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April 18, 2015



Not again! This must be my lucky day!

Jeff Dobbs

Here's Rubio ordering at Chipoltle on April 15. The food may have been a little greasy.


Headline at hit's 9:42am: "Chipotle Security Footage Reveals: Marco Rubio Orders A Chicken Quesadilla, Gives Staff Something Special"

No press pics unless Rubio provides something the msm can use to harm him?


Rubio must be a white Hispanic.


Rubio is rising!

Captain Hate

Ok how do you conduct a full campaign like this?


Miss Marple

Taking a short break from yard work.

The squirrels seem to have been busy last fall burying walnuts and buckeyes. Which have sprouted.

Miss Marple

Done with yard work. When you start staggering it's time to come in. Ha!


I am so lucky to watch the McLaughln Report about how everyone inside the Beltway will vote but nothing on how the rest of the states will vote. Guess whose votes makes a difference.

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