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May 12, 2015



it's full sequoia, hit, hope you have a great trip

Thomas Collins

Progs such as Obama aren't really concerned about one percenters such as himself sending their kids to private schools. What he is concerned about is middle and upper middle class people sending their kids to private schools, suburban public schools not being forced to accommodate inner city students, and inner city parents seeking a better education for their kids through vouchers and charter schools.

Beasts of England

If only the one-percenters paid their fair share of taxes! Think of all the money the gubmint could 'invest' in sweetness and light!

Captain Hate on the iPad

Any 404 drinking game has people blotto if tied to the word "folks". I wonder if he uses it in his books with such frequency like folks with voices like wind chimes.


Halperin v Cruz


The apology was unnecessary—no offense was taken, nor, I believe, intended—but is certainly appreciated...


All American college students should aspire to emulate Cruz’s grace in responding to rudeness.

Contrast with Mooch:

One said I exhibited “a little bit of uppity-ism.“ Another noted that I was one of my husband’s “cronies of color.” Cable news once charmingly referred to me as “Obama’s Baby Mama.”

Waah, waah, waah all the way to Princeton.

Jack is Lightining!

My White Privilege keeps me from going Baltimore or Madison or Hattiesburg or even Ferguson.


Anybody watching the Amtrak wreck coverage in Philadelphia?

These flashlight guys are going nuts in one area.

Lots of injured apparently.

Rick Ballard


There is also an arithmetic problem involving 250K-400K kids per year not being born every year Merde Touch is in office. A minimum of 12.5K teachers are not needed to teach the kids who aren't there. The increase in private and home schooling exacerbates the pain being felt in the indoctrination system.

It's not as bad as the problem the drop in the worker participation rate is causing for the Social Security Administration but the drop in births will be felt there as well.


The train car they are surrounding if flat mutilated. If the flashlight guys aren't looking for the cause of the wreck they are looking for body parts.

Praying for them.


The Infamous Ignatz

I have met some wonderful and even heroic black people. I have met some stupid and useless black people and even one or two Down's syndrome black people.

Every single one was better suited for and would have made a better president than the clattering jackdaw the fools of this country decided to elevate to the WH.


some context in here,


Govt in the USA spends over 21,500 on anti-poverty programs for every single person living in a household which has earnings below the poverty line. The Obama administration says that number is scheduled to rise to 25 grand within a few years. That's 100 grand for a family of 4. This doesn't include the enormous resources available from churches and private charities. I'm curious just how much more Obama thinks this spending should be (and would be but for mean ole Fox News). Wonder when someone will ask him.

Jane on Ipad

My neice takes that train constantly. I just checked, she is home in bed.

James D.

Ig @ @ 10:13

It is difficult to imagine anyone who would be less suited to or capable of the presidency than the current holder of that office.


Magpie is making as many guesses as possible. She is a pain.

Bring in Harris Faulkner.


I am glad, Jane.


well if it was the freight car, what was it doing there,


That was one of Magpie's 3000 guesses, narc.

I think this story needs to simmer a little without all of her first to market chirping.

Miss Marple

What was the cause of the Amtrak crash?


Apparently the front of the train derailed going around a turn. Hard to know the cause--either excessive speed or maybe a problem with the track.

Jane on Ipad

They are now saying possibly impact with another train : " massive casualties"

Dave (in MA)
clattering jackdaw
The Corvid-American community demands an apology for that comparison.
Miss Marple



do they have any proximity sensors, there had to be some feedback from the Philly station?


Goodnight as well.


on a lighter note,

Dave (in MA)

Aw, geez. Now there's a death toll of at least 5 in the Amtrak crash.


Weird story of the day (WSJ):

North Korea’s defense minister has been executed by antiaircraft fire for disloyalty and showing disrespect to dictator Kim Jong Un, senior officials from Seoul’s National Intelligence Service told South Korean lawmakers in a closed hearing Tuesday.

Defense Minister Hyon Yong Chol allegedly fell asleep during military events and talked back to the leader, the officials told the Intelligence Committee of South Korea’s National Assembly, according to a person familiar with the briefing.

Several others in Pyongyang’s top brass were also removed from their posts, the person said. The moves are the latest shuffling of officials that began when Mr. Kim inherited power from his father in late 2011. The frequency of the changes is higher than in previous regimes, observers say.

What, no hungry dogs?


Anyone? Anyone still think that Obama isn't a fucking pile of shit???


carlos slim's doesn't quite no how to play this,
Peter Baker, had a heck of a time, trying to pretend Salman's awol was just a fleshwound,


"A loud bang was heard before the derailment."


GE continues to spin off its finance units (WSJ):

General Electric Co. is putting its $5 billion Japanese commercial finance operation up for sale, shedding a key piece of its unit GE Capital’s Asia operations as part of the company’s efforts to slim down, according to people familiar with the situation.

GE seems to believe that making tangible things is a better bet than finance in the Obama era.

Soylent Red

What he is concerned about is middle and upper middle class people sending their kids to private schools, suburban public schools not being forced to accommodate inner city students, and inner city parents seeking a better education for their kids through vouchers and charter schools.

This. Ruling class progs are concerned with preserving their privileged place in society. So they tell people trying to claw their way up (including prog-tarded millenials) that the only path to success is by doing the things that keep progs at the top of the heap.

Remembering that progressivism relies on projection to shift blame, consider the "Check Your Privilege" meme for a second, and try to keep your blood pressure down.

My White Privilege keeps me from going Baltimore or Madison or Hattiesburg or even Ferguson.

In almost every place I've lived or visited, there has been no place that a "clean and articulate" AA couldn't walk confidently at night, minding his own business, and not acting shady. Particularly if they appeared to have money.

In contrast, there are LOTS of places where a clean and articulate white person couldn't walk confidently at night, minding his own business, and not acting shady. Particularly if they appeared to have money. Like Central Park, near Camden Yards, near Michigan Avenue, in downtown Atlanta or in parts of DC within line of sight of where Moochele roosts at taxpayer expense.

In 2010, five times as many whites were the victims of black violence, than blacks were the victims of white violence.


If it was the front of the train on that regional, that is where the business class car is. The Diva and I took those regionals in the other direction last month and every time that is where the conductor said that car was.

Miss Marple


rse, yes the business class car and the "quiet" car were up front and got the most damage.


Yes, Soylent.


Morning! On topic...last week,Howie Carr posted two Hannaford grocery receipts from the Brewer (Maine) store. Howie denies that the receipts were sent by a Hannaford employee. One receipt shows a balance of $2,325,the other receipt a balance of $1,491. The local activists want Hannaford to fire the employee,if it is proven an employee sent the receipts to Howie,because this is known as EBT shaming.
What got my attention is that the activists use the same language as Obama's quote above. The poor are being judged as lazy,sponges,leeches,etc. If a Hannaford employee is responsible,we'll see how the company responds.They are currently looking into the matter.
Hey,a New England "scandal" that doesn't mention deflated balls!


The big Young Gifted & Black* Ferguson to Tony "shroomer" Robinson protest is today in Madison.

*few of the members meet even one of these criterion.


6 people now deceased from the train derailment
Ed Rendell on tv says more money needed for transportation bills
Next Reid on the floor of Senate bemoaning the need for infrastructure and transport bill
What amount of stimulus money went for this
PA has a dem governor now
Let's pony up some state dough to fix Amtrak tracks


If you attack a police officer as you are high on drugs will put your life in danger


Someone needs to tell Rendell that all the train money went to CA for high speed rail from nowhere to elsewhere. Perhaps that waste should be redirected.


Just because they found this boat near my farm does not mean I was trying to keep up with the Beasts.

Miss Marple

Dollars to doughnuts his closures would all be in red states.


Catching up on last night's comments (then back to work alas.) The NFL Brady lying SoS 'story' now bores me. It's like WWE stuff now, except the villains Brady/Bellicheat/Kraft are just pathetically obnoxious rather than evil, and the 'good guys' wells and Goodell are at best ridiculous. Speaking of SoS, Obummer now dumps on people sending kids to 'private school' as a way to avoid meeting poor people? Well he would know. My son went to a Jesuit HS instead of Darien public HS, going to the Jesuits was the only way he could meet poor kids in HS. Finally thanks to Henry and RickB we got the 2 big stories. 1. theKingdom buying nukes from Pakistan, the Sunni Bombs as deterence against the Mullahs' Shia bomb. This was utterly predictable so know we have the ancient Muzzie hatred played out with nukes. Thank you Obummer; 2. Chicago's bonds now junk; let's play Sesame Street, can we count to the #9? B/C Chap 9 of the US Bankruptcy Code is Municipal bankruptcy. Chicago will file sooner than later. Maybe the Trustee will sell that park to the highest biddr instead of the Obummer Library. The Kochs must have a spare $100M laying around.


If you think Pam Geller is just faced with a few who oppose her, take a look at the list in the second link; which is taken out of the 1st link.



henry-- was that 'yacht' being towed by a rusty snow plow?

Miss Marple


#1 on that list is headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana, not 20 miles from me.


Wasn't this one of those people the government was saying we could talk with?

"North Korea’s defense minister has been executed by antiaircraft fire for disloyalty and showing disrespect to dictator Kim Jong Un"


Miss Marple


What was really funny is that the ad playing for me prior to the video was for Viking River Cruises!


NK, lets just say the tow truck guy in that article is on my speed dial.


henry-- the Rendell stuff. This is just another example of the Old White Libs against the ProgTards schism. OWLs like Rendell feed off of the big Cronies who rent seek taxpayer $$$$ on an appropriation basis. They have lost out to the ProgTards who use the giant entitlement pool to fund their evil plans. So the crony appropriation pool is being squeezed out out of control welfare transfer payments. This is one of the early effects of OPM famine nationally. Chicago is past this stage and moving on to a Chap 9 filing. The USA will get there when Treasury Bonds reach junk status. Then there will be the default of defaults. Prepare accordingly.


Marlene @7:53

Of course that kind of language gets codified and recycled. Kind of like "compassionate conservative"

I don't think of the poor as necessarily lazy, sponges or leeches.

I think of lazy, sponges or leeches as what they are; lazy, sponges,leeches who are almost always poor as a result.

James D.

I need to stop reading Instapundit, because it just depresses me to no end. Here's a lovely article he links to about Columbia University this morning:

During the week spent on Ovid’s "Metamorphoses," the class was instructed to read the myths of Persephone and Daphne, both of which include vivid depictions of rape and sexual assault. As a survivor of sexual assault, the student described being triggered while reading such detailed accounts of rape throughout the work. However, the student said her professor focused on the beauty of the language and the splendor of the imagery when lecturing on the text. As a result, the student completely disengaged from the class discussion as a means of self-preservation. She did not feel safe in the class. When she approached her professor after class, the student said she was essentially dismissed, and her concerns were ignored.

Ovid’s "Metamorphoses" is a fixture of Lit Hum, but like so many texts in the Western canon, it contains triggering and offensive material that marginalizes student identities in the classroom. These texts, wrought with histories and narratives of exclusion and oppression, can be difficult to read and discuss as a survivor, a person of color, or a student from a low-income background.

I doubt it's any different at any of the other Ivies. And that is where the vast majority of this country's so-called "leaders" and public intellectuals hail from. And as rse keeps pointing out, it's these same people who are controlling the education system more or less completely.

I feel like we really are living in the End Times, and if we are, I wish God would just get it over with, becasue I don't want to suffer through the judgments and tribulations that seem like they're headed straight for us.

James D.

pagar @ 8:25

Antiaircraft gun?

Aren't those at least 25mm cannons? I guess that would be quick, if nothing else. I assume that no matter where you got hit with one of those, death would be pretty much instantaneeous.

Miss Marple

Left unsaid in this article is the fact that if they go by polling numbers, Jeb Bush (backed by a lot of big money donors) will be excluded.



This is the second post of yours in a row where I thought it was TM writing until I got towards the end. You are doing something right. Start quoting the NYT regularly, and who knows...?


JamesD-- murder by anti-aircraft cannon is monstrous, but at least quick. They probably had to collect remains with small tweezers, or let the crows eat them. How different (if at all) is NorK insanity from the progs on university campuses?


There are still many sane normal people who laugh at this prog Ivy League madness
Their voices do seem to drown out voices of reason and judgment
The pushback against this must be fierce and relentless
Hopefully with a non ivy President Walker we can marginalize these kooks
The pendulum always swings back

James D.

When I saw the link about execution by anti-aircraft gun, the first image that popped into my head was the Norks loading the condemned onto a plane, flying it up to 1,000 feet, and then shooting it down with the AA gun.

What's scary is that, given what we know about the Nork leadership, that actually seems like something they'd believably do.

Miss Marple


Of Occam’s Razor and Natural Born Citizens, Part 1
by Joseph DeMaio, ©2015

— In science and mathematics as well as in other disciplines, including political discourse, there is a principle known as Occam’s razor.   Reduced to its essence, it articulates the proposition that the simplest answer or explanation for a result is the one relying on the fewest assumptions.  Moreover, the principle postulates that such answer or explanation will likely be the correct one.

If applied to the question of whether the Founding Fathers intended (a) to restrict eligibility to the presidency to persons born here to two parents, a father and a mother, who were at the time of birth already U.S. citizens, or (b) open up eligibility to the presidency to any Tom, Ted, Marco, Bobby, Hillary or Barack at all born here (or maybe not), whether one, both or either of the parents was a U.S. citizen and regardless of whether one, both or either of the parents were from Yemen, Argentina or Kenya and whether here legally or illegally… which one is more likely to be the correct answer?

The following refresher course “hints” that the more “wise and seasonable” answer – and more likely the correct one – is: “a.”

A worthwhile article that vindicates the so called loons. Turns out we were feared because we were right.


For those few of you not completely sick of it, here's a relatively unbiased take on the "deflategate" thing which I believe is pretty much on the money. (I know--if I agree with it how can it be unbiased.

The only thing I dispute is the part about the unprecedented nature of the balls "disappearing" 10 minutes before the game. I think it happened all the time and the ref is just covering his ass. Otherwise their is no reason to think that the arch-criminal McNally ever did the nefarious deed before the day in question.

I am off to actually do some work...


Did they send him up in a balloon?

In its first year, Hawaii enrolled only 8,592 individuals – meaning it spent almost $23,899 on its website for each individual enrolled. Currently over 37,000 individuals are enrolled in Hawaii’s exchange - well below the estimated 70,000 enrollees that is required to make the website financially viable. Unfortunately, taxpayers will have to hand out an additional $30 million so that Hawaii can migrate to the federal system.

Anyone have any idea what "financially viable" means in this context?

jimmyk on iPhone

The NYT parrots Harry Reid, while the bodies are still warm:

"The Northeast Corridor, which runs between Boston and Washington, is one of the railroad’s busiest and most profitable lines. But officials have long complained that the agency needs more subsidies from Congress to improve the railroad’s deteriorating infrastructure and replace aging equipment."

They miss the irony in the line being "profitable" yet needing "more subsidies." Implicitly it's the Republicans' fault.

Miss Marple

There was a derailment at the exact same spot in 1943, in which 79 people were killed.

The infrastructure was 65 years newer then, so what was the reason for that one?

Miss Marple


I think "financially viable" means "enough money in account for grifters to skim off the top." When the account is depleted tot he point that no skimming can occur, the exchanges seem to suddenly become insolvent.

Funny that.


Forget about Jade Helm. The King Alfred Plan is on deck.


Shipler was on Team PLO, just like Flathead, Kessler et al, for most of the time he was stationed abroad, of course he would refer to court exhibits, as akin to the wretched Okrana fictions, because, 'feeding the crocodile'


jimmyk-- it's the perverse result of government intervention, but here it is. The NE Corridor operation is very profitable on an operating basis owing to its natural monopoly status (no other RRs just bus and airline competitors), BUT, the profits can't be invested back into NE corridor operations, b/c they are siphoned off to losing Amtrak operations in other parts of the USA where passenger rail isn't viable, but Amtrak's political viability rely on the votes from Congress critters in those regions to keep the subsidies flowing. So, while the NE corridor is 'profitable' it needs moar subsidies. Simple!

Cecil Turner

Antiaircraft gun?

Aren't those at least 25mm cannons?

The WaPo had a story on this a couple weeks back. Apparently it was a battery of ZPU-4's, which is a very heavy (.57 cal) machine gun in a quad mount.

Also interesting, the former stories about executing a former girlfriend and the wild dog execution appear to be false.

Rick Ballard

I am in no hurry to see the end of the collision between the illusion of Progressive Fascism and Reality. SBW correctly identified the ignorance and apathy of the Muddle as the hurdle to be overcome and a brisk beating every morning seems to be the most effective method of assuring the relief of the manifest ignorance which has allowed matters to reach this point.

Paying the monthly premium for "free" health insurance, staring in horror at ever increasing utility bills caused by fees assessed to fight the nonexistent SkyDragon, receiving property tax assessments high enough to drive one from a home which cannot be sold due to potential purchaser's fear of even higher assessments, gnawing fear of having hours cut by employers to avoid paying ACA tribute, all accompanied by the background noise of shrieking idiots howling over another thug winning his Darwin or Precious Snowflakes whining over the threatening atmosphere at their Rape U cocoon are very just rewards for those whose ignorance and apathy are the primary cause of all.

Soylent Red

murder by anti-aircraft cannon is monstrous, but at least quick. They probably had to collect remains with small tweezers, or let the crows eat them.

Not just one, but six Type 56 ZPU-4s were used, according to reports. ZPUs have four guns firing a bullet a little bigger than a half in in diameter, each at a rate of 600 rds/min.

Quick,indeed. They probably cleaned the guy up with mops and buckets.

Miss Marple

A Nepali news site says the Marine helicopter has been located, and all aboard are fine.

This comes from a Nepali who linked the statement in Nepalese and translated on Twitter, so keeping my fingers crossed this is correct.


there was a Robert Pear piece deep inside, how the administration is going 'full fluke' on birth control, insisting their be no copayments or any real world cost to their social engineerings,

Miss Marple

Charles' letters to thegovernment will be published.

This should be good, since he's a raving nutter on some issues.

Maybe this will force him to abdicate in favor of William.


Some big questions About Hillary and Boeing and paying Bill over two hundred thousand for a speech
Is there anyone these grifters didn't tap for their pay to play scheme

Cecil Turner

The only thing I dispute is the part about the unprecedented nature of the balls "disappearing" 10 minutes before the game. I think it happened all the time . . .

I tend to agree on that point (or at least the "unprecedented" claim sounded a lot like "inconceivable!"). But the bottom line on that story was this bit, which is not supportable by the evidence:

Think of how different the narrative would have been if, in the early days of the scandal, the prevailing information from one of the largest sports-media outlets in America had been not that 10 of the 12 balls were two pounds under the minimum but that all 12 balls (including the one that had been intercepted by Jackson) tested within the range consistent with the application of the Ideal Gas Law. [emphasis added]
The problem is, even assuming all factors went the Pat's way, it still doesn't explain all the difference between the sets of pressure measurements. Unless the measurements themselves were significantly flawed (and I'm not saying they couldn't have been), there has to be another explanation. And the obvious one is that McNally's trip to the bathroom wasn't innocent.


Miss Marple,My guess they are almost everywhere by design.
"#1 on that list is headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana,"
I think they would send him up in a plane, kick him out and than shoot him down with the AA gun. Just to put on a show.
""financially viable" m
"most profitable lines"
I think they all tie together in:" needs more subsidies from Congress"
Which , of course, has no money, so they will have to raise taxes from that small percentage that actually work and pay taxes.Once taxes are raised, jobs are lost equals less people to pay taxes.


no, remember they sold the lincoln bedroom to a coterie of smugglers, PLA moneymen, et al,


you would think he had embarassed himself enough over the ukraine,


Great news MM


Appalled, agree with you about Hit's posts. he's doing a great job.


I think we ought to get the JOM Scam/Tech CSI/PSI team on the job.

Imagine box, about the size of a Gatorade cooler, on each ENFL sideline. Whenever a new ball is required, it is extracted from the official JOM Inflato-perfect Machine all tested and guaranteed ready for play.

Then the next ball is inserted in the machine to get ready for the next time another ball is required for the game.


the only interest for me in this, is how it implicates Goodell, he didn't know this was going on, btw, what was the actual cause of the accident,


tell us what provoked Boston, or Killeen,


In that particular NFL playoff game cheating occurred

Beasts of England

Nice story, henry! I hope when the owner of the 'yacht' gets back from Florida that he buys some new props. The ones in the video appeared to be cast iron...


And the obvious one is that McNally's trip to the bathroom wasn't innocent.

Underscored by the fact that when asked to describe the trip to the bathroom (a bathroom he said he had used before and was familiar with), McNally said he placed the bag next to the urinal before using the urinal. He was was then informed that there were no urinals in that bathroom.

The nature of the McNally-Jastremski texts and the many previous gifts from Brady to McNally/Jastremski does indeed suggest that the AFC wasn't the first time. You'd have to be a total Pats homer to believe that. ;)


at least an argument there:

Beasts of England

Brilliant, sbw! And funny as heck, too!!

Jack is Capitals

I am still shaking my head at Ted Well's denial that his prior work representing the NFL does not create a conflict of interest to independently investigate. Really?


You'd have to be a total Pats homer to believe that.

Fans start GoFundMe site to help Patriots pay $1 million fine


Beasts, no salt water around here. Not sure what that means for props (my boat has oars).


Sucker born every minute, Ext.


the question I asked last night, who was monitoring the train,


You know if Amtrak was privatized, they would maintain their tracks themselves, because the stockholders would not tolerate management otherwise. I am sure Politico ( Democrats for Democrats and Socialism ) never had that thought cross their mind.

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