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May 02, 2015



Thank you, Captain @ 10:14, that was my reaction too. And hello, from outside the naughty box.

Jeff Dobbs

You took quite a risk taunting typepad like that, peter.

I'm glad it worked....

Captain Hate on the iPad

Yes, there is no such thing as a bad serial killer.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Ailes is inflicting Kasich on us again.

Jim Eagle

Correction (as if anyone here beside me cares:) but Mourhino has only 3 BPL titles while at Chelsea.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Dear God, Kasich is bragging about Cleveland schools which are complete crap. I can see the Romney RINO brigade uniting behind this doofus.


Representative Donna Edwards is backing Mosby's stupidity.

It was clear that she is a big part of the reason Baltimore is in such trouble.

Captain Hate on the iPad

He's talking about his victory over that loser Fitzgerald as if that was an indication that conservatives didn't hold their noses while voting for him.



Speaking of false narratives. It has been confirmed that FBI director Robert Mueller and Attorney General John Ashcroft asked Deputy Secretary of State Dick Armitage, his boss Colin Powell, and State Dept. attorney William H. Taft not to tell the public that Armitage was Bob Novak's source in outing Valerie Plame as a CIA employee. Mueller and Ashcroft did this long before Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed "Special Counsel".

Clarice, when are you going to correct the false narrative that it was Fitzgerald who told Armitage to keep it to himself?

The truth about the Valerie Plame case. (10 years later)

Beasts of England

If only the rich paid their fair share of taxes, Baltimore would be a paradise and all those thugs delightful young men would be astronauts.

Beasts of England

Thanks for the fight recap, hit. Your assessment seems to match the reviews I've seen online: it was extremely entertaining. But only for the boxers' bank accounts. :)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Panel on Rodham: Hume: more damaging data that the grifters haven't changed. Stolberg: Sanders won't win and she's upset that Princess Running Joke won't run. Will: Fat RINO Bastard has been hurt by Jeb running. Juan: republican party is fractured. Hume: Jeb hasn't been a good campaigner.

And that's a wrap.

Beasts of England

The Mayor of Baltimore is wearing out her Random Platitude Generator. She's in miles over her head.

And her citizens are equally clueless. One said that Balitmore suffers from systematic disinvestment. Those evil capitalists!! O'Malley starts off with the usual leftist bullshit, too. 'We haven't had an agenda for America's cities.' Yeah, he actually said that. And now sending profits abroad. What a f*cking retard.

This much is true: there can be no reconciliation between people who think and act like those mentioned above and traditional America. It simply can't be done.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

JiB - Great news for Chelsea fans.
It's a shame Mourinho has been so insufferable this season.
Takes some of the pleasure out of their championship for me.


I love this line from Captain - "...people who lead responsible lives are failing the deadbeats"

Jim Eagle

I just made a paypal donation to Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 3. The link below is to their website where they have a letter up on how to make donations. GoFundMe won't allow donations to anyone charged with a crime (creeps).


Jim Eagle

Kevin Williamson give us - Biden 'among' We The People. Fun read.



New post up. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/asserting-political-will-to-transform-the-nature-of-education-to-create-a-new-kind-of-electorate/

Anyone who asserts that the Every Child Achieves Act actually is 'conservative' either has not read it or does not understand education. So much duplicity from both parties.


I think go fund me just likes certain kinds of crime.


"Allen Bullock, the 18-year-old pictured smashing a police car with a traffic cone, in one of the defining images of the Baltimore riots, is being held on $500,000 bail and may face years in jail, The Guardian reports.

The teenager was charged with eight criminal counts, including rioting and malicious destruction of property."

Miss Marple

Good afternoon, all.

It's a beautiful day here and I just came in briefly to get some water. Been doing long-overdue yard work, which will probably take me a month to finish.

I am listening to the birds, the breeze, and the occasional barking from my squirrel-chasing dogs.

It's much better for my health than thinking about Baltimore and the summer of race riots, which the WSJ says 96% of Americans believe is coming.


On a positive note, for gardeners, Bayer has a new weed and grass killer which not only kills vegetation but keeps it from coming back for 3 months! This is a godsend for areas like sidewalk cracks, the mulched area along my drive, areas around mulched trees, etc.

$20 at home Depot for a spray container that covers 650 square feet. It's called Durazone:


Jim Eagle

Abe Greenwald at Commentary on Brian Moore the cop shot in the head in Queens:

"Brian Moore, a 25 year old New York City police officer is in a medically induced coma in Jamaica Hospital. He was allegedly shot in the head by Demetrius Blackwell in Queens on Saturday night. What spurred the shooting? Here’s the New York Post: “Blackwell had been fiddling with his waistband, a source said. The officers [Moore and his partner] pulled up behind him, and Blackwell realized they were cops.” In other words, the cops were so good at their job that their suspicions were raised by the sight of a man adjusting his pants in a particular way that indicated he might have had a gun—and he did.

That’s what good vigilant police work is. It’s picking out what’s subtly wrong on the street and getting to the bottom of it. It’s also what, under other circumstances, would wrongly be called racist harassment. Blackwell is black, and if it turned out he didn’t have a gun and if the situation escalated in such a way that that he ended up in critical condition, we can well imagine the outrage that would follow: First black people are told to pull up their pants. Then, when they do, they get shot. The point is the overwhelming majority of cops—good, smart, brave cops—don’t harass black people for sport. They don’t harass, period. They act on hunches and experience and put their lives on the line over the slightest irregularity to prevent civilian deaths, both black and white. In this case, one shooter is now off the streets; Blackwell is in custody. But one cop is in a coma. He saw a thug adjust his pants and understood that his vow to protect the community overrides any fear of being called a racist. It’s the very definition of both physical and moral bravery. Pray for Brian Moore."

Miss Marple

Good news, Jack!


I believe Al needs to read the fine print.

Going back outside.


"Glyphosate something-or-other" is the ingredient to look for, MM. That the secret ingredient that made Roundup a household name. The patent expired on Monsanto so anyone can put it in their weed killer now.

There was(and probably still is) huge arguments over the chemicals used to draw the poison into the plant. I think they are called surfactants.

I can't remember where I read about it but what I did learn is I can go buy Don Cheapo vegetation killer from places like Tractor Supply Company and save a ton of dough.


Who gives a damn about inner-city race riots? Dem voters? What else would be the point?

Like I tell my son, the Dems need to stir up the blacks to get them to vote. Doesn't matter how, and blacks are kind of gullible when it comes to these things.

Not racist, just fact.

Dave (in MA)

Santorum expresses support for Bruce Jenner...

'If he says he's a woman, then he's a woman'...

That's probably what Eddie Murphy and Dave Stewart were telling themselves.



Klayman needs to shut up.


So What Race Is April Pikes?



Someone needs to sue GoFundMe.

Beasts of England

'Pixie's Produce', a little roadside vegetable stand at the lake had a sign out for heirloom tomatoes. Not an expert on growing stuff, but it seemed just a bit early in the year for tomatoes. And that turned out to be true - she said they were hot house heirlooms. Huh.

So I bought several: Beauty Queen, Black Krim, Daddy's Sunset and a Brandywine. Then I ran by the Publix for some fresh mozzarella. Chopped it all up, tossed it with some great extra virgin, sea salt, cracked pepper and a little basil. It wasn't perfect, but it was sure as heck good enough for defying the natural growing season! :)


As near as I can tell there is no go fund me page for April Pikes either. (tk's post at 01:38)

Old Lurker

Anybody else surprised to see "Extra Virgin" in a Beasts post?

Beasts of England

I keep the extra virgins locked up in the basement, OL. ;)


Atleast he's not trying to claim 72 of them.

Miss Marple


I know about Round-up and the cheap knock-offs. The difference is that Bayer's product ALSO PREVENTS NEW WEEDS.

This is different and an advancement for dealing with the areas I described. Spraying with Round-up in those areas kills all the weeds. A couple of weeks later seedlings are popping up and you have to spray or hoe again.

With this product you spray and are good for no weeds for 3 months. BIG advancement, as far as I am concerned.


Leonard Pitts, who once seemed to have some sense but seems to have completely lost his mind over the past few years, is featured in my paper's op-ed section today ranting about how it's all white people's fault. (he fails to note that the cop charged with murdering Freddy Gray is an African American). He cites a video of a white cop NOT SHOOTING a white man who was threatening him as evidence of the racism of police.


Beasts of England

Nice vignette about Calvin Peete during the WGC telecast just now. I didn't know about his injured arm until jimmyk mentioned it the other day. Of course, I didn't realize that his injury was at least part of the reason for his distinctive swing. According to Johnny Miller, it didn't prevent him from bring one of the better drivers on tour. Maybe I need to call out of a tree!

Agent J

All is well (no riots) in rural Missouri.

Wish there was a "like" button for comments that we like..or dislike.

Family knows and understands that on Sunday I spend some time reading and wondering about Clarice post and JOM. Clarice, today was a work of art for me..your clarification of the facts was much appreciated..I love the many different views and opinions on JOM..

Keep it up everyone.



I'll be more careful in the future.


TK, ;)

I'm glad you post here.



Good job Colonel West!

Beasts of England

Pitts needs to remember that more whites are killed by cops than blacks. And while it is disproportionately blacks by racial demographic representation, it's also greater than 95% males who die this way. Anyone suggesting that the cops are sexist? Didn't think so.

If you can accept the over-representation of men getting killed by the police, then you have to accept the racial element, as well.

Men's lives matter!! Things you'll never hear the progtards say.

Miss Marple






Hello Agent J!

What did you make of the radar testimony on the DC gyrocopter?

Beasts of England

Same holds true for prison populations - over 90% male. Ever heard prisons called sexist? Nope. We accept that men commit more crimes. But, let race be an outlier and all of a sudden blacks lies lives matter.

Hopefully someone calls out Cankles on this when she starts whining about prison popayions this election. Of course, we could have an affirmative action program to place lots more women behind bars...



Thanks, John.

MM, love ya!


You'll be happy to know that Tom Brady made both the Derby and the fight last night. I don't know if he remembers anything because it seems he was pretty zonked. How bout that carbon footprint?

Beasts of England

I might be jealous of several of Mr. Brady's perquisites, but his carbon footprint is way down on the list. :)

Beasts of England

Speaking of envy: I wouldn't mind having the rosewood Brooks Berdan VPI turntable that Wozniak's listening to in his Cadillac commercial.



Was sitting on the patio last night with my wife when, at 10:08 four separate objects without standard navigation lights, glowing orange, appeared out of the North or northwest traveling to the south east. They appeared one at a time except in one instance we could see two. They were not helicopters or airplanes. They might have been about 2000 feet in the air. They might have been drones. I do have a video and some still photos but the objects are just dots. I will check with Eastern Air Defense radar Monday to see if they saw anything on radar.


Careful there Beasts. Start throwing more wimmenz in prison and you might lose some of those extra virgins.

Jack is Back!

Back from our car show. Pictures at my FB page. One Performante Lambo there of my neighbors that I never knew he owned. Frederick sat by it in the grass hoping he could get a ride home. Neighbor said sure, if you pay for the gas. Also another friends 1955 gull wing MB. Now that is my kind of car.


Janet at 9:59 pm last night is brilliant. Saving for use later (w/attribution).

Old Lurker

Ditto that about Janet's 9:59, Porch.

Wonderful idea.

Miss Marple

Fox says these people will announce this week:

Mike Huckabee
Ben Carson
Carly Fiorina

The only one I would consider not a time-waster is Fiorina, who has proven surprisingly good in interviews and speaking.

Carson is a man of sterling charaacter and a phenomenal surgeon, but is soft on 2nd Amendment, wishy on dealing with people like Sharpton, and is not strong enough in his personna to be CIC.

I do not need to explain my disdain for Huckabee.

Old Lurker

If you wanted a larger stage for Janet's idea, consider using California. It is closer to satisfying her list already than is Baltimore. Let all the Progs flow there then we can put up the wall we never built to the south. Roach Motel.

We would have to evacuate our friends of course.

Old Lurker

Ditto MM.

Beasts of England

Any sound eminating from those objects, sbw? Could you estimate their size? I've posted a bizarre UFO on JOM from a few years ago. Lots of interesting objects flying around. I suspect they're all in the drone family.

Beasts of England

72 women - virgin or otherwise - sounds distinctly closer to punishment than pleasure.

:::ducks again:::


Janet's 9:39 is wonderful.

Agent J

Threadkiller at 3:03;
I was aware of the incident when it happened, but not of any details..seem to file those things under "attention seekers".

Jim Eagle

AgentJ is right. Knowing something about radar and big bombs:) the problem is drones and a gyrocopter is just a big drone when you paint it. Now you know why the government is really concerned about the growning populaiton of drones. You cannot track them on our outdated ATC systems. In fact, I would be surprised that the Secret Service has anything to track them around the WH or whereever the POTUS decides to alite.



He also advocated shutting down restaurants and businesses that were protecting their investments. “If they protected themselves against you, protect yourselves against them. Don’t spend your money there. Don’t give them no reason to be in your neighborhood. Kick them out.”

Add that to Janet's prescription.

(Nice pic of the dude with looted Pringles, iced tea and toilet paper at the link.)


Ext, now they want redlining?


The Ayatollah is down with the schtruggle.


US Police kill people over any excuse; this type of power doesn't ensure security but leads to insecurity. #Baltimore
Miss Marple


That seems to fall into the "cut off your nose to spite your face" category.

If the store owners allow looting, they go out of business.

If they don't allow looting, they go out of business.

So, when there are no placesto get precriptions or food, and no shops to employ people, what does he think they are going to do? Does he think some magic genie will deliver food and goods? Are they going to order their groceries on Amazon?

Nuts, just nuts.


Hopefully Amazon is developing armored drones.


Any sound eminating from those objects, sbw? Could you estimate their size?

No sound, but that could be distance. Too dark and a mile away, but I would have thought smaller than a single engine plane.


No problems. Just make it known Whole Foods accepts EBT cards.


Dr No, bond marathon. Beer. Life is good.


Evening all, so same round of the hamster cage, Rove News Sunday is generally useless,

great pieces, clarice,

our pastor was pointing out the promise and paradox
of Christianity, we are promised that we will be persecuted, as an outward sign of our faith, for this is not his world, for it is the lion,


Dr. No, likely wouldn't but one could see Blofeld or even Stromberg, big environmentalist, in a Holdren way, fund the red queen,


Jeff Dobbs

Chicken marinated overnight on the grill. Potato salad and pinto beans. And Beer. Life is good here too.

I love the deck. I really do. The weather this spring really has been just absolutely glorious. Last weekend was rainy - but I love rain. But every other weekend has been picture perfect.

Now I'm sitting out here listening to some Brad Paisley on spotify. Going to see him in a couple weeks with mrs hit and run over in Raleigh. She tried dropping subtle hints for a very long time. I'm a lughead, so I wasn't picking up what she was laying down. So she finally had to slap me upside the head V-8 style saying she wanted me to take her to a concert.

I got the message. Finally. So we're going. Should be fun.

The dude has a song his latest album called High Life. What's not to love?

Miss Marple

Soeaking of High Life, I am having one now with my home made tacos.


Hit, you once said you had no taste buds, or something to that effect. Yet, you post about food and cooking, which always gives me a V-8.

What gives? Did I misremember that?


Mmmmmm. Tacos sound good. Getting sprinkled here, so not on the deck.

Miss Marple

I got abot 7 feet of the flower beds cleared today. I have to go out and rake everything up because the mowers are coming tomorrow.

Jeff Dobbs

Good question, Ext! My tastebuds simply refuse to discriminate on beer and wine. A $50 bottle of wine simply does not taste better than a $10 bottle to me.

And while I can taste a difference between High Life and some hoity toity beer - the difference is not better. High Life tastes as good as it gets for me.

I simply (there's that word again!) cannot justify spending any more than the price of High Life when I'm drinking beer. What good would it do anyone for me to do that?

I love to cook. I really do. I do not have a refined palate. But I love making stuff that others say is really good.

princess hit and run had a sleep over last night. After we picked her up we stopped and got a quick lunch. Taco Bell. I don't care what anyone thinks - Taco Bell tastes as good to me as just about anything else.

But I am gonna love my chicken and potato salad and beans tonight. But trust me when I say that it's all cheap. But good. Good and cheap.

That's me.

Jim Eagle

Back from dinner on the club patio by the croquet courts overlooking a very tranquil ocean. 3 boats in the horizon heading south not north. Go figure.

Jeff Dobbs

BTW - I may be giving up Tito's*.

Turns out mrs hit and run's family has a cousin in the vodka making business in Texas.

JEM beverage company.

Haven't tried it yet, but family.


so the next wave of cultivated outrage is coming up:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-According to Johnny Miller, it didn't prevent him from bring one of the better drivers on tour.--

According to wiki;

He was the leader in driving accuracy on the PGA Tour for 10 straight years, 1981–90.

Whether true I don't know.


they are idiots aren't they:


Jim Eagle

Calvin Peete was the most accurate driver on tour for years when he playe d. Not the longest but the most accurate - short grass v. long grass. Very true. His weakness like every pro out there was his putting. They can all get up and down. Drive it a mile and recover but can you putt. The same stroke from 10' or 30' or even 3' is actually more important than the 300 yd. drive or the 8 iron to 12 feet.


Who won today?

Miss Marple


I am glad there is SOMEONE who has plebian taste like me. I am 100% with you on High Life and wine.

When I buy wine I get the Chilean Cabernet Savignon Merlot at Kroger at 8.99 for the big bottle.

I also like Taco Bell, White Castles, and Arby's Jalopeno Poppers.

Other horrible things I like:

Texas Roadhouse's chicken fried sirloin with cream gravy and mashed potatoes.

Steaks cooked well done (too many years around farms and feed lots)

Those cinnamon rolls with the gooey pecan topping.

Sausage biscuits.

Chili cheese dogs from Dairy Queen.

I eat salad for its medicinal value.


Some say there's no difference between cheap and expensive vodka. Just marketing. Same exact chemical formula.

Jim Eagle

White Castle. Made my way through college eating 12 for a buck. They now call them sliders but there is only one White Castle. All others even home made are protenders.

Miss Marple

I believe White Castles are an acquired taste when young.

If you don't learn to like them when you're young, you probably never will.

I used to be able to eat 6 at a time. Now it's 3 at most.

Miss Marple



I once took a class at the Culinary Institute of America called "Flavor Dynamics" or something like that. They set up 10 or 15 little numbered cups at everyone's desk, and talked about the difference between taste and flavor.

If you hold your nose, you can "taste" the difference between salt and sugar, sour, bitter and umami, but that's it. Everything else is flavor and comes from the combination of taste and smell.

For example, they had cups of lemon juice, orange juice and something else I can't remember, and nobody could tell the difference without smelling them.


toward the tale end of Iles's conspiracy tale, like Grisham on steroids, they have an appearance by the wandering coma that confirms the big reveal:


of course he is the real life President Snow, he's been cutting through his own ranks like Camilo Cienfuegos for close to 70 years, Khamenei a graduate of Patrice Lumumba, know the spiel nearly as well,

Jeff Dobbs

I am with you on everything, Miss Marple, except steaks well done.

I can't.

I'd rather eat them raw. Or as close as I can get away with.

(but then I eat everything raw. except for the salmonella i got a couple years ago on some undercooked/old chicken. now i'm supposed to watch myself because having gotten it once, i'm more susceptible. but i live on the edge, so.....)


Sounds like a late dinner at Miss Marple's. I can be there in less than 3 hours. Haven't had one in years, but I love DQ chili cheese dogs. Would always get them after playing baseball at the field across the street.


haven't tried chicken fried sirloin, and I would cut the chili and keep the cheese dogs, but I agree with most of that,


of whom I speak:


Jim Eagle

Posted a phot of Frederick and a Lamborguinhi but it didn't go thourh.


oh for pete's sake:




I completely agree with the smell thing. I have an acute sense of smell. Perfume makes me barf, same with cologne. And it is always 1/2 the battle when it comes to food.

I suspect it is more of a curse than a blessing.

Jim Eagle



interesting backstory on this fellow,


his brother was killed by a very well connected Saudi princess,

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