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June 24, 2015



Morning Miss M.

Second suspect is dead. The new normal.


Miss Marple

Night, daddy! See you later today.

Miss Marple


I hope this movie gets made and I hope it turns out to be a good one.


I'd really prefer not to die by beheading.


That's a heck of a thought for a Friday.

More SC hi jinx today. I hope the liquor store isn't empty when I leave work this afternoon.

James D.

It seems as if both the Left and Right in this country are lurching ever closer to acting on a desire to literally wipe out the existence of the other side. My feeling is that we all better be damn careful we don't get what we wish for.

This is flat-out wrong. The Right, speaking broadly (and certainly as demonstrated here) primarily wants the left to LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. We want the government to not tell us how to live our lives in the minutest detail. There is no moral equivalence here.


...ISIS Terrorist attack in Grenoble France this morning, that one of them after he decapitated a victim, he then wrote Arabic words on the head.

"The Quran teaches that God’s children should tread gently upon the earth and, when confronted by ignorance, reply “peace.” In honoring these familiar values together -- of peace and charity and forgiveness -- we affirm that, whatever our faith, we’re all one family." ~ President Obama Iftar dinner June 22, 2015

Wonder why he used God instead of allah?

Miss Marple


Seriously, this is a bizarre strategy.

Miss Marple


Captain Hate

Seriously, this is a bizarre strategy.

That article gives very little information on what is being done and, more importantly, why; because it makes almost no sense that a candidate would have two entities working for him and not communicating with one which makes me believe that it's something underhanded.

Thomas Collins

Re sidwhite's query at 6:10 PM yesterday on whether a new POTUS could have new regulations promulgated that would overturn yesterday's SCOTUS ruling: SCOTUS did not defer to the Treasury Regulations. SCOTUS decided the case on the ground that the statute itself mandated that tax credits would be available for those buying prepaid health care under Federally established exchanges. Under this framework, SCOTUS would overturn Treasury Regulations to the contrary. Thus, the answer is no, a subsequent POTUS won't be able to undo this result.

Miss Marple

You guys just aren't positive thinkers.

Captain Hate

Levin pointed out that Anthony Kennedy was Reagan's third choice for the Supreme Court, the first being Robert Bork, about whom we all know that Mary Jo Kopechne's murderer led the opposition and the second was Douglas Ginsburg, who sent the GOPe to the fainting couches because he once smoked pot. Kennedy was thought to be a Constitutional originalist but has fallen sway to being more concerned about having the MFM say nice things about him, as has Roberts who also served in the Reagan administration.


Hi, all. Went to see “An Act of God” last night with Jim Parsons.

God appeared in the form of Sheldon Cooper. He reveals His new 10 commandments, admits His faults that even one who is perfect and all powerful can have, and then He reminds us to take charge of our own lives.

90 minutes long without an intermission.

It was funny, well staged, and well worth seeing. I think it runs until August.


ACA? Say, . . . isn’t the confederate flag a symbol for states rights? [Finding my inner Soylent]

Captain Hate

I again challenge all the opponents to an Article V convention to tell me why it shouldn't happen. All I get is a bunch of namby pamby crap about "OMG think of what they'd come up with". So what? We are living in a post Constitutional country as yesterday's decision points out again. The President is legislating. The Supreme Court is legislating. What exactly in the Constitution is being adhered to? At least by having something agreed to by 2/3 of the states, we would have a document that would indicate whether we sink or swim. Because we're sinking badly now and the Constitution obviously means nothing to the ruling class. People consistently have been polled as hating 404Care and the ruling class just ignores it. Our government does not reflect the will of the people on this and just about everything else.


why it shouldn't happen

Because you can’t control what would happen and might end up with something worse.

Far better to re“constitute” what we have.

Cecil Turner

Y'know, this whole thing is kinda ironic. Democrats, who want nothing more than to get votes (whether by stuffing ballot boxes with illegal immigrant votes, or by addicting a generation to OPM health care) got the decision they wanted, from a court they've been slandering daily; while the Repubs, who sometimes make noises like they respect the rule of law, got the election issue they desperately needed, and lost any confidence in the courts. SCOTUS, trying not to make waves, makes law out of interpretation, and loses respect from all sides. Hard to see who wins, but everyone has a good reason to be unhappy.

(And Kim Strassel is dead-on about this election now bringing a real choice. Speaking of which, how did she not manage to score in The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media For 2015? I mean seriously:

okay, that wasn't serious (Helen got robbed . . . that's serious.)

Captain Hate

Because you can’t control what would happen and might end up with something worse.

What control do we have now? None. The checks and balances don't exist. You are fearing the decisions of the majority of citizens more than you do of the ruling class which has ignored the Constitution and will continue to do so.

The Constitution would have never been ratified without Article V. They didn't put it there for it to be ignored in times like this.

If you don't believe in Article V then you are denying what is going on around you.

Jack in Bah'sten

The Air Products plant is outside Lyon on the main highway to Grenoble but not anywheres near there.

Surprised that no one has linked the tragic story of the 8 passengers on the Westerdam of Holland America Line that took a float plane excursion in Alaska and were killed along the pilot.


h/t Mrs. JiB and DeStandaard


So now we know why Obama and left were so pissed about the Citizens United decision.

We: "Well, of course it had to go that way. There's a First Amendment right to freedom of expression right in the Constitution!"

They: "That has nothing to do with this, and anyone who thinks it does is a fool."

I believe they now have the edge on that argument.

Captain Hate

When not talking about his favorite obsession, Malor can analyze things well:


James D.

CH, my problem with an Article V convention is that it would be the same corrupt ruling class who's shredded the existing Constitution, running it.


That's the boat we are taking in 2 weeks Jib.

Captain Hate

James, it would be the states running it which are generally closer to the people (and the state legislatures are, generally speaking, more conservative than the federal dimwits). In fact one of the biggest appeals of Article V is that it bypasses the feds.

But at least you've given a specific reason rather than a blanket "OMG THE HORROR".

Jeff Dobbs

leaving soon, i left you with a new thread....


Perhaps the better route is large scale nullification by the States.

All of the solutions though require a predominance of Americans aware of the real menace. This seems unlikely. The average American, even the average patriotic American does not really understand what is happening in terms of the history of the Left. They do not understand who these people are and what they are really up too.

We can argue about Civil Rights, or minimum wage, or the EPA, or the ATF, or feminism or gay rights, but these are all just dodges for the Left. They control the discussion here and deflect it onto what seems like some sort of rational discussion. It is nothing of the sort. They mean an end to us. At this point it is not even about them setting up some sort of Communist Utopia. It is about raw power and destruction. Period. IT is a sickness of the soul; it is the rot of our apparently dying Civilization.

Moreover, the country has lost--or is losing--its traditional instinct and even desire for freedom at some fundamental, foundational level.

This ludicrous "flag" business is a case in point. Obviously, they have had this campaign all planned out and waiting on the shelf. They have been tying to provoke a racial incident like this, and finally got one. This is really a sort of Maoist "Cultural Revolution" American style.

Look how they have dismayed the nation with this. Look at the major businesses falling in line.

When coupled with the strange attack on Christians over wedding cakes, it is not hard to see where this is all headed.

Never before in our history would they have gotten away with this sort of thing, not even during the New Deal or the worst moments of Wilsonian "War Socialism". It would have been identified for what it actually is.

We are in for terrible times. The clock cannot be rolled back because we have allowed them to alter the very soul of America. We hare not far from complete abrogation of the Constitution and open, "legal" persecution of all who stand in their way. They have not even started.

And what is coming is not some sort of "just, modern future"--all the grievance mongering is just a ploy, one that will be discarded when power is achieved.

What is coming is the destruction of the USA.

And by whom? Hillary? ValJar? Soros? The Chamber of Commerce? Harvard? CBS?

The broad march of American History has heretofore not really been that of its elites.

Now we are destroyed by an "elite" that in the history of such things is the most pathetic, ludicrous parody of any true "elite", and yet they are winning where some many much more powerful and intelligent enemies have failed.

Historians in the future--and eventually there will be rational, objective historians, though they may be Asian--will ponder who such a nation could allow itself to be laid so low by such preposterous, ridiculous people.

Their answer, I fear, is that mankind cannot govern itself. What will this mean for the future of Mankind?


where some many=where SO many

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

As someone who has at times criticized some of what you have said or at least how you have said it, let me just say, amen squaredance to that 9:06 comment in its general scope and in every particular.


Ditto Iggy's response, squaredance.


Ditto, plus to "Ditto Iggy's response, squaredance."


As someone who has always agreed with, and appreciated, what you have said and how you have said it, let me just say, well done and well said.

BTW, I have some very strong feelings as to how we have arrived at our present predicament. I'd be honored to share them with you over a beverage some time.

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