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June 18, 2015


Frau  Steingehirn

News which brings me a heavy heart and sympathy for all the families.


God our Father, Your power brings us to birth, Your providence guides our lives, and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for these families, their relatives and friends, and for all the dead known to You alone.

In company with Christ, who died and now lives, may they rejoice in Your kingdom, where all our tears are wiped away. Unite us together again in one family, to sing Your praise forever and ever.


Jack The Trans-Former

Driving out of Charleston, down Meeting Street this morning was very sad. Hundreds of press, like sharks around blood, on Marion Square. 20 or 30 TV trucks with satellite dishes extended. FBI SUVs coming down the other way full lights and sirens. Then as we got on I-95 later we heard they captured the psycho. But the community is so far handling it well despite that idiot Sharpton and he will not be welcome.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

I look forward to meeting them some day.


Thanks Jeff. To the media, they were symbols. You have restored them as people -- good people who will be missed.


I looked at the photo and immediately was struck by the similarity to the Aurora and Tucson shooters.

17-31 years old; long history of mental illness with an enabler.

God rest the souls of those poor people and bring comfort to their families.

God help us stamp out this sickness in our society. God help us to reach these individuals and help them before it is too late.

Eric in Boise

Well said, Matt.

daddy on iPad

I was depressed with the news so since momma was walking the dogs I greased the chains, inflated the tires above Patriot standards, and biked off down the Turnagain coast toward Beluga Point. Gorgeous day, even with remnant smoke, for a first bike ride of the season.The fiord tide was in that mellow state, not yet running in or running out, so it was like a giant mirror reflecting the mountains across the way. Probably 74 degrees (a scorcher) but there was a nice breeze. At Beluga was able to spot 2 mountain goats up on the peaks overlooking the coastal road. One was a male with those famous spiral Ram horns, easily seen from the free telescopes they have at Beluga.

Ride back was stiff into the wind, so tonight will be an Advil night, but I'm proud of getting off my duff, and the view helped clean out all the internal gnarlyness we sometimes get so clobbered with from the news.

My niece in Eagle River just north of Anchorage, says that her Firefighter husband who usually works in a Fire House in Anchorage, got deployed on Monday to The Sockeye Fire (I think that's the one north of Willow) says he will be up there probably thou Sunday, then plans are to send him south to the fires on the Kenai the very next day. I am glad we have such good young men as him up here.


Very nice thread that you have started Jeff. Drudge has been posting there is a link between the drugs this individual was using and violence, but I do wonder if with this type of mental illness, if the drugs are just a crude attempt at self-medication, and just a symptom not the cause. May the Good Lord have mercy on the families of the stricken ones, and on the little girls who survived, who will be traumatized for life.


Nice thread Jeff. So very sad and tragic.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

It is heartbreaking that someone would take the lives of nine devout, peaceful, God-loving people at a prayer meeting.

May God bless and support their families in the loss of their loved ones, and bring healing to all who suffer over this tragic event.

Beasts of England

Nicely done, Jeff.

Miss Marple

Good evening, all.

Jeff, very welcome thread. I pray for the peace of the departed, and the comfort for their families.

There is evil walking amongst us. Even if the shooter was mentally ill, his thoughts were turned to violence by things he read and heard.

I also pray for the City of Charleston and for our entire nation.

I would also note the sterling example of forbearance and dignity the relatives have shown through this horrible time.

And one last thought - all of these people seem to have been the best sort of people, working in the community to help others, to educate, to inspire. What a terrible loss!

Jack The Trans-Former

The stupidity and politicalization ia already on the fast track.

Senor Jerky Rivers "its all about racism still rampant in America".

Eugene Robinson, pretty much the same with a nodding Mathews in agreement.

Culture of Hate. Ciulture of Guns.

No mention of mental illness and institutionalization restraints.

When we drove by the chuch this morning so guy/gal/group already had a large, preprinted banner hanging up by Marion Square: "GIVE UP THE GUNS".

9 good people worshiping their Lord and embracing their faith pay the price of no one having the political will to recognize we have psycho's and sociopaths in our midst that need recognition and mediical help including especially institutionalization.

Until then, guns, hate and racism will be the bogeymen of choice for the progs.

Miss Marple

I wish someone would figure out how the marginalized, the mentally ill, the disconnected are found by the skinheads, the Islamic terrorists, the gangs and sucked into such evil behavior.


CH, not as different as the media tone would be.

Jack The Trans-Former


Facebook and Twitter. In fact, just one LEO looking at kid's FB page would have seen a potential nutcase.

Eric in Boise

My compliments as well Mr Dobbs. You and Mr Maguire make quite the team.

Captain Hate

Yes, excellent thread, Jeff.


"I was in the right place at the right time that the Lord puts you" ... lady who recognized Dylann Roof and his car in NC

Jack The Trans-Former


Have you seen local reports that he had family in the Shelby area?


Megyn has on a Dr Dietz, who interviewed shooter John Hinckley:

Megyn: We have decided not to use the picture or to name the gunman to avoid giving the shooter additional notoriety. And we urge our colleagues in the Media, especially the broadcast media, to consider doing the same. Park Dietz is doctor of Forensic Psychiatry and the founder of The Threat Assessment Group...Why is it important?

Dietz: For me the enlightenment came when John Hinckly Jr told me that the reason he tried to kill President reagan was so that he could get on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. From that time on I've been very concerned that some kinds of crime create copycats. And the reason that people will commit big profile crimes has to do with their desire for fame or notoriety for the attention. Anything we do that rewards that behavior is bad and encourages the behavior.

Megyn: ...Where do you draw the line between delivering the news and being complicit in inviting additional bad behaviors?

Dietz: Usually the suggestions I would make have to do with how this is covered and where this is covered. The local community of course needs to have the complete facts. There are people there who know these families, who grew up together, who went to school together, but beyond the local effected region, nothing good can come from naming the shooter, from giving biographical details about the shooter, from making the shooter into a pseudo-Rock Star, by giving dramatic retellings of their life story. That's only bad.


The devil comes to kill steal and destroy, is there a better explanation of what happened yesterday. Does it really matter why he did it, then the fact that he did, and where.

Miss Marple


What matters about this is that we have to figure out how to stop it. I don't have the answer.

I am pretty sure politics isn't the answer, though.


More stuff on the Patriots:



They deny evil and they think there is some rationale, well isnt any more then cain's 'am I my brothers keeper' which was an evasion.

you know one can't really get one's arms around this act.


No it's not, then again when the fount of true wisdom is attacked where does one go.


Dietz was on to something, every one of these incident covered , has brought forth a dozen more, like Cadmus teeth


They all seem to be of a type from columbine to Charleston don't they.


Just about to head out with the dogs for the evening walk. It is still scorching here -- mid 70's sez the weatherman, and the 2 dogs are plopped on the cool slate portions of the floor back in the non-sunny rooms of the house, tongues lolling and breathing heavy.

Paper has an quirky local story about an Anchorage hiker notches 1,000th ascent of Near Point summit

Near Point is a nice long hike just a few miles up the road, and it's where a few years back, when the snow was still covering the ground, where half way up Fry uncovered a black vest containing a pistol and a bunch of ammunition, that some climber had obviously hidden in the snow pile since it must have been too heavy for the ascent. I recall Fry running up to me with this big heavy black thing in his mouth, opening it up startled, and then figuring out what to do with it.

Climbing to the top is a bit of a long tough climb in this weather, as the river and the 2 mountain streams which the dogs can soak in for relief are in the bottom half of the climb, but I think that's where we'll head tonight. It stays light until well after midnight.

Anyhow, some local guy decided to climb the thing 1000 times. Takes all kinds:)


Miss Marple


My grandfather, who died at age 99 in 1998, said something which has always stuck with me.

"People get bad ideas from the TV news."

He thought people who were bad apples got inspired to do really terrible things, rather than petty crimes, because of news coverage of crimes.

He felt that coverage of crimes should be minimal unless it was required for public safety. And he felt that the excessive coverage gave bad people ideas which otherwise they wouldn't have.

He was a wise man, and I miss him.


Have you seen local reports that he had family in the Shelby area?

We're in GA now, but Shelby is very near where we lived in NC.

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

But Trump has one fan likely to dismay Republican unease at his running.  Sarah Palin is a big fan of “the Donald.”

I'm trying to remember Krauthammer's opinion of Palin...


There is certainly that but also the lack of any moral framework, cue Yeah ' s and 'the worst are filled with passionate intensity'


Well he defended the huntress initially, yet told her to 'leave the room ' over death panels.


The murder trial of James Holmes, CO movie theatre mass murderer, started this week. I think Roof wanted similar attention. He gave up easily, just like Holmes.


'You know she said, never put your trust in a politician, because they will inevitably dissapoint

If this week doesn't punctuate that, I don't know what will.

Miss Marple

As far as I am concerned, these victims were Christian martyrs.

So let me post this here:

1. For all the saints who from their labors rest,
Who Thee by faith before the world confess,
Thy name, O Jesus, be forever blest,
Alleluia! Alleluia!

2. Thou wast their Rock, their Fortress, and their Might;
Thou, Lord, their Captain in the well-fought fight;
Thou, in the darkness drear, their one true Light.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

3. Oh, may Thy soldiers, faithful, true and bold,
Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old
And win with them the victor's crown of gold.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

4. O blest communion, fellowship divine,
We feebly struggle, they in glory shine;
Yet all are one in Thee, for all are Thine.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

5. And when the fight is fierce, the warfare long,
Steals on the ear the distant triumph song,
And hearts are brave again, and arms are strong.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

6. But, lo, there breaks a yet more glorious day;
The saints triumphant rise in bright array;
The King of Glory passes on His way.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

7. From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast,
Through gates of pearl streams in the countless host,
Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Alleluia! Alleluia!

8. The golden evening brightens in the west;
Soon, soon, to faithful warriors cometh rest.
Sweet is the calm of Paradise the blest.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

Miss Marple

Heading to bed. Pray for the nation.



I was pleasantly surprised to find our Presidunce combined GUN CONTROL and RACE GRIEVANCE in his little speech today.
What a leader. He made me proud, he left out global warming.


We should all follow Bobby Jindal's suggestion and call for all Americans
to fill the churches to show that we will not be frightened away from our houses of worship.


God bless the victims in Charleston. These poor Christians are exactly what is RIGHT with America. I once served on the zoning board for a City I lived in. I remember a Greek Orthodox church getting denied a permit to move their congregation to my City, because of the loss of PROPERTY TAX revenue, as the church would be exempt. I made the case that the Church had wonderful families that would be a great addition to our city AND tax base. I got no where.
I have a very close friend who is the Pastor of an urban Milwaukee Black church. I didn't call him today, as I'm sure he was up to his neck in grief and prayer. His church and others related also hold a Bible Study every Wednesday night. God help this country and the DIVISION that our "leader" has helped create.


FTA: Lost in all the talk of fescue and poa annua is another grass-y novelty in U.S. Open history: For the first time ever, patrons can carry marijuana on the course.



On the dog walk I listened to a bit of Glen Beck.

He is enroute Charleston and part of his stated reason for going there was to make sure that Al Sharpton does not wind up being the person the Media focuses upon and builds their narrative around. Glen Beck said he was trying to contact some of the individuals he built a relationship with on his DC Mall Rally a few years back, such as ML King's niece and some famous Black Preacher in Birmingham.

You could tell Beck was seriously moved by this sad event and that he felt compelled to go to Charleston and do something, and he was hoping that it might turn out somewhat like what he called "an Amish moment", meaning that there was a horrible killing of Amish children a few years back, yet the Amish community forgave the non Amish murderers family, and begged them to not move away from the Community. He was hoping that the Charleston community would pull together and become a positive example of Christian healing, and not some negative political/racial media thing.

I'm glad he's going and hope that he and his friends are able to effectively combat what I expect is going to be the message of the Al Sharptons.


Nice work if you can get it.

Clinton confidant (Sid Blumenthal) who sent Libya memos paid $200G by Brock network

Republicans grilled Blumenthal on his work for Brock's groups. But while the report said Blumenthal was making more than $10,000 a month, congressional sources say he acknowledged during the deposition he actually had a $200,000-a-year contract.

The money was in addition to the $10,000 a month he was getting for work with the Clinton Foundation.

So Sid Blumenthal was getting $200 Grand a year from David Brock (Media Matters) and also getting at least $10,000 a month from Hillary.

Blumenthal only disclosed his payments from Brock's groups on Tuesday after he was specifically asked about them -- and that he didn't initially disclose them when asked about his sources of income.

"He had to be prompted," a source said.


I'm reposting Gov. Nikki's Haley's remarks from yesterday morning on the Charleston AME church murders.


Gov. Jindal's suggestion is an excellent one---as a tribute to these fine people, encourage people to go to their church this weekend.


I suspect that Al Sharpton will not be welcomed in Charleston. If I recall correctly, he was asked to not come to the funeral of the black man killed in North Charleston this past spring.

That is correct:

Charleston is a most interesting city, socially. Thirty years ago, very much a place where you were likely to be asked your mother's maiden name and which church you go to within a minute of being introduced to any local property owner. Those old homes south of Battery required a staff to just keep them upright, many did not have air conditioning, and it wasn't unusual to have the third or fourth generation of a family living in the basement or garage apartment in exchange for cooking and cleaning and maintaining the three floors above for an elderly resident who was born in the house.

Those natives have a deep resentment of the "New Money" of the absentee second or third homeowners that has come in over the past two decades, essentially saving the old homes, but are very, very dependent on them as well as as tourism dollars, so they know to not bite the hand that feeds them.

As the economic base has shifted from the military base with its transient population to things like the port and Boeing and the services for tourists, more and more people from elsewhere are making the area their home, and jobs besides gardening and cleaning have opened up to the people who had done that work for over a century.


My wife and I were in Charleston in November. We didn't know North Charleston was a black area until we booked a room there, showed up, and went down to the bar. Before you know it, the place was completely filled with black people in their 20s and 30s - tattoos, hip clothes, etc. We were the only whites in the place.

Great time. Good food, nice people. Funny thing was, they were listening to music from the days of the Archies. Very corny stuff. I took a video and sent it to my son.

Growing up in New York, I'm always struck by how friendly and nice the black people are down South, and how whites and blacks are so polite to each other and are so easily able to mingle in restaurants, drug stores, etc.

It ain't at all like that in Sharpton country, and never was in my lifetime.

Jack The Transformer


anonamom & ex,

Great points on Charleston. Mrs. JiB, Frederick and I have been using Charleston as a waypoint on our trips north and return since 2003. We love it so much we have contemplated moving there and have actually house hunted South of Broad. It is growing younger like anonamom has said and is now competing with San Francisco and New York as a foodie destination.

Every black person we have ever met whether from Charleston was very Christian, mannerly, friendly and gracious. And I am not being condescending. Some times we are there on Sunday's and go to the Catholic Church for mass. Very strong black Catholic prescience. There is a spirituality alive in Charleston unlike most cities.

It's why it is known as "The Holy City". Sharpton is going to find himself odd man out and if he brings his rent-a-mob the locals will not be pleased.

Beasts of England

Both the golfers and the course won yesterday at the Open. Those in control of their game were able to substantially break par; those who were not, were appropriately penalized. I'd call that - so far - an ideal venue. And it's beautiful, too. I hope it continues to produce this level of competition!


I think that is why I was so horrified by the push yesterday to declare what happened in Charleston as an example of still virulent racism. You could not look at the pics from Charleston yesterday and believe that.

Ex-my college roommate was from RI and she came south for college. I learned from her that the kind of intermixing I took for granted as a southerner just did not happen up north.

The rhetoric matters though because we are filling so many of our young people with manipulated personalities and minds drained of content and hyping Inequality and race as the lode stars. People in law enforcement keep remarking that everyone would be conceal carrying if they understood what is happening and not being reported.

I have studied some of the common characteristics of these shootings. I found the reports that Dylann was a dropout in 9th grade interesting. The comment above that he may have been looking for his Season in the Sun certainly fits with the smirk he had last night in his prison stripes. He cannot survive in any general prison population.

Jack The Trans-Former


Seen this movie before. Thursday is easy-peazy day for the way the USGA sets up for day one. Then all of sudden, the pressure is on to make the cut and maintain some balance as leaders and what does the USGA do, it tightens up the course with pin placements, movable tee boxes, less water but enough to keep it playable. If this course was in wind country it may be unplayable. Lucky for them they don't have the wind like Shinnecock or Texas and Florida.

And it wasn't the course that caused Tiger to stink it up it was the state of his game and mind.

After breakfast we are off to Monticello then onward with the pups to New Hope area. Ta-ta!

Beasts of England

I was impressed by the scores and dispersal of players, JiB. Older players such as Montgomerie and Jiminez at -1; younger guys like Fowler - at the top of his game - being mauled at +11.

Of course the USGA will yank the reins - they always do - but I'm very impressed so far. And I'm not ruling out even par as the winning score just yet.


The Most Powerful Thing You Can Say to Another Mom



Tigger certainly looks like the 197th golfer in the world. I guess his crash and burn causes interest amongst the casual fans, so the TV people still talk about him for ratings points and clicks.

BoE-- I believe you are of a certain age that you get a kick seeing that Tom Weiskopf is still an enfant terible at 72. He will say anything anytime.


I'm still not sure what to think of Chamber's Bay. A little too tricked up to me - seems like every hole has some kind of backstop. The greens aren't perfect, but that's ok in my book. The risk/reward of the holes isn't obvious from 8 hours of watching it.


Chambers: too many holes play like mini-golf. Bank it off of the windmill and it rolls to within 6" of the cup.


Thanks for a thoughtful thread
I am praying for the families
I cannot go on Facebook because I don't want private info to be public
I will stay here and not respond to trolls desperately sad people who Obama has abandoned in his careless use of power

Beasts of England

Interesting observations on the course. A bit surprised that I'm the outlier.

I am a certain age (53), NK, and do enjoy Weiskopf's ad libs.


I do like the trains at Chambers. I don't like the USGA picking a venue that tries to recreate British/Irish links golf, it's like going to Las Vegas to visit the Eiffel Tower. Chambers is for tourist golfers who don't want to fly to Scotland to play links. An Open venue? We already have one of those this year, the Open Championship at St Andrews.

Beasts of England

I like the trains, as well, and was impressed that one of the players (Day?) actually teed off with it rumbling by instead of being a Diva.


My Weiskopf highlight yesterday was before they went to on air network, the cable commentator told him Trent Jones Jr said one of the Par 3s was inspired by Pebble #17, and asked Weiskopf if he saw any of that in the hole, Weiskopf answered, "No not anything." the crestfallen cable guy said, well they are both Par 3. The full Weiskopf there.

Jeff Dobbs

Yes, everyone knows if you want to see the Eiffel Tower, you go to Paris...



I hope something wonderful arises from the Charleston horror. Marian Anderson singing "My Country Tis of Thee" at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939 kind of wonderful ... inspiring, unifying, and unforgettable.

Beasts of England

First time I saw 17 at Pebble was at night, walking down to the Beach Club for a massage. I wasn't even sure that the tee box was bisected by that little access road and I was a little shaken that it was so situated.

And Tom's correct - there's no architectural semblance between those two holes. Not the green, bunkering, or aspect towards the water. Good for Weiskopf for setting them straight.


sorry, no good will come out of this mad little punk's massacre of innocents. Whatever decency Americans have is thwarted by public figures and nihilistic cultural elites.


I do believe that was Jason Day teeing off with the freight train rumbling by. Jason day is a cool guy, isn't his prep school coach his caddie.

Captain Hate on the iPad

404 was whining about gridlock thwarting his hope and change nonsense to a bunch of Whoreyweird a-holes who were autistic to the concept that him spending the very long weekend with them and playing golf might have something to do with the agenda being on hold.



A thought -- don't engage the politicizers, don't politicize the fact they exist.

The mad little thug should die in silence, after an undercovered trial in an obscure courthouse in South Carolina (not Charleston, because of change of venue), where the press feeds, somehow, don't work real well.

Beasts of England

We're getting a bit of a reprieve from the heat wave today thanks to a bit of cloud cover. Off for a boat ride. See y'all later...

Jeff Dobbs

First time I saw 17 at Pebble was at night, walking down to the Beach Club for a massage.

"Dear Penthouse,
I never thought this would happen to me. I was at Pebble Beach. It was night. I was walking down to the Beach Club. I thought I was just going for a massage when......"


Long Island Rail Road Massacre: 20 yrs ago black guy killed 6 and wounded 19 - all white.

No one must have told BOzo about the recent mass murder by plane-into-mountain incident.


"I know you're not going to believe this, but...."

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

To paraphrase Barry;
"Some say, 'now, with the bodies still warm, is not the time for others to talk about gun control and the politics of race', and they're correct. But it's the perfect time for me (cuz I'm special)."


... said BOzo as he left for a long weekend in CA of golf and 4 fundraisers. Something tells me his water consumption there won't be of interest.


I will take this opportunity to quote Al Sharpton, speaking after the Long Island Massacre (ht:DebinNC)

Later in the day, several prominent black leaders, including the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Herbert W. Daughtry, held a news conference on the steps of City Hall, urging that blacks in general not be blamed for the crime. "We want to make it unequivocally clear that there is no one, particularly in any movement where I've been involved, with any way to justify or uphold what happened on the Long Island Rail Road," Mr. Sharpton said. "The people in the media who attempted to demonize black and Hispanic dissatisfaction by saying this man was inspired or condoned by us when he did a very sick and perverted act is unfair."

Will Sharpton heed his own words? Will anyone rmind him of what he said when he totes out the bullhorn?

When it comes to a matter of obvious moral substance (sexual sin) Pope Francis humbly wonders “Who am I to judge?” When it comes to a matter of scientific fact and methodology, he not only judges, he demands the imposition of a harsh sentence of perpetual deprivation and servitude upon the whole human race, with a view perhaps near unto genocide. I doubt that I’m alone in seeing something dreadfully wrong with this picture.

Even if the facts “Laudato Si’” relies upon were scientifically verified (and at this point, God only knows), the harsh sentence demanded would be for Christ to impose upon the whole sinful human tribe, when he comes again in judgment. Yet when I look in the mirror of reason at the reflections Pope Francis offers in his encyclical, what I see looks unlike Jesus Christ (who as of now still comes to save and not harshly to penalize humanity). Pope Francis’ reflections look more like Marx, Stalin or Mao Zedong – materialistic ideologues who punished not for the sake of God or truth, but on account of resentful, self-idolizing human will and ideology


Fair warning: The author is a loon.


malignant nihilists are not welcome anywhere.


"It was very alarming" ... obvious reaction last night to white guy with what appeared to be a gun shouting threats and beating on the locked door of a black church in Richmond with congregants inside.


I think the cardinals chose poorly.


Obummer's merde touch continues. His Danish sweetie loses to an anti EU immigration party: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3130904/Centre-right-opposition-wins-Denmark-s-election-strong-gains-anti-immigration-party-wants-limit-EU-s-influence-country.html


yes, that was the catalyst for the last gun control bill, mind you, Ferguson's mental state, agitated by Reverend Shakedown was not included,

the five was surprisingly dissapointing, not pointing out, this has been zaphod's pattern going back 20 years, to the Joyce foundation,

so this tweaker punk, serves as a convenient squirrel


well she didn't paint her self, half green and blue, but otherwise full kirk lazarus,



One of the things that gets me about the "ban guns" bandwagon after a mentally ill person commits a crime, is that...
the criminal action of a mentally ill person is used to punish law abiding citizens & take away our freedoms. How does that make sense?

Why isn't the criminal action of a mentally ill person used to toughen laws relating to the mentally ill??

How does punishing sane, law abiding citizens make any sense?

How bout some discussions of
*the mentally ill
*the mainstreaming of uber violent acts in TV shows, video games, books,....
*drugs - both illegal drugs & legally prescribed drugs

The drug thing sure seems to be a common thread in most of the recent shootings.


it's because law abiding citizens are the target,
but furthermore, without a moral compass, people rebel against the law,



pinnette's back on the drawn butter:



BOzo - Enviro-Hypocrite in Chief


How does that make sense?

It ain't about making sense. Just the opposite.

Lefties love these kinds of murders. They celebrate them. They'd give anything for more of them.

James D

THere really are no words for how loathsome Frum is, are there?


Brian Williams still makes $10M/year.



not in english, no James D.


Narc-- that Brit journalist was absolutely brilliant in that essay.


I hope Lester Holt maintains the same calm, non-showy persona I've appreciated for many years.


how can they afford to pay that, when Univision is eating their lunch? I know it's an affiliate as well, but still.


There was an FBI profiler on TV who noted the shooter had been banned from a certain institution yet returned in spite of that. Which indicated the shooter was a "rule breaker", a sort of anarchist. The type who will seek out people to hate, inflict himself upon them and scold them for their transgressions before opening fire.

Of course mass murderers are rare and trolls are common, but similarities are interesting.

Captain Hate

I'm curious about the thinking, for lack of a better term, for putting Lyin' Brian on MessNBC. It's already the witness protection station as far as ratings so are they expecting a bump out of this as the people who could stand listening to him on the flagship station amble their way over to the hive of lunacy? Or is it a punitive measure to his massive ego but not his wallet? Or both?


"rule breakers"-- it's just a matter of degree, but the malignant evil psychosis is the same, yes.


Clinton breaks with Obama on trade, despite supporting deal as secretary of state


it's a Goodell level move, sometimes it beats Rupert Pupkin, but that's not really an achievement,

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