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June 16, 2015



A democrat is a communist too stupid to realize it.


Walter Issacson recently made much the same argument about humility citing Ben Franklin. Franklin, who was less than humble, said that humility or at least the pretense of humility was a necessary part of the discussion of ideas, since at least one of you will have to keep quiet while others talked, at least part of the time.


Insty Limks: Even Megan M admits that State pensions are a fraud and will never be paid in full. I note Megan still naively assumes Soc Sec will be paid in full, per 1980s 'restructuring' promises-- HAH!: http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-06-15/what-to-expect-when-you-re-expecting-a-pension


NYT style guide: Democrats are "nuanced" and "calibrated." Republicans are "evasive" and "calculating."


Jimmy Fallon:

How about this woman Rachel Dolezal in Spokane, Washington? She was president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP but was exposed as a white woman who was pretending to be black. A lot of people are upset, especially her white friends who thought they had at least one black friend.

Benghazi committee chairman Trey Gowdy escorted Rep. Darrel Issa out of the closed-door deposition of Hillary Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal and the two briefly exchanged hushed words in a nearby hallway before Issa threw a soda can and stormed off.



Marilyn Mosby filed a new motion to block the Baltimore 6 defense from publicly sharing FG's autopsy results. Surefire way to get the cops to be more proactive and bring the shooting stats down.


"The pair briefly exchanged hushed words in a nearby hallway before Issa stormed off, throwing an empty soda can into a nearby trash bin" .... That maniac.


Uh oh. Issa doesn't recycle!!!! Why does he hate Gaia?


Evidently Issa crashed the meeting...and was asked to leave.


There's this:



Rachel needs a check up from the neck up.


Brilliant! What nuance!




You don't have to click, I just like the title.

Anyway, Stephanie, in your link the writer says her hair was revealed as a "weave." What is that? Is that like a toupee for the wimmenz?

I'm self identifying as a raccoon in need of a hairdresser.

Yup, artificial woven with natural.



As if we didn't have enough information.

This ravelled sleeve of inquisition.

Issa and Gowdy unravelled.


I hope Glenda is hunkered down on Galveston Island.


The Hill is certainly desperate for a headline if they published that story. What I want to know, is anyone nervous tonite?


Ted Cruz calling for release of stalled Iran human rights report

A little over a month ago, five Senate colleagues and I sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting information about the ongoing delay of the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. In recent days the State Department informed my office it has been unable to release the long-overdue annual report on Iran’s human rights abuses because of a scheduling conflict.

The State Department is required by law to release this report on February 25 of this year. On April 16, the department announced a further delay but gave no indication of when it might appear. Our letter requested the department release the report by May 15 or furnish a thorough explanation for the delay.

In a letter dated June 9, Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Julia Frifield responded that Secretary Kerry’s rigorous travel schedule caused the delay: “The Secretary’s participation in the rollout, even if it must be delayed by his travel, elevates the report. The Secretary has needed to travel abroad for extended periods, often on short notice, during the past three months to address a variety of pressing foreign policy concerns”—thus implying that the report is complete but that scheduling conflicts with more pressing matters have prevented its release.

Required by law. A meaningless term.


Kim got it right... it's artificial hair attached via weaving it in to the existing hair... which causes hair loss which causes more need for weaves which causes more hair loss which causes more...

It's a racket and a good chunk of where the welfare checks go - along with the nails and cellphones. And eyebrows.... don't even get me started on the newest trend. They are dying the skin and brows to get those "awesome" looking fake arches of the 40s.

And down heah in the souf, there's a weave shop on every other corner. Right next to the nail salon and cell phone store.

Old Lurker

Jane "What I want to know, is anyone nervous tonite?"

Did I miss something to worry about?


OL, gotta be referring to Hilligula! Worrying about Sid's testimony.

Old Lurker

Sid, say hello to Vince when you see him.



20 Hilligula quote. So let's put this self-aggrandizing, greedy, proto communist in the WH, okay?


More fun.


Check out the ebay offering... LOL

Captain Hate

Did I miss something to worry about?

Beginning of Cavs miraculous comeback?

Old Lurker

Sure Cap'n, right after the Skins right?

Captain Hate

I'm sensing some skepticism of the abilities of the Sober Scot.


I actually liked Jeb's speech...But I loved Triumph today. Loud and proud of America. Great looking family. They don't need our money.No more schruggling.


Southern Baptists: Supreme Court is not final authority on gay marriage

I was going to quote from some of it, but it's worth reading the whole thing. This guy, Ronnie Floyd, the elected leader of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, is taking a stand.

Captain Hate

No more schruggling.

Ann is the best. Str8 outta Ahia.

Captain Hate

You mean the source of the wisdom of Dred Scott and Plessy versus Ferguson can be mistaken? The Deuce you say.


Ex-AIG CEO says he will appeal a ruling that says he's not entitled to damages from bailout

NEW YORK – The former chairman and CEO of insurer AIG says he still believes he's entitled to damages as a result of the government's 2008 bailout of the company, and will appeal a court's ruling against him.

A federal judge gave Maurice Greenberg a partial win Monday when he ruled that the $85 billion government bailout was unfairly punitive. But the judge said the government doesn't have to pay damages to Greenberg and other AIG shareholders. Greenberg says he will appeal that part of the ruling.

Greenberg wants more than $40 billion in damages. He said Tuesday that if the government wasn't allowed to demand equity in AIG as a condition of the bailout, it's also not entitled to the money it received from selling AIG shares later.

That doesn't seem crazy.


Jeb's a good man. But this is not his time, and his time may have past irrevocably.

Cecil Turner

Let's see, last time the Dems had a guy pitching his connection with the people and universal health care. Just about the only guy who couldn't engage on either issue was Mitt Romney, so . . .

This time the Dems have someone from a political dynasty with too much unearned money. Just about the only guy who can't engage . . .

Go Jeb! (No, seriously, I mean leave.)






Captain Hate

Maybe the Rule of Holes should be the eleventh commandment:


Jim Miller

DrJ - Decades ago, I was on a first date with a psychiatrist. (Insert psychiatrist joke here, if you need to.)

Naturally, being a psychiatrist, she was very interested in figuring me out. And she made some progress. At one point, she said, accusingly, something like this: "I'll bet you are one of those people who have to read the New York Times."

I smiled sheepishly, and didn't confess that I was even worse than she thought. Then, as now, I read the New York Times and get angry at the errors and bias. And their frequent misuse of metaphors. (I long ago stopped thinking they will get the numbers right, but I am still disappointed when they get the words wrong, as Maureen Dowd did on Sunday.)

(There was no second date -- which was just as well for both of us.)

All that said I still think the Times is the best newspaper in the world, though by a smaller margin over the WSJ than it used to have. In spite of the newspaper's serious, and growing, problems.

And I have been advising people for even more decades to always accompany the Times with some source that is consistently critical of the newspaper.

For lyle: I believe in opposition reasearch -- and think that the NYT is a good place to do it.


Did I miss something to worry about?

The Blumenthal depos is expected to go 7 hours. They are still at it. I love that stuff.

Captain Hate

Thanks to Steph for linking this on Zuckerberg. In case you were wondering if Ben Cardin hasn't gone full retard:


Captain Hate

In fairness to this retard, he was on The Ed Show:



Jim, I get that. And whether I like it or not, the NYT has an outsized voice in the MFM and it drives the print/online media agenda with a ruthlessness that I have to grudgingly admire. As oppo research goes, it's clearly ne plus ultra. Its readers I've found to be mostly nothing more than dilettantes and very superficial in their newsiness, excluding yourself of course. ;)

Jack The Trans-Former

We're in Charleston sans Frederick who is in Southampton with his buddy and at tennis camp. Driving up we had Rush on and he was all over the Trump announcement which I was suprised he actually made. But he is in like Flynn and he will be the hand grenade without the pin. He is very much like Carly, in that The Donald takes no prisioners during the give and take of Q&A's. He is a rant machine and an uncompromising populist on immigration, china, the dollar, DC and national security.

If you are going to try to policy wonk him you'll lose to his hands on business and negotiating experience (his words not mine). So, I think he will be refreshing to have on the stage for the debates. I don't think he a Ross Perot who will quit once it looks like he could win. I think Trump truly beliefves he should be POTUS.

But what do I know? I only have one vote.

Captain Hate

SMOD is such a tease:


Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

It fits the times that a complete fraud only famous for being a complete fraud is in talks for a reality show.

Jim Miller

For the record: I am up to three unicorns now, three cars seen using the Kirkland library charging stations.

As I mentioned recently, I was startled to see an electric car (a Nissan Leaf) using the station, for the first time I could remember. (In recent years, I've used the parking garage under the library about once a week.)

Hoping to get photographic evidence I brought my camera along today, and, much to my surprise, saw an electric BMW in one of the stalls (though not plugged in).

To my even greater surprise, when I came back from lunch, there was a Ford electric in another stall, being charged.

So, three unicorns -- and now I have pictures of two of them. Which I hope to post, within a week or so, after I have done some research.

For the record, this area (Seattle's eastside suburbs) gets its electricity from Puget Sound Energy, which, according to Wikipedia, gets 33% of its electricty from hydro, 29% from natural gas, and 36% from coal.


Well when you have a fraud in the WH, Ig...

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

-- That's the first time I've heard a contrary word about unearned income here. --

The actual term was "unearned money" as in swag one banks through corruption, graft and giving bland banal speeches that are in fact methods by which one collects graft, as opposed to "unearned income:, which is the Marxist misnomer for wealth earned by wise, beneficial investment or money earned previously.


I will unfurl one million years of SMOD justice on Earth AND BURN IT TO ITS CORE!!


Jim-the inn we stayed at in Mendocino had multiple electric charging stations. Each time it included a separate tesla charger. It was so excessive I wondered if it was now mandated.


Ain't got no infinity stones, SMOD.

The white toga crowd on Fox just lifted their pinky fingers in solidarity against that awful Trump. He's gonna sully the GOP by his presence on the debate stage!!!

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

*of* money earned previously

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Pot charging stations would get a lot more use in Mendocino.


Good Morning!

George Will on the panel says Trump is an injurious megalomaniac.

DrK says "his campaign is run on 'Know Nothing' Xenophobia."

Mara Liaison is happy he is in.

Mark Levin on his radio show is much more complementary of Trump, saying that he is saying some very important things that needs to be said.


Hey Jim, I was talking to a solar professor the other day and he told me about a great new program where the gov't would pay to outfit your house with solar panels, for free.

You get a special switch that allows you to provide excess energy back to the "grid" during peak solar times, and get credit for that.

In return, you have to sign up for renewable energy for some period of time which I forget. (It was a long time.) The renewable energy is delivered to your house via the standard energy company, and costs a lot more than standard energy, so you don't save money, but you get the satisfaction of being green.

I didn't want to tip my hand by asking how the gov't is able to pay for the solar installation, or whether the standard energy company uses any fossil fuels in order to provide the renewable energy to your house.


Trump is a Republican, no wait, he's an Independant, no wait, he's a Democrat, no wait, he's a Republican again, no wait, he's unenrolled, and now...I'm confused.



Glad you made it home Daddy. I've taken 3 naps and a full nite's sleep since you left. Bet you didn't sleep 40 minutes. And you were supposed to eat that shrimp. Harrumph!

Captain Hate

Shocking that the Rove News Network doesn't like that bounder Trump. I didn't see that coming...


Rocco, so glad to see you posting more. The most common thing people said about you Saturday nite (and Sunday morning) was "how can we get Rocco to post more".

Keep doing it and I'll take full credit.


Iggy-there is a bar intown where the locals hang out and it practically had a biker gang feel.


daddy I am with you. The Rove news team/ GOPe can tsk, tsk all they want, but the Donald as meglomaniac as he may be would be a improvement over the POS in the WH now.

Besides, he will add some pointed tough questioning in the race that so far only Carly has brought.


DrK puts Racial Dolezal on the couch:

DrK: George is right, this is "Oppression Envy." What's interesting to me as a Psychiatrist in remission, is that I can't quite figure out if this is Psycho-patholopgical Deception on her part, or has she actually shifted over into Delusion? Does she know that these are lies, or has she talked her way in, thought her way in, does she actually think that she is African American, and I think that it would really be interesting to (do a ) Psychological study. But it is a Sociological study when you end up where you are obsessed with race, gender and ethnicity.

Captain Hate

Hey Buckeye, I was wondering if you, Ann, maryrose and any other Ahia denizens would be interested in a JOhioM meetup at some place central to all of us, like maybe the inn adjacent to Malabar Farm sometime in late summer or early fall.


Aww...thanks Jane but I think I may have already worn out my welcome defending my beloved Pats.

Re Trump, if he's turning 69 this week and the first time he registered was 1987, he didn't vote until he was 41. I find that troubling.

Jack The Trans-Former


My company's PAC used to be only r GOP until we confronted the realization of a Democrat controlled congress where our issues would be decided. And like all business decisions, whether you agree or not, we changed our strategy on giving.

Donald llves in a blue hell and has decided to play the game. I think when you delve into everyone's past giving you'll find more of this.

Jim Miller

rse - I wouldn't be surprised if there is a mandate, and I like learning that a Tesla has different requirements.

Ex - There's a will to believe about solar power among some of the acolytes that is simply amazing.

(And I used that religious term intentionally.)

That's unfortunate because there are places where solar makes sense right now, for instance using passive solar principles to reduce heating costs, or in areas remote from a grid.


I hadn't thought of that Jack..from a business perspective, I can understand that.


Your welcome is more than welcomed Rocco.

Jim Miller

FWIW, this morning Limbaugh was wondering wheher Trump would do a Perot and go third party.

Naturally, that allowed him to remind us that he was right about Perot in 1992 -- as he was.

And reminded me that the famous quip about the Bourbons sometimes applies to Limbaugh.

Jack The Trans-Former

Jim Miller,

As I mentioned before, there is an Outlet Mall in St. Agustine, off of I-95 which has a 6 unit charging station and I have yet to see any car using it. An outlet mall doesn't seem to be the place Tesla's and Leaf's would want to congregate for upscale shopping unless they are penny pinchers and electric cars are not for penny pinchers.



Sounds good to me. What is the name of the Inn?

Captain Hate

I think this is it, Buckeye:


Jack The Trans-Former

Don't make it the Mariemont Inn. That was a joke for Ann.

BTW, where is Rob Crawford our resident Cincy guy and who has seen AliceH lately?

Off to dinner in the Peninsula Grill, yummy!


And you were supposed to eat that shrimp. Harrumph!

I blame it on running out of beer, Jane. It was your fault for letting me give away so much beer to Caro's deckhands, plus I couldn't find the horse-radish to mix with the ketchup.

BTW, we are having horrible forest fires up here. Upon landing, the instant the outer door popped open after landing, a huge scent of burning wafted in, the same scent you get when you sit around a campfire. Visibility is fair, but the normal blue sky is milky and indistinct.

Most of the fire is 60 miles away, up north of Wasilla, but unfortunately they think a lot of the fire was started by moron's not paying attention doing controlled burns of debris, and by someone not fully extinguishing their cigarette butts. As a consequence, the Govt has banned controlled burns and is hammering cigarette smokers.

Personally I am just glad that when my good JOM buddies go on their Alaska Cruise next month, none of them are the sort of folks who secretly sneak out in the back yard to smoke cigarettes, as they would probably be arrested for such scurrilous behavior by authorities.

Captain Hate

AliceH was here within the last week iirc. Rob comes and goes.


Jane, I wasn't even lurking out here and it wasn't until I found your invite that I decided to check out JOM again. I was spending all of my online time out here.


But boy am I glad I did! What a pleasure it was meeting all of the wonderful JOM'ers at your party!

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

--That's what I thought. UNearned.--

Only a Marxist would consider some government goldbrick snoring and snitching supplies from the break room they occupy half the day earned their money while some guy who worked 20 hour days for years to accumulate enough to invest in economically useful income producing ventures did not.
Keeping in mind these are the same people who for years bemoaned our lagging savings rate vs Japan or China. Apparently we're supposed to save in order to hand it all to the government. That should encourage investment.
Of course I guess that's the government's job anyway.


Seth Myers said something extremely hurtful and frightfully microaggressive:

It was a beautiful weekend in New York. This is how nice the weather was: I went outside without sunscreen for about an hour, and I was elected to run the Spokane NAACP.

Now that is damn funny, I dont care what you say...



What's surprising to me is that after listening to news coverage of this female Prison Guard's "exploits", I'm beginning to think that guys in the joint are probably getting as much if not more "action" then most of us un-incarcerated guys.

What a crazy world we live in.

And haven't caught up on the threads so don't know what's going on in the Tom Brady "under-inflation" JOM-wars, but happily now we can all damn the St Louis Cardinals (or not) for hacking the Houston Astros. I just know people are angry about that, but I don't exactly know why, especially since Houston is now American league and the Card's are National League.


Here's what I've been up too

 photo Ross_zpspikirksy.jpg

My youngest son Ross with a nice King Salmon

 photo Jesse_zpsng4r35rs.jpg

And my oldest, Jesse with a nice laker

Ross catches all the fish and Jesse gets so jealous. But I'm teaching my sons how to fish Lake Ontario...how cool is that!


NK: Jeb's a good man.



Great pix, Rocco.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Wow, Rocco, a very productive day on the water.


Some big lunkers, there.

new lurker

Ben is crazy. Please don't respond to him, JOM'ers.


Sidney Blumenthal did not write or know the source of any of the Libya intelligence he passed on to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Blumenthal told House Benghazi investigators on Tuesday, according to sources in the room.
He also did not verify any of the intelligence he forwarded to the nation’s top diplomat, sources said.
Story Continued Below

Blumenthal, subpoenaed by the Select Committee on Benghazi for a closed-door deposition, merely copied and pasted memos from Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA officer who was working on a Libya business venture, and sent them to Clinton, two people familiar with his testimony told POLITICO.
The sources also said Blumenthal maintained that his practice of forwarding such memos was unsolicited and that he was not being compensated for gathering or passing along the information.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/blumenthal-didnt-write-any-of-the-libya-intelligence-he-sent-clinton-119081.html#ixzz3dGypHrVI

The deposition is going on eight hours now. I think it was very generous and patriotic of him to do this work for free.


daddy...I can think of at least 6 women that got involved with the cons and fired as a result. One of them had a top position in management and used to visit one particular inmate in the hole where I worked at the time. Later we found out she left her husband for this guy who later died of HIV. I don't know what ever happened to her but it can't be good.


CR@802-- now that is funny. Bravo Zulu.


Rocco, Great pix!

CR, did Hillary know that Blumenthal was cutting and pasting? He was making tons of money off of arms sales that would later be used to kill our pats.

There is nothing worse than when you depose someone and know they are lying but can't quite catch them. I bet if anyone can catch Blumenthal, Gowdy can. Gotta do it thru the back door.


BTW here is the booking page for the prague NRO cruise, Pricey but worth it:


Cecil Turner
Sidney Blumenthal did not write or know the source of any of the Libya intelligence he passed on to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Blumenthal told House Benghazi investigators on Tuesday, according to sources in the room.
He doesn't know where he got it from, honest! I begin to see why they didn't pay him. Oh, wait . . .

The Clinton cronies can't lie in bed straight.

Miss Marple

I see a lot of sniffing and eye-rolling by pundits on TV and on Twitter regarding Trump.

They do so at their peril. That statement he made about how we don't have victories anymore will resonate with a lot of people. He just evoked Patton on O'Reilly.

And remember what Patton said,:Americans want to win.

I also like that he said that Obama was the opposite OFA cheerleader.


Sounds like yes, Hillary did know according to Gowdy.

Here is a quote from The Hill:

"The chairman said the closed-door interview revealed that the information came from a single source, who was also known to Clinton."


I don't trust him but what do I know...I supported Romney.


Jeff Dobbs

He doesn't know where he got it from, honest! I begin to see why they didn't pay him. Oh, wait . . .

I think the attempt here is to claim Sid has no idea the original source of the intel - all he knows is that Drumheller was passing stuff along.

Something like this...

Clinton got emails from Sid.
Sid got intel from Drumheller.
Drumheller got intel from sources he knew through his past work at CIA.
Those sources had sources - the original sources of intel - who were influential in Libyan government/military/intelligence etc, and Sid had no inkling who they were.

But, and this may be key to cracking the whole thing, based upon the number of layers we can't rule out that all of this might trace back to . . . Kevin Bacon.

Miss Marple

I am not saying I trust him, Rocco.

I am saying he will resonate with a lot of people.


so the Dems want to make "income inequality" the centerpiece of the election and from stage left in walks The Donald ... ugggh. can't make this stuff up.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Trump fills the vacuum created by the GOPe when they don't trust voters to be able to handle the truth.


nl @ 8:01 and Jane @ 8:15, true wisdom. On the latter issue having taken about two thousand personal injury depositions here in slip and fall heaven, I know the feeling all too well.

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