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April 29, 2015




Jeff Dobbs

Maybe Hillary can do for gender relations

Sheesh, another Hillary thread? What is this place coming to?

Actually, now that you mention it, we probably should just go ahead and give her the presidency, you know "hell hath no fury" and all that.

Oh, and good to see you TM.

Speaking of Baltimore and their closed-to-the-public baseball game this afternoon . . . the Orioles have been moving up steadily in attendance over the past 5+ years...

2010: 21,662 (24th)
2011: 21,943 (26th)
2012: 26,610 (20th)
2013: 29,105 (18th)
2014: 30,805 (13th)
2015: 33,208 (9th)

2015 is obviously very early - but now I wonder if the riots are going to have a season-long impact on attendance, or if this will go away quickly enough for them to recover.

In other MLB news: the face of the Yankees takes another swing at Willie Mays's 660 career home run mark tonight.

Beasts of England

Having spent the last several days absorbed in song, I hadn't paid much attention to the Baltimore scuffles until last night. But, I see that Rebrund Tracksuit has fired up his grievance mobile, so things should be solved in a calm and rational manner almost immediately.

Beasts of England

Today's zero attendance game may drag down their average, hit!


De Blasio, O'Malley and Sanders.Vultures circling over Shrillary. Waiting for a dead carcass to hit the pavement.

Jeff Dobbs

Not only that, Beasts - but they are going to play in Tampa this weekend as the home team. Now, I suppose the stats might still show that attendance as "theirs" (I'm not sure), but as for the ball park employees, surrounding businesses and city of Baltimore benefiting from the money spent for a home game, that's gone poof.


Maybe all the "green" Democrat politicians & their staff could ride bikes through Baltimore to go to the Orioles game. Hopefully the "protesters" wouldn't bother them. They would be setting an "example for the world" about green living & mixing with disaffected children.



Talk about bad timing: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/04/bill-clintons-africa-entourage-117445.html?hp=t3_r


Right, TM--we're about to switch gear from racist to sexist with each criticism.


10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:35 am || Honors the 2015 National Teacher of the Year and finalists; Rose Garden
12:30 || Lunch with House Democratic Leader Pelosi
3:50 pm || Visits with wounded warriors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

BOzo's strategy to keep his favorables up by continual-photo-ops with popular public figures continues. Second day in a row he's using the Rose Garden as the backdrop.

Jack is Back!

Oh, by the way, did you know that it was global warming that caused the Nepal earthquake?


Beasts of England

Anyone else notice the comment by the Solicitor General, re: the tax exempt status of churches that preach against gay marriage would 'certainly be an issue'?

James D.

I didn't see it, Beasts, but I'm not a bit surprised.

I wonder if mosques that preach against it will also have their tax exempt status questioned?


Hillary could calm that situation down quickly.

Nothing like spreading cellulite upon the waters.

Beasts of England

Only the Muslim bakers, James D. ;)



I'd like to see BOzo try to take away the tax exempt status of those 34,000 black churches.

James D.

re Janet @ 7:55

I nominate Janet for RNC chair!

Seriously, why aren't R's asking her questions every time they're in front of a microphone?

If global warming really is serious, why Kerry taking the lead by downsizing his estate and even more by easing up on the jet travel? The Iranians can humiliate him over Skype or Facetime just as easily as they do in person anyway, right?

If income inequality is really serious, all those wealthy Dems can sell their houses, donate the proceeds to the homeless, and move into 400 square foot studio apartments, right? How much space do they really need? How many appliances? Surely Lizzle Warren doesn't need a million dollar mansion. After all, she certainly didn't build it.

And all those wealthy Hollywood and media celebrities could embrace the cause. What if all the income from a movie or TV show or concert tour were shared fairly and equally with everyone who worked on it, instead of the stars making tens of millions while the janitors and cafeteria workers and the guy who was on screen for two seconds and spoke one word, earn pennies?


well know Quradawi whose sage advice on these matters, includes stoning gays, is a welcome guest in Chicago, with Walsh in Boston, probably in Eugene, Oregon, because squirrel,

I was mentioning Jamie Smith's memoir, which fills in some of the details, re the Libyan fustercluck,
how the administration's coincidences add up to enemy action, there in Syria, et al,


the Mayor Bane debut was in front a 'more selective audience' of 360 people, so no need to panic, just get your towel* ready

*hitchhiker's guide,

yes, the Dems can wallop the GOP 2/1 with contributions from a rogues gallery of oligarchs and banksters, but money in politics, has to be removed from the equation,


In other news Aggie grad, Adel Jubeir gets kicked up to Saudi Foreign Minister,


narciso, I'm sure Bane had nice things to say about Barrett's trolley. All 360 people in WI who want the trolley were at the meeting.


Yeah...the same "green" question could be raised about Bill's entourage flying all over the world.

“The point of the trip is to see our work,” Minassian said last week. “It has nothing to do with the campaign. It is really to see the work, highlight the work, make sure it is going well. That is the point of the trip.”

Have they ever heard of a phone?..or a camera?
Why are they trying to kill earth with all their jet-setting?

Miss Marple


Valerie Jarrett with her sidekick Loretta Lynch, coordinating actions in dem controlled cities.

Obama out on the golf course, apparently.


it's just embarassing, maybe she's trying for Larf's job:



now mind you, it's probably like Bane's 'more selective crowd'



Of course, Fox has to have a member of Team Crump on, because why he's proven so reliable in the past,

Tom Maguire

Re: "Anyone else notice the comment by the Solicitor General, re: the tax exempt status of churche..."

Great question.

The parallel was to Bob Jones University, which lost its tax exempt status in 1983 Supreme Court decision based on on its ban om interracial marriage.

I am not a high-priced lawyer who spent months prepping for these questions, but ten seconds reflection suggests to me that, unlike gay marriage, there is/was very little support for an interracial marriage ban among mainstream religions. Consequently, Bob Jones was not "really" pursuing a religious goal there.

Awkward, since we don't like to see the government picking and choosing among acceptable religious beliefs (Gay marriage up, polygamy still down). But don't say "picking and choosing" - say "balancing conflicting rights which are themselves in tension" and it looks a lot more common.


the Mayor Bane debut was in front a 'more selective audience' of 360 people

Yes, though apparently they paid $5,000 each. Probably proceeds of union dues.


one must keep all the Houses of Westeros in balance,


besides Muqrin is like Bandar but without the style,


Baltimore's "Super Mom" (to some) has gone public:


She says she's "a single mom of 6 kids" - her only son the one she whacked.


Brooke Baldwin: "I am sorry for what I said earlier about veterans. It was wrong and I apologize to anyone who was hurt by my comments." At least she didn't try to excuse herself.


Al Sharpton: If you become the story, if you become the headline, then you become the distraction. Then you're only helping aiding and abetting those that you claim you're fighting.

... congratulations Al, helping aiding and abetting is your thing, then.


the strigoi miss the point of the piece:


Rick Ballard

"But don't say "picking and choosing" - say "balancing conflicting rights which are themselves in tension" and it looks a lot more common."

And whatever you do, don't think of removal of exempt status as taking the lid off of another money pot as the OPM Famine worsens. Instead, think of the bright future where truly charitable concerns such as the Clinton Foundation are the only exempt entities remaining.

PS - For sure, don't look at today's GDP report reflecting the astounding success of central bank planning. After all, the results were marred by the totally unforeseeable occurrence of winter.

Yes, Joni, I didn't know.

Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you got til it's gone.


it's just part of the Whizzo Chocolate's 'spring surprise,' that's all.


just sit in the corner, and don't say anything:



Ferguson still simmering where race IS the issue. Baltimore has plenty of blacks in office as well as black cops.

The parallel is cop mentality, even amongst black officers, dug in tighter than a Thin blue line tick.


Make all 501(c)(3)s--except those designed to support a single specified charitable entity--a school, a church, a hospital, an orphanage--spend down the trillions they are sitting on in 10 years time. They's become like Medieval monasteries accountable to no one,

Daddy, this one's for you:http://www.examiner.com/article/huge-louisiana-town-thrived-at-the-same-time-as-teotihuacan


how about that clarice, the discoveries just rewrite our understanding of precolonial times,


The Americas are full of unexplored archeological treasures, narciso..

Jack is Back!

Interesting about Jubeir taking over the FM. Saudi's are gearing up for something and need as much western support they can find especially America. He is a non-royal but very fluent in English, French and I believe German.

Thomas Collins

I bet Lois Lerner wish she had her own server.


James D.

narciso @ 10:12

I wish that link were from a parody site. Even after 6+ years of Obama, I can't get my mind around the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, the Leader of the Free World, saying this:

“Today is a chance for Americans, especially our young people, to say thank you for all the things we love from Japan.” said President Obama, who according to Politico, was speaking at an arrival ceremony with with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. And then things took a turn for the excruciatingly embarrassing, “like karate, karaoke, manga, and anime, and of course emojis,” Obama continued.

Is that level of stupidity and ignorance an impeachable offense?


I was sort of stunned listening to NPR reporting Obama's rqacially tinged comments yesterday. He sees everything through the lens of racism, and simply cannot do otherwise.

The Gates incident, Trayvon, Ferguson, and now Baltimore. The man has done more in the past 6 years to set back race relations than anyone on the last 50. Burn, baby, burn will come out of his mouth at some point, I think.

Christopher Dorner's Manifesto

""The parallel is cop mentality, even amongst black officers, dug in tighter than a Thin blue line tick.""

No shit, genius.


I'm sure Catiline had similar venues:


the problem is NPR sees it the same way,


matt-his mom was an anthropologist. I believe he does see the world conceptually and not factually. Precisely what the actual K-12 implementation forces on all students. That literally is what it means to be a "high-quality assessment". That's why it matters so much the Senate wants to require all states to assess "higher order thinking" annually.

Are the kids being trained to use the desired conceptual goggles to interpret the world?

Terrible idea. They might as well reference Uncle Karl by name. That's how tight the connection actually is.


I don't think he has to go that far, matt, he drops these bon mots, which suggest the same thing,

Jeff Dobbs

Mark MurrayVerified account
Hillary Clinton in speech today: "From Ferguson, to Staten Island, to Baltimore, the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable."

But there's no smoking gun! It's all just coincidences!

Oh, sorry. Thought for a second Hillary was talking about her stint at State and the Clinton Foundation stuff.

Eric in Boise

like karate, karaoke, manga, and anime, and of course emojis

Of course.

At least he didn't mention used-panty vending machines. That's probably as statesman-like as it's gonna get from him.

Jeff Dobbs

How did Obama pronounce Karate?

Kuh-RAH-tee or Kah-rah-TAY


btw the kabuki is scheduled for the 19th



our state run press doesn't dissapoint:


Jeff Dobbs

Ah, so it was Kah-rah-TAY.

I can't believe I just wasted 34 seconds to find out.

Pat Tillmans Ghost

I know what Donner was up against. Omerta enforcement.


it's all a matter of chakras:


Rick Ballard

"the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable."

They sure have. Every episode of the Obamasons begins with a thug or a punk winning a Darwin by excessive stupidity followed by a mob being tweeted up for the award ceremony of burning out their own neighborhood in demonstration of solidarity.

One might hope they learn to enjoy life in the ashes but 'learn' may be an insurmountable stumbling block.

Old Lurker

Rick, you don't like the GDP numbers?

How about the LUN?


A GDP note from a lurking unit: Two largest "Adds" to GDP, you ask?

HealthCare (aka OCare "taxes", +0.62%)
NonFarm Private Inventories +0.76%)

So, taxes (mandated plan costs) are now part of GDP (how clever that looks!!?!) and the Inventory fudge for Spring.

Pull those two and GDP was -1.2%

capex down 3.4%; buybacks since March = $237.1B

not in a headline anywhere.


all's well in the quarter quell, henry,

Beasts of England

Don't interrupt the narrative with your damned facts and analyses, henry. The economy is in great shape!!


of course, the dear leader's wisdom on that point was omitted in Carlos Slim's,


All has been well since Chip Diller took over the federal data units.

Rick Ballard


We're getting down to Free State residential income property as a last refuge. No mortgage and five years worth of cash reserves for operating costs would be a good idea.

The results of the combination of OPM Famine with Regulatory Strangulation were never in doubt but the the transition from "first slowly" to "then suddenly" is still going to surprise the majority. The herd does seem to be a bit nervous, with the savings from gas going to reserves rather than being spent. That will help in getting us to "then suddenly" and it ain't gonna change while the Kendonesian Commie and Red Witch continue to spread their skunk roadkill odor over the land.

Dave (in MA)
“Today is a chance for Americans, especially our young people, to say thank you for all the things we love from Japan.” said President Obama, who according to Politico, was speaking at an arrival ceremony with with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. And then things took a turn for the excruciatingly embarrassing, “like karate, karaoke, manga, and anime, and of course emojis,” Obama continued.
Miss Marple

Here. Cheer up. Floyd Briggs of Chikasaw, Oklahoma is on the case:




But other than that!


I'm guessing the Marlins will outdrawn Orioles today, but not 100% sure.

Old Lurker

"No mortgage and five years worth of cash reserves for operating costs"

Pretty much what I am thinking too, Rick.

And I wonder about that five year reserve as to what and where. Stacks of Benjis in a safe buried in the basement is looking better and better.


capex down 3.4%



Capital Expenditures. aka investment in production capacity / productivity. Buildings, machines, software.


pravda called, you're embarassing yourself:



No kidding, narc:

Facing his first high-profile test as governor, Hogan, a white Republican, found himself navigating complex political terrain with Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, an African American Democrat presiding over a majority-black city.

Mayor R-B is/was a Dem rising star. She didn't help herself if she has national political aspirations imo.


Hmmm. If the economy were moving briskly who should be credited? We know the kendonesian is to blame if it isn't.

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