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April 23, 2015





Good post there OL. Plays right into my new post as I continue to hammer the games being played in the 'bipartisan' update of federal education law engineered by Lamar and Patty Murray. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/harnessing-the-meaning-making-capacities-of-the-human-mind-and-then-assessing-for-the-tightness-of-the-fit/

Harnessing comes from an exact quote on intent. It is pushed by the trough pols of both parties. We cannot get to OL's # 2 scenario unless this shift in the function and purpose of K-12 education and the real reason they want preschool are accurately understood.

Old Lurker

rse, Lamar has rented my neighbor's house this summer on Nantucket. Anything you want me to say to him?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The only way the GOP will be useful is if a single person or a small group of like minded people committed to Constitutional governance grab its reins and yank them away from the oligarchs, courtiers and remoras who have made it an extension of Leviathan just as much as the Dems are, much in the same way the NRA was taken over by a group of committed activists back in the 70s.
The only other way back from the wilderness will not be peaceful.


Tedeschi ain't worth the ticket as far as I'm concerned. She just doesn't get the blues.

Went to see my youngest sister recently. She's a bit of a recluse. She had a picture of her and John Lee Hooker on the wall and I asked her why. She said that they were very good friends.

When I was a kid I had my aunt's old 78's. I love the blues and only maybe 15 years ago did I admit that Eric Clapton was a brilliant blues guitarist. For his first 10 years SRV was a Hendrix wannabee as far as I was concerned. So when she said that I was surprised, although I shouldn't have been.

Apparently when I wasn't around she was listening to my stereo and all of my old blues and roots music. I thought that was very, very cool....

It is wondrous to find that 40 or more years later you have such a close link to a sibling.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Top Gear, one of the world's most popular shows; in ruins.

Miss Marple


I don't follow that show but wouldn't its fan base sort of be irritated with a woman in the lead position? I mean, isn't it a show geared to guys who love cars and such?

Captain Hate

I've never seen Wilco live but love some of their compositions. Talented players, too.

I assume Nels Cline is still their lead guitarist; it was a really smart move on all parts when he was added to the fold. For the band it added a Fender slinger with drop dead chops who defies categorization. For him the gigs finance his more esoteric projects and expands his audience.

Captain Hate

Falling below the Faber College level:



then the Moses who might lead us back to the Promised Land will have to recognize that at least a third of the people living here will never ever be persuaded to support our founding principles

It's worth noting that the original Moses brought with him in the exodus from Egypt the "mixed multitude," a large portion of the Jews, those who were largely content with being slaves, who created nothing but trouble (including that whole Golden Calf business). The more things change....

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


I don't follow that show but wouldn't its fan base sort of be irritated with a woman in the lead position?--

Not if she fit, but that's the problem; the show is great because of the unique chemistry of the three hosts.
There have been attempts to copy it but they're all quite lame because it's not a formula you can replicate without those three guys.
Imagine the Bob Newhart Show without Bob Newhart.


The IRS Scandal, Day 715

By Paul Caron

IRS Logo 2
Breitbart, Did John McCain Know about IRS Targeting?:

When the IRS scandal broke, Sen. John McCain sent out a press release claiming to be shocked at the news. But was he?

Three years’ of IRS e-mail evidence continues to build against the federal government. The most interesting and possibly disturbing piece of information deals with the fact that Republican Senator McCain and Democrat Senator Carl Levin were both aware of the targeting eleven days before Lerner’s public admission of “inappropriate” actions.

E-mails reveal that staffers from McCain’s office met with IRS personnel for six hours, 11 days before Lerner’s public admission of “inappropriate” actions. ...

This revelation served as chilling confirmation of a suspicion Tea Party groups had all along: they were under fire from both sides of the establishment in Washington, D.C. Republicans and Democrats worked together to crush their common enemy, actual conservatives. ...

[W]hat about that six hour meeting? McCain has some serious explaining to do about just how much he knew about the targeting at the IRS. He’s certainly had his differences with the Tea Party and conservative Republicans in the past. And his positions on free speech and political action have more in common with liberals who prefer a one-way street over the marketplace of ideas.

Maybe, just maybe, Senator McCain did not mind the IRS’ attempts to stifle the First Amendment rights of Tea Party citizens. Maybe his shock at Lerner’s revelation was just as fake as the outrage from the White House.



Great find, Jane.


OL-someone on his staff read my first post on the rewrite and they toned down the egregious language if not the function.

Lamar has made beaucoup apparently from his investments in education companies over the years.

I guess our wanna-be oligarch class wants to summer that way. Especially if the riff-raff cannot get a ferry reservation and has no plane.

Old Lurker

No surprise about McCain. Would not surprise me to learn he encouraged them to do it in the first place. He's too dumb to understand what he destroys.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Christians urged to wear orange in solidarity with Christians martyred by IS.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I bow to no one in my disdain for the Arizona Kid but I think I might be tempted to give him a pass if his only involvement was finding out 11 days before the scandal broke about stuff that had long been going on.
Now, if he lobbied the IRS to do what it did,that's a different story.
Did he?

Old Lurker

You're too kind, Iggy. Even if he learned it cold eleven days before, his duty was to shout it from the rooftops as a crime against the Constitution. Staying quiet while Lerner tried to slip it into the "old news...as we always said" round file was a disservice to all of us.

More likely: he and Levin were in on it from the get-go and 11 days out they knew it was going to come out so they met for six hours to discover how bad it might be.

Cynical enough for you? :-)

That's for EB.

Professor Procrustes bashes in faces
And finds the brains fit all his cases.


Thanks kim.

We have evil affot all over the place now because there is no personal downside to deceit. Only more promotions and thus lucre.

Jeff Dobbs

Now, if he lobbied the IRS to do what it did,that's a different story.
Did he?

He DEFINITELY lobbied the IRS to crack down on 50whatevernumberitis

The question is if he knew and or encouraged the targeting of conservative orgs.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--He DEFINITELY lobbied the IRS to crack down on 50whatevernumberitis--

Well, I've heard that same call here, so not sure that demonstrates much.

--The question is if he knew and or encouraged the targeting of conservative orgs.--

Yeah, that was my question too. Did he?

Jeff Dobbs

One last refresh......nope, no TM.

Gnu fred

Jeff Dobbs

darn auto-correct.


IRS SCANDAL?? No such thing. Down the memory hole. The Commie admin can do as it pleases, NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT.

And the GOP will approve Lynch.

We are officially fucked.


Did anyone see what the "compromise" was that allowed the Human Trafficking Bill to pass, and then led the way to the confirmation of Lynch?

Did the Dems cave on the "controversial" Hyde Amendment language, or did the Reps just give that up?

Every report I saw/heard/read just said there had been a compromise, but none elaborated on the content of it.

Anybody know who blinked?

Old Lurker

New Thread


11 days before Lerner’s public admission of “inappropriate” actions. ...

When was that?...2013?
The IRS was targeting conservative groups back in 2010, if not before.

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