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April 03, 2015



Kupchan is in full 'Vizzini mode' also Basil Fawlty,

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze

Oh !


that Paul Erdman potboiler, 'the Crash of 79' predicted this outcome, sans the Ayatollahs in 1976!

Jeff Dobbs

Love the passive voice:

For a president whose ambitions to remake the world have been repeatedly frustrated

The ambitions have been frustrated.

It's not that Obama has failed - it's the world that has proven itself not worthy of his glorious ambitions and has let him down something awful.

Miss Marple

I still maintain that we are dealing with someone not only Marxist and evil but seriously mentally disturbed.

I favor hospitalization for a prolonged period, say, until 2016.


I think they handed Baker, the trapper keeper,


Saudis want nukes? Everybody in the neighborhood wants nukes. There da bomb.

Beasts of England

How can narciso be so in tune with the culture to know 'trapper keeper', but he's never seen a Star Trek episode? :)


THIS is no laughing matter. Obummer and the Mullahs are teammates here, and they got what they both wanted -- sanctions lifted, and the Mullahs have to do .... NOTHING. The dying EUtopians went along with this sham becuase in the short run they get another alternative to GazProm so they don't have to pay as much homage to Vlad, but of course in doing so they let the Mullahs go further into the Balkans to radicalize the historically peaceful Shia there. Vlad loses some leverage, but he won't veto this at the Sec Counc, because the Mullahs will take the gas sale Euros and buy Vlad's shyte weapons with the money. Oh, and the Saudis will get the SaudBomb, and the 12th Imam will be knocking on the door. Millions may die; I just hope they are all Sunni and Shia, not anyone else.

Miss Marple


This is an American correspondent for an Arab news outlet, but the facts are pretty straightforward.

I was unaware that military aid to Egypt had been resumed with no strings attached.


sarcasm is not a skill appreciated at the Bezos Post,


as the Journal pointed out, the Yemen matter has brought the brotherhood and the Kingdom closer together like the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and that always works out,


Dear Tom--all the best to you and your family this Easter holiday.


The sputtering U.S. economy created just 126,000 jobs in March as bad weather, bad federal fiscal policy, smaller school lunches, weak consumer spending, a lying chief executive, and flailing corporate profits resulted in the worst report since December 2013.

Jeff Dobbs

From the article:
A deal with Iran and the ensuing transformation of politics in the Middle East would provide one of the more robust foreign policy legacies of any recent presidencies. It’s kind of all in for Obama. He has nothing else. So for him, it’s all or nothing.”


"Don't call my bluff Eric Zarif

"So you are bluffing, Barack?"

"No, I uh, well, um, that's not what I meant."

"I call."



'lousy Smarch weather'

Beasts of England

Is the bad weather excuse only trotted out for poor job growth when a dem is in the Oval Office? Rhetorical, natch.

Jeff Dobbs

Let's not forget the most important thing here: would the NYT writer, Peter Baker, make a gay cake for a same sex couple wanting to get married?


the comfy chair has a lump or two:



From JiB on the previous thread:



Rick Ballard


Putin wins if Persian/Arab conflict can be inflamed in the same way he won by having Libyan production removed. A good long Persian/Arab war will pay for itself quite easily. We should be seeing SA strengthening ties with Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey, none of whom have any particular love for Persians.

This application of the Merde Touch may well kill more Mahometans than all the others put together.

I forget - do we root for Arabs on odd or even days?

Beasts of England

One can also bake gay pizza. I'll be a good boy on Good Friday and not trundle down the list of potential toppings... ;)


from Sanger's roundup:

Mr. Heinonen, the former chief inspector of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said, “It appears to be a fairly comprehensive deal with most important parameters.” But he cautioned that “Iran maintains enrichment capacity which will be beyond its near-term needs.”
see why they are totally useless,

Volodya would rather have the coin from sales to Libya, then not,

Captain Hate

Any time anybody in the US named Baker opens his yap on the Middle East the Jews get screwed.


that's good shorthand, Volodya has been playing the intermediate game, he saw the Bosnian brouhaha was bad news, his man Strelkov was on the other end of the deal, he lost his client in Iraq, and after Libya, has doubled down on the optometrist, he gives free reign to Kadyrov, who sometimes exceeds his leash,


If Iran were truly to adhere to the stated goals of the treaty, i.e. a ban on nuclear weapons, why would it need to enrich uranium in the first place? The thinking of the 5 +1 is completely wishful and/or evil.

We know Russia and China will do us dirt any way they can. But then China is becoming ever more dependent upon the free flow of oil from the Gulf.

It also seems odd that this is a "U.S." agreement. Where is all of the ballyhoo in other countries if this is so great? Sounds like its going to be "pin the tail on the American" when things go south.



First Graph-- matt, matt, matt, there ya go again talking facts. This 'Deal' has nothing to do with 'facts'; it is Obummer/Mullahs realizing their shared dream to end sanctions and enrich the most radicalized Islamic STATE allowing it to run wild fromSt Petersburg to Jakarta to Buenos Aires. And that makes Obummer feel good, so that's why he did it.

Jeff Dobbs

Over there on the memeorandum sidebar...

Washington Post:
Obama's Iran deal falls far short of his own goals

Not to twist the WaPo's words or anything, but Obama has racked up lots of own goals, and this one is definitely vying to surpass the rest of them.


Bad weather? It's 53 degrees here. Where are my shorts? Hurray!


Update on Operation JOM Flowers to jim's family-

I picked out the vase and set up delivery for Monday and made it clear we wanted something exquisite with some unusual flowers. I took a notecard and basically said this was from his friends at Just One minute and we wanted the family to have something lovely so they would know how well he was thought of people who had never actually gotten the chance to meet him n person.

I am paraphrasing, but that's the gist. Ann has the relevant info and I also asked that she be sent a picture of the arrangement before it was delivered. That people were contributing from all over the country. So Ann should be able to post that Monday.

Hope everyone has a great Easter. Wish me patience with the Diva.

It also looks like I will be in DC this summer around the 25th and 26th. The Diva is doing a program that ends the day before she starts a performing summer program.

I am getting good at booking these multicity plane tickets. The things we figure out by the last child.

Jeff Dobbs

Heh. narc had a comment go to the typepad naughty bin. I can't get them out when it's a TM post - so I was going to just copy the text/link and post it for him.

I tried twice - now both those comments are alongside narciso's.

Say la vee.


but of course, grey poupon:


yes, the abominable snowman, crushes any wary job seeker, as the skydragon does in the summer time,


what sent it to the 'naughty bin'?

Danube on iPad

Just sent the following to Reid's lackey at [email protected] re Larry Reid:

"Adam, when you next see Larry please give him my thanks for beating the shit out of that crook."

Jeff Dobbs

It's the link that got it flagged, narc.

I tried again, but put spaces so it wasn't hyperlinked - but the ever-vigilant typepad was not fooled.


it's the Bezos post, that has it confuzzled:


Thomas Collins

From Obama's perspective, this is a good deal. I think Obama does have a strategic plan for the Mideast, namely, tilt towards Iran as the stabilizing power. This deal, which ends sanctions and leaves the Mullahs close to breakout (if they already haven't broken out) advances that goal.

Re US shield for Israel and Saudi Arabia: If anything, Obama is going to give Iran a shield against the Israelis and Sauds.

I think Obama is determined to see the pro-Iran tilt through. I think this substantially increases the chances of war in the Middle East. But I can see how this makes sense from Obama's point of view. He would rather risk war to advance the goal of having Iran be the dominant power in the Middle East.


ThomC-- "Iran as the stabilizing power" these words, they may mean what Obama believes them to mean, but not what the rest of the world believes....

as to the substance of what you say, absolutely agree. Obummer is teammates with the Mullahs and MB, and he is an enemy of the Jews and KSA/Gulf States.

Rick Ballard

"He would rather risk war"


I would imagine the people dying in the Mahometan dump fires in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen regard themselves as being participants in Arab/Persian/Sunni/Shite battles of what certainly must feel like war at the ultimate moment.


NK good stuff.
Thomas Collins, I'm sorry, but as usual, Obama has no fuxing clue what he is doing.
The jug eared mf'er is mentally ill.
WTF happened to us. Obama is allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons, it's as fucking simple as that. Israel WILL NOT go quietly into the good night. This shit is serious.
The Senate should be holding press conferences day and night, telling the world that Obama is not an Emperor and this "framework" is nonsense.


Wretchard's latest on the Iran deal:


Recently Michele Bachmann has been criticized for comparing president Obama to the deranged Andreas Lubitz, who locked the pilot of the Germanwings airliner cockpit. But the comparison is not appropriate. President Obama is like the pilot who locked himself out of his own cockpit — and left the key inside.

RickB-- the ancient hatreds are over 1000 years old, the war amongst them is perpetual, Obummer is now pouring nukes on to the Dump Fires.


rse @11:23.

" I took a notecard and basically said this was from his friends at Just One minute and we wanted the family to have something lovely so they would know how well he was thought of people who had never actually gotten the chance to meet him n person."

I think you said it perfectly. Thanks for all your efforts.

Jack is Back! On his iPad by the pool)

Does boom before doom or is it the other way around now?

Jack is Back! On his iPad by the pool)

...come before...


Maryrose, have a great Easter. You are such a nice person it just oozes through the screen.

Dave (in MA)


POSOTUS v. the military


Many thanks to Ann and rse for handling arrangements sending our regards to the Rhoads family. (My check will go into the mail tomorrow)


lol DoT.


A deal with Iran and the ensuing transformation of politics in the Middle East would provide one of the more robust foreign policy legacies of any recent presidencies.

I don't know if "robust" is exactly the right word here.


On the last thread someone asked about taxes on the go fund me money.


My guess is the IRS will try to stick it to any conservative who gets money thru these type of programs.

The average on the pizza owner fund raiser is $30 per giver. No one got anything in return for
giving their gift.

I am not giving tax advise, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before.


Extraneous-- oh it will be 'robust' already.... with respect to certain people and certain conseuences.

Captain Hate

A giant in his field:



Check out this tweet. They think the O'Connors set the whole thing up.



Don Tommasino a ruling.


the Soros wurlitzer, fronted in part by RFK jr, chimes in:



that's why 91 million, (dr. evil pinky) are no longer in the workforce, silly me,

Old Lurker

Who knows their genetic linage vectors, circa 2000 BC or so?

Am I correct in recalling that the Persian tribes were largely from their north and east (I seem to recall their being described as indo-european), and the Arabs were from the south and west, more or less coming into conflict about where Iran is now?

Just curious for a refresher...


Well, at least the coming nuclear winter will slay the sky dragon. So there is that.


I love the ignorance of the progs who think that a hypothetical gay couple can sue the pizzeria over a hypothetical refusal to cater to a hypothetical wedding.

Newsflash, fools. A figment of a reporter's imagination has no standing in a court of law.



derwil@12:36-- I guess that qualifies as gallows humor; sheesh.


CH-Reich is one of the signatories to that Next System Project I wrote about yesterday.

He also wrote the Foreword to the US publication of the Spirit Society that is pure Marxian Human Devt Society vision.

jimmyk on iPhone

"I think you said it perfectly. Thanks for all your efforts."

Indeed. I am traveling and haven't been able to do anything, but when back home I will make a donation to one of the organizations mentioned in the obit.

jimmyk on iPhone

Reich's comments are straight out of the commie playbook, and a generation ago would have been recognized as such. I remember someone, possibly Buckley, interviewing Bernadette Devlin some 40 years ago, and she went on about how factory workers work harder than CEOs, why should CEOs get paid so much, etc. Clueless.

Thomas Collins

I acknowledge I wasn't clear on that one, Rick B. I meant a direct Saud/Israel-Iran confrontation to be added to the Thirty Years War blowup currently occurring.

Teammates is a good way to look at it, NK. Green Movement and Israelis are the teams that have to be eliminated from the tournament, according to Obama.

GUS, I'm not sure what's worse: You're correct (Obama has no fuxing clue) or I'm correct (Obama knows what he's doing).

As to Bibi, GUS, agree with you. Bibi's language is not posturing: He'll attack Iran and risk Obama and the Euros siding with the mullahs.

I just wish the Israelis had the capability to really stick it to Obama by taking over and holding Iran's nuke installations. Bibi could then announce that in furtherance of Obama's stated goals for peace, Israel was inviting in the IAEA for a thorough inspection of the facilities. Just to show no hard feelings, the Israelis could invite Obama, Thorne/Heinz, Imam Khameinei and Rouhani to observe the inspections (under the watch of the Israeli military).

James D.

Ext, I made the mistake of clicking on an article about the pizzeria on Gawker and that's what all the braying jackasses there are saying.

IT's depressing beyond words. I am thinking very un-Christian thoughts about a lot of my fellow men and women on this Good Friday.

Some Guy

GUS, I'm not sure what's worse: You're correct (Obama has no fuxing clue) or I'm correct (Obama knows what he's doing).

I think it's both a floor wax AND a dessert topping.

Obama thinks he knows what he's doing, but since his thinking is based on fundamentally stupid things, he has no fuxing clue.


Denton's Dothraki's really aren't worth riling, the Terminator series, seems to have incorporated 'nuclear winter' into their scenario, except the last one, where they thought to heck with it,

Frau Wachsam

Too bad the soap box Robert Reichchchchchch has to stand on contains over-ripe Limburger cheese samples.

Iran may be close to having the bomb, but Israel has it already and will use it if necessary.


I'm turning the car around, this instant:



So Obama wants to be known for his Iran agreement.

I am reminded of the Frenchmen in the castle in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" for some reason. They were thumbing their noses at us before, during and after this whole sorry caper. And this guy thinks they will be his friends now.

Sort of like the Cubans demanding reparations if we want to open an embassy in Habana. Or the Palestinians abrogating the 2006 agreements without penalty. Or declaring Ft. Hood workplace violence.

Evil Spock Universe.


dreher has learned nothing from the preceding three years:



Want to go for a million?


Jeff Dobbs

Check out this tweet. They think the O'Connors set the whole thing up.


If you can't trust a runner-up on MTV's Wanna Be a VJ contest back in the 90s, who can you trust?

Captain Hate

This should make GMax happy:



Two peaceful Ferguson protestors identified. Hands up, don't bomb.*

*I'm sure the feds said something along those lines when they arrested them.


hery-- Obummerwill pardon them.


'looking out for the folks:


megyn may not be perfectly on track, but shirley,


No need, Lynch will forget to prosecute them. (She has to prove she is as odious as any man prog like Holder).


For whatever reason, I haven't seen evidence that Lynch is the monstrous analogue to Holder. Up here as US Atty EDNY, she's been more of a bureaucrat than an ideologue. Time will tell.

Captain Hate

BOR is determined to wrest the Rove News Channel Costanza Award from the grasp of Shemp so he can emblazon it on a new line of Factor Gear for the folks.


well Guiliani wants her to have a vote, it's hard to reach the nadir that Steadman has turned the department into, but he is only at the top of thee pyramid,


Henry - re your 1.33: interesting that this news item received no MSM coverage before now, huh?

Captain Hate

I haven't seen evidence that Lynch is the monstrous analogue to Holder.

The DeGenova's thought double aught Stedman would do a fine job; that worked out well. If the Persian Rug nominates somebody, that person is terrible for the job.


well our friends from abroad, gave some notice:



it was a blip, in the faily news and elsewhere,


frankly I don't terribly trust the Saudis, I know a shocker, specially this king, and the folks who have his ear, the French double crossed in Iraq,
I know we were muscling in on their piece of the action, but still,


this is the backstory I mentioned before:


Framatome, is Cogema, which was also knee deep in the Niger mess,

James D.

NK @ 1:46

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter who the nominee for AG is, or what their qualifications, history or views are.

The current AG is still in Contempt of Congress, yes? Several other high Administration appointees, including Cabinet secretaries, have lied to Congress, refused to provide evidence lawfully requested by Congress, destroyed records they were legally required to keep, yes?

Until those issues are resolved, no Obama appointee should get a confirmation vote. It's really simple.


on a more seasonally related note:


Beasts of England

Beasts damned near got in a fight a few minutes ago. lol

I was coming back from the liquor store at the lake (shocking, I know...) and I'm behind a car as we go across a short causeway and this jerk tosses a Coke can right in the lake. Unreal.

We both pull into the same gas station and I'm still shaking my head and he gets out right next to me and I said 'That Coke can's really gonna make the lake nicer, huh?' He replied 'Why the fuck do you care?' I told him that it wouldn't be too hard to wait a few seconds and throw it out at the gas station. He politely suggested that I do something to myself that's physically impossible. I intimated that he should do the same thing to his mother.

He really didn't care for that, and - the sawed-off shit that he was - bowed-up on me and his significant other screamed out 'Get your ass inside, Jeff!!' I think she runs the operation, because he turned around immediately with only a few more choice words for yours truly.

People who litter are simply rednecks - and I hate that word as much as I hate nigger - but it's all that fits. Ugh.

Beasts of England

The price of a Social Justice Warthog Supreme pizza just passed the $715k mark. Love it.


like those bumpkins, Sam Elliot's character seems to surround himself with, on Justified,

Rick Ballard

"I seem to recall their being described as indo-european"


Iran = Aryan according to the Anglo-Sazon dipsticks positing an AEnglishman being the apotheosis of natural selection. That's contrasted with the Semites, of course, odd, brutish, cousin-marrying sorts with the exception of the Israeli tribes holding to Levitical law who, oddly enough somehow continue to score much higher wrt the intelligence which AEngle-Saxons rated so highly.


Mark Steyn at the movies with Passion: God that man can write, and think, with extraordinary conviction.

Captain Hate

Even though there was seemingly minimum upside for you doing that, Beasts, getting to see who wears the pants in that relationship in an emasculating manner made it worth it.


the Top Men of their day, didn't rock the boat, with a confrontation with the authorities, and well the sicari, they didn't think he was radical enough for their lights,


BoE IMO, litter is like graffiti, it's vandalism, like a dog pissing on something to commenerate its presence.


What should happen next:


Captain Hate

Has the RNCe sent Mark Kirk 30 pieces of silver today?

Beasts of England

Agreed, NK. It's bad enough on the side of the road, but in the lake is just pure stupidity. I just can't comprehend that degree of dumb.

Captain Hate

91 million, (dr. evil pinky) are no longer in the workforce

Another new record for the Champ!

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