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June 16, 2015


James D

I don't believe in camping. Our ancestors lived outdoors, or in caves, without any protection from the elements or bugs/beasts. We evolved to live indoors, with controlled temperature, clean water and no animal predators or parasites to attack us in the night.

Camping out is anti-science! You don't want to be anti-science, do you?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe Rob Portman can arrange for his son to do homo things with the mayor of South Bend, because both of them think these are newsworthy events.


Great watching Daryl Issa get escorted from Trey Gowdy's Benghazi hearing by force, and then give it Gowdy in the corridor before storming off, with Gowdy kinda chasing him to say "Come on,man"

There's video showing the two love birds breaking up in the corridor just outside the hearing and it's a doozy.

The Benghazi hearings are now the longest in U.S history and plan to go on into next year, EVEN though they've ALREADY been investigated by seven other Congressional committees and nothing damaging has been found in any of their findings.

The families of the Americans who died in Benghazi are livid that their loved ones are being used as political fodder by the Republican Fox news party and they plan to appear in an upcoming documentary film detailing what drove the GOP/FOX NEWS to push a non-story for so long.Apparently there are emails between interested parties suggesting that dragging Benghazi out would be good for Fox's ratings and the GOP's mid-term hopes of getting back the Senate.

This documentary is set to be released as soon as Gowdy announces that he has nothing and he wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers money because Fox news asked him too...right before the 2016 Presidential election and right about the time we're discussing the Republican parties ability to lead on foreign affairs from the White house...Benghazi style.


Well, the best part of camping is the big fire that keeps the wild critters away. The worst part is the critters don't seem to care about the fire.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I need someone smarter than dumbassdave, ie anybody, to explain why I shouldn't want Issa to be trapped in the next burning building.


DD just cutting and pasting the taking points now,... He's just stealing the Soros money. Good...good.


Does TK know that Rachel Dolezal's birth certificate wasn't issued for a month and a half and that is one of the reasons she thinks she's black? 

We already know more about her birth than Obama's.


There is nothing quite like a wild lightening storm while camping high in the Rockies.

Nature is literally awesome.


he's going to shake things up for sure but if he starts talking third party, we're screwed.

The Consent Decree dictates that, at best, he would be talking second party.


If anyone has been reading up, Michael Oren is absolutely trashing Obama, and he has credibility.

He was amazed at Obama's anger at America as displayed in "Dreams of My Father". And the inside story on the "diplomacy" used by the thugs at State and in the White House is

This administration has poured gasoline on the Middle East.

And in the meantime this week's focus in the media is Rachel Jolson.


Wayne Allyn Root Unloads: Presidential Candidate DonaldTrump Can Question Obama's Background


Miss Marple

This is from Charles Payne's email this morning:

“I’m really rich!” That’s just one of the observations made by the latest candidate to throw his hat in the presidential ring. It was the most badass announcement to date.


$9.2 billion


$0.5 billion

Net Worth

$8.7 billion

Donald Trump is now in the race and it’s all about Machiavelli, not Dale Carnegie. The man is not trying to make any friends; he even seems willing to make a few new enemies.

First, he crushes his GOP foes; actually saying that one was so oblivious that he “sweated like a dog” when he made the announcement (referring to Rick Perry). He harshly dismissed Jeb and he did not seem to take Marco Rubio seriously either.

However, he called the folks in Washington of all stripes “losers” controlled by special interest. The fact is that Donald Trump is a billionaire and he is not taking any money, which means true independence. In fact, his candor also hints at being an independent, even though he seemed to be reaching for the top of the GOP Republican ticket.

Then, Trump threw down the gauntlet on China, Japan, and Mexico. While complimenting China and Japan for taking advantage of inept U.S. negotiators, he sent out a salvo that things would be different. He also took a shot at Ford for breaking ground on a $2.5 billion plant in Mexico; he stated he would call the CEO and let him know that each car, truck, and part would be slapped with a 35% tax when it is sold in the United States.

He stated that Mexico was learning how to game the United States through trade policies. And his comments about the country dumping its problem citizens on America may have rankled a few people living in Mexico and living here. He went on to say that drugs, crime, and rapists from Mexico and other nations would be slowed or presumed stopped with a southern wall between the nations and that Mexico would have to pay for it.

Donald Trump vows that he would be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created!”

He’s got a lot of bravado, but will America buy it? I am not sure, but I will not write-off Donald Trump, nor will I ignore the things he said yesterday because the majority of what he said needed to be said.


Donald Trump Is America ... in case anyone isn't depressed enough this morning.


The Donald is setting records poll-wise

Jane on Ipad


I only buy fish at a fish store so I buy what they have. I forget what kind. Maybe Alaskin in honor of Daddy.


Trump is unserious, but he is willing to say to Little George that which the others dare not:

“What Hillary’s got with the emails is, to me, scandalous,” Trump said. “Of course, you shouldn’t be talking to me about that, in all fairness. You shouldn’t be asking me those questions, but I don’t mind.”

Captain Hate on the iPad

PJ O'Rourke ridicules everybody in the Presidential race and then wonders why there aren't any good candidates. High profile smartasses FTL.

So I imagine that some fans may be distressed to learn that, according to this excellent newRolling Stone profile of the band, Peart's self-described "bleeding-heart libertarian" tendencies include automatically voting Democrat, and sending cease-and-desist letters to an allegedly racist Rand Paul...
Jane on Ipad


Can't speak for NY but in MA if you plead guilty you would not be sentenced that day. And you would be assigned a lawyer who would tell you you should not plead guilty because you will screw up the opportunity for any plea deal.

More typical would be to waive the reading of the charges ( so no one hears them) then enter a plea of not guilty.

Dave (in MA)

Trump: pro-single payer, gun-grabber, wants to tax wealth in addition to income, Troofer, wishy-washy on partial birth abortion. Yeah, great.

Maybe it would be entertaining to have him on the stage with Juan Arbusto and Miss Lindsey, though.

Miss Marple


Just a warning. Candidates are going to have to confront Trump with those issues and show his thin skin. Just saying he isn't a serious candidate, like I heard from some pundits yesterday, is not going to be good enough.

He needs to be taken seriously and questioned, and not just the O'Reilly-type interview. Bombastic rhetoric will get him pretty far unless he is treated seriously at the beginning.

Jonah Goldberg started this morning by pointing out he supported single payer in his authorized biography. Some supporters on Twitter didn't believe him at first.

I am telling you that other candidates need to get a clue about this. The country is volatile right now and Trump presents himself as the guy who will fix everything, easy-peasy.

People WANT to believe this. (As an aside, this is how all sorts of people from Hitler to Chavez got power.)

So everyone needs to be looking at his positions RIGHT NOW. Treat him seriously. Ask him tough questions.

Otherwise, he will get enough poll support to be in the first debate. What's Perry going to do if he's mocked for sweating and not being prepared at his announcement speech? What's Walker going to say when he's attacked as "not having smarts or class?" THAT is how Trump will behave, so people should go after his record RIGHT NOW.

And no attacks on his marriages or his kids. Just his positions.


Without Trump, there would have been no birth certificate about which TK could have opined. Imagine!


It's interesting that there's so obviously a yearning for aggressive offense that Christie, Carly and even Trump can easily tap into it, yet none of the top-tier candidates ever have the guts.

James D

Thanks, Jane!

Miss Marple


Exactly right.

This is what comes of taking advice from "political consultants" rather than speaking the plain truth.


Jane, your salmon recipe looks great - thanks for posting it.

Just curious, do you cook it in one large filet and then cut it to serve, or do you cook individual portions?

Ben Zaynus

`, ' . `


Just saying he isn't a serious candidate . . is not going to be good enough.


“Donald is a serious candidate . . . but his positions are unserious.

“You can’t run the country on platitudes and sound bites. He hasn’t thought his positions out because his short attention span won’t let him.

“He’s not running for President; he’s marketing himself to acquire Trump Towers on Pennsylvania Avenue.”


Wisconsin city bars use of kangaroos as service animals


It figures, Drudge is linking to a report* of a Rachel sex tape. Is anything unchecked here? rehab next?

* I didn't look to find out how thoroughly orange this person is.

Miss Marple


Don't know who that critique is from, but it's not good enough. No specifics he has to efend.

When you simply say his positions are unserious, you are insulting all the people who bought into his statements on China and Russia.

"Short attention span" is a personal attack.

A BETTER way would be to say, something like this:

Obamacare is driving costs up for hiring and bleeding the middle class, with drastic increases in fees, co-pays, and premiums. It's killing jobs. Mr. Trump needs to explain why he supports government controlling ALL healthcare through single payer."

Miss Marple

Again, from the Daily Mail:


Courtesy of Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter, who also asks how a small church in Cameroon can come by $10 million.

Jane on Ipad

One large filet, Porch.

Dave (in MA)

--"Hola , tenemos un nuevo hilo de discusión"


Thanks, Jane!


That really was a terrible column by O'Rourke. Dissing all of the other Republican candidates for no reason just so he can ridicule Trump, as though a hundred others haven't already done so.


Jonah Goldberg started this morning by pointing out he supported single payer in his authorized biography.


Mr. Trump needs to explain why he supports government controlling ALL healthcare through single payer."

I suggest we use the same line of questioning Romney faced.


Without Trump, there would have been no birth certificate about which TK could have opined

I would also like to give honorable mention to The Whitehouse Xerox Multitask Workstation and The Meerkat YouTube Channel.


Mr. Trump needs to explain why he supports government controlling ALL healthcare through single payer."

He supports it because it is the right thing to say . . . to occupy Trump Pennsylvania Ave.

And like his previous deals, he’s betting on a future he can’t deliver.

[MM, you are much more precise and cogent than am I.]


New post up. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/fodder-for-political-exploitation-when-ecaa-removes-all-barriers-and-adds-required-intrusions/


Beasts, that's fantastic. Stay strong.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Gentlejim!!

@Jane: Thank you. I ended a forty-year chemical romance - mainly cocaine as an issue, but frequently ecstacy and mushrooms, as well. I wouldn't have originally shared my epiphany, but it's not like I can call up my Mom and admit it. ;)

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