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March 29, 2015



the Mottaghi story was spiked, wonder why:



it's just a flesh wound:



removing all doubt yet again:



Special. Report covering Indiana Clinton did a. Law twenty years ago and not a sound

Texas Liberty Gal

I think more ire should be focused on the idiot Mayor of Indianapolis!!!!


Oh, dear lord. David Kendall...again?!? This is like a bad dream.


Lyle Kendall looks the same as he did twenty years ago when he was saving Billy boys arse


we have always been at war with East Asia, lyle,
hence the victorious Malabar front,


From a pure retainer income standpoint, what attorney wouldn't want to be Clinton counsel. Evergreen, baby.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Kendall is like Robert Duvall's role in The Godfather minus being a likeable human being.

Jim Miller

Coach Wooden vs. Coach K.: Basketball experts may want to correct on this, but I believe that Wooden was able to "stockpile" players with scholarships in a way that is no longer possible.

As I recall, that enabled Wooden, after he became famous, to have three centers who made the NBA -- at the same time.

What that would mean is that it is not entirely fair to compare his record to the records of coaches who were constrained by the limits on scholarships.

(According to everything I've read Wooden was not just a good coach, but a good man.)


just add your own comment:



well he's kind of 'weaned on a pickle' but isn't as oily as say Lanny Davis, not to mention, Julian Epstein,


narciso, my impression was the left was scolding the entire nation about being obese and drunk -- is Obama reversing that?


I would have thought there would be some reaction, to my Trek related links,


I would be hypocritical, if I didn't point he was behind the Cuban Adjustment Act, but also the HMO bill, so checkmate,


narc, if you are referring to me, I have seen all of these episodes so many times that I didn't think a comment was necessary!


fair point, I was referring to other feedback,

facepalm with an Olde One, I know my alma mater wasn't Hillsdale or any such thing, the founder of CAIR once visited there, on a transition from Hamas,



Still no sentence diagramers on Team Taqiyya Ted.


Narciso I am probably the only person in the world who has not seen aTrek episode

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


All cars would come with a built in aqualung and removable rear window?



Jacobson takes a beating.


I'm sure the leg reacted to the cake baking diktat in Colorado, the flying monkeys as with 'Stand your Ground' or any of the other laws, 'removed all doubt'


Guy on Greta says no deal on Iran. Another extension in his opinion as Shiff. said the same thing yesterday


maybe you should find out the farsi word:



it's always something,


OT, Dan Simmons has an interesting take on the Holmes tale, he skewers the flaws in the story, in a tale, where Holmes tells Henry James, he is a figment, however Moriarty is real,


is it just me, or are politicians in the 'show me' state,' turning out a little too brittle


Can someone tell me what the attraction is to Islam? I'd bet Obama has more Muslims working for him than any other religion, along with a bunch of atheists.

Of course I'm not sure anyone could explain the attraction to Christianity or Judaism so it's probably a dumb question.

Jack is Back!

Catching up. Notice that there was a brisk discussion on OL's babysitting sojourn and the "character" of toddlers. Here is a different perspective: You don't have to show them where the pots and pans or the drum set are. Its worse:)



yikes, I'm betting it's a cyborg killing machine,



I just used Hit s 'last page' link it was a big help on IPhone . Thanks Hit.
New Musk toy? Segway Mark 2?


Stanley Tucci's role in the last Transformers offering, yikes, reminded me, also it is said Favreau modeled Tony Stark in part on Musk,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The ewok and the Powerline guys are just a wee bit skeptical of that steaming pile the Searchlight Strangler told the clueless MFM dumbasses about an exercise band tuning the old perv up.


Jane --

A long and nuanced answer is required to your question about Islam. But the short version is that at the time of its origination is was a major theological advancement of monotheism over the indifferent and sketchy tribal local gods. It was far more systematic and coherent. It also featured a God who spoke to the people - through intermediaries of course - in a beautifully lyric Arabic.

It was successful in the early days in winning converts and winning wars. The military success of the early adherents were astounding, reinforcing the notion that God was with them.

And like all religions if they survive it became venerated because it was ancient and believed by so many for so long.

Much much more needs to be said to fully address your question, but I think that is the essence.


yes, I noticed that, now since Tony Spilotro has been Norwegian Blue for some time now, I would suspect the Bratva,

Rick Ballard

"it's probably a dumb question."


It's a very reasonable question but I don't believe there is any consensus upon what a correct answer would be. I've always believed that the concept[s] of qadar/taqdeer (predestination) have great appeal to many as a fantastic explanation for failure. For me, Islam is of the same order as the progressive fascist fantasy of a predetermined destination for mankind.

Fatalism has always been attractive and inshallah certainly relieves a person from a certain level of responsibility. How can one be responsible when fate dictates the outcome?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm sure the leg reacted to the cake baking diktat in Colorado, the flying monkeys as with 'Stand your Ground' or any of the other laws, 'removed all doubt'--

OK, that one pegged my "what the hell?" meter.


'death panels,' she said, 'thanks a bunch, Dr, Evil,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Of course I'm not sure anyone could explain the attraction to Christianity or Judaism so it's probably a dumb question.--

God is love. What's not to like?


ABCWASHPOST POLL: Clear majority of Americans support deal...



>>>Republicans are about evenly divided on an Iran deal, with 47 percent in support and 43 percent opposed.<<<


the Indiana law, reacted to that 'unforeseen instance' with some delay, the Journolist went to their typewriters with their drafts of hamlet, regardless of the actual law's provisions,


FWIW I disagree with Rick Ballard. I do not think that is what Islam is about at all.

I think that Islam is pretty simple in the basics. It is how most people thought of religion in the second grade: There is one God. You should pray to him because he can reward or punish. You should do good things and not do bad things, because after you die He will judge you and either sent you to everlasting torment or everlasting bliss. Above all, you must believe in Him.

That is pretty much it. Allah is the Old Testament God for all or at least for Arabs. He is the Christian God without the complications of the Trinity. There is but one God and he is Allah......


that's not what the deal is about, but sure Zaphod, go ahead, but as Bradley Cooper's conman says in American Hustle, 'really that's the story you're
going with'


this is not long after, he beats the carp out of Louis CK, who plays his FBI supervisor,

Miss Marple

The legislature announced later today (I think it was in the afternoon) that they are going to pass a clarification. Speaker Bosma pointedly said that the interpretations by opponents AND supporters is not helpful (Eric Miller being the operative person here).

Meanwhile, on evening radio a GOP guy in the party said that this type of stuff always backfires, because certain segments of our party cannot leave well enough alone (the same sex marriage law was his example, in which we had a law but they pushed for a constitutional amendment, which got all sorts of people up in arms and we lost that and now we have gay marriage).

I am REPORTING what has happened. This is not my opinion, but what I heard.

I hope this calms down, but I think that the Left has the bit in their teeth and are going to pound this for quite a while. My fear is that it will cause problems nationally in 2016.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--He is the Christian God without the complications of the Trinity.--

It is a concept of god that features neither grace nor sacrificial love and so, IMO, in no way bears any relationship to the actual living God.


Bret Stephens on the coming bad deal with Iran:


It is sobering to see all of it in one place, albeit in abbreviated form.

Rick Ballard

"You should do good things and not do bad things, because after you die He will judge you and either sent you to everlasting torment or everlasting bliss."

Belief in al-Qadar is based on four things

1. Al-'Alam – Knowledge: i.e., that Allah knows what His creation will do, by virtue of His eternal knowledge, including their choices that will take place.

2. Kitabat – Writing: i.e., that Allah has written every thing that exists including the destiny of all creatures in al-Lauh al-Mahfuz prior to creation.

3. Mashii'at – Will: i.e., that what Allah wills happens and what He does not will does not happen. There is no movement in the heavens or on earth but happens by His will. This does not mean that He forces things to happen the way they happen in the area of human beings' voluntary actions. It means that He knew what they will chose, wrote it and now lets it happen,

4. Al-Khalaq – Creation and formation: i.e., that Allah is the Creator of all things, including the actions of His servants. They do their actions in a real sense, and Allah is the Creator of them and of their actions.

Or you can do whatever the hell you want in the full faith that it's Allah's will and he's written it down and condemned or rewarded you - cuz you never, ever had a choice.


well they won't defend the law, they pushed for, and actually further the 'narrative' heck of a job,


was the fellow connected to Dick Lugar,



With arrival on Kenai Peninsula, cluster flies make first Alaska appearance



Ignatz --

I was describing God as the Muslims see Him. For better or for worse, they could not understand the notion of a divine "Son" of God who could die, much less be killed. To them, that could not work. If Jesus was divine he could not die. (And just exactly how did Jesus die? Is he not still with God? What sacrifice did God make exactly?)

The Holy Ghost is even more of an abstraction that Islam concluded could be done without. One God, indivisible, all powerful, eternal. Simple.

Your taste in God may be different, but they see Allah as forgiving of many things and, by their lights full of grace. As long as you believe at any rate.


yes, there's a passage, Surah 140, I think, that states that Jesus didn't die on the cross, but was substituted for someone else,


Sorry for the long excerpt, but the pending legal case with the NRLB, franchise law and the unions is important (WSJ):

As legal proceedings got under way in a labor dispute that could upend the relationship between big retailers and their franchisees, an attorney for McDonald’s Corp. told a federal administrative judge the company is the victim of a union-orchestrated attack on its brand.

At issue in the hearings that began Monday is whether companies like McDonald’s share responsibility for the actions of their franchisees, particularly regarding complaints about low wages paid to fast-food workers.

The National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel, an Obama administration appointed lawyer with wide authority to prosecute unfair labor practices, determined in July that in the case of McDonald’s, the answer is yes. He later issued complaints alleging the fast-food company and several franchisees violated the rights of restaurant workers who participated in activities to improve their wages and working conditions.

The moves were the latest in a fraught relationship between U.S. firms and the labor board, and they came as pressure is building to give low-wage workers raises.

Depending on how the case plays out, the dispute could make it easier for labor unions to organize fast-food workers, negotiate wages and expose franchisers in a range of industries—including auto parts and tax preparation—to greater liability in labor matters.



You are overthinking this. I agree with you that there is a logic to your interpretation. But that is not how Muslims see Islam. They do believe that God is all powerful and can make anything happen or not happen. They do not for the most part believe that they lack responsibility for their actions. They very much believe that they can influence outcomes by prayer and by what they do.

Jim Miller

Jane - Two thoughts in very partial answer to your question:

(Neither original.)

First, people belong to "tribes" as naturally as dogs belong to packs. Islam creates a kind of "super tribe", with the usual different rules for those in the tribe, and those outside of it. If you already think tribally, as so many people do, Islam is a relatively easy next step.

Second, in the West, Islam is especially attractive to criminals. (As far as I can tell, in the United States, criminals tend to join Islam in prison; in Europe, they are more likely to do it the other way round.)

If you think of that from a "tribal" point of view, this connection between crime and Islam makes sense; most tribes believe that those outside the tribe can be treated as prey.

Dave (in MA)

Not at all surprised that The Tampon of Wales is a hypocrite.


I'm guessing Mark Begich is a member of the same Tribe as Elizabeth Warren:

Begich signs on as consultant for law firm focused on Native American issues

The Northern Compass Group, the consulting company Begich created after losing his re-election bid to Republican Dan Sullivan last fall...

...as a senator and Anchorage mayor I did a lot of work with tribes,” Begich said.

Begich would not say what’s he’s being paid for his services.

“I do know, but I’m a private sector person now. Great that you asked, but I don’t have to tell you,” he said.


Narc --

Correct, but they do believe that Jesus died, just not killed. Their view is that he was not divine but human but inspired by God. His death was inevitable as for all humans. But they spared him the shame of execution.

Mohammed really did not understand Christianity. He understood Judism much better.


The ABC/WaPo polls is preposterous. Such a deal as the pollsters asked is nowhere in sight. Might as well ask if people would like free Yachts.


Narciso I am probably the only person in the world who has not seen aTrek episode

I've only seen one.

Beasts of England

I don't believe that the law is unique, per se, Miss Marple, but the timing is right to make it the next big thing for the social justice warthogs. The coordinated news reports - even in the sports pages - reveal this to be another wedge issue.

I agree with your instincts, as usual. They'll ramp this up to 11 and - even with gay marriage on the back burner for the rep candidates, so far - use it as a cudgel to roust the SJW whackos for 2016. Ugh.


even the sports pages, where nazguls like Lupica and Keefums are hatched,

maybe somebody in the Indiana Legislature, should have said, no we're not changing the law, there's nothing wrong with it, and your complaints show ignorance and malice,

Jane on Ipad

Theo, Rick, Jim,

That's a lot to think about, and I truly appreciate your posts. As with most religious things there is something I am missing.

Miss Marple


This is from the Speaker of the Indiana House.


about where I figured the law came from, of course, the backpedaling sort of undercuts that defense,

Rick Ballard


I was working from "attracted" in Jane's question. I certainly don't disagree that the vast majority of those born and raised as Mahometans never give any more thought to the articles of their faith than do Episcopalians do to the XXIX Article of their Faith.

Fatalism is rather attractive to those who want no part in taking personal responsibility for their decisions. It would be interesting to see an investigation of Jim Miller's point regarding prison conversion wrt to the type of appeal generated by the prison imams.


Jane --

I doubt that you are missing anything. None of these religions can withstand moderate logical scrutiny. People believe because they want to believe in something. It's called "faith" for a reason.

The appeal of Islam is its simplicity. Does not make it true.


DrJ @9:36, that franchise thing was in the news a couple of months ago. IIRC it was a decision by one NLRB or DoL lawyer to interpret the law that way, which was going to lead to a more definitive ruling down the road. There was a sense at the time that it wouldn't survive, but who knows? Everything is going to hell, so why not this too?


there was an interesting example with that Dane that infiltrated AQAP, he was a low level stick up artist, who read a few passages in the Koran, and was converted, one day he missed his flight, came across some other texts, and was as quickly reverted back to his previous state,


Beasts may have come up with a most favorite phrase--social justice warthogs.

Captain Haiku

I just used Hit s 'last page' link it was a big help on IPhone

Hit and run's last page
Link wipes out botheration
Thank you very much


It's truly awesome seeing Christians in Indiana tripping up over themselves like confused cattle as they're rounded up by the Business/gay community toward inevitable slaughter.

The Gay lifestyle has now become more popular and predominant than the Christian lifestyle.With our friends in the business and entertainment industry we have been able to outlaw a lot of Christian practices.

We now need to go after the ten commandments.......is it constitutional for a church to tell people what they can and can't do?

Hollow out the institution and it will fall in a matter of years.


Rick --

I was addressing the original appeal. As you suggest, once a religion gets established it is largely just accepted by those born and raised in it.

I suspect that the appeal to people like Elijah Mohammed and Malcolm X was that it was outside the mainstream of America but easier than starting a new religion from scratch. Criminals may feel the same way. It's a way to reject American values but be spiritual. But not the issue I addressed.

Again I respectfully dissent from your view that predestination is a big part of the attraction. It is in fact not openly part of the religion.


more like nazguls or strigoi,


this is the carptacular question, that gives the expected result:


Nerō Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

you tell 'um dublindave. those bastards set fire to Rome and if only I had more lions I could have spared everyone the last oh ... 2000 years of history.

Dave (in MA)


I voted for one entry, and contributed a different one.

Beasts of England

Kinda fits, rse!! :)

Nerō Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

wish I had a few to burn to light up my dark chamber this evening and to keep me warm.

Beasts of England

Everybody knows that the Roman Christians burned 20% longer, so it just made sense...



These incredibly strong soldiers that Obama wants to take a 20 percent Pay Cut:

Obama supports reduction in military retirement pay

President Obama said Monday he supports the recommendations of a military commission that would reduce the size of traditional military retirement pay by about 20 percent...

Why not propose something similar for all Federal Employees instead of just the Military?



What you say is right, but the court cases are hitting:

Monday’s proceeding in Manhattan was the first of several consolidated hearings to address the general counsel’s legal contention. Others are scheduled in Chicago and Los Angeles. Judge Lauren Esposito, a former NLRB field attorney and labor-union lawyer, is presiding over all of them.

If these stick, franchises will be worth a lot less.


heck of a job,


Miss Marple

The entire front page of the Indianapolis Star tomorrow:

So now, they are demanding protections for gays.

I have had it. I am going to bed.


Jim Miller

Front page news in the WSJ today: A new bank has opened.

It's the first new bank in the US since the passage of Dodd-Frank in 2010.

Before Dodd-Frank, we averaged about 100 new banks a year.

I have a feeling that the Dodd-Frank "reform" was not a complete success.

(Interestingly enough, the new bank is in Amish counry, specifically, Bird-in-hand, PA.)


wow, they went full 'kirk lazarus' forget about what the law is, it's what we think it is,



The Obama regime (IMO) intends to unionize everything in America.


IMO what they are during is criminal.


shirley he can't be serious:



maybe he sees himself as a czar, certainly an oprichnik



"Why not propose something similar for all Federal Employees instead of just the Military?"

I'm surprised they want to give the military any, the way John Kerry feels about the US military.


Jane on Ipad


I bet you contributed Dukakis.


ah, so this is the reason:


Dave (in MA)

Jane: That was the one I voted for. I did the other uh, vintage one.


The entrenched interests are becoming ever more entrenched with the wave of laws and regulations the Left and their RINO allies have enacted. If they fail, bail 'em out. Screw Main Street.

And while the criminal in the White House is handing over the keys to the car to Cuba, Palestine and the Iranians the Middle east is burning. And we want to end the embargoes now? Are we frigging insane?

And the media is in a storm over a law that allows Christian bakers not to have to tacitly endorse gay marriage by refusing business in the own establishment. Remember the signs that say "We retain the right to refuse service to anyone"?

Our latest fighter plane is a complete disaster. Our government officials are giving the finger to the citizenry at the IRS and by using private e mail to communicate public business and some asshole in today's Wapo tells us we should be more like Singapore. LUN to the idiot at the Post.

I do believe we are reaching a schwerpunkt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Your taste in God may be different, but they see Allah as forgiving of many things and, by their lights full of grace. As long as you believe at any rate.--

Mercy is not receiving what you deserve.
Grace is receiving what you don't deserve.

Muslims attribute mercy to allah in that if they perform enough good works they can receive his mercy.
If they do not perfrom enough good works they do not earn their way to paradise and they do not receive what they don't deserve.

The concept of grace is foreign to and outside islam and is central and indispensable to Christianity; its very essence.



I saw that (on the first bank opening). Dodd-Frank is such a success.

Dave (in MA)


The overnight tryst began in Baltimore, with three men, two dressed as women.



a fair bit of alcohol, was involved in that caper,

interesting in the annals of crimethink, the media stenographer, who was fired from the Latino cheering section for all too frank opinions, stated somewhere, that he had received friction from the station, and hence his act was pretext, not rationale for the firing,



Like your conservative websites/media? Good luck in the future. You will be assimilated.

Posted by: lyle

Happen to be in Guangzhou China today and the Internet is a bad as I can recall. No Google, and unable to access Google HongKong. My mini air-porter I plug in does not work here, so it is simply the hotel feed. About 30 percent of the links I click on will not open, saying something like the Server cannot open the story. I can view Insty and Drudge, but it takes minutes just to get the home page to load, and JOM takes about 2 to 3 minutes for any page to adequately load and give me a box at the bottom of the page for commenting. Intermittently service completely quits, and then I have to restart to try to get any service at all.

I do hope such miserable service is not what is in our future.

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