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May 16, 2015



Who is this "we" that is looking stupid? Clinton, Kerry, Obama, Biden, the NYT editorial board, sure. But that is "they" not "we."


First, maybe.


Obama’s just not that smart©

Jeff Dobbs

Henry, it would include the majority of voters who twice put Obama in office.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Putin is looking pretty smart and we are looking pretty stupid.--

If all you have is a Barry everything looks smart.


hey, where is everybody?


the first paragraph, was correct, the middle illustrated the category error, that has us in this situation,

Jack is Lightnings!

To all my fellow veterans and those who stil serve:

Happy Armed Forces Day.

As a kid growing up on Air Force bases this was a special day for the families since we got a chance to go up in one of the planes or choppers. My favorite was the SA-16 seaplane that the ASR units had in their fleet. Some time the local Navy guys would come by with their PBY and we could go up in that and look out the bubble window. That was a big deal to a 12 year old kid.


hey, where is everybody?

Well, I'm taking a short break. I've been working on company actual expenses, NIH-allowed expenses and NIH-billed expenses for a two-tier indirect cost structure based on modified total direct costs. It also includes a previous award that overlaps with this one that used a different indirect cost basis (one-tier based on total direct labor, if anyone cares).

The government is turning this PhD into an accountant.

Miss Marple

I have been attempting to pull weeds and plant flowers in between bouts of rain.

I wish it would quit!

Grandson is coming over tonight so I am going to get him to move a couple of things for me.

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