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April 21, 2015




The danger when one of the Blues gets hit by hackers (and Anthem and Permira are both members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield system) is that, if you belong to your local Blue, and you get medical care in a different state, that Blue has your health data. So, if you have BCBS anywhere, and went to the doctor in Georgia, the Anthem hackers got your data. If you went to the doctor in Washington, the Permira hackers have your stuff.

A traveling man like you is probably going to be getting these notices a lot in the future.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--the degree of interest in this story suggests that we are, as a nation, still grappling with the terrible legacy of slavery--

Or maybe we're grappling with how blanket-headed, Hollywood ignoramuses feel fine lecturing us about stuff they choose to hide their own lives.
Perhaps we're grappling with white washed sepulchers full of dead men's bones being the moral arbiters of our times.

jimmyk on iPhone

Of course, I view almost any unsolicited letter, email, or phone call as a scam.

Frau @1:36, that classic song would now require a trigger warning on any college campus.

Captain Hate

Yes, there's an entire cottage industry of scammers contacting people claiming that they've been hacked and representing themselves as working for Windows. A Microsoft store person told me those calls are bogus.


the Anonymous hack, we now agree that who was behind it, revealed that no matter how ignorant and insular we thought hollywood to be, they are even more so,


Daddy, at 1:29

I'm on my fifth debit card in 18 months thanks to Home Depot, Target, Anthem, Ace Hardware, and I've forgotten who else's data breaches. Pain in the ass. Any auto debits have to be redone for each time the breach occurs and I always forget someone. Sirius, water bill, Amazon, fitness, and more and some are monthly, some are quarterly and some are annual charges to the card that have to be kept up with and edited or you lose your service. Sirius was the latest I forgot about and had to do on the fly - at least they monitor when you get in the car and call and explain that the monthly billing didn't go through do you want to update your info.

The last debit card cancel/ reissue BofA did, the new card was lost in the mail or stolen and they had canceled the old card which I tried to use out at dinner not realizing that they assumed I got the new one and was just lazy about changing over. Nothing like not having cash nor an ability to use an atm due to no card and needing to pay for dinner you just ate. The restaurant ended up taking a check after I called BofA from the restaurant and figured out what was up.

And no I haven't taken advantage of the free monitoring, either.

Miss Marple


I own most of the Agatha Christie books in hardbound form, collected over the years. It's why I chose my screen name, back when we were trying to solve the mystery of the intern and Clinton, back when I was on FR. I've kept it ever since.

I know I can get classics and out of print novels on Kindle; I have quite a few myself. Gardening books are a different matter, asthey have lots of pictures which don't show up well on a Kindle or iPad screen. Ditto travel or history books with illustrations.

Plus, it makes me mad that the lefty books get the royalties for hard copies while those of us who want to read something else are shuffled off to the used bookstore, kindle, or bookbub.

What's even more irritating is that this is the most conservative area of a conservative state. I don't need to be have some lefty librarian doing conversion efforts through the new books section.

I am off to the grocery, coupons in hand.

Back later this afternoon.

ps, hit and run, thanks for checking on that link and post! I was feeling pretty put upon about that! Now at least I know I am not crazy!

Dave (in MA)
Patti Davis: Don’t Let My Dad’s Shooter Go Free
Back then she seemed as though she might even have approved of the shooting.
Dave (in MA)
Any of you guys getting regularly hacked lately?
Breitbart keeps tweeting pictures of my junk to coeds.

Have some Madeira, daddy, and listen to Swann and Flanders.

Frau, that's the second time in two days I've seen this song referenced. Once yesterday on a FB wine discussion on the Aubrey-Maturin page, once today on JOM. The internet is weirdly connected, is it not?


One way to clear lefties from the universities 1/3 of employees on two UW campuses seek voluntary buyouts. Fewer than 20% are faculty. This is because Walker proposed setting the UW system free of the legislature (which UW asked for) -- for a reduction in subsidy and ban on tuition increases (which UW is now panicked over).

Dave (in MA)
As a glasses-wearing lipstick librarian
Seems kinda un-hygienic to me.

Someone's gonna get fired...

Just got a coupon in the mail from Helzberg for $50 off a purchase of $50 or more for mothers day. Nothing in the fine print on restrictions or gradations of use.

Free jewelry!!


Never Give Up, Never Surrender: 'Galaxy Quest' TV Show Is in the Works

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged."


Captain Hate

the Aubrey-Maturin page

Thanks for making me aware of this.




Speaking of Hollywood ignoramuses,I just got back from an appointment.I browsed thru the People Magazine and I think I recognized one person. Who are these people?! The person I recognized was Princess Kate,who is due to have her baby any day. Boy or girl? Twins? Who will be the godparents? What will the name be? Inquiring minds!

Beasts of England

Sorry to hear about Jack and Danube. Both have very interesting backgrounds that were a fine complement to a wide variety of topics.


Humour is a difficult concept


If it's a girl? Gotta be Mary IMO.

Hey, I got the boy's name right.


Lost it


BoE-- what is the JiB/DoT news?


​Indiana HIV outbreak worsens, takes toll on families




I've been gone a couple of days. What's up with JiB/DoT?


not good for anything including children and small animals,


Captain Hate

after the Hernandez conviction today (life without parole), someone fake-tweeted "Roger Goodell announces Aaron Hernandez suspended 2 games"


correct me if I am wrong, but isn't JiB having hip surgery,


Just in from a short Dog Walk Limp (Scout still ailing:(

I figured that if Hillary gets on average $300,000 per speech, and her average speech is 3,000 words, then Mrs "Topple the 1 Percenter's" pay rate breaks down to One Hundred Dollars per word.

Under this Hillary Pay Rate, TM's post above would earn him approximately $50,000. Not bad for a Yankee fan!

Neo's 02:49 would earn him $200 bucks, NK's 02:49, $700 smackers, and Narciso's 02:59 would pull in $2,000 buckaroos, even without commas or periods.

Nice work if you can get it, no?

This haiku,
at Hillary rates
900 Bucks. Ka-ching!

Beasts of England

Did I misread the earlier thread suggesting they had quit commenting here? I was scrolling quickly, trying to catch up. Apologize if I screwed up in that assessment...


BTW, does the same variety of Madeira wine that the Founder's swilled still exist? I don't believe I've ever tried any Madeira. Any recommendations from our JOM sommeliers?


I love the Madeira I've had from the Rare Wine Co. Historic Series. They worked to create exactly what you are talking about - Madeiras like those the Founders drank. From driest to sweetest, their main line goes as follows: Charleston Sercial, Savannah Verdelho, Boston Bual, New York Malmsey. Then there are some special editions like Baltimore Rainwater, as well as cuvees specially designed and named for Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin.

I've only tried the Verdelho and the Sercial and the Sercial is my favorite. All Madeiras are high in sugar, but they are also high in acidity, so there is this great bright finish that you don't taste in sherry or port. Sercial is the driest and is good slightly chilled. It is wonderful. It just sings.

The other great thing about Madeira is that it keeps indefinitely. You can cork it and throw it on top of your fridge and it'll still be good five years from now.

These aren't easy to find and aren't cheap - about $50/bottle for the regular ones at my shop. The special editions run higher and are even harder to locate. The Jefferson/Madison/Franklin wines are pretty much impossible to find because the editions are so limited.



Happy birthday, rich!


oh, but you can special order some of those Madeiras if you are lucky enough to live in a state where that is possible...otherwise, your local good wine or liquor shop might be able to order them for you.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--One way to clear lefties from the universities...--

I first read that as "...clear lefties from the universe..." and I have to confess I rubbed my hands together a little maniacally and thought "when do we start".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I haven't seen rich here in a while either.
Am I wrong?

Captain Hate

HB rich, wherever you are...


the rest of the story:



isn't JiB having hip surgery,

Wait, so Captain Haiku = JiB?

Porch, JiB and DoT have (hopefully temporarily) disappeared, the former apparently over some golf-related spat, the latter I think as a result of a lot of complaints against his birther-related posts responding to TK.


Paris Church attacks? good thing they were foiled, but no one would have been injured in the empty churches anyways.


True, rich has been absent for a few days, I think. Hope it's just a prolonged birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, rich.


Happy Birthday Rich-- hope all is well.

Eric in Boise

Wait, so Captain Haiku = JiB?

Nope, EiB, not JiB. Me.


Well that makes sense.


Happy Birthday Rich!


Obama's Foreign Policy reminds me of a Chess Game played by a little kid, (here using the Black pieces)
wherein the little kid only moves his Knights (the Horses) which can jump in an 'L' pattern:

The little kid would use his first 6 or 7 moves just to jump his horses around to no effect, yet by the 8th move he will have foolishly moved them back into their original starting position so that all his Chess pieces will then be exactly back where they were before the game's first move---in their original positions.

The little kid will feel he has lost no advantage because he's exactly where he started, and he think's he's still exactly as strong as he was prior to the games first move since he hasn't yet committed to anything so therefore all his options are still open.

Unfortunately, while he was doing those same 8 moves, his opponent would be moving Pawns and Bishops and Knights and Queens around the board to develop power positions for strategies and lines of attack.

That's how I view Obama's moves in Foreign Policy. He's the little kid, claiming he's lost nothing since he's not yet committed to anything, and Kerry etc are the witless Knight's being stupidly moved around the board to no advantage. America's opponents on the other hand; Putin, Iran, China, Cuba, ISIS, Al Qaeda, are well aware of his stupidity and are way ahead in moving their pieces on the Global Chess Board for maximum offensive advantage, while Obama dithers.

Every time I watch the moronic duo of Harf or Psaki trying to explain what the hell we are doing on the world stage with this deal here, or that Carrier movement there, the analogy of the Chess playing child comes to mind.

Jeff Dobbs

rich hasn't posted since Apr 7.

Jeff Dobbs

I'm glad you came forward EiB . . . I wasn't sure if you wanted outing or not (you mentioned it once in passing).

Best of luck on the surgery.

Eric in Boise

Guess I'll have to come up with another alter ego, Hit :)


Hey, I know, how about "Squaredance Haiku"?

We're completely screwed
Don't you idiots see this?
Open up your eyes

On second thought, maybe not...

Captain Hate

Jobs not created nor saved:



Captain Haiku outs himself!

Good luck on the hip surgery, Eric. Three people in my office have had hip replacements in the last coupla years. All are back on their feet within days (with a walker of course). Make sure you send a thank you note to Precious for the fine medical care he arranged for you.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender: 'Galaxy Quest' TV Show Is in the Works

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged."

Galaxy Quest is a wonderful little movie. Very funny.

Rich might be busy with his new job.


Sigourny Weaver. 'Nuff said.

Eric in Boise

Thanks all. I probably wouldn't mention it if I had it to do over again, but was feeling a need to vent because I'm mid 50s, and it's BOTH hips that are shot. UGH.

My (first) surgery is in August; will try to manage pain with OTC stuff (mixture of acetaminophen/ibuprofen). Doc is pretty adamant that taking the stronger prescription stuff pre-surgery leads to poor outcomes, and I think I'll take his word on that.


Sigourney Weaver from the Ethel Walker School, a fellow alumnae of my daughter.


speaking of Sigourney Weaver, I still get the vapors from her wardrobe in the final scene of "Alien" (1979).



Boo effin' Hoo:

Dave (in MA)


Miss Marple


If you are having the anterior type hip replacement, recovery is very quick. If your surgeon and no one near does that type, the older style is still doable. My brother-in-law had 2 done in his 70's, and he is in fine shape.

Just do exactly what they say as far as exercises, how to sit, etc.

I have a friend whose son has had both hips done in his 3's, due to congenital abnormalities which caused early deterioration, so just because you have them done doesn't mean you are old. Chin up!

Miss Marple

In his 30's, not 3's.

I even proofread, too!

Eric in Boise

Thank you, MM. Mrs. EiB pointed out to me that the only folks that never experience any pain are those that are no longer alive. She's right, of course.

Jeff Dobbs

In the typepad naughty bin.....

Threadkiller said:
​Indiana HIV outbreak worsens, takes toll on families http://www.cbsnews.com/news/indiana-hiv-outbreak-worsens-takes-toll-on-families/
Reply | 2 hours ago on Eerily Prescient On…

Some Guy said:
It's Earth Day? Must remember to only drive the V12 today.
Reply | 3 hours ago on Eerily Prescient On…

Miss Marple


Always a good idea. I have lots of things like that which keep me going.

Whenever I get down about finances I always remember the Boat People.

When my arthritis bothers me I just chalk it up to a life well-lived, and remember that my dad kept going with far worse.

Your doc is right about the pain meds, because some will make you bleed more during surgery and recovery, which of course is not a good thing.

Once you have it done you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your activity and your general outlook on life. Seriously, my brother-in-law had become very testy and withdrawn. It was because he couldn't move and resented feeling like he was old. Having those new hips brightened his outlook and made him the guy I knew 20 years ago.



Great fun video link about Madeira! Had never heard the song before or the guys doing it. As Lawrence Welk used to say, that was vunnerful, vunnerful:)

Cheers. Do they have any Madeira in Asia, or am I heading in the wrong direction?

Miss Marple

That HIV outbreak in southern Indiana is because of meth and needle sharing. Idiots then had unprotected sex with partners and there you go. Epidemic.

They have instituted a testing program, a free needle program, and some education to get it under control.


Our preezy is afraid to tell the truth with regard to the genocide by Turkey against the Armenians. Turkey has just sent the Austrian ambassador home for telling the truth about this atrocity


Keep on Fracking
We need bumper stickers like the ones that used to say Keep on Truckin



Thanks for the excellent info on Madeira. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled now for a good old bottle of Madeira. Also, very slow on catch-up today so sorry for the late responses to you and Frau.



The HIV outbreak in southern Indiana is worsening. On Tuesday the state's Department of Health reported 135 cases of the virus, 46 more than two weeks ago. The outbreak is being spread by drug-users sharing dirty needles to shoot up drugs, particularly the painkiller Opana.


Rest in peace, Rosie.

Model For Rockwell's Rosie The Riveter Painting Dies At 92

Keefe grew up in Arlington, Vermont, where she met Rockwell — who lived in West Arlington — and posed for his painting when she was a 19-year-old telephone operator...was paid $5 for each of two mornings she posed for Rockwell

Sounds like she was a wonderful gal.


Which Indiana neighborhood did Obama drop of the border hopping illegal "children?"

Miss Marple


No one knows for sure. Since the government didn't tell anyone, local governments have dealt with immigrant children as they appear. Someone here did a study on upticks in immigrant children, but it wasn't conclusive.


"Although Keefe was petite, Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter had large arms, hands and shoulders. The painting shows the red-haired Rosie in blue jean work overalls sitting down, with a sandwich in her left hand, her right arm atop a lunchbox with the name "Rosie" on it, a rivet gun on her lap and her feet resting on a copy of Adolf Hitler's manifesto "Mein Kampf." The entire background is a waving American flag."

I've always associated "Rosie" with Westinghouse's generic "We Can Do It" pic, but Rockwell's is new to me and splendid.


Two articles that go together.



IMOI, this is nothing but an invasion.


I have a fun story about Amy's youngest, Hailey, who will be 10 in May.

She is crazy about animals, and they are crazy about her. She walks down the street and Geckos jump on her, while they run from everyone else. She loves snakes, and they love her. All animals are attracted to her like fleas to a dog.

They are in SC on school vacation. They rented an RV and are staying at a park. Last night they were down by the river where a duck and her 12 ducklings were hanging out.

A mallard appeared and started attacking the mother. Mary, the cardiologist, screamed "he's killing her" which is apparently is quite common as the mallards like to show their dominance.

Hailey jumped off the dock, into the river and saved Momma duck. Afterward, the duck and the 12 ducklings would not leave Hailey's side and spent the entire night on the deck attached to their RV. The ducks have left for the day and everyone is wondering if they will come back tonite.

She is getting a ball python for her birthday next week. I can't wait - well I can, actually, because I'm the person who has to feed the crew when they go on vacation. This week it is 2 cats, a chinchila, a goldfish, a bird, a gecko and kiwi.


Maybe the kids weren't kids, MM. HIVisitors? When did Pence notice the "outbreak?"


I'm much less concerned about the flood of illegals than I am the flood of "legal" muslim refugees BOzo is seeding into unsuspecting communities across America.



Re: Jib and Dot,

Jib and I got into it over the Masters. I said Tiger started the fitness craze and now all the young players were buff. He schooled me that I was wrong and Gary Player started it. (Apparently it didn't catch on) He continued to school me 3 more times and I tried to concede. He wasn't accepting that. Then he made some comment on Facebook that put me over the edge so I came back and told him that I knew he was smarter and better and richer than I was and I was sorry that I even pretended to know something about golf because he was clearly the expert. It was very snarky and I thought well deserved. That was the end for him.

He is posting on Facebook and perhaps he will see this and feel strongly about coming back to correct me. I'm not mad at him at this point, but he clearly still is mad at me.

As for Dot, he's got a lot of stuff going on and thinks a lot has changed around here and it might be a good time to bow out. I told him things change because people leave and insisted that he come in and say hi every so often.

We'll see how much pull I have.

Miss Marple


The numbers from the government are very ephemeral. Most info has come in from on the scene reports by church volunteers.

They seem to have een split amongst medium to large cities in Indiana: Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, Gary.

I don't know when Pence first became aware of this, only when they announced the emergency needle program and such, about 3 weeks ago.

This area in the story is small town, southern Indiana. Not one that would normally have received a large influx of ilegals without anyone commenting on it.


Another asked if she ever wanted to be first lady when she was a kid. She responded, “I didn’t know I could be a first lady.” She explained that people “like her” and Barack didn’t think they ever could. But, she said, “Here I am. It’s a pretty good job.”

What horrible parents she has. Imagine doing that to a kid particularly at her age. Lots of black success stories by that time. Hell Obama grew up in an all white family - imagine telling your kid that!

I'm disgusted. And it explains a lot.



We have a pair of mating ducks again this year. With the loss of Diva--doggy sentinel extraordinaire--the ducks are absolutely, and rather flippantly, I might add, unconcerned about the other two dogs. It's like they own the place. Last year, she nested against the foundation which you could see clearly from the family room window. The missus put up a small fence around it and pretty soon there were a dozen eggs. Heading to Sun Valley for Memorial day weekend, Mrs. lyle predicted that they would hatch and be gone by the time we returned. Yep. But about four days later we were out back and she paraded the whole crew by for our enjoyment, never to be seen again.


Jane, all the vets at the local pet clinic we use seem to be young women who probably loved animals as much as Hailey.

I hope JiB and Dot both come back.I wish bgates and Maybee would, too.

It's enough losing PUK and Sue and Jim.



President Obama is visiting Florida this afternoon “to lend urgency to his environmental agenda, CNN reports. Only Congress can declare war, but the president will declare “the dangers of climate change an imminent threat to the state’s economy.” The report continues:
He planned to tape an interview with Bill Nye, the popular television scientist who’s an outspoken proponent of doing more to combat global warming, and tour parts of the Everglades park, his first time visiting the popular attraction south of Miami.

It’s part of a strategy the White House has employed to make clear the direct ways climate change could impact Americans’ lives, including adverse health effects and declining property values.

Taranto quotes the Miami Herald:

South Florida’s housing rebound has been remarkable.

Lured by Miami’s cachet as an emerging international gateway and luxury getaway, foreign investors ranging from Russian oligarchs to Brazilian supermodels to anonymous Channel Islands companies have rushed in with mounds of cash.

Along Miami Beach’s North Bay Drive and Sunset Islands, Key Biscayne and Gables Estates, the elite are shelling out millions of dollars to buy teardowns to make room for new Gatsby-esque spreads.

Developers are hawking one new pre-construction condominium tower after another. They feature gilded amenities fit for Dubai or Hong Kong (one will be topped with a private helipad; another, equipped with private automobile elevators). Glass-walled penthouses tout 360-degree views of the city, the ocean and Biscayne Bay.

Figures Precious wouldn't know--or acknowledge--market forces if they bit him in the ass.



Yelp reviews:

• "I'm all for the ACA but this website is a massive, stinking, pathetic example of governmental incompetence."

• "I can't imagine how many people are going to give up on getting insurance because of how bad this site is. It actually makes me sad.

• "Obama you are alienating those who supported you. Come on I/we deserve better than this."

Saps. More:

Despite projections that California's enrollment would grow by half a million this year — a 36% boost over last year — signups climbed only about 7,000 — or less than 0.5%. And the retention rate was just 65% of enrollees — far lower than the overall national average.

Miss Marple


Good. This type of stuff needs to be hammered down.



Hailey is determined to go live in the bowels of Australia with the weirdest animals on the planet. I would not bet against her.

Jack is Back!


I have sent Jane a FB message.

She, nor our disagreement on Player vs. Tiger, is the reason I am not posting. It is a counter-commenter to our disagreement. Jnd eane is a wonderul person and vaiued commenter who I have always respected and appreciated.o

However, the way some of my comments are countered by venonous comments that are unwarranted leave me no other option but to beg out of commenting. I will continue to lurk and enjoy the repartee but I can't comment knowing there are little men out there with inferiority complexes who get their jolliies off by snarking any comment I make.



Oz--home to some of the world's most deadly creatures. From spiders to box jellyfish and several others.

Jack is Back!

Let me try that again:

She, nor our disagreement on Player vs. Tiger, is the reason I am not posting. It is a counter-commenter to our disagreement.Jane is a wonderul person and vaiued commenter who I have always respected and appreciated.

Miss Marple


I missed whoever was snarking, which seems to be a petty thing. I will sorely miss news of Frederick and your travels. Maybe you could post early in the morning once in a while?


I second Miss Marple. Frederick is one of us, too, and a learn lot from JiB.


It wasn't me, MM.

Miss Marple

I don't know who it was, TK. I am mostly here in the early mornings and the evening, so I probably missed it, or didn't understand what I was reading.

What a shame. I was really interested in JiB's posts, because he had such a fascinating perspective.

Jack is Back!

Not TK. We have had our issues but I respect his opinions (no matter how interesting aka loonie:), his humor and of course, mechanical skill.


I think I was the only one delivering snark. But I appreciate your kind words JIB. You give as good as you get, so come back and give it.


Thanks, JIB. I equally admire you and have been very thankful that we have had a good online relationship.

Miss Marple

The last surviving dog from 9/11:


Please keep commenting and informing us with your wide range of k owl edge
I also enjoy keeping up with Frederick
I was. hurt when I first came to JOM as I was initially deemed a troll
I decided to give it another chance and have found it a wonderful source of encouragement
I don't believe it has changed that much
Perhaps it is time to resume our Friday night stories especially good during the primary season

Captain Haiku

JiB gone? But
He was like Dos Equis dude
Interesting stuff


JiB, Like many others have already commented.
Reading JOM is less enjoyable when we are not seeing your posts. Please keep posting.

Miss Marple

Trouble in Hillary World:



What's a guy to do on Earth Day? collect environmentalist skulls. My tax bill thanks him.

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