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May 04, 2015


Jeff Dobbs

That RUSH song cracks me up. I don't think they realized that they were describing a LIBTARD mindset when they wrote it.

Heh. Let's fire up the time machine...


Obama called the newly designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument a gain for "social justice." WTH?

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 10, 2014
Remarks by the President at the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, California

Let me be clear, there is unrest in the forest. As I have always said, there is trouble with the trees. On the one hand the maples want more sunlight, and on the other the oaks ignore their pleas.

I reject this false choice.

The trouble facing the maples, and they're quite convinced they're right - they say the oaks are just too lofty, and they grab up all the light.

This is a problem we must deal with as a nation.

Some say the oaks can't help their feelings, if they like the way they're made. They even wonder why the maples can't be happy in their shade.

This is clearly 20th century thinking.

We must address this trouble in the forest. All the creatures all have fled. The maples scream 'Oppression!'. And yet the oaks just shake their heads.

The oaks are clearly not being their brothers's keepers.

I propose the maples form a union, and demand equal rights. The oaks are just too greedy, we will make them give them light. Soon there will be no more oak oppression, when we pass a noble law.

And if necessary the trees will all be kept equal, by hatchet, axe and saw.

Posted by: hit and run | November 07, 2014 at 12:34 PM


anonamom-my college junior said the students believe the economy really is turning around and they will all be fine by graduation next year. They also fail to understand why she is not contemplating law or grad school.


W had a Harvard MBA as well as a credential from an Ivy League college, you note with Cruz, they act as if he were reading entrails, even though he was Dershowitz's top students, and Princeton debating

Beasts of England

My little Tienda y Taqueria went all out for the fifth. They set up a Corona and XX draft booth in the parking lot and, best of all, set up a small stage for my nephew to play guitar and sing.

My brother actually showed up with his mint condition '66 Gibson J-50 and did a superb duet of 'Here Comes The Sun' with his son. They are both fantastic guitarists and singers - it was a treat, as I've never heard them play together.

And I returned the favor when my nephew asked me to sit in with him on one of the first songs he learned with me: 'We Can Work It Out'.

Life is good...

Jeff Dobbs

My little Tienda y Taqueria went all out for the fifth. They set up a Corona and XX draft booth in the parking lot

Stuff I imagine Beasts saying...

"I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis and turn them into Tres Equis. Or XXX, if you will."

Miss Marple

I am always interested in what everyone is doing, since life here in my suburbs is pretty hum drum.

I only know that Beasts has long hair because his mother threatened him if he didn't cut it. Otherwise, I have a strange image of him racing around in exotic sports cars, doing odd jobs for large sacks of cash. LOL!


Now I'm watching O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham, who both have the opposite opinion than I do of Pamela Gellar's "Free Speech" event in Texas. She shouldn't have done it they both say, needless provocation, etc.

Then O'Reilly says this:

O'Reilly: Look, just because you can say it, doesn't mean you should say it. If there is a point to taking on, and we have said that here, we have said Muslim leaders across the world have not nearly been brave enough to take on the killers. We've looked them in the eye and we've said that, but to demean for the sake of demeaning their religion is foolish.

Well Bill, why do you think Muslim leaders around the world you've "looked in the eye" and told to speak out have not been brave enough to speak out?

It's because if they vocally disagree with it they know they will be killed. That's why. And O'Reilly in my view is ushering in that same behavior here by telling us in so many words to appease the jihadists here.

Look, here's a Tintin French comic book from 1977:

Muhamid on the cover, and all throughout the thing. Nobody murdered because of it, no charges of blasphemy, no death threats, etc.

So what has changed between 1977 and today?

What I see has changed is that violent Islamic proponents have joined together and said we believe that what you are doing is offensive to our beliefs, so we will now kill you if you offend us.

That's the argument as I see it in 2015.


well after the Grand Siege of Al Haramain, the Sauds did do he full grovel, turning over much of
their overseas operations to the Wahhabis, so there is that aspect,


the result is what Steyn outlined here:



MM, Your image of Beasts sounds like the beginnings of a Harlequin romance novel. It'll be a real bodice ripper.


well he is a little like the real life Tony Stark sans the Tower, and I guess the suit,

Miss Marple


Thanks AGAIN for pointing out this strange morphing of Islam into Jihad Central.

In 1966, when I was a senior in high school, my family hosted 2 guys who were on their trip home after being exchange students for a year. American Field Service arranged a bus tour to pick them up and they crossed the country. Anyway, we hosted them for 3 days.

One was from Iran, and one was from Afghanistan. I still have their senior pictures and remember their names.

The Iranian I traced and is now a doctor in California, one of the exiles from Iran after the Shah fell. The other is probably long dead, as he was from a prominent family in Kabul and no doubt they were wiped out either by the Russians or the Taliban.

They weren't at all like the Muslims we now see on television. They didn't make a big deal about not attending a mosque, ate pretty much what my mother cooked (although she was smart enough not to serve ham) were very gracious to a family with 4 girls and one boy.

I am inclined to think that your assessment is correct.

Maya Ward

Hit!! I watched the a video of TREES about a half hour ago. Awesome stuff!

Beasts. I play and sing with my son all the time. The Beatles "I should have known better" is the first song we sang and played together. Flamin' Groovies "Tore me down" was our second. We have many many now.


First they came for the Muhammed cartoonists........

Well said, Hit.

And believe me, I am sick and tired of talking about Islam.

Beasts of England

I knew I should have spelled out Dos Equis! lol, hit!!

Miss Marple

You guys probably all know this but the Seattle Seahawks signed an older guy who is an ex-Special Forces sergeant. He didn't play competitive football until he went back to college at age 29.

Beasts of England

Well, Gus, I think we know who Maya is...

Beasts of England

That's awesome, Miss Marple! Although I did cut off my ponytail for Easter. Anything for a free meal! :)


seeing as he was probably the target:



2 nice MayBee sarcastic comments in Narciso's Althouse link at 08:11.

Miss Marple


Beasts of England

@narciso: I had to search the webz to find out the identity of Tony Stark. The fifth return was an article entitled 'Elon Musk really is Tony Stark'. I almost threw up my Pablanos. ;)


Election update:

Talk Radio reports that earlier today the local CBS TV station in Anchorage reported that the current Republican Mayor, Dan Sullivan endorsed Democrat Ethan Berkowitz for Mayor.

Shortly after Mayor Dan Sullivan called in to demand that they report it correctly, that he endorsed Republican Amy Dembowski for Mayor, not Democrat Ethan Berkowitz.

That is now a topic of conversation on local Talk.

The good news is that there is apparently a big voter turnout occurring. In a town where we know all the Unions will vote, it is thought a positive indication if there is a big turnout, as a big turnout is the only way for citizens to overcome the strong Public Employee Union vote.

Stand by...

Bobby Jindal

""Well, Gus, I think we know who Maya is...""

Does this mean the 100% is the same 100% only minus 1?


category error, he is really more like Hughes, the second generation heir of a magnate, without the claustrophobia,


Condolences, Janet.
Excellent news, JimmyK.

Buckeye: She will meet with the founder at HQ on Amelia Island and spend better part of the week there.

Restaurants on Amelia Island.

Where to start...

Barbara Jean's is a great family restaurant with excellent pumpkin cornbread muffins and you can get really good crab cakes and meatloaf or any 'comfort food' not just seafood.

Cedar River has the best value for the money. Fried Shrimp are awesome and their grits are incredible. Anything fried there is awesome. Priced by the pound for a plate of fried shrimp... $14 for 3/4 lb last I was there with two sides and hushpuppies.

Sliders is really good and has good shrimp. Kind of a dive spot but the food is good. Kind of a biker bar late night, but the fried shrimp are good.

The Surf is hit or miss on their food, but their burgers are good. Good bar to hang out at just off A1A and lots of specials.

The Marina restaurant in downtown Fernandina Beach is usually pretty reliable. Excellent grilled choices and lots to walk around and check out downtown after dinner.

Verandah near the plantation is excellent but pricey.

Baxters and Brett's Waterway are overpriced and underwhelming.

Crab Trap and the Steakhouse (1878?) in downtown are pricey and greasy tourist crap shoots.

A don't miss restaurant for us is Singleton's Seafood in nearby Mayport. You take A1A south til the ferry.. park and ride the ferry across the St John's River and Singleton's is just next to the ferry landing. It looks like a hole in the wall, but the shrimp and seafood are as fresh as they come and the ambiance is interesting. Gunk on the window screens and holes in the floor to feed the ducks and other water fowl, but the food is primo. Picnic tables, paper plates and paper towels.

Make sure she stops by Amelia Island Fudge shop in Downtown Fernandina for some of the best fudge anywhere.

If she wants to venture down to Jax Beach, there are some good restaurants there, too. About 45 minutes south on A1A to get to the beach there. There is a Sliders there, (different owners than the one in Amelia) and they have the best shrimp and grits anywhere...

Hope that helps. I've been going to Amelia since it was just unpretentious Fernandina Beach... about 50 years.

Miss Marple

Election news here:

Another Marine will have the GOP nomination, a guy named Dan Brewer. He will run against arch-weasel Joe Hogsett, who spent his time as a federal attorney giving constant news conferences and announcements, pretending to be tough on crime.

Hogsett has name recognition but Ballard is leaving office having run the city well, so we will see.

Jim Miller

Jane - Here are my
thoughts on dropouts, political, and otherwise.

As a lawyer, you might like this aphorism from Fran Lebowitz: "If you want to get ahead in this world, get a lawyer--not a book"

(It's in her collection, "Metropolitan Life">) -


now stuff starts getting real:


Jim Miller

Buckeye at 7:28 PM - Let's not talk about it, please. I had the same thought, but didn't write a post about it, because that ploy works best if no one on our side talks about it.


well that wasn't really the intention I don't think as Wilders to cite the most obvious member has been the subject of more than one target,

Beasts of England

Hey, Steph!!

Is there anything that can't be answered by a JOMer? It's the Guide Michelin and the Encyclopedia Britannica all wrapped in an enigma, with a side of smartass.


Wrethard's latest, on ISIS recruitment and Geller:



Stephanie, porchlight and JiB,

Buckeyette thanks you for the recommendations.


Side of smartass? I resemble that remark.

Heading to PCB next Thursday if anyone can point me in the direction of some good cheap grub there - girls trip so it's drinking, drinking, drinking and food in that order :) Haven't been to PCB since the Olympics were in Atlanta.

Still fighting off the pneumonia/bronchitis crap. I sound like Kathleen Turner... The doc did change me to cymbicort inhaler, and it seems to be helping a bit.


The lack of a degree for Walker is not important to me. As others have said, having a degree doesn't mean that you're educated. What is important is his drive to do the right thing and actually doing the right thing.

Miss Marple

Bedtime for me.



Think the Jihadi's are clever enough to learn the obvious lesson that if they're going to mount an attack in Texas, they should stick to military bases where the second amendment doesn't apply?


Sandy calls in to local talk to give her story to the Host. She sounds like an old, feisty lady.

She says as the cabby pulled up she stepped wrong on her front steps and fell down and banged her head.

She said Sean from Yellow Cab came running out and helped her up and said, "I'm taking you to the Hospital," and Sandy replied, "No you're not, first you're taking me to vote!"

She said he drove her on over to the polling place and she went in and voted and when she came out they determined she was okay, so he drove her back home and he said to her, "No charge," and she said to him "Bless you, Sean," and she came in and called the host, and they both laughed and she said "I voted for Amy, and now I'm going to have a shot of Scotch!", and with the host laughing that was the last call of the show.

Nice radio:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Lovely phrase.

Beasts of England

I'm sure that wasn't directed at you, Steph!! ;) No data on PCB, but I know the tribe will come through.


Pedro Martinez on a radio interview Today, after being praised for saying what he really thinks: "Freedom of speech is very important to me. It's one of our first amendments."

Love the guy.


I use nazguls, because they rode the shrieking dragons, in Lord of the Rings,

Jane on Ipad


That is a great article. I'd re link it except I'm on IPad .


Only places I know in PCB are Capt Anderson's (yucky last time I was there), Angelo's pricey and Schooner's.

Heading to Island View on June 4. They have expanded the hotel and now have a spa and a second pool. Was going to go tomorrow, but alas no takers. Free hotel, free play $$ and free food and no takers. What's the world coming to...

I was hoping for some sea breeze recuperative powers on this crud sickness, but alas.

Jim Miller

Jane - Thanks. I'm glad you liked the post.

Jim Miller

The polls just closed in Alberta (for their provincial election), and the CBC is already posting results.

So far, the two coservative parties, the national Conservatives and the Wild Rose Party, seem to be doing OK, but I know nothing about Alberta vote patterns, so take that with a grain of salt.

(Two years ago, I watched the BC provincial elections. I was planning to watch for just a few minutes, but the result was such a surprise that I ended up watching for a couple of hours. The polls had predicted a big win for the NDP (socialists), but the BC Liberals -- who are the main conservative party in BC, and not affiliated with the national Liberal Party -- won.

It was fun listening to the announcers slowly figure out that events weren't going as predicted, and by a lot.


Statement from State's Attorney Mosby on Freddie Gray Case

For Immediate Release 5/5/15

While the evidence we have obtained through our independent investigation does substantiate the elements of the charges filed, I refuse to litigate this case through the media.

The evidence we have collected cannot ethically be disclosed, relayed or released to the public before trial. As I’ve previously indicated, I strongly condemn anyone in law enforcement with access to trial evidence, who has or continues to leak information prior to the resolution of this case. These unethical disclosures are only damaging our ability to conduct a fair and impartial process for all parties involved.

State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby



Appears Mosby having marbles thrown on the floor in front of her by the BPD.

Imagine that?


To the dogs.


translation, 'I got nothing' and I'm bluffing more than Le Chiffre,

Jeff Dobbs

Yeah, stay away from Captain Anderson's. We've been to J. Michael's right across the street. Had to look it up, and I'd swear that wasn't the name of it when we went, but who knows, it's been a few years. It wasn't bad - but all I was having was raw oysters, so what do I know.

For non-seafood, there was a b-b-q place right where Thomas Drive made the turn after crossing the lagoon (headed toward the beach). Owners used to live in the same townhouse my in laws did back in the day. It was really good stuff. Doesn't appear to have made it (so I wouldn't recommend going there!)

We really didn't do much eating out while in PCB.

mrs hit and run's dad's charter booking business is now focused primarily on St. Andrews Marina. It's on the Panama City side - not PCB. Kinda a fun historic section of town.

You've got Captain's Table and Hunt's Oyster Bar and Uncle Ernies over there. All reasonably priced. We tend to hit Captain's Table after the all day charters we've been on more than the other two. Uncle Ernie's gives you a better atmosphere on the water, though. All of them serve pretty good food - very very much not fancy - but very fresh.

It's an hour and a half to get to Appalachicola -- I'd make that trip just to hit Boss Oyster. I like that place that much. But if it's drink, drink, drink, then eat...a drive like that may not make a whole lotta sense.

Or let Gmax and rse steer you westward.....

Jim Miller

Darn it. If the early results are even roughly typical, it looks as if the the NDP will win control in Alberta.

About one seventh of the polls (precincts?) have been counted, and the NDP is leading in 54 seats, with 44 required for a majority.

The two conservative parties are winning more poplar votes -- about 52 percent to 41 percent, but they are splitting that vote.


winning the future, that's like Texas going blue, during W's term,


they do great PoI cliff hangers, beats me where they go from here,

Jim Miller

narciso - That's the analogy that occurred to me, with this addition: after the Texas Republican Party had split in two.

Here's the CBC vote site, for those who want to see the bad news.

Captain Hate

Yes narc, their season enders start at eleven and then crank it harder than the electrical grid did that substation. I had hypothesized previously on the Facebook POI page that I thought the Machine was highly distributed in no set place and damn if it wasn't.

Quite a few loose ends got tied up tonight. I started giggling a lot when Fusco arrested Dominick, which was far from the final chapter in that story.


right the Wildrose, is a splinter of Harper's reform,


they were on a similar mindset with the Ultron film, where all is not as it seems half way through the film,


now I have to watch it again, to figure out what really was going on,

Captain Hate

Mr Swift's student providing the advanced compression algorithm was a nice touch.

I watched a very obscure Caviezel movie last night, Highwaymen, which wasn't very good and he must have needed the money to have taken part in it. He was driving a 72 hemi Barracuda that was just an awesome power machine (although the stupid subtitle writers called it a "heavy Barracuda" twice as I just rolled my eyes). At one point a cop found a door which had fallen off of it and read a sticker on it saying "This vehicle was made for supervised acceleration trials and not for street driving" which I recall seeing on a hemi Belvedere which had been temporarily dropped off in transit at a Chrysler/Plymough place in my home town where I was working a summer as a mechanic. Needless to say, I told a salesman who raced at the strip about it and we took that sucker out for a spin. Awesome machine.


dangerous to cross the streams


Captain Hate

Listening to the gap toothed perv and the jugeared dunce yammering away is like a third rate version of Rupert Pupkin's fantasizing about hosting a talk show.


he was in another film, where he was an alien who lands in Norseland, chasing a creature, which is the inspiration behind beowulf,

Captain Hate

I saw that and spent most of the time rolling my eyes.


yes, the only saving grace about that film which is on rotation at Syfy channel is Sophy Miles, part in it,

Captain Hate

Enough is enough. But they'll be back until they get the result they want.



Captain Hate

One more thing: I hope this guy doesn't knuckle under:



I hope so too, Cap'n. The feds are going after every deep pocket they can to deflect attention from their own role in pushing bad loans. I'm sure they figure they'll get lucky with a few Dem-appointed judges.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Possibly the most unlikely thing I've ever seen;
Guy rear ends a car on the freeway with his motorcycle and does a perfect front flip, landing on his feet on the car's roof.



Here's the Big Event, the exciting news from Anchorage I know you guys have all been on pins and needles about, especially since I've been keeping you all whipped up and excited about it lately.

And the loser is...

Alaska Fish and Game Department.

Black bears removed from Anchorage neighborhood show up in Hope

The black bear sow and four cubs that the state relocated after they foraged through garbage cans in Anchorage's Government Hill neighborhood briefly appeared Tuesday in Hope, a small town on Turnagain Arm.

Hope is an old Gold Mining town across the Turnagain from our house and from where the boys and I regularly hike. On the map below we live above Potter Marsh and hike the McHugh/Rainbow trails, and you can see Hope across the sound. The bears were captured in North Anchorage, and had apparently been dumped off south west of Hope in the Kenai:

... the bears traveled at least 15 miles from the Chickaloon Flats area of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge to Hope. The two areas are separated by a barrier of mountains and a rocky coastline.

The bears all wore collars and would be tracked.

On Monday, Fish and Game tracked the bears close to Hope.

“We thought, ‘OK, we better get a news release ready, it looks like these things might be going into town,’” Marsh said. But the bears skirted the community and traveled a couple of miles to the east.

However, when a contracted pilot flew over the area Tuesday to track the bears, the pilot spotted them walking among homes south of Hope Highway.

Oh well.

As for the Election, Dem Berkowitz taking an early 60% to 40% lead. Ughh:(


This is odd. Here's the cartoon I posted at 10:38

I copied it from the top of the Lucianne home page, but the cartoon at that page has now changed so it caused the cartoon in my 10:38 to change.






































Did you ever hear the Peter Sellers joke in the movie "Ghost in the noonday sun"? It's a pirate parody.










Cook on pirate ship counting beans for crew supper


Captain says: What's that?


Cook says: Bean stew.


Captain says: I know what it's been --
what is it now?



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