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June 21, 2015



someone mentioned have divided loyalty of CINCs. MacArthur had far more direct military power than FDR, despite his dubious family background. And had Truman fired him earlier, he, and not Eisenhower would have been the Repub '52 candidate to win the POTUS. So yes, MacArthur's family history is far more historically relevant than Cruz's or any other Repub right now. Is it silly to bring up that history? Yes... so....


have = here


I read somewhere that IO and NH are whining about the Fox debates devaluing their early primary/caucus/s. Great news, as I'm so sick of the people who kept Tom Harkin in the Senate for decades affecting the Republican field.


"Need to know name of Duck Boat tour. Having lunch with the boys PF Chang's Charles Street across from Boston Common."

It's just duck boats. You can get it at the science Museum or near the Hancock center (I think). Ask for Col Ducktape. That's my Brother in law.


Thank you SBW - that's great!


Why do the Democrats always jump while the bodies are still warm?



Just an unfortunate juxtaposition.

Captain Hate

You have to wake up pretty early to put one over on the children of the cornhole:



Good for Haley. I wish both SC senators would stand by her side at the presser and add their support. Removing that emblem from state property, other than cemeteries, seems like a nobrainer imo, given the totally of the circumstances nation-wide.

Captain Hate

I read somewhere that IO and NH are whining about the Fox debates devaluing their early primary/caucus/s.

The inability of both parties to effectively deal with those whiny skidmarks by forcefully telling them to STFU and go to the back of the line was probably an early warning about what gutless and perverse governing comes from them.

Captain Hate

I think there are some erroneous conclusions being drawn from the data. Somebody can head up an organization as an advocate without inferring anything additional.



This Ewok person is he the one endorsing secession and burn it all down?

Yes ,Putin loves him,--and I think Hillary will wish to kiss him full on the lips!


Pope Pius XII saved the lives of over 860,000 Jews. Please take the time to listen to this documentary with documented proof.


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