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June 29, 2015


Dave (in MA)


A great bass player died over the weekend.



If I find a gorgeous, fully grown well endowed 16 year old attractive and MEOW, yet, I keep my hands to myself.....

Am I a celibate child molester??

This is a hypothetical


Howie Kurtz and Jerry Rivers on Megan Kelly.
Jeebus H Cripes, Rivers and Kurtz are dumb as a shit sandwich. Wow. What the fuck has his nation become.




OMG Dave, I hadn't heard about Chris Squire.
Dang that's sad. I have a guy who works for me, who is a HUGE HUGE Chris Squire and YES fan. In fact the guy, himself had a hit record back in '69.
You know Dave, Henry is a bass player.
I'm sorry to hear about Squire.

ON a lighter note, I saw THE ROMANTICS play last night, and Jr, Mrs Gus and I got to hang with the band. I've seen them many many times, and of course they are 80's Power Pop Icons, but they ROCKED last night. I was in the second row.

Larry Sinclair and some Pockeestawnee dude with a porn mustache

Did someone say "naked in a bathtub"??

Oh snap, I'm calling Barry!!

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

LOL, Larry.

Gus with no Pockeeeestawnee porn "stache".

Kasich on Megan Kelly. Probably a very nice man, and If I needed a nice man to clean my gutters or sell me TERM life insurance, I might call him.

Nah, Kasich is as RINO and ESTABLISHMENT as it gets.
One thing is for sure, Kasich likes attention.

Gus with no Pockeeeestawnee porn "stache".

Ignatz, I didn't join the Pope Frankie conversation, but, I think you probably know that I am a devout Roman Catholic by now. Pope Francis is a product of a COMPLETELY FAILED and DISCREDITED SOCIALIST/MARXIST country and culture. WE all are products of our environment. I am a PACKERS FAN, because I'm a Wisconsonite. I think you get my point. Pope Francis in MHO, is arrogant vis a vis his "SOCIAL" views. Maybe we all are. I'm not a CATHOLIC to hear some ARGENTINES HOME SPUN PERSONAL and SILLY VIEWS on "Global Warming".
OH yes... I get it!!!! Pope Francis CARES OH SO MUCH. With no hate, ill will or disrespect intended. .. Pope Francis....DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

The pope should consider being about his Father's business* not the world's.

*Luke 2:49.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

And now to bed to dream of Antonin Scalia slitting WeDavey's wrists while Dick Cheney shoots Duda in the face with his Bertuzzi Bros 20 gauge.
No offense Daveyboy.

Gus with no Pockeeeestawnee porn "stache".

Ignatz, I agree. When I get to meet St Peter, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and God our Father, I doubt my CARBON FOOTPRINT will be part of the interview!!!!
Ig I am blessed in so many ways. I know 2 Cardinals. Wow!! I KNOW 2 CARDINALS. Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan was a friend and my Bishop during his time in Milwaukee. In fact I got Cardinal Dolan to autograph a ST LOUIS CARDINALS cap!!!! He's from St Louis. Cardinal Burke was Bishop of La Crosse Wi, and I know him well. He become Cardinal himself IN ST LOUIS!!!!!
Burke has been SHITCANNED and relegated to MALTA by Pope Francis. I saw Cardinal Burke in Milwaukee this past winter.
Cardinal Burke is VERY CONSERVATIVE and he was SILENCED. Tim Dolan (his brother Bob is a member of my Parish), is keeping his powder dry. Timothy Dolan is smart, Godly, and a great Politican/Shmoooozer. There is HOPE.
There is FAITH, AND
There is LOVE.


"And now to bed to dream of Antonin Scalia slitting WeDavey's wrists while Dick Cheney shoots Duda in the face with his Bertuzzi Bros 20 gauge.
No offense Daveyboy"

None taken. However,I suspect that if confronted with my naked body in a bath tub,Antonin scalia would rather sponge me down and probably gently weep while doing so.


Ig, my understanding of celibacy was that if one chose that state, one also eschewed any thoughts or desires of sexual gratification.

Gus with no Pockeeeestawnee porn "stache".

Glasater, thank you for weighing in.
Celibacy is simple. If you DO NOT ACT, you have been celibate.
Forget the 100plus year smudge upon the U.S. priesthood. I am Catholic. The PRIEST SCANDAL was/is pretty simple. Gay men who found refuge, POWER and ACCESS within the church. It's never been PEDOPHILIA, if it WERE, then GIRLS would have been VICTIMS in at LEAST 20 timed more. Young men who MAY or MAY NOT have considered themselves GAY, found refuge and "opportunities" to possibly act upon and use their power and authority to ACT INNAPPROPRIATELY.
We cannot speak of this LOGICALLY nor HONESTLY, as I just have.


Christians have no problem with the supreme court's equal protection ruling. Christian fundamental fascists do because that is a form of fascism not christianity! Hukaboob is a fascist not a christian and supported sodomy laws in his state.

Gus with no Pockeeeestawnee porn "stache".

Captain Arizona. RETARDED FUKWAD.



Jack The Transformer

When I came back this morning from my dog walk, I noticed our (Mecox collective) two Swans and their 2 cygnets floating by. (Photo on my FB page).

And I wonder what they think about same sex marriage? They are notorious heterosexuals that commit to each other for life. And, of course, they are white. Don't think they're Christian, though.

Miss Marple

Morning, all.

Gay marriage won't affect anyone, right?

Think again:



Morning! Well,last night the dog cried and whined every hour between 11 and 4,when hubby finally got up and put him outside. What was sitting in the driveway? The red fox! Hubby said,they are talking to each other in canine language,the fox yips and the dog whines and we get no sleep!

Miss Marple


Paid for by LGBT groups, according to the story.

So I am more than ever convinced they knew the decision ahead of time, as coordination for that display's funding would have taken even longer than just the coordination for the lights.



Sales tax increases to pay public pension promises.

Captain Hate

Gay marriage won't affect anyone, right?

Think again:

Levin was all over this last night. For the left there's never victory; it's time to move on to the next battle. Meanwhile the dimwit Repuke enablers like Kasich say "let's move on" and roll over like beaten dogs and would rather turn on their own than stand up against it. Again, this is why Trump has an opening in the GOP. People want somebody who will stand up to this nonsense and they don't see anybody who will do so. These people have no representation and it's a snotty insult to pretend otherwise.

Captain Hate



Of course Dems will make sure gays get domestic partner benefits not available to heteros. Can't turn off the special privilege now that gays have equal civil rights.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I am getting real tired of the political class looking down their noses at Trump and mocking his statements. They refuse to debate him on ideas and simply sniff like they've smelled something unpleasant.

Kasich last night infuruated me. I am sick of his "gee-whillkers, I am just a postman's son" routine.

Trump is certainly not a foreign policy expert and oversimplifies things, but he is the ONLY one who has said that Univision shouldn't have the debate due to conflict of interest.

And while I am sure some otherwise nice Mexican people are illegals, Trump is pretty much right. It's not their doctors and industrial geniuses sneaking across the border. As far asI can tell, the ones who cross fall into one of these categories:

1. Criminals.
2. People who work hard but are taking jobs from Americans because they work for lower pay.
3. People who come for free medical care, to have their babies here as anchor babies, or come for welfare.
4. Terrorists.

ALL of these people are drains on our economy or a risk to public safety or both.

So as far as I am concerned, Trump is right.


Gee, why would they skip that?

Obama signs trade legislation; Boehner, McConnell miss White House event


This is interesting. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/06/if_id_known_she_was_gay_id_have_baked_a_cake.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

Was it James D. that linked an article awhile ago about an independent writer hunting down a "queen bee reviewer" that turned out to be just some power hungry lady?

This is kinda like that only this lady is - " it turns out that she works for Publisher’s Weekly, the venerable publishing industry magazine read by libraries and publishing companies coast to coast. Her position? Book reviewer."

Captain Hate

Yes, Miss Marple, Trump is a self promoting blowhard which makes him a natural politician but he offends the clean toga crowd by pointing out the hypocrisy of the ruling class of which they're part. I wish he'd start demanding that pussy boy Reince Priebus be given his walking papers along with the rest of the GOPe drones who keep the party opposed to its purported base. Trump's refusal to cave to the beandips of Univision is what everybody in the GOP should be doing.

But they don't. They act like next time things will be different. They are incapable of learning.


After Obama gives the Baltic States to Vlad, Alaska will be next (because all that oil is icky and was bought with slave money or some crap).

A Russian show trial on Baltic Independence from 1991. Lovely.

Miss Marple


The main reason is that they will no longer be box office draws.

So I ask myself, why would that be if there are so many gays and everyone is ok with it?

Rick Ballard

My problem with the unprincipled lying blowhard is that he detracts from Fiorina. She has been going directly after Clinton while Trumpette babbles about whatever he thinks will draw more attention.

He has no political value to the GOP whatsoever.

Miss Marple


Disagree. He draws attention to things which some have been too timid to say.

Fiorina is getting traction despite him, maybe because she holds a lot of similar positions but is more polished-sounding.

Miss Marple


Even more over-priced than her mother, even if the fee was less. What possible value would hearing her speak have?


CH and MM,speaking of the political class and the clean toga crowd. I've been wondering what my Senators have been doing lately,they haven't been in the local news. Angus King had prostate surgery Friday. Susan Collins releases her news via Twitter. I read her Twitter for the past six weeks and learned something that is not a surprise. The Lugar Center released a #Bipartisan Index and Collins is the most bipartisan Senator. Manchin is second,Donnelly is third,Murkowski is fourth and Pryor is fifth.

James D

I agree with both sides here on the Trump debate.

He's saying things that our side NEEDS to say, and which nobody else with a microphone seems to be willing to say. As long as he continues to do it, and as long as everyone else in the GOP stays silent (or preemptively surrenders, over and over, to the progs), he's going to attract attention and support.

On the other hand, he is a blowhard, he's almost certainly unelectable due to the endless fodder for personal attacks that his life provides any Dem opponent, and given his own statements on various issues (and his record as a real state mogul, which we can be kind and call "mixed at best") he would be a disastrous President.

The solution, of course, is obvious. Somebody else on the R side who doesn't have a cemetery full of skeletons in their closet, and who has sane policy views, needs to step up and start pushing back, HARD, against the progs, and calling things out for what they are. Until someone does that, it's going to be All Trump, All the Time.

Jack is Back!


Here is your "feel good" story of the day.

Ted Cruz Reveals Karl Rove Lied About Scoring Rush '41 Endorsement.

Unlike Hilgula he kept his emails from and to Rove:)


Miss Marple

Donnelly is one of my senators and has to be a bit bipartisan to stay in office, since Indiana is fairly conservative.

I imagine we will see him front and center when the Pope lands on the White House lawn (schedule was just released by the Vatican.)

James D

re: Pope Francis

Weiging in late on this, but I'm (no surprise) with the crowd who sees him as dangerous.

The thing is, even granting that he truly has only the best motives at heart, what he's saying about climate change, and capitalism more broadly, needs to be criticized. Because regardless of how pure his heart is, the things he's calling for will cause more, rather than less, poverty and human misery.

A lot of the people who worked to get DDT banned were good people, too, and honestly believed they were doing something noble. And how many millions of deaths in Africa and elsewhere due to insect-borne illnesses that need not have happened, are on their hands?


Just for giggles I looked at the bottom of the list in the bipartisan index. Surprise! Tim Scott,Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.


I'm with rick, i suspect an admiral ackbar moment with this weasel, remember he does have ties to the new america foundation

James D

re: bipartisanship

Here's how bipartisanship works.

Politician A sees Hungry Person, and says, "I'm going to show my generosity! You there, Well-Fed Person Y, I'm going to write a law requiring you to buy Hungry Person X a nie steak dinner every night."

Well-Fed Person is understandably upset by this, and complains to his representative, Politician B. Politician B says, "I understand. I'll take care of this for you!"

Politician B and Politician A negotiate, and strike a deal. Politician B comes back to Well Fed Person and says, "It's all fixed! We agreed. You only have to buy Hungry Person a burger and fries instead of a full steak dinner, and only weeknights instead of seven days a week. Isn't that great? By the way, I'm up for reelection, so if you could spare $2,000 or so for my campaign, I'd appreciate it!"

Captain Hate

For the record, and I'm sure Brother Ballard already realizes this, I don't consider Trump as a serious candidate. But the GOPe has created a market for him by their obdurate refusal to perform their Constitutional duties and honor their campaign promises.

I think Fiorina is effectively presenting herself to the country as an accomplished poised woman who would make an excellent HISTORIC FIRST without jonesing for the next swig of Rebel Yell. I wish Walker was more prominent but he does have a real job to accomplish and seems to take that seriously.


From our lurking friend in Chicago, Bill Gross's latest. A timely review of the "shadow" banking system.

Captain Hate

If Cruz could rid the GOP of the stain of Rove, he's be doing the party a huge favor.


That being said he gives me less gas, then Stay Puft, the topmen's previous blind date, that yeat's quotein spades.

Captain Hate

Tim Scott got a higher share of the statewide vote for the Senate than Goober Graham, yet the MFM unfailingly calls on Lindsey as their go to guy for GOPe wisdom.

I'm listening to Levin from last night where Cruz is expanding on the perfidy of Rove. I expect the Rove News Channel to spring to the defense of their contributor.

Captain Hate

More GOPe antics:


Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Barry with his infantile light show and Kennedy with his infantile sophistry are doing for homosexual "rights" what Barry did for race relations; setting them back decades.
And by forcing societal change down the throat of a society unready for it and still debating it they have cemented in place a divisive culture war which will probably still be raging 40 years from now just as the judicial overreach of Roe has done.
Dumb asses like Kennedy or Blackmun never seem to realize that in creating rights out of thin air they are engaged, in a sense, in a zero sum game. You cannot create a non existent right without seriously impinging someone's already existing legitimate one which leads to intractable cultural antagonism.

This is counter to something like ending slavery or Jim Crow where a real, denied right is simply being recognized as having long been denied. Society adapts to legitimately righting an enduring wrong and we would have had a largely color blind society by now except the left and the Dems discovered creating new, non existent, preferential rights for minorities, creating a color seeing society, worked to their political advantage regardless of the calamity it produced in the lives of those they claim to represent.
The left seizes power by creating chaos and then enlisting dupes and dopes to pour a little soothing gasoline on the fire, transforming a kitchen grease fire into an eternal flame of competing resentments.

Throughout history the left has found itself out in the cold and so it sets countries on fire to keep warm and then mocks and defames as "fascists" the responsible groups who try to put out the fire. Eventually the place is consumed and everyone is out in the cold so the left moves on to the next set of dupes.

Captain Hate

Not sure why the Federalist is feeling good about being the forum for this nonsense which reads like a parody of Letters to Penthouse:


Rick Ballard

Well, Miz Lindsey has proven credentials as a backstabber where Scott seems determined to continue to dance with them what brung him. It's the same rationale which the MFM uses to hand blowhard Trump a megaphone while making Fiorina a nonperson.

I've said I don't mind carney barker Trump making noise, I do mind treating the buffoon as anything but a self seeking blow dried clown. He won't do much damage but he is not, in any way, "raising awareness" among the Lackwitz Sisters. The slackjaws are much more likely to fire their sole synapse due to a comment from Fiorina regarding Red Witch than from any babble generated by Donny the Dunce.


Iggy-what I see in going to various Equity programs is college-educated professionals who have been taught there is racism everywhere and they now believe it. I always feel like they believe every Southerner was a save owner and every white American in the 21st century is descended from slave owners. It's a bad understanding of American history.

Since I was stranded in a car on the PA Turnpike with a 17 and 21 year old when the ruling came out, they were excited as if Jim Crow had been declared unlawful. Red heard me though about the implications of telling voters they had now right to adhere to what had culturally constituted the institutions of marriage for thousands of years. Indeed, what is next with the right lobbying.

Kennedy is muddle-headed in becoming the tool of the 4 votes that would do away with the Constitution if they could.

I am also frustrated with Roberts writing that the purpose of the O'care statute must be recognized over the language and then falsely insisting there was no intention to destroy the healthcare insurance market. That was precisely the purpose.


SCOTUS to take another look at race based college admissions

The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to take a second look at the use of race in admissions decisions by the University of Texas at Austin, reviving a potent challenge to affirmative action in higher education.

The move, which supporters of race-conscious admissions programs called baffling and ominous, signaled that the court may limit or even end such affirmative action. The advocates speculated that the court’s most conservative members had cast the four votes needed to grant review of the case in the hope that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy would supply the fifth vote to strike down the Texas admissions plan.

Justice Kennedy has never voted to uphold an affirmative action program.

Old Lurker

But still, counting on that turkey to be consistent is dangerous, Ext.


Was it James D. that linked an article awhile ago about an independent writer hunting down a "queen bee reviewer" that turned out to be just some power hungry lady?

'Twas I, though James D said he had seen it. I think it was in the Daily Mail, one of those side articles you click on out of curiosity. A 5 or 6 page article that was hard to stop reading, though very creepy. As I recall, the author became obsessed with tracking down who this reviewer was, essentially stalking her. To her credit, I think she realized that she had responded badly, though the reviewer was a real piece of work too.

James D

Wow, CH...that link is horrifying.

And it IS what's coming next. More redefinition. More "rights." More madness.

Captain Hate

Rick, I think the MFM wanted to expose and humiliate Fiorina with their stooge lackeys like Ratner peppering her with questions about her time at HP and she aimed a cold stare at him and methodically dismantled his gotcha question.

Those dumbasses don't like to be revealed as such.


Justice Kennedy has never voted to uphold an affirmative action program.

It seems as though Roberts and Kennedy are taking turns being the 5th pro-government power vote. I'm not optimistic.


"Barry with his infantile light show and Kennedy with his infantile sophistry are doing for homosexual "rights" what Barry did for race relations; setting them back decades"

No. That's not it at all. This is one of those moments in time where the world moved forward, but you stayed right where you were.

What's totally ironic is that political victories are yours for the taking(i'm not talking about the mid-terms...you had to fucking gerrymander to win those victories).I'm talking about winning the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans.You could do this if you modified your platform to fall in line with the new world that you find yourself living in. For example...you accept same sex marriage, but you promote the importance of traditional marriage. You accept reproductive rights,but you promote sexual education-access to contraception etc and limit the number of abortions. We can go down the list of Republican policy goals that could be streamlined to fit the ACTUAL world that you live in.

Here's the problem though. In an effort to turn your base out over the last thirty years, you've been radicalizing them. So much so that they won't accept any common sense compromise,so you're stuck in an all or nothing death spiral of political suicide from which you can't escape.You created a monster that has you trapped in a basement and you can't pass it to get out.

Add to this the News entertainment industries realization that there's a lot of money in a radicalized political base, and that compounds your problems ten-fold.

America leans more toward Conservative ideals, which makes it kind of odd that Barrack Obama has been President for the past 7 years.

I will bet the farm that after 8 years of a Clinton Presidency the new wave of younger, more political savy right-wingers are going to market your party a hell of a lot better than you have, and veer this country back onto a more Conservative(not ultra) footing.

James D

I do remember that article, jimmyk.

It never ceases to amaze me how horribly people can behave. I mean, I ought to know by now, but as Elaine on Seinfeld once said, just when you think people can't get any more shallow, they drain a little more water out of the pool.

Threadkiller Mobynatious


Illegals run the country?


James D, I think the internet has exacerbated that by giving people a platform that they could never get otherwise. Re the piece that Iggy linked, I'm surprised that Amazon doesn't have some mechanism to filter out that behavior.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Has the elevator reached the basement yet at the Bezos Post?

Miss Marple

Saw on Fox big plane crash in Indonesia. Military jet carrying military relatives hits what looked like to be residential/comercial area. Death toll 75 and climbing.

And of course, I am concerned it's terrorism.

Miss Marple

Tunisian government says shooter in beach attack is linked to shooters at Tunisian museum earlier this year. (via Fox)

James D

jimmyk, Amazon does have some mechanism to do that. But they seem to be more concerned with fake positive reviews than fake negative ones.


I think there was a sea change in attitude about gay marriage. Many people have friends and relatives who are gay, and whom they care for, and--failing to see the big picture--their feeling became, "Why not let my nephew Harry and his nice boyfriend Tommy get married if it makes them happy?"

I think the progs and the activists gays have just made a tactical mistake though in not even waiting 24hrs after the SC ruling to go after religion. Because while a lot of people might be perfectly fine with two gays getting married on the courthouse steps, they are not going to be okay with abolishing the First Amendment and shutting down churches that refuse to perform a gay wedding ceremony. Again it will be a situation of the political becoming personal, as they watch their sweet old Aunt Martha break down in tears as the doors of her beloved church are closed because of a suit by a gay couple who'd never attended that church before and had no intention of intention of attending it after.

I foresee a big backlash coming--not over the SC ruling per se--but over what has now become an open and virulent attack by the Left on the freedom of religion. Even those who aren't regular church goers themselves have friends and relatives with deeply held religious convictions and they will not react well to watching the Left/Dems persecute these people that they care for.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Thanks for the concern, troll, but the course you recommend is precisely the rudderless middle course the loser GOPes like Dole, McCain and Romney tried to steer.

Hmm, it's almost like you want to encourage loser behavior.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

-I've said I don't mind carney barker Trump making noise, I do mind treating the buffoon as anything but a self seeking blow dried clown.--

If he irritates the left and occasionally says something that needs saying, fine.
Beyond that he is Sideshow Don.

Threadkiller Mobynatious

Chris Christie is on stage. He is no Donald Trump, so I guess I'll vote for him.


If it's a sea change, it's an inch deep, the result of a media cascade and social pressure rather than deep reflection. I don't see how the latter is possible in the space of a few years. I'm sure the current generation of 18-24 year-olds has jumped on board, but beyond that it's more of a path of least resistance.

Gus with no Pockeeeestawnee porn "stache".

They spit on Father Morris. THEY said he was hateful. What does NOT OCCUR to MARXISTS and their USEFUL IDIOTS, is that the LOVE of GOD is not HATE. Marxists do not care what you want nor what you think, they are evil fascists who will not be stopped by pussies like John Roberts who pet them and trust their motives.

Jack The Trans-Former

Newt was a "take no prisoners" type in the debates especially with the media and he did squat in the primaries. He also didn't, from memory, attack his fellow candidates the way Trump is doing. So, shaking up the primary season and the debates is all well and good but I don't see Trump rattling a Christie or Walker or even a Cruz or Rubio or Paul. I especially don't see him rattling Fiorina or Carson - both of whom are intellects and self-made.

And if Donald is such a great negotiator with the Mexicans and Chinese give me some examples of his success. Driving a bargain for a hotel or golf course is not the same thing as driving a deal on expanded trade, nuclear arms or peace.

Don't get me wrong, it is refreshing to see the media and establishment political organizations get zing and pepper sprayed by Trump from time to time but he doesn't scare the rest of the field.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

AT piece on homosexual marriage and tax exemption for churches.
There is a point which needs to be made. The long standing official IRS position based on the 1st Amendment is churches are automatically tax exempt with or without IRS approval. They don't need to apply for 501(c)3 status to become so.
Now, obviously with this crowd that could be changed in a heartbeat, which would lead to many more lawsuits, but there is an additional hurdle that needs to be overcome that is seldom mentioned.


"Thanks for the concern, troll, but the course you recommend is precisely the rudderless middle course the loser GOPes like Dole, McCain and Romney tried to steer"

I'm just fucking with you. YOU ARE the radicalized base.....that's kind of the joke-forgive my weird European sense of humor. I believe you were the one that told me on the eve of the 2012 Presidential election that Romney was going to win by a land slide.

Fucking retard.

People are making interesting moves to take the Republican party back and market it in such a way that it ACTUALLY wins Presidential elections.

Yeah,Romney's going to win by a landslide....tell us what else we should know.


More on this "sea change" notion: I'm reminded a bit of the Vietnam war. The turning of public opinion against the war was at least 50% media hype (as was, of course, the notion of our inability to win), and excessive attention paid to 18 to 24-year-olds. Nixon still won the '72 election by a landslide. I don't think a majority wanted us to turn tail and run. But that was the perception, and it resulted in our shamefully abandoning the South Vietnamese.

Old Lurker

Newsbusters reporting that the paper emails turned over by Clinton were edited and modified before giving them to State. Not redacted where one can see the blank marker, but physically changed.

Scooter Libby would be under the jail by now.

Via Lucianne


Irritate the left. Irritate the left.


Hillary Clinton is an unindicted criminal.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

--Not sure why the Federalist is feeling good about being the forum for this nonsense which reads like a parody of Letters to Penthouse:--

Geez, why would they publish the embarrassing personal meanderings of an obviously maladjusted dope and her dopey partner and their other dopey partners?

It was only very slightly beyond the diary entry of a depressed moron talking about what a depressed (and depressing) moron she is.

Miss Marple


The change in Vietnam was directly due to 2 things: 1. Draft adn campus demonstrations (funded, might I add, by the KGB in many cases) and 2. A misrepresentation of how the war was going, presented by St. Walter Cronkite etal. It wasn't until the mid-80's that I learned that we had WON the Tet offensive. I wasn't the only one who thought we had lost; my sisters also did and so did 2 of my friends, when I asked them.

In those days I read Time and Newsweek and the local paper, plus watching every news show on air at the time. Just goes to show you how they press and media operated in the days before Fox, talk radio, and the internet.


Much the same with iraq, but this rhyme has bite.


Well, the polls reflected a change in attitude toward gay marriage. You could say the polls were lying, or you could say that a lot of people just didn't see the harm and never considered the long term ramifications. It was all about feelings. #LoveWins.


Donald Trump is a flash in the pan. I feel fairly safe in making the following prediction: Within the next month he will say something egregiously idiotic and/or scandalous, and his poll numbers will plummet. He won't be able to help himself.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the wisdom of Scott Walker's apparent decision to be the last one to officially enter the race?


Did you guys read that thing about the spawn's $65,000 10-minute speaking fee?



And another week that the mullahs have to work on their bomb.

Threadkiller Mobynatious

Walker is waiting for Trump to fail on the merits.


I thought we should be wary of Greeks bearing gifts. But Turks? For Greece? Yike! (ht the Chitown lurking unit).


"Well, the polls reflected a change in attitude toward gay marriage. You could say the polls were lying, or you could say that a lot of people just didn't see the harm and never considered the long term ramifications"

Well,what is the harm and what are the ramifications?

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Must read AT piece by a real Constitutional Law professor Rob Natelson.
Points out Kennedy signaled the court will provide no relief to churches sued for exercising their religion.
Also says an Article V convention is the only political way out of the wilderness.


I've been paid a lot of money to troll right-wing sites and help radicalize them....perhaps I should start DEBATING and ditch TROLLING.

Just sayin......


Walker has to get the budget passed. Right now the Dems are sitting on their hands, throwing occasional rocks while some RINOs hold up the budget for building contractors. 3 tricky bits remain in the budget: prevailing wage law (think cost plus contracts on inflated wages); highway spending (too much spending on 94 in Milwaukee, not enough on roads nobody uses); the new Bucks arena (the outstate RINOs are right on this one -- but only because they don't like dollars spent in Milwaukee, not because they don't like spending). The RINOs think they can add a gas tax increase instead of ending prevailing wage laws (about equal in budget impact). It is a mess right now.

Miss Marple


I understand why he's waiting. However, in the interim the other candidates gain strength, and while Walker is a good DO-er he isn't famed for his speaking, which is good but not attention-getting so far.

I fear when he does enter, there will be a lot of "Oh, yeah, him too."

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

--Well,what is the harm and what are the ramifications?--

The further weakening of an already hobbled vital institution which has as its primary mission the creation of a stable platform to raise productive and well adjusted children in to better create a just and civil society.
The ruling enshrines the supposed dignity expressed identity of two adults as the primary reason for marriage.

The left destroys marriage through no fault divorce, the sexual revolution and pays fathers to be absent via welfare and then says "Look what a mess marriage is. How can homosexuals make it any worse?"

The ramifications were covered by Gibbon. I know it has big words and is pretty turgid but give it a shot. He was no fan of Christianity so you should feel right at home.

James D

I just read that story, Ext.

It's appalling on every level. But then again, this is the Clintons we're talking about, so "appalling on every level" is standard practice.



Haven't we seen this before?

Miss Marple, Now you know.

New Vietnam Spy Tale Sheds Light on How the U.S. Lost the War

My take is different. I believe Walter Cronkite. William Ayers, John Kerry etc, etc
defeated us in the USA.

Miss Marple



Without them, the campus demonstrations would have been an annoyance. They whipped up the frenzy and covered them like they represented the entire country.

And looking at the media now, they have become even worse.


"what is the harm and what are the ramifications?"

The Ignatz link answers part of that ...

An institution whose essence is a relationship between people of the opposite sex is not the same thing as an institution without that characteristic. We do not know what the long-term results of the latter might be.
An honest question would compare benefits to harm.

According to the California judge who rules against it prop 8 would harm gay couples having to exchange their marriage certificates back to domestic partner certificates by diminishing their dignity, status, and presumably their self esteem.

If traditional marriage defenders had used terminology like diminished "dignity, status, esteem" as harm to them it would have been ridiculed as thinly disguised code for gay bashing.

I do not consider Duda's question an honest one.

James D

Another thing about the Clinton Crime Family's extortionate speaking fees, which the GOP would point out if it had any sense at all...

When the University of Wherever ponies up $65K for dear little Princess Chelsea, or they spring for the full $275K and get Queen Pantsuit herself...ultimately it's students and their parents paying that fee. And since so many students have to borrow, using government subsidized loans, to pay for school, it's really taxpayers being forced without their knownedge and against their will, to donate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the Clinton family.


Points out Kennedy signaled the court will provide no relief to churches sued for exercising their religion.

Call me naive, but I don't believe churches will be forced to accommodate gay marriage. That seems to me to be too clear a line written by the 1st Amendment. Private businesses on the other hand, non-profits, schools, etc. will definitely be coerced, as they already have been.

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