it more realistic,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Dear God, wasn't Gore Vidal's "alternative history" noxious enough?


Saturday, I watched the Kentucky-Notre Dame game. One of the best ever. I was warming up for today.

Duke is back in the Final Four after 66-52 win over Gonzaga.

Krzyzewski is going to the Final Four for the 12th time, matching UCLA's John Wooden for the most by a head coach and five more than anyone else.

Come on. Last year they lost to Mighty Mercer.

By the way, during the season, Duke beat ND, Wisconsin, Louisville and Michigan State.


So who plays who next?

Laura White

Was with two grad students at dinner after a tour of the Gardner Museum in Boston, which I'd never seen before--outstanding and genuinely weird. All very decorous--but I LIKE decorous.


Had a neighbor couple over. Crafted a really nice Manhattan, which is the only way I can tolerate the husband of this couple.


lol ... that is exactly it TC. does it help that one of them was a classmate?


I play at 11 all the time. Henry knows that.
Last night I played at 12.


We met in the lobby at 6, in shorts T-shirts and flip-flops, and walked 8 blocks to a favorite Singapore Old Time outdoor restaurant, Wing Seong FATTY's.

Started up Bras Basah, just in front of Raffles, then turned right on Waterloo Street and passed the neat block of exotic eye-catching temples that always fascinate. First the Hindu temple:

Then the China Temple to the Goddess of Mercy:

Then thru a crowded market and on to an outdoor table at FATTY's. where we scarfed a big clay pot tureen of the House Speciality, Curry chicken:

Then we started off talking about who we personally worked with that we think has the potential to be crazy, until the multiple beers and cute waitresses got us jabbering about how much fun it is to get paid to do stuff like sitting outside at FATTY's talking such nonsense.


Wisconsin and Ky

Duke and Michigan State

on the 4th and the final is the following Monday.


shirley he can't be. . .



suburban gal always nice to have a fellow Spartan around Go Green!


fellow Spartan

Bah. Go Blue! (and anonomon agrees!)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Last night? Hmmm, made poke chops, sauteed porcinis and fresh, in season asparagus. Magnifico!

Friday evening went to a wedding of a wonderful young guy who is great pals with my daughter and a good friend of mine too, and a sweet gal from a very nice family who used to go to our church.

The tragic part was the dad of the bride, about my age, died of brain cancer on Tuesday morning. When it came time to give the bride away her oldest brother made it through it somehow after choking up for no small time.

It was at our church where Mrs Iggy's service was a little over a year ago, so it was none too easy watching what the family was going through.

Beautiful wedding though. When you see an assembly of so many amazingly good-hearted, God loving young people you have a little faith restored in America. Not a transgender, genderqueer or hermaphrodite among them, at least no avowed ones.


Like I said, the corn and blew are sitting on their backsides, watching the Spartans play in March. That is the way the world should be...

Miss Marple

I worked last night typing listings and checking in here. Went to bed early due to having stuff to do today.

You can pretty much count on finding me here on a Saturday night, as my social life is nil. Which is fine with me, as I am an apprentice hermit.

Jim Eagle


The new Raffles of the original. When I lived there the old one was the onlyl one. Home of the Singapore Sling which I could never get into but Tiger beer and Bintang were good as long as you had Ouzo or Jenever chasers. I iake it you have been to the various outdoor food courts and sampled the offereings.

Do they still have breakfast at the zoo with the Orangutans?


when you've lost F, Chuck:




the ft not getting it ...



yikes ...



I don't even know if there is an old Raffles anymore. I think the current Raffles is in the same location and it does have "The Long Bar, but it's way overpriced and antiseptic and nothing to write home about, so instead we always trek off to the lower priced old favorites we've come to know well over the years, where usually an old Momma-san recognizes us and tells us to sit down, and then tells us what we're gonna' eat when she walks up and hands us the beer we haven't even ordered yet.

And I'm so lazy I haven't been to the Zoo in ages.

BTW, there is an unbelievable amount of high rise construction going on. My 13th Floor hotel room window overlooks the Raffles complex, which is at most 2 stories high, but within one block of Raffles are 2 huge skyscrapers going up of probably 30 stories each, and just a few blocks further out I can spot 2 more 30 story buildings going up.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Laura - Does the Gardner Museum make any information available to visitors regarding the 1990 robbery there?

It is the largest unsolved art theft in history, involving three Rembrandts, a Vermeer, a Degas and a Manet, valued at perhaps $500 million in today's market.

Interesting NYT update piece from 2013 in LUN.

James D.

Let's see...last night...went through 3 years worth of unopened mail that my mom had hidden in the closet. Including takeout menus, flyers, credit card offers, birthday cards, you name it.

Then leftover pizza for dinner, and "the Prisoner of Zenda" on TCM.

Ah, the glamorous life of an author!


iowahawk: US peace partners Egypt & Saudi Arabia ready to invade US peace partner Yemen to fight US peace partner Iran

think we are doing something wrong?

Miss Marple


I read the first part of that as "Egypt & Saudi Arabia ready to invade US."

And I thought "Oh, why the hell not?"


US peace partners Egypt & Saudi Arabia ready to invade US peace partner Yemen to fight US peace partner Iran


Could you Venn Diagram that for me please? My head hurts.

The enemy of my enemy is...
The friend of my enemy is...
The enemy of my friend is...
The friend of my friend is...

Perhaps we should simply coin a new term, "Frenemy" and call it a day.


think they are all enemies daddy ... and same here MM. had to look at it twice.

Eric in Boise

I'll see your unopened mail glamor and raise you yard work, JamesD.

Perfect weather and daylight till after 8 enabled us to get all of the trees thinned out, and I repaired several gates on our pool deck.

European paper wasps are looking to be a real problem this year with the mild winter we had, and the wasp traps they sell in the stores are for yellow jackets. We found a short video on YouTube from the Utah State Extension that tells you how to build paper wasp traps using a soda bottle, fruit juice, and yeast. I just put a couple out and will report back.

At least I was at home and with my family, so there's that.


reposted from the previous thread:

So this idiot, getting paid by our tax dollars, tweeted thusly:

Sounds rather threatening from a government employee, no? Apparently she then (a) removed from her Twitter bio the fact that she works for the Department of Labor; and (b) deleted the tweet. Too late. We'll see what happens.

Jane on Ipad

Daddy wins - although we have not yet heard from Dot.


venn diagram 0

best i can do


it is a tricky wicket, Yemen was our ally kind of, but they also cultivated the Salafi djinn, under Saleh, that was how we came to see the USS Cole bombed, the country is predominantly Shafii (Sunni
of various types) and it became more so after unification, so this isn't like Iraq or Lebanon, in fact it's the converse, it's more like Pakistan,

Captain Hate on the iPad

It's pretty bad when Neera Tanden has a rougher time with F Chuck, the intern killer and K-Pork than on Rove News Sunday.


some of that I got from here, and other sources:


Miss Marple


Dr Weevil

If it's any comfort, peeing on the rug, pooping on the floor, and sexually assaulting another dog (Kiwi is a dog, right?) are not the worst things ever done by a Stanley: a woman named Stanley gave birth to our president.


she'll get a promotion and bonus jimmyk. didn't run into her at the Mercatus Center yesterday?


Dr Weevil thread winner.


so, it's always been fracked up, my first awareness of the place, was in a B rated flick with Rutger Hauer and Gene Simmons, interestingly it was the first such film, cair protested,



it depends where you start the clock, Tikrit for example, wasn't particularly Sunni for quite a while,

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy wins

To paraphrase the guy who wrote this post, "I'm not sure I believe you."

Jane on Ipad

Dr. Weevil,

I'm still laughing.


announced by the "pantomine horse'


Dr Weevil

Thanks, rich@gmu and Jane. I still like to think that if Obama faked his birth certificate, it was because his real name is Stanley Anne Dunham, Jr. (How could a girl get payback for her parents naming her Stanley? By naming her son (Stanley) Anne!)

Frau Verboten

Pick the winner!

"Why the long face" knows the Peace Prize will remain out of his reach.

Frau Schlaf lecker


Jeff Dobbs



eerily, the whole shindig reminds me of Battlestar Galactica's opening, both the classic and the revisionist opening, the latter, made the point clearer with Callis as the arrogant aristocrat,
(Lurch's self image) who leads the colonists to ruin,

Jeff Dobbs

Buenas nacogdoches


in the original, they had this fellow, playing the traitor Baltar, he had played a Klingon, so as with Henry Silva, he was an obvious villain,


Bearded Spock episode:



the most interesting take, on the Mirror Universe, was the short lived (well as long as the original) series Enterprise, that had a whole different entry and theme, for their two parter, with Cochrane's ship, turning into a war ship,

Captain Haiku

Horseface combs his hair
Adds some ketchup to his meal
Mullahs wink and smile


North and South Yemen were at it for decades until they united @ 20 years or so ago. No love lost and sort of a shotgun marriage. The Brits had their hands full with communists and tribesmen back in the 50's and 60's. The only value was that Aden was strategically placed as a coaling station. The SAS was very active and a lot of Biggles like stories.

We had our first soiree' last night. @ 12 people over and they were shocked that places like this exist in So Cal Central.

Some of our neighbors made national news. They were riding their Icelandic horses in the regional park down at the end of the road and were viciously attacked by a dog.

The horses will be okay, but one of them tried to stomp the dog, which had gotten loose from a campsite. Two of the riders were injured.

So no announcement yet from the turds in Geneva?


this is where I get the shock collars from:



better than much of the rest of the series,


Danube on iPad

UK Telegraph:

"Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are 'morally irrelevant' and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued."

If you don't think we are on a high-speed down-bound train you are nuts.

Danube on iPad

Wooden won ten of his twelve. How's K doin'?


Gus - do you have a way to connect with walker's people? I have an idea I'd like to pass on to them that I think would help his candidacy.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

John Wooden ran a program that made Tark look pristine.

Danube on iPad

Wooden's offenses?

Danube on iPad

Arrived at the town of Cochem on the Moselle. Gonna stroll through town, visit a 1,00-year-old castle, drink some wine and snooze.

Dave (in MA)

People should be allowed to have Oxford University "medical ethicists" killed because they are "morally irrelevant" and ending their lives is no different to wiping ones ass.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Google Sam Gilbert.

Danube on iPad

No one ever linked Gilbert to Wooden. Sanctions imposed on UCLA for Gilbert's activities were all for post-Wooden offenses.


Pretty much what I thought too about Peggy's Saturday column


Veep to Walker?

Cruz reminds me of an A-10, he's got titanium in his ass.

Obama's spine is bifidic, or is that perfidic.

Walker has it in his spine.

Miss Marple

Morning, all.

Looks like we are finally going to get into the 50's today.

Miss Marple

Well, national news is swarming all over the state capitol this morning in Indianapolis.

This is just nuts.

Cecil Turner

Walker's more qualified, Cruz is a genius. I'd be happy to have either.

" ending their lives is no different to abortion"

Actually a pretty good argument . . . for outlawing abortion.


Laura-the Gardner Museum has always been on my To Do list and I had already checked to see if it was open on Easter Sunday.

Unfortunately I got an email reminding me of the reservations that included the weekend weather. Probably just as well it will be brisk for a southern girl since that is nowhere to live if you crave lots of opportunities to wear shorts. Might as well recognize that now.

Danube on iPad

Nice little primer on how tough it is for a congressional committee to get anywhere with an investigation, and on how this brazen harridan has gotten away with it again:




Today being a day that ends in Y.


Love the Gardner. Fortunate to have gone pre-heist. The history of the building itself is fascinating.


We gave them this one.


Miss Marple


Interesting account, with pictures.


MissM-- I enjoyed that article. I probably have more respect for the Iranian in the street than the NYT types on the tour.


Walker's more qualified, Cruz is a genius. I'd be happy to have either.

I want both.

Miss Marple


That was my thought, exactly.


jimmyk's 9:05 post is something when you think of all the nonsense that has been amplified in the MFM over the years.

Carrie Prejean had to be destroyed in 2009 for this statement - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcQf1WQ3SvY

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