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June 01, 2015





Does anyone think that Dennis hastert would be getting this kind of coverage, much less prosecution, if he had been a former Dem Speaker of the House?


Now if this were a Republican family, you can bet on not only investigations, and leaks to the press but also prosecution from an Austin Texas prosecutor...

Eric in Boise

One of the most depressing things for me about Ogabe and his minions is that just when you think they've reached rock bottom, they prove you wrong the very next day.

Does anyone have any doubt that a Despicable She® presidency will be any different? Just when you think the stench of corruption can't get any more vile and pungent, you'll be proven wrong. Again and again.

Jack is Lightning⚡️


The treatment of Palin versus the gumshoe work on Obama should answer your inquiry.

Beasts of England

It also very nicely clears head space for those bringing up Willie's appropriateness as First Dude. 'Hastert did worse!!'

Quite the coinkydink.

Captain Hate

I'm waiting for Lynch to drop the hammer on the Clinton Crime Family Foundation because NK told us she was such a great candidate for Attorney General and deserving of GOPe approval which was provided in their usual quisling style.

Jack is Lightning⚡️

Hastert evidently was involved with a young man before he became a congressman but Gerry Studds was doinking a boy page in Congress and got re-elected. I am sure that in every story about Hastert the press will also remind us of Studds and his blatant indiscretion.

Then we have Barney Frank running a homo bodello out of his townhouse on Capital Hill.

You'll be reading a lot about that in the Hastert coverage in case you haven't heard about it before.


Caitlyn Jenner looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Vanity fair.Honestly,if I had a few bevys in me I'd probably bang her.

This is what Conservatism that's been beaten and destroyed looks like.It's important that you know this because sometimes in your hermetically sealed group where you create a world for yourselves that doesn't actually exist it's easy to miss your own down fall.

Liberalism is a party where everyone is invited to come as they are no matter how distasteful our most conservative attendee's might find it. And it's a party where you're encouraged to let your hair down and try some-uhm-oysters OR snails OR even both.

Welcome to the party, pal....

Captain Hate

Wasn't the excuse peddled for Barney's Frank's indiscreet illegal activities that he was under the influence of drugs at the time? As if that should exonerate anybody.

Here's one of the problems, one of the big problems I have with the PATRIOT Act. We now use parts of the PATRIOT Act to arrest people for domestic crime. Section 213 "Sneak and peek" where the government can come into your house, place listening devices and never announce that they were ever in your house and then leave and then monitor your behavior and never let you know they've been there, is being used 99.5% of the time for domestic crime. 

So little by little, we've allowed our freedom to slip away. We allow the Fourth Amendment to be diminished. We allowed the narrowing loss of something called probable cause

Randing and raving like a lunatic.


Imagine the millions in asset forfeiture they lose with a two day sabbatical. Rand Paul is a cop hater.


Lynch endorsement? I never had a case with her and she was very low profile as Eastern District US Atty, so other than being a typical urban Lib, didn't know anything about her. Going to the wall and demanding Repub Senators who had no objection to her or worry about re-election black vote turn out? I wouldn't have held them hostage to a no vote, no.
The Budget had to be passed and an Iran deal worked out, and hopefully ObummerCare repeal when King v Burwell is decided.


compare & contrast....

2 years in prison for Bob McDonnell

"McDonnell was convicted in September on 11 counts tied to a public corruption indictment handed up last January, shortly after he left office as Virginia’s 71st governor. The indictment charged him with accepting more than $150,000 in gifts and loans from a wealthy businessman in exchange for helping the man promote his company."

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/6/bob-mcdonnell-sentenced-2-years-prison-public-corr/#ixzz3bqITSrYw
Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

the businessman didn't get any government position....he didn't get any contracts with the state of Virginia...


McDonnel's biggest mistake was accepting less tha $150 mllion unless he wanted to get caught.


How many years in prison did Sandy Berger get for stealing & destroying national security documents? I forget.

 daddy  Mathilda Ann

Good Morning!

In solidarity with Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner, I think we should all come up with what names we would like to be called when we change sexes. For instance, I'm thinking:
Miss Bruce Marple,
Clarice Fred Feldman,
and Tom Tiffany Maguire.

Over to you Iggy Isadora!

Just a suggestion of course, and open to change, but thought I'd toss it out there for discussion.


Mr Dobbs:

Interesting article. It's pretty clear that an interested prosecutor could have a lot of stuff to chew through, should they ever try to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Problem is, it's politically impossible for anyone to investigate the Clintons, unless the press, en masse, does it. And they won't.

Dems cannot let Justice do the investigation I expect at least some prosecutors want because they lose their only viable Presidential candidate.

Repubs, when it comes to the Clintons, shot their...bolt back in the 90s with impeachment. It does not matter that so much of the sleazyness (beginning with the pardons) post-dates impeachment. So, I think GOP will not go after the Clintons should they win in 2016.

Jack is Lightning⚡️


Don't worry all those McConnell and Berger indiscretions will be included in the hard hitting journalism you are about to read about Hastert. Well, maybe not Berger.

Wonder if Hastert used email?


daddy at 4:12:



Had just read the VF blurb, daddy, and was thinking what a sad, painful way to go through life and then to listen to how they overcompensate about how wonderful it all is and sweep under the rug those feelings of "what the hell did I just do?"
It's like any other life changing, irreversible decision a friend makes that is obviously a disaster. What do you say when they justify and rationalize and try to positively spin the disaster they're wrought? Just nod your head, smile and think "you poor dumb sap, we both know this is crazy but I can't tell you it is without making things worse."

Beasts of England

You forgot to post the lastest GDP, DublinDave. I can't find the figure anywhere on the web, care to share it with me?


One of beasts conquests?


Jack is Lightning⚡️

BTW, before everyone goes too much AWWWWH over the Vanity Fair cover photo of Caitlyn remember it was the same outfit that remade Debbie Wasserman Schultz to look like the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Eric in Boise

I'll be Erica in Boise, natch. Maybe lyle can be lolita.

Beasts of England

She doesn't appear to be in my target demographic, Steph! ;)

 daddy  Mathilda Ann

Wasn't the excuse peddled for Barney's Frank's indiscreet illegal activities that he was under the influence of drugs at the time?

Yes Captain, except that he was totally unable to recognize marijuana, especially when he was shocked that the Police discovered it growing in his back yard.

BTW, Last night for the 2nd weekend in a row, starting about 7 PM on Sunday nights on AM Radio Talk channel 700 up her, we get an hour of some new program called the National Marijuana News.

Here's the link: The National Marijuana News

It is a very slick production, obviously well funded. It tells us on the radio and at it's website that:

The National Marijuana News offers all sides of this complex and contentious prohibition issue. We take a totally UNBIASED approach at bringing you the news and the newsmakers on all sides of the issues. We cover politics, science, medicine, law, business, culture and lifestyle. No subject off-limits from either side of the debate.

On yesterday's show they had on a guest who aid all humans need 65 units of cannabinoids per day to remain healthy, and there was much more totally UNBIASED commentary throughout the Show.

If it's playing up here on Sunday nights for an hour on Local Talk, I suspect it's playing in your neighborhoods as well. I can't tell who funds them, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out you and me are via our tax dollars.

Anyone know anything about this bunch? The bio's of their reporters read's like the bit players in a Cheech and Chong movie:

Todd Denkin---President | Host:
former Casting Director and Talent Manager for Nickelodeon...and TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes

Eddie Bernard---Producer
a PA for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2004 and as an intern for The Howard Stern Show in 2005

Darian Cowgill---Recording Engineer
an independent record producer for the American rock band Oedipus

Martín Wagmaister---Executive Producer
writes and produces a hip-hop/R&B mixshow in conjunction with Coca-Cola called The Coca-Cola Open Happiness Mixshow, the most popular radio show in Nigeria.

Kyle Kushman---West Coast Correspondent
12-time Medical Cannabis Cup medal winner. He currently holds two US Cannabis Cups for Best Flowers,

Anybody have any info on this?


I'm down but I was really hoping for leila.

 daddy  Mathilda Ann


If you want to call yourself Leila I'd recommend taking that issue up with Larry Kreig in a Toilet Stall at the Boise airport.

Millicent is Lightning⚡️


Please note carefully that a number of those Mary Jane reporters are ex-children/teenager TV programmers. And we are only worried about Catholic priests.

Beasts of England

The guy with two Cannibas Cups is named Kushman? Gotta be a nic...


"Will the IRS investigate possible violations?"

I'm sure they can't free up any staff because of the evil Rethuglican budget cuts.


Mathilda Ann,

Larry employs his wide stance in the Minneapolis airport, not the local facilities.

I can say that I've (reluctantly) shook the ex-Senator's hand on a few occasions at BSU functions. I couldn't get to the washroom quick enough.


Mrs. Dobbs,
I didn't read your link about Hilligula's response. I'm assuming it goes something like this, "what difference at this point does it make."
There will be no IRS investigation by the current scumbags at Justice.
I see it every day at work, lThere are rules that need to be enforced, but just don't bother me with them."

(A)Nuther Bub

Wouldn't you have to be "momma," daddy?

 daddy  Mathilda Ann


Seriously, from reading their bio's and listening to as much of the facts put out in Marijuana Radio Show as I could stand, I couldn't tell if they were serious or a deadpan comedy skit not to be taken seriously---except that with the slickness and cost of production you have to conclude that they're serious.

It came across as nothing but an unvarnished effort to win votes across the country in order to legalize Marijuana smoking and production in all 50 states.


Great question, (A)B.


Where is Porchlight?

"In Austin, outrage over city-sponsored seminar on female leadership"

"Last Monday, Assistant City Manager Anthony Snipes resigned after having been placed on leave.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/05/in_austin_outrage_over_citysponsored_seminar_on_female_leadership.html#ixzz3bqUreRDo

"The controversy is threatening the career of City Manager Marc Ott, who launched an investigation on how the seminar was allowed to go forward. He expects to issue his report in the coming week."

The 200 plus comments are interesting.

 daddy  Mathilda Ann

Hi A(B).

And I suppose today you really can be called Another Bubba:)

Clarice Fred Feldman, said the Hawaii meet-up with you and Rom Rhoda, was big fun!


In keeping with your 04:33.


Millicent is Lightning⚡️

I don't undersrtand this NSA kerfuffle. When has Obama and his regime ever listened to Congress and didn't just issue and EO when they disagree. I don't think anything changes. If I was POTUS I would tell the NSA to continue as usual and let Congress shit itself and sue me.

Why is this any different than immigration?

Miss Marple


My theory is that Obama wants to leave us open to terrorism, so is letting Rand Paul do the dirty work while he says,"Wait. No. You really should pass this" in a very, very soft voice.

Stevie FKA Stephanie

Wine goggles, beasts!


There is a stay against Obummer's illegal amnesty, and NSA types could be prosecuted for snooping without statutory PA immunity.

Captain Hate

Going to the wall and demanding Repub Senators who had no objection to her or worry about re-election black vote turn out? I wouldn't have held them hostage to a no vote, no.

Holding hostage versus shameless pandering to a group of people who won't vote for you anyway while not doing a fucking thing for the people who did vote for you? Sounds like Rove's 2006 strategy. I hope it gets the same result. To hell with the GOP.


Eric Bolling just clobbered Kimberly Guilfoyle(the same chick that used to bang Gavin Newsome) on the Fourth Amendment.

As her fake breasticals were exhaling the last gasp of her non-argument, she belched out "I don't have time to explain to you what you learn in three years of law school..."

She must have been a student of ECL.


I was banging Gavin way before her!!


Can we have some choice words for this guy?

via Newsbusters

David Brooks: 'Obama Has Run An Amazingly Scandal-Free Administration' #Obama


Beasts of England

I get into more than enough trouble without encouragement, Stevie!! ;)


"Evil rethuglican budget cuts..."

Is there a . Problem?

Beasts of England

Well played, lolita!! lol

Millicent is Lightning⚡️

Ace does a good job here on why the GOP especially the GOPe are due for a divorce. If we get 18 candidates ranging from Jeb to Trump then he could be right.


I like a Walker/Rubio or a Rubio/Fiorrina as of this date. I think we need a hispanic this time even Susan Martinez.

Millicent is Lightning⚡️


You are not transy or feminine enough to post here. Go to a bath house.


Ball gag, beasts!

Beasts of England

That's what she said...

Millicent is Lightning⚡️


Got one of these?


Beasts of England

That's badass, JiB!! Think of all the poor people and commies you could run over with that sucker!!! Woot!


jimmyK-- was Brooks referring to Holder's shameless cover up operation at DOJ? Let's start with the Cabinet level and Hilligula's deliberate violation of the records keeping act, and the EPA Administrator's private email account? The list works down from there and is long.


"not transy or feminine enough to post here..."

I've heard that from the locals. I expect to improve my gender affiliation by posting often at great length to blend in with the general population. I often fail.


Did Bruce already chop off his penis?...or is that gonna happen later?
Did Diane Sawyer ask him about THAT? Has anyone in the MFM asked what confused young people being exposed to this insanity might do? Does anyone care?

Some young confused kid watches all this cheerleading & what? What happens then?

Thomas Collins

Good Gaia, I see some stage names here are jennerizing. What's the world coming to? :-)

Beasts of England

It's the end of three-piece suits as we know it. And I feel fine. :)


Janet check out the new show on ABCFamily called "becoming US."

Love the way the show is titled? becoming US or Becoming UnitedStates?


 daddy  Mathilda Ann

More Carbon Footprint:

Massive military transport plane that usually carries 100 troops picks up US Secretary of State John Kerry to bring him home after he breaks his leg cycling

Kerry's ride home.

Kerry's Helo' ride to his Jumbo-jet

The only decent thing I can see from this entire idiocy, is that all the news stories now carry this paragraph:

Kerry regrets not being able to make the rest of his scheduled stops, Kirby said. The top U.S. diplomat had planned to travel later Sunday to Madrid for meetings with Spain's king and prime minister, before spending two days in Paris for an international gathering to combat IS.

Kerry will participate in the Paris conference remotely, Kirby said.

That tells us that 99% of all this flying around to conferences is all boondoggles and BS, and it all could be done on the cheap via Teleconferencing, which makes sense, since that's what we've spent Billions on these last few years---making sure everyone has the ability to "Teleconference", yet for some reason nobody ever does "Teleconferencing."

Hell, Hillary's only claim to fame is that she flew around the planet in lieu of Teleconferencing."

Weekly Standard reports today that US Taxpayers just paid $21,000 for Bill Clinton's Security Detail's Hotel rooms in Morocco last month.

Can you imagine how much money we could actually save if we made it a practice to "Tele-Conference" when able? I bet it'd be in the Billions, if not high hundred Millions per year.




Erica in Boise

Drudge is showing the Vanity Fair cover now with the caption "Miss America". Snort.


Will Vogue put THIS guy on their cover?

". . . transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists. . . .You fundamentally can’t change sex … the surgery doesn’t alter you genetically. It’s genital mutilation. My ‘vagina’ was just the bag of my scrotum. It’s like a pouch, like a kangaroo. What’s scary is you still feel like you have a penis when you’re sexually aroused. It’s like phantom limb syndrome. It’s all been a terrible misadventure. I’ve never been a woman, just Alan . . ."


Maybe Annie Leibovitz could take Alan's picture.

Stevie FKA Stephanie

My college friends call me Stevie, so I really didn't have to stretch for that one, TC. :)

Miss Marple


We hadon ABC Family last night watching another round of Harry Potter when an ad for that show came on.

At first I thought it was a joke. But no.

What a terrible time we live in!

Eric in Boise

Jeez, couldn't they find a horse trailer to throw him into?


Let me give this queer renaming thing a shot.

 daddy  Mathilda Ann


"To boldly go where no man has toked before!"

Miss Marple


Thomas Collins

Here's my vote for theme song of this subthread:


Stevie FKA Stephanie

Daddy Mathilda Ann... it better have Doritos trees.

jimmyk on iPhone

NK, all I know is the clip of Brooks on that tweet. If it turns out that Brooks was doing standup comedy and letting out a big guffaw right after the clip, then I will withdraw the ridicule.

 daddy  Mathilda Ann

Let me give this queer renaming thing a shot.

Posted by: Thread-kilt-er


I think that Tinkerbell works better than Thread-kilt-er, but that's just me:)

Stevie FKA Stephanie

via FB:

"A bump in the road.... who remembers that calloused statement?
I do recall, the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road." Today I heard an ex-Navy Seal being interviewed on Fox News regarding a book he has written about how to handle crisis situations in our lives. At the end of the interview he asked if he could make a comment on Benghazi and of course the anchor said yes. He then thanked Fox News for keeping the Benghazi story in the news, since other news organizations are not. He said the Seals who died deserve the public knowing the truth about the whole affair.
The poem was written by a MARINE CORPS Officer (ANON).
We're the battling boys
of Benghazi
No fame, no glory,
no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death
in a blazing hell
Defending our country
we loved so well.
It wasn't our job,
but we answered the call,
fought to the Consulate
and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty Countrymen
from the jaws of fate
Led them to safety,
and stood at the gate.
Just the two of us,
and foes by the score,
But we stood fast
to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement,
but all were denied,
So we fought, and we fought,
and we fought 'til we died.
We gave our all
for our Uncle Sam,
But Barack Obama
didn't give a damn.
Just two dead seals
who carried the load
No thanks to us.........
we were just "Bumps In The Road".
So will this reach every American with a computer?
Or do we act like the press and give them a pass.
The Obama Administration obviously won't be held accountable because we apparently accept Hilary Clinton's statement, "What difference does it make?"


 daddy  Mathilda Ann

I think that Tinkerbell works better than Thread-kilt-er


Of course, after you have the sex change operation, if you decide to swap back to being a boy, the appropriate name would then have to be the name of a favorite truck, Peterbuilt."


What is Kim going to change his/her name to?

Beasts of England

🎶 But I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Lola. 🎶





(I'm pretty sure (s)he never capitalized.)



 daddy  Mathilda Ann

Thomas Teresa Collins,

That's actually a heck of a good rocking tune! Thanks for linking it. xxx

Stevie FKA Stephanie

What say you, beasts?


Millicent is Lightning⚡️

How good an athlete was Bruce Jenner? When he went to play goilf for the first time he broke 90. They spent an hour showing him the swing and how to putt.

I don't know what goes these tranny minds but I do believe Janet's 5:46 says it all.

Wasn't it Chistine Joregensen, the ex-Danish soldier in WW2, who sort of set this thing on its current course?

 daddy  Mathilda Ann


Brilliant, GMax GSpot!

Beasts of England

The part about Kiffin's vaginoplasty was priceless, Stevie!! ;)


I do recall, the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road."

Hmm, I think that's how Dzhokar Tsarnaev referred to his brother.

Beasts of England

This place is en fuego today!! Must be the hormones...


Narcisolator hardest hit


I see the climate scientists here are expanding their repretoire.

Hormones can be ordered at will, with a little will-power.

'Natch !

henry helga

I thought the left was against clear cutting wood.


More Than 300 People Shot, 37 Fatally, During May in Chicago

With a helpful map, showing limited police presence.


I'm having hot flashes.



"Massive troop transport plane used to bring wounded Kerry home..."


Perv alert!!

Obsessive deviant milliwhatevs seeking your chi.

Millicent is Lightning⚡️

I have just received my 2015 US Open Program from the USGA and comfortably predict that no one will break par. And if they do its because they are great putters and short game artistes!

Millicent is Lightning⚡️

Bty the way that plane is not just bringing back John F**king Kerry but his entourage of 3 speciallly equipped Escalades and Ripesaw ATV's:)


Janet's 5:46 is exactly correct. The Bangor Daily recently had a story about a transgendered student at a Maine school who is happy now that he/she/it has come out as transgendered or "non-binary". What 14 year old kid knows what non-binary means??!!! A psychiatrist must be involved. This is all part of the process of normalization.

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