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June 15, 2015



Great quote in tomorrow's Stephens column in the WSJ:

Negotiations with Iran now amount to a diplomatic strip tease, the only difference being that Washington both takes it off and doles out the dollars.

Water's World is equating "fag" with "retard."

O'Reilly may win me back as a viewer. Let's see how Magpie Kelly handles an ante this high.


I'm with maryrose on Pope Francis. There's nothing this pope or any other could ever do to lead me away from my faith. Because in the end, I know that the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail. And isn't Marxism a Godless political philosophy? Perhaps a bit of a stretch to label him that, don't you think? Distributism and subsidiarity yes...Marxism, nah.

Beasts of England

The lust for power makes for strange bedfellows, Rocco.

Miss Marple


My personal theory is that he is a nice man but not bright, despite his degree. He seems to be naive about the press and politics in general.

I am not leaving the Church, but I will not listen to foolishness pushed by climate nuts who somehow got the ear of the Pope and are using him for their purposes.

I drive an old car, don't waste electricity or gas, eat leftovers, and recycle plastic and glass. I don't litter, don't use insecticides in my garden, and my carbon footprint (if it matters) is small.

They can get back to me when Al Gore sells that house in Malibu and starts flying coach on Delta.

Beasts of England

My remaining HP relative is past school age and not planning on having children, so I haven't heard much about that cluster, rse. I'm certain that she and her friends were unaware of the public school concept. lol

Beasts of England

You rock, Miss Marple! Just sayin'...


Magpie Kelly has the elder Doezals on to explain that their babie's carpet and drapes have never matched their own.

South Africa gets mentioned.


The Highland Park Scotties. We have played them in HS football on several occasions.


Mama Doezal saya "it ain't me, it ain't me! I ain't no home girl's mom1"

Everyone agrees that you have to be sick to run a naacp chapter.


Back to cheap beer for me.

Goodnight all.


Y'all may not be referring to the Dallas HP. If not, nevermind.

Miss Marple

Since I also watched The Kelly File, I will explain.

The parents lived in South Africa AFTER Rachel was an adult. The "baboon whip" they had was used to ward off baboons. They did not whip children with it, and certainly not her since she wasn't there.

She specifically asked them not to come near the Spokane area. They siad they are her birth parents and that when asked if she was pathological, they said she has issues.

Very low-key people.


Oh.. and..:

Deception: Phony Black NAACP Chapter President Resigns; Obama Falsified Illinois Bar Application


Funny which false identities make headlines.


I'm thinking they should have used the whip on her.

Miss Marple

You know, Rachel is a disturbed person. I sort of feel sorry for her, but if we didn't praise people for being victims then she wouldn't have had an incentive to do this.

Jim Miller

I hope schadenfreude is a venial sin, because I am getting so much enjoyment over watching how much the Rachel Dolezal story has disturbed our "mainstream" journalists.

It may be my imagination, but I think our local TV news readers really, really wish they didn't have to discuss it, at all.

(As for the woman herself, mostly I feel sorry for her and her family, who seem to have been the only people who have suffered serious damage from this deception. Maybe she'll get some help, now.)

Jim Miller

Late this afternoon, I put up a snarky (for me) post on Hillary Clinton's recent reading.

But I really was appalled by that list, mostly by what isn't on it.

Miss Marple


I found it odd that "Decision Points" and "Faith of Our Fathers" was on it.

I can only assume she was gathering material for the "Bush did it" or "McCain said it" type of accusations and/or defense.

I also note she did not read Obama's book. HA!


Rodham claimed that Scott Walker doesn't love our children!!!

I nearly SHARTED myself laughing.


I would surmise that the effort is to gather impeachment for the star witness's appearance

Thank you, MarkO @ 6:38

I hope something comes about from questioning Sid Vicious.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Welp my book group is reading The Goldfinch now; maybe Rodham can join our discussion since she likes regular people so much. Yes, Jim, Neil Young can be quite the fool.

Jane on Ipad

Trey Gowdy supposedly just put out a n announcement that they have recovered new Blumenthal email. Anyone see it?


Neil Young is an idiot. I say that as a pretty big fan of nearly everything he did up through the early 80s.

Cecil Turner

But I really was appalled by that list, mostly by what isn't on it.

I generally assume people who make up such lists are lying. Which makes me a bad person, I'm sure. (My own would look like a lot of sci-fi with a few bad thrillers thrown in . . . and I strongly suspect their own actual reading isn't a lot more exalted.)

I was a bit surprised to see Bush's list had "A Message to Garcia", which isn't even a long essay (and hardly heavy literary lifting). It looked to be added more for effect (i.e., "hire me--I believe in getting the job done"). Which further reinforces my suspicion on list sincerity.


Dear Rachel was married to a black man, the story says. Was he black black or was he white and yearning to be black.
And....maybe he could tell us what color the carpet was.

Jim Miller

Miss Marple - I agree with you that the Bush and McCain books are probably oppo research. And the two are appropriate for that, because both have had such winning careers.

Bush won every election he was in except his first, for a House seat. (Oddly enough, Clinton, Kerry, and Obama also ran for the House in their first races -- and all lost.)

John McCain won every race he was in except, of course, in 2008.

So if you are trying to figure out how to defeat a tough Republican opponent, you might want to study those two.


I am not leaving the Church, but I will not listen to foolishness pushed by climate nuts who somehow got the ear of the Pope and are using him for their purposes.

Nor I Miss Marple. Was just trying to point out that many confuse Distributism and Subsidiarity with Marxism.

And on a side note here, I'm just perusing the Daily Sentinel and enjoying some delicious chocolate...thank you SBW!


That TPA vote for tomorrow? maybe they'll get to it in July. They don't have the votes.

As to reading lists, I saw no JOM authors on either list.



Here's a Politico article about that:


Jim Miller

I should have added, of course, that McCain lost the nomination to Bush in 2000, But that strengthens my argument about the two being hard to beat.

Jim Miller

CH - That "Golden Rice" story has bugged me, for years. The people losing out are so poor, and the Greens opposing it will never have to suffer from Vitamin A deficiency.

Beasts of England

Yes, Texas HP.

And yes, Southern Man don't need him around, anyhow...

Miss Marple

I heard that about Gowdy having more Blumenthal emails, too.

Maybe he's trying to get him to attempt to flee the country so he can call for his arrest.

Who knows? I wouldn't have put that out, but maybe he wanted to rattle Blumenthal and make him sweat.

Beasts of England

That should do it in Chicago.

Miss Marple


I have an appointment early tomorrow so will maybe check in before I leave. If not, will check in later tomorrow.


From the last thread, map should watch her back for do legal removes all doubt Like no one, and that's a credential like msnbc


After secret history, Donna tart t output has been dissapointing, although the Goldfinch is a great doorstop.

Beasts of England

Even with being on the wrong end of the OSU freight train at the beginning of the year, I have to say that 2015 has delivered nothing but memorable sporting events and championships. And we're only halfway through. Dang.


Sid has been a vicious nazgul, since at least the 70s, first repeating Soviet disinformation and now apparently french and german crony leftover bits, culled from the independent and billed on markup.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Only time there was a two goal lead. Congrats to the Blackhawks.

Yes Jim, the caring left leaves a lot to be desired.


Of course she has completion from Mike dyson, for raw category error.

Oh the dance Mora duo were fans of red queen, apparently.


Which makes sense, re her interest in felon voters, of course como fils reaches full peter principle.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The beginning of The Goldfinch reads well. There are a few people on Goodreads that prefer Secret History by a wide margin.


It's the only one of hers I really read,


Beasts, on Saturday Gus Jr and I watched a bald eagle in a tree as we fished. Half hour later or so, it came SCREEEEEEEEECHING right at us, and 35-50 yards out, it grabbed a fish and off it went....with my dinner!!!!
It was amazing.

daddy on iPad

Here's another odd current of this Rachel Dolezal thing.

I just arrived in Memphis. In the pilot and jumpseater hub, all of the security folks are African American, but all the pilots I see so far are White. That's usually the case.

So on the big screen TV they were just showing CNN's Anderson Cooper Show, and the topic was Rachel Donezal. They were interviewing one of her adopted Black brothers who happens to work in the North Dakota Oil Fields. On the show he comes across well and says his adoptive parents are great people, and that his older sister Rachel is White, and a few other comments of what he thinks of his sister and why she's doing this, when prompted by the CNN reporter's questions.

What I realized was that almost all we White pilots were all watching the CNN show, but then looking around I noticed the AA worker girls were all watching us watching the CNN Show, and they were exchanging knowing looks back and forth with sort of eye-rolling between themselves about us being so interested in watching the CNN Show. I caught the eye of one girl, shared "Hey's" with her, but it was an odd, sort of somewhat dismissive comic expression and chuckle she gave me.

I'd love to know what's going through their heads, but I don't know exactly how, or if, I should get that conversation started, since I don't know them and Memphis has an infamous history of Race Relations. Anyhow, It made me realize that so far I know how the Talk Shows and their callers (Rush, Howie Carr, Glenn Beck, Colter, Michelle Malkin, etc) feel about the topic, and I think I have a decent idea how the general Black Community of NAACP folks feel about her, but I don't know how people like my AA worker folks in Memphis feel about how the White pilots feel about it.

As I was typing this another security lady I had dealt with earlier just walked by, gave me a big smile and let out a friendly laugh to me, so If I can make a quick generalization, my guess would be that so far they are getting a big funny kick out of watching pilots reactions to this very odd episode.


Daddy, we are in strange territory. Obama and Holder have opened a can of Shit Stew on America. White is Black, Black is Black, White is bad, White is black, Boy is Girl, Girl is Decathalon champ. I was talking with Gus Jr tonight, and I explained that, none of this is by accident.
I hope you remember me coining the term THE FULL COMMIE, 8 years ago. THEY ARE UNLEASHED. A bizarre conglomoration of co-dependent LOSER GROUPS all changing the LANGUAGE,changing our VALUES, changing what is considered CHARACTER. Their are no MORAL ABSOLUTES, and those of us who are MORALLY ABSOLUTE are considered HATEFUL TEA-BAGGERS. The DISGUSTING SEC of STATE...RODHAM, was pocketing MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIONS from foreign nations and others THE ENTIRE TIME SHE was SEC/STATE. She had her AND BILLS!!!!!!!!!! Private server, to conceal her and Bills' crimes. AND WE DO NOTHING.

Who is fighting for OUR AMERICA Daddy????


Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

730 years to the day later a kid was born down on the Yellowstone. Preplanned no doubt.
Posted by: Man Tran | June 15, 2015 at 10:04 AM

Man Tran - Happy Birthday !

Some of the greatest people in the world come from Montana.

In your honor, here's a beautiful picture . . .

Yellowstone River near Paradise Valley, MT.

daddy on iPad


With the Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn story, I really was not interested at all, besides the comic relief of figuring out JOMer's transgender names, and a political cartoon or 2. Jenner is crazy and the magazine cover photos are to me repulsive.

But with this story, tho' she also is nuts, I think it's interesting because of all the side issues---the phoniness, the fraud, the NAACP Chapter President bit, the "down with the struggle" rhetoric, the MSM trying to figure out how to praise the message from such a flawed messenger---(do they damn her or excuse her) her very decent birth family angle, etc. I' m not repulsed by this story like I am with the Jenner story, but with this story I have no idea if her 15 minutes are about to run out, or if we're watching the birth of a new whacked out champion of the whacked out Left.


Megyn Kelly and David Martosko rail against Hillary Camp for barring him from coverage


James D.

As to reading lists, I saw no JOM authors on either list.

Every R candidate ought to have else's book on their list. Honestly, we ought to mail copies to all of them.

It's a trap.  It's a trap.  Caught flat in the flap.

Hmmm. Blumenthal delivers some Benghazi emails that Clinton didn't. Does anyone here think there aren't still more?

Does anyone know who has them? Tres interessant.

Miss Marple

An early good morning.

ABC affiliate this morning reporting that Rachel will be on a morning network TV show, I assume Today or they would have hyped Good Morning, America.

Who was it that predicted fame, fortune, a book contract and a TV movie for her? Someone here did, I know.

Jane on Ipad

Thanks CR. Is the hearing being aired?

I smell big fun.

Nope, closed. Apparently the Republicans can't release the emails for five more days without Democratic consent.

Miss Marple

Five more days?

I sense frantic scrambling to find a GOP scandal or international incident to distract.


Man Tran, If I didn't wish you Happy Birthday
yesterday, I am sending a belated wish to day.


Today I feel like transsexual Tibetan goat herder.

And so it shall be.


The story on Secret History I always heard was that Donna's editor helped her immensely, but I believe he or she died before the rest of the books.

After our discussion upthread, I found this confession interesting. Janet will want to note they use fairfax as an example. http://www.dallasobserver.com/news/let-the-right-one-in-city-considers-using-zoning-to-mix-rich-and-not-rich-7317496

Please, God.

The New York Times identifies Naomi Oreskes as a lightening rod.


Look at the school Michelle Obama visited in London. It looks almost all Muslim.


If you just saw the pics you'd figure she was visiting the ME.


The Obama girls, and friends flew off to meet Prince harry then on to Italy on our dime. How sweet.


Janet will want to note they use fairfax as an example

Arlington is all into this idea too. "Affordable housing" is the buzz word.

Fairfax just recently got all the transgender stuff too. There must be some serious Progressives embedded there.

Beasts of England

'Affirmatively advancing fair housing' is the buzz-phrase in our city. It's reparations - nothing more, nothing less.

James D

Arlington is all into this idea too. "Affordable housing" is the buzz word.

Only as long as it isn't TOO affordable, and as long as it's a little bit out of sight, so all the cool Courthouse-Clarendon kids won't have to see any poor people while they're out partying.

James D

The Obama girls, and friends flew off to meet Prince harry then on to Italy on our dime. How sweet.

I am so rwady for the full French Revolution thing at this point. I'm even prepared to learn how to knit.

James D

Nope, closed. Apparently the Republicans can't release the emails for five more days without Democratic consent.

They should release them anyway. Screw the rules.

The Dems don't play by them, I don't see why our side should.

Old Lurker

I have commented on this before. It used to be, in the good old days not that long long ago, that zoning was clear about what was allowed and not allowed. Period. Don't like it? Don't buy that lot. Or in the alternative seek to rezone the property into a different category and put up with the politics and public comments that go along with the process.

Arlington when I got started had a zoning office of only a few employees. Today you have to measure the size of the office in acres - there are too many people to count.

And along with that has come a zoning that amounts to "it depends" (on what you are willing to give in exchange for the right to build what you want to.) Arlington, Fairfax and Montgomery Counties all now have Site Plan Review Committees and fewer and fewer are the old style "by right" zones where you look at the chart then read over to the column for the rules applicable to your project.

I am glad I'm old; I would not have done my career under these new rules.


I hate to link the NYT, but if you want to know how the enemy works, this is the article the poster at 7:13 refers to:


Don't read it if you have high blood pressure, as it might kill you. This woman has made a pseudo-science out of ad hominem attacks. Her smear tactics are reminiscent of Helen Caldicott's. As far as I can tell her training is in geology, not something that would equip her to evaluate climate research. The epitome of what is wrong with academia today.

James D

And along with that has come a zoning that amounts to "it depends" (on what you are willing to give in exchange for the right to build what you want to.)

"It Depends" is the philosophy of the leftists in every area of government. They don't want clear, easy-to-understand rules. There's no power for them in that. There's no ability to make people squirm and grovel to them if the rules are straightforward.

Pretty much all legislation is written that way these days.


I should add, the NYT article is also the epitome of what is wrong with journalism, casually slinging the epithet "climate denialists" at those scientists who don't toe the line. A high percentage of the comments I sampled were surprisingly critical of the article.

Captain Hate on the iPad

RIP Blaze Starr. She used to be the neighbor of a girl I dated in college.


I wonder about the criteria for who gets chosen to live in the "affordable housing", subsidized units....and who picks the people that get the golden ticket?

For Arlington, the program really has the tenor of paying minorities to live here so that the white libs. don't feel so guilty.

My personal experience - with certain soccer families - is that many of the families had plenty of income, but just made different choices. Taxpayers subsidized their home, so they bought another car.

'Til November, it's the shelling of Skepticgrad.

Heh, jk, Rud Istvan is quite public about not giving to Harvard Endowment because they hired her.

She is worse than you describe. Watch some video of her.

Andy Revkin, a man whose curiosity and intellectual curiosity I have long defended, is the subject of a fascinating critique of his journalism by Kip Hansen a couple of days ago over at Watts Up. Steve McIntyre shows up in comments.


Watch some video of her.

You would have to tie me down and hold a gun to my head.

A couple of choice comments:

"Nothing in this article explains why anyone should trust the judgement of Naomi Oreskes more than that of Freeman Dyson."

"OK, Dr. Oreskes, persuade me. I have a graduate degree from MIT, I can read climate studies, and I don't agree. If you find that all the papers trend one way, why is that not a red flag? Who is funding the work? Who will get funding if they disagree with the received wisdom?"

"There is no small irony that she argues using the 'mass preponderance of opinion' to buttress her claim while the same could be said for those historically arguing against Ptolemy, Da Vinci, Darwin, Wegner, and Einstein. These brilliant men did not find 'agenda science' but made profound contributions on their own and completely independent of popular thought."

Sorry, NYT, even your readership evidently isn't buying the crap you're peddling. And the same goes for Dr. Oreskes.

And, heh, the Pope is fallible.

Uh, I meant 'intellectual integrity' in referring to Andy Revkin. His problem is that he trusts to many of the manipulative, disinformative, alarmist sources. I can't fix that.

He allowed me a forum at Dot Earth during 2008. Some of the bitter ones called it DotKim. I now regret not answering 5 emails he sent that year, but I didn't see them until years later when I scanned through several Alexandria Library's worth of abuse before deleting it.


all now have Site Plan Review Committees and fewer and fewer are the old style "by right" zones

That is the problem in so many areas. The area between the individual & the law has become cluttered with busybodies, committees, regulations, citizen groups, forms, hearings, certificates,....

The campus rape meme is the same. The Progressives set up an amateur, political judging group. One more stop between the individual & the law.

So rather than: allege crime -> police

it is: allege crime -> school rape committee -> police

Francis disappoints because he is blind to the evil.  He'll see, someday.

Freeman Dyson is absolutely right on about climate science and has been for years. He's quite poignant in a recent email about being marginalized as senile over this matter.

AGW is real, and beneficial, and the tremendous greening. CAGW, and the resultant draconic and destructive policy prescriptions are an extraordinary popular delusion and madness of the crowd. It is a social mania that has proven enormously profitable for some of the most evil actors on the Earth.

Jeff Dobbs

I am reminded of our lord's discussion with Pilate, and his description of rendering unto Rome what is Rome's.

The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus with the question about rendering unto Caesar, and Jesus' answer sent them scurrying.

This was followed by a discussion with the Sadducees. In both Jesus confounded the religious leaders.

The Pharisees decided to take another shot at him. So from among themselves they decided to try and trap Jesus by choosing . . . a lawyer.

Lawyers. Pay them enough and you can get them to argue just about anything - against just about anyone. Even the Son of God.

(ok, please only refer to the account in Matthew. Mark kinda undercuts my jab at lawyers)


Dear rse,

Your posts about your travels with your family -- especially those about your father -- are poignant and moving. Thank you for sharing this with us.


Hey Jimmy, just put donotlink.com in front of the www.nytimes.com, and they don't get the hit.

Like this:



Janet, did you see that you can buy Michele's dress for $3005 right from the Daily Mail link?

Now how does Saks Fifth Avenue get to know what dress Michele Obama is wearing to a Muslim girls' on school the same day she wears it?


Captain, didn't JFK have a fling with Blaze Starr?

James D

So rather than: allege crime -> police

it is: allege crime -> school rape committee -> police

Or, morer and more:

drunken hookup -> school rape committee convinces girl she's a victim -> wait six months -> allege crime -> school rape committee -> ugly process that costs money, damages lives and helps no one - > more power, money and jobs for school rape committee


Thanks for the reminder, ext, though part of my hesitancy in linking the Times is just subjecting people to reading the reading the carp that they pass off as journalism.

Michelle Obama was welcomed with a heartfelt embrace at an east London school today as she visits Britain to issue a plea for more help for the world’s poorest girls get educated.

Funny, isn't it? Poverty is not the reason Muslim girls don't get educated.

Warming is a net benefit, the greening is frosting on the cake.

'By the influence of the increasing percentage of carbonic acid in the atmosphere, we may hope to enjoy ages with more equable and better climate, especially as regards the colder regions of the earth, ages when the earth will bring forth much more abundant crops than at present, for the benefit of a rapidly propagating mankind'

The author? Svante Arrhenius heself.

Do you see how warped the delusional bubble of alarm, driven by fear, guilt, greed and the lust for power have made is very true insight? Do you see the evil? Now go tell the Pope about it, well someone anyway.


A $3005 dress is absurd being worn by someone that pontificates about the evils of income inequality.

That party the Obamas threw that is in the news now really gets me for the same reason. Why didn't they donate their money to the poor instead of throwing a party?

What happened to the "my brother's keeper" crap?
What food did they serve at their party?...carrot sticks, a piece of kale, & a tired, limp slice of chicken?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe jimmyk but she was mainly associated with Earl Long.


the conundrum they find themselves,


Bane is such a niche candidate, he hasn't found his alcove yet


That's true, James D.!

These optics, they do not work.

I wonder if she appreciates the irony that of all the poor girls in the world, the least likely to get educated are the Muslim ones. I wonder if anyone anymore can appreciate that irony.


a slightly less deluded nazgul, is kept at bay, here


no, the light from beyond the cave, would burn her retinas,


Did you see the news about the suicide on Friday? That was my neighbor/friend across the street. ArlNow got the address wrong in their story (thank God).

I haven't posted as much lately because I was spending time with her to keep her busy.
I couldn't believe it...still can't.


I drive an old car

That’s interesting, MM. I drive a 2005 car every day. Do other JOMers drive old cars as their everyday car?


so sorry to hear that janet,


Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal says she has identified as black since age of 5

NEW YORK – The woman who resigned as head of a local NAACP branch after her parents said she was white said Tuesday that she started identifying as black around the age of 5, when she drew self-portraits with a brown crayon, and "takes exception" to the contention that she tried to deceive people.

Rachel Dolezal said Tuesday on NBC'S "Today" Show that some of the discussion about her has been "viciously inhumane."


I drive a 2004 (wait for it) SUV.

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