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May 01, 2015



Obama will be in charge of walking around golf courses and telling everyone how great he is.

Plus the selfies for big$.


Hit&Run picking up on the Altgeld Gardens asbestos thread. Very nice. It's as if TomM never left.


He should put out a selfy stuck with his picture on it. i think that would just about say it all.

Jeff Dobbs

Heh. I did just add one more sentence to the very end.

"In fairness"

Miss Marple

OT and answering Marlene from the last thread:

I can't find a listing for a Steiff "Pierre Bear." It is possible that this is a bear that was released in conjunction with a Little Golden Book published at the same time, which was one of the earliest books illustrated by noted child author Richard Scarry.

Does it have clothing? Does it still have the button and tag in the ear? How large is it? Depending on condition, size, and rarity it could be worth several hundreds of dollars.

If it was released in conjunction with that Little Golden Book, it would be very valuable.

Miss Marple

We will never be rid of the Obama's, until the lemmings in the press corps and Hollywood decide he is no longer interesting or cool.

I will not be surprised if he buys a house in Georgetown so that he can be right there and issue comments on every single action of Congress and the new president (if Republican) and if it is a democrat president, he will insert himself into any event he cares to. Will probably demand his regular tee time at Andrews, too.


Inside the vote to dump Shirley.

Old Lurker

This exchange was at the end of the last thread. AOG didn't like my swipe at Lawyers. :-)

Hit said: "Just caught up with the naughty bin...this got caught:

Annoying Old Guy said:
I'm puzzled by Old Lurker's comment. He cites McConnell on the EPA and regional compacts, "No such agreement or compact shall be binding or obligatory upon any state a party thereto unless and until it has been approved by Congress." This apparently contrasts with "expert" opinion of the form "experts contend the system doesn't qualify as an interstate compact because states can exit without penalty". That sounds completely reasonable to me. If a state can simply withdraw from a regional agreement without permission or penalty, it's quite reasonable to not regard it as obligatory. I also agree that if a state voluntarily enters such an agreement, it's not Congress or McConnell's place to interfere. If the EPA imposes penalties, fines, or other burden for not participating, then it's a real issue.

Posted by: hit and run | May 01, 2015 at 08:11 AM

Old Lurker replied: "Yes I know that the phrase "can withdraw" appears to be reasonable and therefore seems to avoid Congressional oversight. But the reality is that that phrase is politically impossible to achieve (what state is going to affirmatively pull out of a deal that was entered into with too little debate?) and is just there to bypass the higher threshold of that oversight. Like the stunt with converting the high bar for the Senate approving a Treaty into the opposite (a high bar to void an Iran deal), this is yet again a device to avoid oversight while appearing "reasonable".

Maybe I am just so weary of Clinton style parsing and equally weary of Congresscritters in both parties avoiding the real work."

Jeff Dobbs

I see that this was linked by Glenn last night about Obama's post-presidency. This is cute:

Obama explained that he wanted to try to help people get jobs, and educations. He added that he also wanted to help bring businesses into “neighborhoods that don’t have enough businesses.”

Just trying to be helpful: Ferguson could use a QuikTrip, and there's a neighborhood in Baltimore that could use a CVS.


as a denizen of the naughty bin, I know what it is like.

Perhaps we could have Congress impose a special tax on former White House occupants. Would 90% be too high?


MM,Pierre is the name I gave the bear. Sorry for the confusion. I wrote the Steiff company a few years ago and sent a picture. They identified him as a Steiff,even without the button in his ear. He is great condition because he has been sitting in a little wooden rocking chair for 60 years.
I agree we will never be rid of the Obamas. He will play golf every day.I also think once the girls are in college,Michelle will divorce him.


Hit, and lots of places that don't want a Walmart.

Miss Marple

Marlene, I bet you had that Little Golden Book and that's why you named him Pierre:

Miss Marple

Above book would not be published today.

It has HUNTING with GUNS.

Old Lurker

I guess Boys Life with all the ads for 22 rifles and ammunition would be nixed too, MM.

Miss Marple


Yep. My grandpa sponsored the Sportsman's Club at my high school. Guys could join if they owned a rifle or shotgun, which they brought to school and then went hunting in the farm fields when school was out.

I told my grandson this and he didn't believe me. When my brother-in-law (who was a member) vouched for it, my grandson thought that was hilarious and amazing.

Miss Marple

I don't know if this has been posted yet:


Really nice story. I still like Rick Perry. I hope he can rehabilitate his reputation lost during those debates back in 2012.

Jeff Dobbs

as a denizen of the naughty bin, I know what it is like.

Heh. Yeah, I really don't get why typepad singles you out. I had to retrieve that one too. You and matt get thrown into the bin more than anyone else.


Re his claim that as ex-POTUS he'll be dedicated to getting people jobs and education, a Univ. of Chicago summation of what BOzo accomplished with the $150M he was given to improve Chicago public schools during 1995-2001:

"An August 2003 final technical report of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project by the Consortium on Chicago School Research said that while "student achievement improved across Annenberg Challenge schools as it did across the Chicago Public School system as a whole, results suggest that among the schools it supported, the Challenge had little impact on school improvement and student outcomes, with no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence."

While BOzo made "no significant difference" with his $150M, across town Marva Collins was working miracles with students deemed "unteachable" and spending less than $5000 per pupil. Almost anyone can be taught to read well in 3 mos. using the same or similar intensive-phonics reading materials [Open Court Headway Reading System] Marva Collins retrieved from the garbage bin of the horrible Chicago public school she finally left to teach in her own home any child brought to her.


I loved that story MM, and the fact that no one knew about it.

Jack is Back!

When Beasts shows he can check out this link to an auction for one item: An exclusive escorted tour by Engineer Piero Ferrari at Maranello.

Current bid is €600 but there are 23 days to go:)



A prediction but based upon what criteria? Bold and brassy has not worked out for y'all.


I think that Zero and Mooch will divorce sometime after he is out of office. Appears as though they have had it with each other. She will be off doing her own thing before to long.

While Zero might try to establish and run a foundation, he is no Bill Clinton. The money flowing into the Clinton Foundation is on the back of Bill's salesmanship.

Zero will not be able to stay focused, and his "charm", while a mile wide is only a "couple of thousandths"* deep. No way he will be able to raise same kind of dough.

* feeler gauge crowd knows what I mean


Imagine the multitude of "Rick Perry freeze" moments we'd have seen from BOzo if not for TOTUS and a throne-sniffer WH press "corpse".

Old Lurker

"Appears as though they have had it with each other."

How could they not?


I love the sound of a sad trombone in the morning. WI AFSCME loses 2/3 of members, consolidates councils. Much deficit spending, so sad their extortion racket is ended in the state of their birth.

James D.

When's the last time someone in the MSM asked Zero about his own actual brother? Isn't he living in crap and squalor somewhere in Africa, still?


Time is short for the GREAT GUN ROUND UP. Maybe Obama will do a mid-nighter after Christmas.


MM,maybe I had that Little Golden Book. When the daughter was young,my parents still had books on the shelf that all six of us had read thru the years. I brought them home to read to the daughter,the same books I had read to my younger sisters. When my brother's kids were school age,the books were boxed and brought to his kids.


Between the two of them the one in love with Barack isn't Michelle.

I don't know about divorce, however. She's his ticket back in, and vice versa. Clinton-like marriage of convenience.


well the book has the aforementioned 'right to arm bears' so properly understood, the Chicago Annenberg shindig, is the precursor to the Clinton
mobile scam,


Lovely story, MM. I didn't know or remember Perry had an extensive military career. I look forward to hearing more from him.


Texas Gubner Abbot is on it dudes and dudettes. He ordered the national guard to monitor federal troop movements JUST IN CASE you know RElocation camps. I just loves me some Texans.


Yes, James. And why did the citizens of Massachusetts have to house & take care of his illegal immigrant Aunt?


From the last thread:
The ghetto rats in B'more just like the ones in Columbus, Dayton or Cleveland.

Anyone remember when Spiro Agnew (I think) got in trouble for saying something like "If you've seen one ghetto you've seen them all"? Of course, no one ever explained exactly what was wrong with the statement. It's the same social pathologies and economic consequences of Democrat policies played out over and over again.

Cecil Turner

While Zero might try to establish and run a foundation, he is no Bill Clinton. The money flowing into the Clinton Foundation is on the back of Bill's salesmanship.

Concur with the conclusion, but I don't think that's the main reason. Bill is still relevant (and courted) because his wife is the heir apparent (and has been since before 2008). As long as she has any chance of becoming POTUS, power players want to stay on the right side of their graft spreadsheet ledger. Bill's salesmanship is a big part of the reason Hillary is still a contender, but absent her future political aspirations, his foundation donations and speaking fees would dry up tomorrow.

Michelle has no chance of playing that role for Barack. They'll be has-beens loved by the usual suspects the day after they leave the White House, possibly running a modified Al Sharpton shtick.


I once took an antique musket for show and tell in 4th grade.

Hubby and I have held onto all the kids books we accumulated once I realized many of the stories were vanishing. Red has already told me I will be teaching my grandchildren some day to read properly. By that time I may have to create the phonetic readers myself as well.

Question for DC people: if you had a high schooler living for a week in the dorms at G'town U this summer, what advice would you give them so they appreciate to stay safe?

The Diva apparently saw the shooting footage last night in between dance classes and recognized it was precisely where we had just been. I actually think it was helpful. She had a friend who used to accuse me (behind my back like a real Eddie Heiskell) of being racist because I said they needed to be careful at Lenox Square. I had begun to wonder if it would take a mugging experience to clarify the real problem of occurring crime in nice areas that goes unreported. Mustn't scare off tourists or conventioneers.


remarking on another sinecure:



And Rand Paul has signed onto Abbotts martial law alert.



they just embarass themselves to eleven:



My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance)

I think it's pretty funny that Precious names his foundation that. It would be like Gerald Ford calling his foundation the "Eastern Europe Freedom Foundation." (Continuing in my theme of 1970s memories.)


Zarif's colleague in deception, mr. Mousavian, no doubt told him of his reception at Princeton, during the 'debate in the streets' in Tehran,


ABC's latest on Freddie Gray. I'd feel a lot better if my dd wasn't in NYC visiting her college roommate this week. Is the Lincoln Center area usually safe from protests? What about the route from there to LaGuardia (sp) mid-afternoon tomorrow? TIA


My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

Named from a quote from Cain, a guy in Genesis that murdered his brother Abel.

Here's a painting of Cain "helping" his brother Abel -

Genesis 4:9 - King James Bible
"And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?"


doings in the Duma,



Layers of editors. With a nice pushback from Kirstie.


at wiki - "Cain was the first human born and Abel was the first human to die. Cain committed the first murder by killing his brother. Interpretations of Genesis 4 by ancient and modern commentators have typically assumed that the motives were jealousy and anger."

I guess it IS fitting.


Isn't "my brother's keeper" a biblical reference from Cain who'd just murdered his brother Abel? Given the black-on-black male murder stats, that seems a very inappropriate name for BOzo to choose, unless he's ignorant of the origin, which is highly likely.

James D.

re: the Freedie Gray story, I think one of the commentors to a post about it at Insty has it right:

Is it possible there aren't any good people in this story?


I really, really wish JOM had a "delete my post" function.

Jeff Dobbs

Michelle has no chance of playing that role for Barack. They'll be has-beens loved by the usual suspects the day after they leave the White House, possibly running a modified Al Sharpton shtick.

FWIW the Carter Foundation had ~$200M in revenues in 2014. Only a fraction of that was contributions, but still.

"Shtick" is probably about right, no matter the level of revenue.

Jeff Dobbs

Deb - I can be bribed.


so, the presumption has been wrong from the beginning:



Deb-I found the Lincoln Center area very safe. The security is very tight because of celebrities using facilities there and at Juilliard.

I have become aggressive in my old age and just tell the taxi to use the Midtown Tunnel. My days of touring the island because they hear a southern accent are over.


rse,my advice would be a buddy system.The daughter did a summer internship in DC while in college and started working in DC as soon as she graduated. My biggest worry was street crime. Country girl in the big city. Then 9/11 happened and I've worried about terrorism since then.
By the way,if the Diva is interested,I'm sure the son-in-law would be happy to give her advice while she is in DC. He is currently holding juries for his voice students.


You think about it, Red Queen's ponzi scheme is still small ball, I mean compared to a trillion dollar slushfund to nothing to show for it,


Thank you, rse. You mentioned having to reconstitute early primers for your future grandkids. The original Open Court Headway Program that Marva Collins (and I) used with our children is long out of print but blessedly online and free. The Gold Book, which comes right after the basic sounds are learned in 8 weeks, is all fables, mostly Aesop's.


Deb, the protests thus far have mostly been in lower Manhattan, a world away from Lincoln Center. The main risk seems to be clogging traffic, but the usual route from LGA is the Triborough Bridge (I refuse to call it the RFK), which is not a likely target.


Thanks much, jimmyk.


not to give too much away about age of ultron, but you would think considering the mishaps they had with winter soldier, enbiggening the socalled solution doesn't work,


I was just thinking of the MBK line as one of many of Obama's many gaffes reflecting his utter ignorance of the Bible (and much else). The quote was:

"I hear politicians talking about values in an election year. I hear a lot about that. Let me tell you about values. Hard work, personal responsibility - those are values. But looking out for one another. That's a value. The idea that we're all in this together. I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper. That's a value."

Naming a foundation after one of your big verbal gaffes is a typical Obama doubling down on stupid move.

Jeff Dobbs

Naughty Bin Adventures....AOG left this for the last thread - but I'm putting it here....

Annoying Old Guy said: H&R; Should I just email you when I leave a comment? My comments *always* end up in the naughty bin and have for years. Logging in to Typepad doesn't help either.

You could email me. Unfortunately, I may see it immediately, or it may take hours or days. But I'm happy to help if that would help.

In theory - typepad has an algorithm that predicts if a comment is spam (assuming your IP address isn't flagged). Once that happens, if I promote your comment out of the naughty bin, it should help "teach" typepad that you and your comments are not spam.

But, you know, this is typepad we're talking about, so who knows how much that theory actually works.

I can't promote any comments out of the naughty bin on posts that TM puts up.


Here's Rush on-air in 2010 when BOzo first floated his "my brother's keeper" schtick, after reminding listeners of the Cain-Abel story:

"... and I reluctantly point this out, ladies and gentlemen, but Obama's brother is still living in a hut -- a six-by-nine-foot, un-air-conditioned, no running water, no electricity hut in Kenya, outside Nairobi, somewhere over there. Twenty dollars. Guy lives on a dollar a year. Twenty bucks would be the equivalent of winning the lottery. And Obama has not reached out to keep his brother. It's his half-brother. But I mean, he hasn't even sent a sign over there, "Hut, Sweet Hut," "Home, Sweet Hut". (interruption) Aunt Zeituni? Yeah. Aunt Zeituni is in public housing in Boston. Now, there is an Obama relative in Kenya who is apparently queen bee over there, they just did run electricity and water lines to her hut, but…"

Annoying Old Guy

I think that Zero and Mooch will divorce sometime after he is out of office

Why? They are already de facto separated and will be more so after Obama leaves office, so why bother making it official? Unless Obama's shift on same sex marriage is all about his plans for Reggie after...


Wapo: Over half of Obamacare Exchanges Struggling

presenting state officials with an unexpected and serious challenge five years after the passage of the landmark Affordable Care Act

Hmm, Unexpected and Affordable.


This is something - http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2015/04/27/un-official-we-should-make-every-effort-to-depopulate-the-planet-2/

David Smith on FB wrote - "It's the secular Rapture."


Which is worse, that the Clinton Foundation got all these foreign donations, or that they got millions of US taxpayer money:

The Clinton Foundation and its major health charity have raked in more than $7 million from the U.S. government in recent years, according to an analysis of public records conducted by the Washington Free Beacon.

With what, 15 cents on the dollar actually going to charity, the rest going to salaries and "expenses"?



Breaking DC News:


A "catastrophic collapse." So far only one injury reported. Hope that's it.


the Costa Rican Kennedy spawn,

Jack is Back!

Lt. Bryan Rice finds out what the underside of the big black Baltimore bus looks like.


The Baltimore States attorney is a clown.


no a knave, there is a difference:


Listening to this clown is painful. It has become apparent that Grey did indeed harm himself.


10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:55 am || Holds a roundtable with persecuted journalists to mark World Press Freedom Day; Roosevelt Room

BOzo props of the day - "persecuted journalists". Something tells me Ed Henry didn't get an invite.


Seat belt. There's your problem. Grandstanding. Hope and Change on parade.


'it's Chinatown,' I know, but can they get these charges to stick.


Well if this keeps up soon there will be no police and no doctors in this country.

Congrats Obama!

Captain Haiku

Lets stay together
Barry sings the Al Green song
While eying Reggie

New thread

Jack is Back!

How many of the indicted BPD officers are AA?

Interesting that Mosby is thanking those "white" staff members for the investigation and developing the indictments. The perfect CYA for the resultant police action by the BPD.

Who says violence doen't pay.

I will predict now that the charges won't stand and that there will be a change of venue and those officers will walk free.


I guess everybody that gets collared from now on will have to be muzzled so the officers can latch their seat belt. That's progress


Not a mention of how Freddie injured himself.

Old Lurker

Bloomberg: "Obama Says He Might Go Back to Community Organizing"

I was not aware that he ever stopped.


DebinNC. Thanks for that phonics program.


Is every thing needed to use the program included in the on-line version? I'm going to send it to my granddughters for my great grandchildren.

Hopefully it will help.


I think all is there online, pagar, based on my use of it years ago ... the sound cards, the little readers that build on the sounds as they're added, the Blue Book where the child practices writing letters/words, and ending with The Gold Book, which contains classic fables. It's a wonderful program.


A workable link, pagar:



Thanks DebinNC!
In case it was not clear.


Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Second-degree murder charges against multiple officers?
Every officer that arrested/detained/transported Freddie Gray charged with multiple felonies?
Almost every officer charged with either manslaughter or murder?

But the autopsy report wasn't prepared until this morning?
And there was no mention of how he sustained his neck injury?

Sounds like throwing the book at them to appease a rioting crowd.

It won't surprise me the slightest if the officers are found not guilty after all the evidence comes out. The video of the arrest and transport simply doesn't appear to show officers who are trying to harm Freddie Gray, imho.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Texas Gubner Abbot is on it dudes and dudettes. He ordered the national guard to monitor federal troop movements JUST IN CASE you know RElocation camps.--

Sorry, but this one is too funny to pass up. The same guy whose panty liner overfloweth at the mere mention of the NSA surveillance state and the military industrial complex is positively phlegmatic when the sharp end of their work product is out training for domestic operations.

Guess we're at the "four legs good, two legs better" stage of the pigpen.


True words. Hillary ain't gonna go nowhere. She's unelectable!

One can wonder why journalists flock to her with these stories? Probably because the green light goes on within media establishments.

And, as long as Hillary is on the menu, Brian Williams is not.



Booking photos of the 6 Baltimore cope--3 are black.

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