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May 02, 2015


Cecil Turner

"Piracy" is the correct term. Seizing a ship in international waters is either completely lawless or an act of war. And, of course, we're doing nothing.

Beasts of England

Gorgeous day at the lake. Fixin' to hit the water for a little cruise with the Bikini Babes before we do a Derby Party later this afternoon. Today's featured drink on the Subterfuge is the:


2 parts light rum
2 parts pink grapefruit juice
1 part club soda

Combine all and shake it like you mean it, baby! Foam is good! :)


Beasts, if the Iranians approach your boat, the Navy won't help.

Beasts of England

I'll make sure the Babes have their bikini burkas just in case, henry! ;)

p.s. I'm cutting up a shit-ton of lime wedges. Don't forget the lime wedges. They add a nice zest and the girls think they're pretty....

Jeff Dobbs

What a coincidence, I think the girls are pretty.

Jack is Back

Lime wedges? Thanks for reminding me to have a caipirinha later today.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Clinton was only fairly irresponsible and look at the repercussions that ensued for years from his fecklessness.

Consider that when contemplating the unforeseen damage being done by this poltroon who not only is vastly more feckless than Clinton but is actively hostile to US interests and projects that powerlessness worldwide.

His successor will be handed a tiny plastic toy hammer and there's going to a mole head popping up out of every hole simultaneously.


Poltroon is a fantastic word. Even if a person doesn't know the meaning they know it isn't good.
I believe Pillock works also. Maybe poltroonish pillock.
Fantastic Derby day to all.


Horses, bayonets, ships or whatever. Let's flashback to the day Ronnie took office.

The Iranians had already shit their drawers over the election. And they certainly didn't want a dose of whatever RR might have decided to pull out of the arsenal.

The contrast between then and now couldn't be more stark. What we might or might not have in the arsenal is one thing. The unwillingness to use it renders the threat impotent, so it doesn't much matter.


That Obama quote from the debate was helpful, hit. Here I was thinking that our preezy is really just letting out his complete inner asshole as a lame duck. It's good to be reminded that he's always been an asshole.

You can fool some of the people all of the time.

The bayonets and horses quote could symbolize his whole approach, snarky and not on point.


Shewt, Beasts, I though you'd already have fired up your G-5, loaded up
The ladies and jetted your way to Louisville by now.

Jeff Dobbs


Dave (in MA)

0bama can use his phone at the golf course to direct the military to conduct drone strikes on iffy targets in multiple conflicts, and then turn around and tell them to trade some terrorist leaders for deserters. This is the 21st century after all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Poltroon-just one of the many great words I learned at the knee of Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Scott Walker's net worth (-)$72,500.
New left wing meme; "greed is good, hail the 1%. Poh folk are irresponsible foohs who should be nowhere near the levers of power."


Just got the new Patagonia catalog in the mail. 60 pages and not a single black person in it. Only conclusion possible: people who shop at Patagonia are racist!




This campaign commenced this week and Elizabeth Warren is involved with it. http://putfamiliesfirst.org/

It unfortunately also ties to the WIOA passage I was so concerned about last summer and Lamar and Patty's Bipartisan Lovefest of a new education bill.


OL-you's best take a look at the linked document.

The wage stagnation is supposedly caused by the limitations put on government's ability to intervene in the economy.

It also wants to tax capital gains like ordinary income.


Don't forget maroon, Ig.

I don't know if the Milwaukee County Sheriff will be welcome in the Democrat Party much longer the way he's going. Good for him. Meanwhile riots and mayhem in Seattle and Oakland. I wonder if Homieland Security is watching those domestic terrorists.

At dinner last night heard of a case here in California of the IRS suddenly auditing a person for two years of taxes not long after they joined the NRA and began donating to conservative causes.

In addition, the person was hit with a $ million+ tax bill for a simple real estate transaction. It is very strange as the transaction amount was not large by local standards and that there are no capital gains or other profits. Very strange indeed.

The scumbags are, so far, getting away with their Chicago style corruption. Where's Elliot Ness when you need him most?


matt-that report I just linked actually blames slavery for black economic woes and decries any argument that personal irresponsibility has anything to do with it.

Dave (in MA)

This is not funny. So why am I laughing?

Jeff Dobbs

THE MORE YOU KNOW: May 2 Marks World Naked Gardening Day

In case you're wondering: I'm not naked, but neither am I wearing any pants.

So there.

Jeff Dobbs

More on the Law of Unintended (But Completely Foreseeable) Consequences as it relates to minimum wage hikes.

Progs are all gung-ho in support of a living wage "in principle" up until the point that it is they who are principally affected.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

An Iraqi nun on the run from ISIS is a threat to illegally overstay her welcome if the State Department were to let her in.
She should have gone to Guatemala first and gotten some incurable disease then they would have given her a free ride, in every sense of the word.


Clarice, read the today's WSJ account of where Mr. Gray was when.

A fair amount of time he was in the back of the van alone--his compatriot didn't get picked up until the third or fourth stop.
Interestingly, he was asking for an inhaler early on. Makes me think he may have died from an asthma attack.

(But from what I know now--not much-- I still think the LEOs will walk if they get a change of venue.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ancient DNA tells us the first Americans were from ancestors common to modern Europeans and were later overrun by and mixed with Asian immigrants.
Does that mean I can build a casino in my backyard?



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Since anonamom is here let me ask a disease question.
For awhile my daughter and I used to get sinus/bronchial bacterial infections a couple of times a year. Always produced the gross green gunk and a lasting cough that was fixed with antibiotics.

Had heard a lot of people talking about some nasty long lasting sinus/bronchial bug this year. I haven't been sick in years but it finally got around to me a week ago. Was coughing so much my abs looked like Charles Atlas's. Still with me, but it's not like the ones I used to have. Not very productive and the stuff is clear. I don't know if it's viral or bacterial and I don't feel too bad but it doesn't seem to go away. It's like an extended head and chest cold.
Is this thing everywhere.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

If wishes were horses and turnips were bayonets . . .

I horse that I didn't have to eat so many bayonets
when I was growing up.


Materiality, Firing Line, Upstart. Bet


Yes, you can build that casino=--I have always thought ancient man traveled further, traded more extensively and interbred than the original theories claimed.


Iggy-mine was never the green gunk and the bloodwork for pneumonia showed it was bacterial.

It truly is a nasty strain.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Casino; check.
So can I also go run all the Eskimos out of the northwest territories and claim it for myself?
I'll call it Firstest Nations.


If thee's any sense to life, the Indians who are claiming the right to ancient skeletons found on their lands ought to find that practice ended.


Ig, I'm not a huge fan of seeing doctors for things short of cancer, broken bones or impending heart attacks, but if it persists for two more weeks, even without a fever, you may want to see somebody.

HOWEVER, my husband and three of his partners have had c dif colitis this past year after properly prescribed antibiotics---and that is a life-changing event. You can Google it. Formerly a disease of nursing home or hospitalized, infirmed patients, now in our communities (and us).

So, if it were me--I'd ingest some chicken soup or other bone based broth daily and lots of good, colorful vegetables and see how that goes.


I think Alaska is earmarked for Volodya, so it can renamed Eastern Siberia, or something, why else pull the F-22 squadron out of Elmendorf, and send them to Utah,

in other cfius news I mentioned on the other thread, Alcatel, has been blocked from a merger with Lucent, the Gallic menace apparently is even more devious than the Canadian,


anonamom-I went when I could not breath so I share the feeling. Had to do a nebulizer first to hear me breathe. Well, actually I was thinking of not going that day but I knew my chest hurting while I was only reading meant something was really wrong.

Went back because I had no energy to walk and had about 2 weeks before the great diva college tour.


rse--I should have included "not being able to move air" as an excellent reason to get thee to the doctor.

ABC--airway, breathing, circulation. We really, really need these.
All day, every day.


and yet the travismockasham continues:



of course the war in Syria, continues as their sponsors in the emirates would want it to go on,


note, it seems Al Golani might have been as much a
false flag as Baghdadi is

Beasts of England

Thanks for not posting the real Subterfuge photo, hit! It is, after all, a family blog. :)

Jeff Dobbs

You asked me to delete that photo.

And for all you know . . . I did!


the Affleck as Batman is a non starter, then again,


the accompanying story, misses the point, that Snyder really can't handle superhero stories, nor his predecessor, yet Nolan can,

Marlene on the phone

Lots of excitement in the woods today! I returned from errands in town about noon today and a state trooper turned onto our road. We're still not sure what was going on,but after a Jeep ride,we think someone was burning without a permit. We are upstanding citizens,so decided not to burn today,even though we have a permit. It is too dry.


why the long face:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Been out til now; thanks for the chicken soup advice (anona)mom. :)


now the rubber meets the road



Thanks for nabbing that, narciso. It looks important.


So what the LIBTARDS are saying, is that, WE would have been justified in shooting up the PISS JESUS and COW SHIT VIRGIN MARY exhibits. I mean THEY ASKED FOR IT RIGHT?

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