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April 16, 2015


Captain Hate on the iPad

Scalia used to share an affinity for the opera with the old crone.


much like the Kennedys and Lurch:



As with his flawed reasoning re the executive amnesty issue, Adler once again piggybacks off Voloch's (overrated) brand to present his views on AGW. In doing so, he relies exclusively on the thoughts of biotech scientist Bailey. Color me unmoved.
At least until the massive vested interests pushing the AGW climate scare - which is so obviously a solution in search of a problem - stops. Until there is any sign of that, there is 'good faith' debate to be had here, period.
What will that look like? Well, for a start, it will look like a sincere, respectful, non-politicized, substantive response to statements like these:


On the subject of marriage, perhaps the gays should be careful what they ask for. This site gives you the chance to calculate the approximate cost or benefit in terms of federal taxes of being married versus cohabitating and filing as singles. I suspect that in most two-career situations the cost is substantial. In my own case, the cost is more than 3 percent of our joint income. (And just in case she's reading this, you're worth every penny!)


Yes, it's from Five-thirty-eight, but for once it's actually interesting.


The White House has quietly put out this immigration integration report this week. https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/final_tf_newamericans_report_4-14-15_clean.pdf

The workforce coalitions are pushing this.


"Americans are bound together by a set of ideas that all are created equal".

Anybody here believe that. What a doltish statement with all those federal agencies signed on.


Let's see. The set of ideas are created equal, but some ideas are more equal than others.


sbw-it reminds me of the urgency Tony Blair showed to keep bringing in Pakistanis to be new citizens in the UK. A reliable voting bloc for his Third Way and no desire to assimilate.


no desire to assimilate

We share a common future together separately.


as a consequence:



Except for the plan to join together the Promise Zone Initiatives with this integration so that geographically distinct areas are all completely dependent from cradle to grave on the continuation of the federal support and forced pushes of the private sector to "create an economy" in certain places.

http://www.nationalskillscoalition.org/news/blog/new-white-house-report-marks-important-step-forward-for-immigration-and-skills also makes it clear these 'immigrants' are covered by WIOA and are to be in a hurry to get credentials. They will also have multiple agencies telling them their worker rights and employers' responsibilities to them.


I would love to hear Scaley's review of pope francis. I hope the Green Monster of envy hasn't resulted in soiling his robe.


They are old friends, however unlikely it seems. But RBG needs little encouragement. Reports have it she is (justifiably) outraged by the suggestions she should step down to give Obama another pick - perhaps because she is disappointed in the scholarship of his first two.

When you have a lifetime appointment, demands you retire are insulting. RBG seems to get that, and intends to stick her longevity in Obama's two faces. Good for her!

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