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March 31, 2015



I won't say it.

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze



It's maguires entries that most need the last page link so thanks for the gentle nudges.


Careful Sandy, Mumia said "it"-- now in intensive care.


ON MM's comment at the end of the last thread on retribution, that comes out crystal clear at some of the programs I go to like the rollout of the equity atlas that metro areas are being pushed to create.

Likewise the Ga Bar Pres who is also GC of the ATL Beltline Project, just instinctively said yesterday as she was doing an intro involving the Magna Carta "about the current form of democracy we are living under."

Only with full socialism and collectivism can the taint of slavery be erased. I read the Soros funded Constitution in 2020 that Sunstein, Holder, and Janet REno are all involved in. The idea now that individualism is not longer valid because it is an obstacle to Equity and economic justice is rife in the c;ass that lives off of taxes, foundation grants, and campus endowments.


Our new economic vision. http://www.iedcevents.org/FederalForum/index.html

Interacting with federal agencies to get grants for state economic development and then insisting that the state is growing its economy by transfers from the federal spigot.

Jeff Dobbs



Happy B-Day MEL!

Miss Marple


This is so true. I have two relatives who work in the museum/foundation field, and they just do not get that without production of goods and services, the money that is their major source of funding is going to dry up.

They also appreciate the individualism and edginess of the arts scene, but woe betide anyone who would paint a traditionally religious picture.

I roll my eyes a lot at family gatherings.

At the Jump ( G.B. Shark)

So, where's Tom? Land of No IPs extended sabbatical or did the autonomous school of derrick sea drones finally catch him wading in Florida?

Jeff Dobbs

So, where's Tom? Land of No IPs extended sabbatical or did the autonomous school of derrick sea drones finally catch him wading in Florida?

My sneaky little asterisk in the "Guest post" brackets at the top of the post takes you to the not terribly informative backstory.


so all the usual suspects, 'removed all doubt' re Indiana,


this fellow has some of the better takes on the real issue of concern, of course none of Rove's News Sunday, have evinced having read him,


http://www.nado.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/WPC2015-FINAL-PROGRAM.pdf illustrates GOPe at its most informative.

The Regional Development Authorities depend on the federal budget and the Republicans representing these states and rural areas know there is no real economy absent federal transfers.

That would be the calendar of the current House Majority Leader on smoothing access to the trough and recognizing a Republican legislator from Alabama.



Not much of a gotcha. She was talking about two phones. (Who doesn't use a phone and a laptop, desktop or tablet?)


because 'narrative'


that op ed, by Nawaf Obaid, suggests how Islamic State and Nusra came about, that other piece by Evans Pritchard, in the Telegraph, points out the greater problem of the Yemen brouhaha,


What's so terribly awesome about Indiana's "RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE" law is that we've actually got ALL of the top GOP Presidential candidates on record saying that they support said law.So,when Mike Pence announces a change to the "RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE" law(he's expected to do so in 10 minutes)it's going to leave all the GOP hopefuls super-duper vulnerable.

CNN:This is a question for all the GOP Presidential candidates standing here before us tonight;you've all lent your support to Indiana's RFRA in it's original discriminatory form-even though Gov Pence has since changed said law because of it's bigoted nature.Would you STILL support same law as it was originally drafted if it was passed in another state...Gov Bush you first?




Happy Birthday Mel!

Old Lurker

Yay Mel!


DublinDave is always at the forefront on gay issues.


they pay for engaging in this much category error:



Happy Birthday Mel.
Also thinking of Frau this morning.


happy birthday, Mel,

there's a long drawn out piece about searching for 'the pony' in Lausanne, but seriously,


"DublinDave is always at the forefront on gay issues"

I'm not a homosexual, but I do enjoy sodomizing men from time to time.Self-identity is extremely important to human beings and I find that I travel better as a straight man who likes to fuck men sometimes. I enjoy women more,though.

I myself don't like to be entered(or mounted).I tried it once and I found it really humiliating and extremely pain full.

Any man who hasn't had sex with another man has not truly explored his sexuality.That goes for women too......even if it disgusts you, you need to know how freakish you can be and still live with yourself.



I would have said : rear.

Thomas Collins

Here's my theory on TM and H&R: TM really does have "things" going on that militate against regular thread starting. H&R really did reach out to TM and offer to take over thread starting duties for awhile. But I think H&R is leaving out a part of the story. I think TM and H&R have agreed that if matters go well under H&R's "temporary" stewardship of JustOneMinute, H&R will continue on as a thread starter even after TM's "things" have quieted down. We may even be treated to a guessing game in which we are challenged to figure out whether it is TM or H&R who is starting a thread. H&R may even obtain a NY Times subscription so that we couldn't assume that a NY Times article thread starter was a TM production.

Whatever the full backstory is, I am grateful that H&R, in a "backup quarterback" role, operates at the Montana/Brady/Manning level of thread starting.


Happy birthday to our lurker in Illinois and many more.
I'd be willing to bet a small amount that this is true for Indianan also.

That 20 % cut that Obama is hoping to implement on military retirement pay is an insult to every person who serves faithfully in a US military uniform, IMO. It is being framed as a better plan because the person who quits before 20 is supposed to get some thing. IMO, there are 2 completely separate issues. The guy who serves the 20 years is supposed to give up part of their retirement pay to fund the person who quits after 4/8/12/16 yrs; This is insane.


It is just more "hate the US military" BS.

I"d be willing to bet that if a $10,000 prize was offered, Americans could come up with much better ways to cut costs.


I assume they are trying to cry 'hypocrisy' with this'



What disgusts me most is the semantic gymnastics the left has gone through in their murderous agenda.

Marriage Inequality, Compassion & Choices (physician assisted suicide), Our Bodies, Our Selves. It's all semantic bullshit that argues for ultimate human autonomy without responsibility or boundaries.

What becomes legal becomes socially acceptable becomes moral.

But our laws state that our freedom stops where anothers onerous burden begins. Slouching towards Gomorrah.


I hope I'm not the only person who has been upset by the lack of coverage about the Tsarnaev trial. Boston media has been reporting the daily details,but the national media? The prosecution rested yesterday as the medical examiner described the autopsy of the 8 year old boy (Martin Richards) who was killed in the bombing. Jurors were brought to tears by the testimony. If you conducted a man on the street interview and asked who was Martin Richards, how many people would know?
Sorry about the rant.

Rick Ballard

Carson, Perry, Bush, Walker, Jindal and Rubio have all expressed support for protecting religious freedom in accordance with the Indiana law.

Telling Bathhouse Billionaires to pound sand doesn't appear to be quite as dangerous as the initial wailing and gnashing of teeth seemed to indicate.
If it were, the pols wouldn't be lining up in support.

I'm scoring this as a plus for Pence in generating name recognition.

Captain Haiku

Our good friend Duda
Reveals he prefers to pitch
Way too much info


there is too much, about what the T-Dawgs reveal, on a whole host of issues, better the journolists chase squirrel! like those found in Indianopolis,


Happy Birthday, Mel.


he deliberately placed a bomb, where an innocent eight year old, would be, I think the debate would be about the length of the rope, with this punk,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If the left is squealing like a pig, they're losing; if they're contentedly wallowing in their own filth, they're winning.


Going to owe a bunch of tax money to the Feds,
Join the Obama Admin and save millions.


"The special certificates permitted Slavitt to sell 23,711 shares of United Health Group stock and avoid capital gains taxes on the transaction [...on July 9th,] Slavitt pocketed $1.9 million in tax-free income."

"That same day, OGE permitted him to sell 11,670 additional shares in the Swiss private equity firm of Partners Group Private Equity, which, according to an Office of Government Ethics official, included underlying health-care investments.'

'The Swiss per share market price for the stock on July 9 was $249. Slavitt was able to cash in the stock for $2.9 million in tax-free income."

"The CD does not eliminate the capital gains tax; it simply defers payment of the tax to some future date."

In reading the applicable statute and regulatory guidance, I could find no timeline for repayment of capital gains taxes."

Government officials get paid to write garbage
that has no time limits for repayment?

Frau Kuck-Äuglein

Just time to wish Mel/Melinda, our own Romanov royalty, a very happy birthday.

CH - trolls can pitch all they want to somewhere else;

Bye. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm looking forward to my procedure.

Rick Ballard


I'll be praying for an uneventfully successful outcome.

Happy Birthday Chicago friend!


Happy Birthday, Mel! Lots of love to you!!

Wonderful comment at 10:16, Marlene.

Then this -


A friend on FB wrote - "Funny. You know, if they really believed that people should be able to be forced to do something that was contrary to their beliefs, that band should be FORCED to do the concert."


"Our good friend Duda
Reveals he prefers to pitch
Way too much info"

Too much info or the info is too difficult to process?

It's hard,brother,I'll admit it. The power of self-concept is not a thing that you wilfully underestimate. Most people here thrive on the fact that they're financially successful,they like to tell you about it.No one wants to reveal that they work in retail for fear they've be rejected from the successful club.And the same goes for sexual orientation.......no man here wants to try feeling another man's penis inside him, not because he's frightened of gay sex,no,not at all,he simply doesn't want to be defined as a homo.In his world that's a truly awful thing...kinda like being a cashier.

But if you're truly powerful then you can define things for yourself and then there are no limits to the shit you can do.


'losing'-- I agree. but they do pick their spots. The only agenda item that gains any traction right now with possible voters for them is the 'homophobia' nonsense. Suburban women are in large numbers uncomfortable with telling gays to 'stick it where the sun don't shine', and young voters have been successfully propagandized that the homos have 'special rights'. The economy sucks, foreign affairs are spiralling out of control, the real #s on immigration don't play well with voters, the war on women meme is played out, so 'don't pick on homos' is about the only reliable meme they have that resonates with a sufficient number of voters. Religious AAs and hispanics don't like it, but Dems consider them to be permanent inmates on the Dem Plantation. DuDa must laugh when he carries water for the gay meme, but hey he gets paid by the keystroke, so he goes with it.


Happy birthday Mel!!

Thanks, hit, for going with the guest posting thing. I think it'll be worth the extra effort.


O.k., now I sound like a pyscho in a Clint Eastwood movie riffing on moral objectivism.

Botom line;give yourself a break and go have fun.


Best wishes, frau.


xoxo, Frau! Check in when you can.


HB melinda.

Hope it is a lovely spring day in the windy city.


well is dobby dumber than Ezra, Not so Earnest, it remains to be seen,


CNN: "The bomb severed [8 yo] Martin's spinal cord and abdominal aorta; severed and exposed his lower intestines; ruptured his stomach; nicked or tore his liver, left kidney and adrenal gland; nearly tore off his left arm at the forearm; snapped a bone in his right leg; fractured and exposed his ribs; and bruised a lung.

Martin had third-degree burns on his back, buttock and left calf. His body was covered with scrapes, bruises and perforations from blast debris.

Many of the injuries were likely to result in death. But the most serious was his severed aorta. It is a major blood vessel, Neilds said, and Martin bled to death in minutes, if not seconds. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nadine Pellegrini's last question for the government's 91st and final witness was this:

"How old was Martin Richards?"

"He was 8 years old," Neilds said.

And then the government rested."

Several jurors and many in the gallery were crying as the grisly pics of Martin and others were shown.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Harry Reid justifies lying about Romney from senate floor; he didn't win did he?

In my next life I want to come back as Reid's exercise band.


narciso's 9:44 link is good.

"And it's why Jackie won't have to answer for the money and time spent by the police investigating her false accusation. "In a sane environment, she would face disciplinary charges and perhaps mandatory counseling," Cathy Young wrote at RealClearPolitics."


and Dorian Johnson would be at least facing charges, Crump would be facing disbarrment, but we're not in a sane world,


Happy BD mel!


Miss Marple has the last sentence in the previous thread,

"And when they have destroyed the Church (which a large number want to do) they will turn on someone else."

Sure enough, Obama says:


IMO, the Obama Admin intends to erase all religions except one from America. The one is that one that Obama said he would stand with.

Thomas Collins

Marlene, Oligarchy Media has paid more attention to Jackie Coakley's false allegations than to the facts coming out at the jihadist's trial in Boston.


Ignatz, I said that "exercise band" remark on the radio in Milwaukee yesterday a.m..
Mel, Happy Birthday!!! You need a nice CHICAGO DOG today, and you know where to get it!!!
Frau, you are in my prayers. Or I should say...PRAYERS.


we have a ruling from the judges:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That's funny Gus. I'd say GMTA but, let's face it, we both we'd be lying. :)

Happy Birthday to Melinda.


Trevor Noah (Jon Stewart's replacement) continues to fall on his face.


Modifying what I said earlier, it seems to me that ethnic slur humor works a little better if either (a) it's self-deprecating; and (b) it's actually funny. Preferably both. In Noah's case it's neither.

This shows once again that the geniuses in the entertainment industry put politics over profits, choosing a guy with an Obama-like multiracial background and hip lefty politics over someone who is actually, you know, funny.


Trevor Noah (Jon Stewart's replacement) continues to fall on his face.


Modifying what I said earlier, it seems to me that ethnic slur humor works a little better if either (a) it's self-deprecating; and (b) it's actually funny. Preferably both. In Noah's case it's neither.

This shows once again that the geniuses in the entertainment industry put politics over profits, choosing a guy with an Obama-like multiracial background and hip lefty politics over someone who is actually, you know, funny.


That was worth saying twice.


Merde touch strikes Palestine. Support for Palestinian state at 20 year low.

Danube on iPad

Happy birthday Mel. One of the best contributors we've had.

I predict that Mr. Noah is in way over his head, and will fail in a way that is excruciatingly enjoyable to watch.

Rahm set to win another term.


What's wrong with Pence's breathing?


henry-- I wonder where support for a Pali state is .... in Egypt. Having seen MB up close, I doubt most egyptians want Hamas/Hezbo/and the Mullahs as neighbors.


Ted Cruz by law not US citizen at birth, Not natural born citizen, Cruz lied, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 1 US citizen parent and not born after November 14, 1986


Bill Kristol screws the pooch.


they already have a state, and they've proven rather pitiful stewards of it, in the last 20 years,

Danube on iPad

Sigh. Another late March has come and gone, and yet we still await the universe-shattering event. Did they perhaps mean March 2016?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--What's wrong with Pence's breathing? --

WeeDavey's behind the podium?


Looks like the Rolling Stones just announced a North American tour.


state = sovereignty and monopoly state power. Palis don't have that in law or fact. Israel retains the right not just of self-defense, but to police the WB and Strip as needed. That said, the Palis have had more than enough time to make the WB and Strip bloom. They've shown the world what they are.


But are the Stones going to boycott Indiana like Wilco? That's the real question, isn't it?

Dave (in MA)
Looks like the Rolling Stones just announced a North American tour.
Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday to the Participating Quietly Quietly One!


And Frau, I hope you're soon as fit as a fine German pastry!




Think, as payback for Harry's Romney lies, we should send our experimental Davie to the retirement party Bugsy, Mugsy and the guys are planning for the retiring minority leader...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So, is a person who acquires US citizenship after birth but before they reach majority and is not a naturalized citizen, a Natural Born Citizen?


Bill Kristol is a member of the cold case posse.


TK-- do you ever read any of the actual authoritative links to your stuff? Chapter 3B of the immigration manual makes clear that Cruz acquired citizenship at birth. Oh wait, is the manual ultra vires to the US Code? Then show me the US Code, or just stifle about Cruz. Or better yet, start a Federal Declaratory Judgment Action in Federal District Court to keep Cruz off of the Calif primary ballot, you'll get your answer from a judge. Anything short of putting your money where your Cruz mouth is, is just trolling.

Eric in Boise

the Rolling Stones just announced a North American tour.

Hey, you,
Get off of my lawn!


Ig-- go to the Manual which is linked to the website, and look at Chap 3B, you'll see where York got the authority for his unconditional declaration.


What the FUCK are we negotiating with IRAN about?

This is sick and very VERY dangerous.


I'm still puzzled about Searchlight's little accident, maybe the Dominicans didn't take lightly to him squealing on Menendez,


The Eagles are also doing a '15 Tour. As is74 yo Neil Diamond. They are all on the depends adult diaper tour.


this is crazy, as the Ed Wilson business:



NK, do you ever read the stuff that you claim I didn't read?

It was Bill Kristol that got it wrong and then got shived by his own goof up.

Go ahead, check for yourself.

Old Lurker

Gus, I think we are negotiating enable a nuclear Caliphate (with no Israel) as a counterbalance to our own superpower status, just as we wait for Russia and China to do the same. What else could they be thinking?


When have they not gone 'rogue' and I can't believe his dementia has erased 2008.

McCAIN: The Israelis will need to chart their own path of resistance. On the Iranian nuclear deal, they may have to go rogue. Let's hope their warnings have not been mere bluffs. Israel survived its first 19 years without meaningful U.S. patronage. For now, all it has to do is get through the next 22, admittedly long, months.

The blowalition of the willing is already making noises about ending sanctions even without a deal.

Neocon, schmeeocon.


Ig, since the USCIS cites sections of an Immigration and Naturalization Act, if the person status, granted by statute, isn't an immigrant, he then is naturalized.


there's no evidence thinking enters into their calculations, OL.


Happy Birthday, Mel


I'm waiting for Hollywood to start producing some pro-Iranian nuke movies.

Someone call Jane Fonda & Meryl Streep.

Nukes For Iran! Nukes For Iran!!!

Old Lurker

Tru dat, Narc. What was I thinking?


Happy Happy Birthday, Mel!!


well you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but there are no grounds,

Jeff Dobbs

When asked about his comments by CNN’s Dana Bash, Reid never rejected the notion his words were “McCarthyite” in nature. He admitted no wrongdoing.

“Well, they can call it whatever they want,” Reid said. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

When reached for comment, Luca rejected the notion that "violence never solves anything". He admitted no wrong doing in beating the tar out of Senator Reid due to his failure to deliver on a land deal for the mob.

"Well, they can call it whatever they want, Luca said. "Reid's not running for re-election, is he?"


I'll check back this evening, NK.


Conservatives need a new lexicon. 'Commies' and 'gateway drug' need to go the way of the Dodo bird. What might one expect from retrogressives except harsh language based on ancient, ignorance based buzz words.


At a luncheon in Phoenix emceed by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Walker said he opposed legalizing marijuana, citing a conversation he said he had with the sheriff of liberal Dane County. "I mean, it’s left of Pravda," Walker said of the political views of county residents, which he compared to the Communist Russian newspaper.

"Even there, the Democrat sheriff said to me last year when this issue came up, 'Whatever you do, please do not sign the legalization of marijuana,'" Walker said. "This was a guy who spent his whole career in law enforcement. He was liberal on a whole lot of other issues. But he said it’s a gateway drug."

His response was not to Californians, 54% of which feel it should be legalized. Time to trade that 'skimmer' in for something more up-to-date.

James D.

Janet @ 11:48

Funny how that works, isn't it? The Progs are dead set against nuclear power in the U.S. and in the West generally. It's evil. The people who build nuclear plants are greedy, irresponsible monsters who don't care if they poison the planet for the next 10,000 years. Etc etc etc.

And yet they will fight to the death for Iran's right to nuclear power.

It's almost as though they're not merely misguided, but actively against us.


"posing a hitman while working as a thief"
while getting paid by DEA.

I give up, no one will ever top that, I hope!


well the Bureau had whitey on the payroll, but you can't make that story up,

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