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June 13, 2015



Oh yeah first


It seem this Obama legacy highlight has seen the door as well …

Time.com Aug. 07, 2012:
How Cyber Security Could Be a Winning Issue for Obama


So the Black Like Me professor in Washington state is a fabulist on par with Lieawatha too! John at Powerline pulls back the curtain on this fraud and its a must read. Academic are nothing if not gullible:



Sheesh, all they gotta do is brag that ISIS (et al) use top line US Gov system security from a fake ISIL (or whoever) account. No jihadi hopeful would get online for any reason.

Ben Zaynus

_ 8 _


Doh! I put this on an old thread:

St. Janes Day is December 12th, moved from August 21st. Today we’re moving its celebration to June 13th.

Cecil Turner

I'm sure glad John Kirby took off the uniform. Now I don't find his silliness nearly so offensive.



Mrs. Clinton has yet to put forth a clear rationale for her candidacy since announcing in a brief online video that she would run for the Democratic nomination...

...though the forecast of scattered thunderstorms could affect turnout...

it's the weather, yeah that's the ticket.

and Master Hillary has been honing her skills at the Shaolin Temple

She has defined her campaign as taking on “four fights,”

She's going to need all seven when Master Mayor Mike upends her apple cart.

new lurker

CT, I honestly do not see how John Kirby can sleep at night.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

The best counter to enemy propaganda is dead enemies...lots of them.



Jane and Caro want to know what your beverage choice is for when you show up later today at the party. We're about to do a run to the Liquor Barn. You're not a lite beer guy, are you?


officials from the United States, Britain and the United Arab Emirates, 

Obama is all of those in one.


Hilarity is going to try and put lipstick on a pig in her third time is the charm again today
We all have or had mothers she thinks by invoking hers we will forget the grifter and liar she will always be

Jack is Back!

Meet my new neighbors this summer (maybe)!



Hillary is traveling around collecting money. She will claim that health reasons forced her to not run when the time comes.


"I'm sure glad John Kirby took off the uniform. Now I don't find his silliness nearly so offensive."
Posted by: Cecil Turner | June 13, 2015 at 09:56 AM

You and me both Mr. Turner. I feel my teeth grinding everytime I see him - I could cheerfully slap the living hell out of him.

On another note:
My cat - Floyd - now insists on being acknowledged and recognized as a T-Rex. It is insulting to call him a cat. We have been warned.

Cecil Turner

CT, I honestly do not see how John Kirby can sleep at night.

I wonder how much conscious effort these talking heads put into the spinning. Kirby, f'rinstance, was a remarkably unaccomplished Navy officer, holding forth on strategy obviously over his head, and trying to explain away the idiocy du jour whilst DoD spokesman. (Ash Carter fired him almost as soon as he was confirmed, which was remarkably sensible.)

But in any event, he couldn't possibly have been spending a lot of brain bytes on the carp coming out of his mouth, or it'd have made more sense. My conclusion is that he's reading from a script prepared by amateurs, or spinning on the fly to feel-good pablum. Or, he's got a list of talking points and he's trying to insert them into conversations.

Maybe it's diplomatic training in saying stuff you don't believe. In that case it might be valuable. Psaki and Harf seem to be prospering.


Hillary can donate the excess campaign dough to her favorite charity when she bows out.


Captain Hate

I think I'll take this out from the library just to see how badly it's written. Plus the subject matter:



From the bottom of the last post;

Apparently, letting children lacking self control to be undisciplined isn't working out too well in St. Paul.
(And it sounds like they are encouraging the teachers to racially profile the students!)


Ben Zaynus

`/|\ ,
/o8o\ `

Cecil Turner

The IRS responded to Judge Sullivan's order to provide Judicial Watch with a status update on Lois Lerner's email. That doc is here.

Not much there. The bottom line is they expect releases of recovered emails in September.

Cecil Turner

The purpose of the ABM treaty was to keep the US from deploying a system that worked, whilst the Soviets, cheating, worked on theirs (similar to the 1972 BWC). The Soviets finally stopped cheating when the CCCP broke up.


Dear extraneus:

is there a known problem with the narcisolator?



Captain Hate

Maybe the hackers will provide the emails to Judicial Watch in a more timely manner.

Cecil Turner

Well, based on previous experience I think we can be fairly confident Judge Sullivan isn't going to jail them for contempt.


With the fed hack disclosure, surely even Hillary and her most ardent supporters must now acknowledge that every email passed through her server is in the possession of ChiCom intelligence.



Cecil, do you imagine they're interested in Chelsea's wedding plans?


what difference does it make:


Red Queen's squawk will be agonizing today, decent oligarchs might find better places to park their pelf


Did Hilligula's reset, er restart put everyone to sleep?

Sandy--I Stand with Walker 2016--Daze   ن

Regarding the hack...

I am disgusted.

When did we learn of the hack, Thursday (11 June) afternoon? Friday noon (12 June) my snail-mail delivery included a letter detailing OPM's consequence management efforts, which indicates to me, at least, that the "official acknowledgement roll-out" is an orchestrated event.

No way the USG moves from disclosure to consequence management letters in the mail in less that 24 hours...

A friend in WDC with access and a reliable reporting record going back almost two decades says that the records hack has been known to OPM for a year already ! Another reporting source indicates that by mid-Autumn at the latest, the fbi became aware that opm was dealing with the hack.

My limited time in Federal Service was as a temp govt employee (3161) In Baghdad as part of the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) in 2004 for not more than six months.

The letter I received yesterday does not reference any compromise of records from my military service (the SF-86 security investigation documents).

If I got a letter this quickly, with relatively little time as a govt civilian employee, over a decade ago, then a LOT of letters might/should be sent.

If you have or know someone who has had Federal Service, one would think you/they should get a similar letter too. If not, maybe a direct inquiry is in order.

Gosh, I wonder who at CSID--the company that sent me the letter on OPM's behalf--is making a bundle on this, wonder if the contract was sole-sourced?


I agree with those that suggest not only that this is an act of war, but if there is ever a future time that the Chinese disagree with the application of US Military force, all they need to do is start emptying (because they now have *ALL* of our data) the bank accounts of individual soldiers, or fuck with us in other ways.

Yeah, right, a GI or a pilot will be completely focused on the mission when momma emails him to say, "all our accounts are empty, the mortgage is underwater, our insurance has been cancelled, and our direct deposit has been rerouted to a bank in Shanghai."

...Nice little SEAL team you got there, would be a shame if all of their identities were made public and all of their personal accounts were emptied....


Ritual seppuku by those responsible for leaving the doors unlocked is what I want. Pillory in the stocks in all the courtyards expensively built for lunching at the Federal agency buildings would be my second choice.


yes, I'm shocked this was going on:




I'm watching (kinda) Hill's speech and trying to not get nauseous.


I have to believe, this was not a random hack, but
some backdoor, put in by Snowden, who just happened to enjoy the accommodations of Chinese intelligence
before he became Volodya's house guest,

also this last season of NCIS, dealt with a similar

new lurker

glaster, it's amazing isn't it? How much more can she pander or offer to the LIVs?


at that moment, the singularity opened up:



it's a travismochasham



Hillary 2016: "Lyin' through a Grandma's smile!"


in before the bell:



Now that real life has become nuttier than a Steve Martin comedy, I think it's time to post this:

Huh? My story? O.k. It was never
easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days sitting on the porch with my family singing and dancing, down in Mississippi.

Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton..."

Caro says she's Chinese today, and Jane demands we have a female Santa Claus for 2016.



Jane says you are supposed to be at her JOM party at 4, as even TM has asked if you're going to come to meet him there.


I call dibs on being Tibetan today! Or whenever it works in my favor to scam other people.


Rocco check your mail.

Ben Zaynus

. ^ .

Miss Marple

Good afternoon. I went to a n art fair in a near downtown neighborhood, one that has been happening every year since the early 70's. It's a juried show with high-quality items.

What I noticed (besides how HOT it was) is that most of the crowd looked to be 50+. That isn't the way it has been in past years. Also, so no one buying anything except small items.

I am led to conclude that younger people do not have money to spend on art, which means that the OPM famine is spreading into the arts community, but those people will never connect the dots as to why they cannot sell their work.


Maybe she's Black Irish.


dante couldn't come up with a suitable venue for this:



specifically this:



I'm feeling Trobriand Island-ish today.


well how about Ainu, the original inhabitants of Nippon, domo arigato, mr. robato,

Beasts of England

I'm feeling kinda Jane's Island-ish myself.


it would seem obvious though incomplete:



seems like hisruptcy and alchemy, has been practiced,



I didn't catch Hilligula's relaunch but I understand she related the painful life of her mother growing half black, half transgendered male?


words to that effect, lyle,

Ben Zaynus



well one actually takes more effort:


jimmyk on iPad

AliceH, you can get the link to go to the latest version of narcisolator from the JOM wiki. It seems to be working fine for me.


talk to the hand:


jimmyk on iPad

Actually, here's the link. Of course you'll have to edit with your troll list.


Cecil Turner

I didn't catch Hilligula's relaunch

Me neither. And you can't make me! Judging by the newsworthy empty spaces, we stayed away in droves.


I believe the hack isn't really a hack. It is a bs scam so all federal employees sign up for a "free" government tracking program due to the govt feeling so bad about all this.

Crisis waste management.

In addition, the insurance plan to reimburse anyone who was affected by the supposed negligence of the Feds will be set up in a Pigford type system that will be the final act of Treasury looting.

Then "Hans blows the roof" when he convinces China to nuke us all to hell.

Marlene on the phone

*So* we're sitting on the porch at the cabin, enjoying the first beverage of the day. A deer walked into the stream for drink of water. A small,pretty thing,probably a yearling.

jimmyk on iPhone

"*So* we're sitting on the porch at the cabin, enjoying the first beverage of the day. A deer walked into the stream for drink of water."

I thought this was the beginning of a joke.


no, just a charming vignette,

Cecil Turner

probably a yearling

. . . put it's little deer lips down to the cool clear water...

(that's where I thought it was going)

Miss Marple

I wonder who is getting the identity theft government contract and how much it's for.

Seems suspicious to me it's for 18 months (about the time Obama has left in office).

Does the identity theft company get all of the emplyee social security numbers and account numbers?

That would be really handy information for Obama and his allies to have once he leaves office.

I am, of course, of a highly suspicious nature.


well you start with manning, who hacked the whole
State Department registry, how that happened raised some flags, then Snowden a few years later, and he
was in Chinese intelligence and Volodya's care,


they finally got around to this:



yes, what could go wrong:



It appears the fake colored person has done me a favor. When the Feds want to diversify my neighborhood I can claim I'm black. It's up to them to prove me right or wrong. Who know the "one drop" rule could come in so handy generations later?

Hey, folks, is there any doubt we've been sold down the river?

14 million records times a million in liability, and whoa, pretty soon we're talking about real money.

Where is the authority for this promise?


yes, that was a harf, what's the pointing of closing the gate, when the barn burnt down,

Marissa the Mechanic.

Maybe it's a bad time to bring that up.

Gimme my million.  I'm damaged.

Heh, TK beat me to it.


'politics is downstream from popular culture:


Captain Hate

I didn't catch Hilligula's relaunch

Me neither. And you can't make me! Judging by the newsworthy empty spaces, we stayed away in droves.

Who in their right mind wants to see an overweight, boozy harridan with as many fake accents as Frank Caliendo stumble over trite phrases and generally make a pathetic spectacle out of herself?

Jeff Dobbs


Jane and Caro want to know what your beverage choice is for when you show up later today at the party.

For the record - I did invite him to the party by email, so............


the Rupert Pupkin network, but I repeat myself,


Speaking of fake accents, I assume you all have seen Carly's recent video. When Hilligula gives the rooskie the reset button and he tells her in heavily accented English that it's the wrong Russia word, I could swear she lays on some Russian accent of her own when she repeats, "It's wrong."

Miss Marple


Official court document included in story.

jimmyk on iPhone

Captain @3;20, needless to say, the NYT is eating up Hillary's launch with what amounts to a giant press release on her behalf:


To me it sounds like another Dem candidate inflicting their mommy or daddy issues on the rest of us.


Thanks, jimmyk. Still not working for me. I tried manually adding trolls - no effect; I tried using the automated 'click' and got the response dialog, but - no effect. I tried deleted/reinstalling... same and same. I quit.


that's Chozick, the one that wrote the planet Hillary piece in the Times Sunday edition,

aggressive stupidity, category error,


Captain Hate on the iPhone

The Duranty Times shilling for Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham? Next you'll tell me there's gambling going on here.


there really isn't enough ipecac in the world for this,


That CNN "courageous" thing narc links to at 3:39 reminds me of Susan Sontag's remarks on the 9/11 attackers.




Still not working?

Hm. I didn't read all the comments yet, but it seems to work ok for me in Chrome.


As I document in my forthcoming book, “Scarlet Letters: The Ever Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism,” leftist scolds are quick to hand out career-killing “letters” to those who offend their righteous sense of self.

As I also document, the only way to beat them is to stand your ground, to not apologize for yourself or for your political allies, even those less verbally adroit. An apology is never enough. Neo-puritans want you to grovel, and then they want you gone.

As a case in point, on the first day of the Todd Akin controversy in 2012, Republican nominee Mitt Romney told the media: “Congressman Akin’s comments on rape are insulting, inexcusable and, frankly, wrong. Like millions of other Americans, we found them to be offensive.”

Here is what Romney should have said, “A credibly accused rapist is giving the keynote speech at the Democratic convention in two weeks, and you want me to denounce a decent, God-fearing man for his inelegant comments about rape? No, not happening, and if the truth hurts, get some ice on that.”

If Romney had said something like this, he would be president today and Todd Akin would be a U.S. senator. Instead, Akin will wear his Scarlet S for sexism to the grave. There is nothing that keeps a conservative home on Election Day like a Republican candidate who grovels.


The Chick-fil-A crowd...

Buford Gooch

The administration has really harfed this one up.

Bobby Jindal

Jack Cashill is not welcome in my 100%!


AliceH, if you're still here, what browser are you running? I have Firefox 38.0.1, and the narcisolator is working. Not the latest version of Firefox, though, which I'm now hesitant about upgrading to.


A commenter over at Tim Blair's place re Rachel Dolezal, reminds us of Donna Chang.

Frau  Froscheier

I'll have what Clarice is having:

Trobriand Islanders: - It's the original free love community where women rule the roost.

Last one to the yam houses is a rotten cassava root!


yes, the craziness worth a pouch:



Alice, if you change showTrolls to true in the variables near the top, then save and refresh the page, do you get a dialog?

If so, then the code is working down to line 170 and the problem is probably below that.

Also, are the following set the same in yours?

var blockTrolls = true;
var killTrolls = true;
var resurrectTrolls = false;

Jimmy, are you using Firefox?


if you were wondering about Dore's opposite in that meeting:



Yes, ext, and the narcisolator works fine as far as I can tell.

Frau  Oy Weh!

Preach it Paglia!

Also: “Hillary is a mess. And we’re going to award the presidency to a woman who’s enabled the depredations and exploitation of women by that cornpone husband of hers? The way feminists have spoken makes us blind to Hillary’s record of trashing [women]. They were going to try to destroy Monica Lewinsky. It’s a scandal! Anyone who believes in sexual harassment guidelines should have seen that the disparity of power between [Bill] Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was one of the most grotesque ever in the history of sex crime. He’s a sex criminal! We’re going to put that guy back in the White House? Hillary’s ridden on his coattails.”

Via Insty

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