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June 28, 2015




Rainbows & unicorns oh my!


TM, as a bonus, the SC can have EPA ban electricity Monday so we can't see the doom on TV.


North American Law Center: Constitutional Accountability Coalition; National Impeachment Begins



MM, that's essentially today's NYT headline. 'Next on the agenda....'

I was surprised yesterday that Kudlow was surprised that the Administration was intent on remaking the Ten Dollar Bill by removing Alexander Hamilton and inserting some woman.

It seems to me a natural and very predictable Leftist progression of rewriting History by continually tearing down the traditional Dead White Male and inserting whomever they wish to elevate as of equal or more importance in its place. Heck, if I was a Lefty it's what I would do.

Kudlow seemed caught a bit off guard by it, so he brought on a good guest, John Gordon, who had written a book on Hamilton (Hamilton's Blessing).

Decent discussion about Hamilton, the debt, Gold Standards etc. Then, since Kudlow couldn't come up with an American woman of any more consequence than Eleanor Roosevelt, he 3 times suggested to Gordon that maybe Margaret Thatcher should be put on the 10 Dollar Bill.

Gordon politely played along twice with the goofy question, simply saying obviously it won't happen since she's British, so when Kudlow brought it up a 3rd time...

Kudlow, So why can't I swap out Andrew Jackson and swap in Margaret Thatcher?... Right, I know she's from Britain, but she's a great historical figure, she's a great woman, she really was a great supporter of sound financing...People laugh, you know you can't have a foreigner. Why not?

Gordon: Well there's no Law against it, that's for sure, but I think politically it would cause a huge uproar.

Kudlow: Because she's not politically correct? because she was a free market lady?

Gordon: No. It's just because she's a foreigner, and also of course remember that Barrack Obama is anti-British.

Kudlow: Ohhh. You know, I hadn't really thought about that.

Gordon: The first thing he did you know, was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy, a gratuitous insult to our oldest and best ally.

Kudlow: I had forgotten that John. That's a great point. I had completely forgotten that.

I like to listening to Larry's Show but it's at questions and comments like those that I wonder (per the Captain) if Kudlow's still snorting coke, or if he did permanent serious damage to his braincells back when he was snorting coke. Probably the latter, but you never know.


Ssssssssup (Snorting sound)

OK, so having just snorted some of Kudlow's spare crack, here's my question. How come nobody in the MLB Baseball Game I'm watching is using a Rainbow Colored Bat?

We know they used Pink Louisville Sluggers last year for Breast Cancer day/week/minth (whatever)
so why this new bigotry?

I want Rainbow colored Baseball Bats with logos of Maggie Thatcher on them, and I'm boycotting New England Patriots Games until we get 'em.


Obviously all the MLB players are homophobers.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Kudlow used to be the only one on the McLaughlin Group that made any sense until he got off the pipe and started yucking it up with the likes of Clift. He's like a shadow of his old self.


I think we should assume polygamy as a given since there is no argument advanced for homosexual marriage that does not apply to polygamy.

Consider the goofiness of this situation that may come up.

We understand that the traditional Churches will now be legally targeted for illegal bigotry by Gay Marriage Lawyers. That's a given. But If the Supreme's allow Polygamy, then I can foresee the bizarre spectacle of the Mormon Church being charged with bigotry by Pro-Polygamy Lawyers, because of their belief that God revealed to them a hundred years ago to quit practicing their famous brand of Polygamy.

Pass me the crack pipe, Larry. And the popcorn.

Jack is Back!

We are back from Jazz for Jennings and boy did I call it in re the attendance. In fact, Mrs. JiB and I were sitting at a small table drinking our welcoming glass of prosecco and wine waiting for the main lunch and jazz tent to open up when guess who came and sat with us?

Joy Behar:) My admiration for the creative genius of make up people in the TV business knows no bounds, now. No politics, no jokes just a howdy do. She lamented not having sprayed her ankles with bug spray and I volunteered to pack them in mud and ice to take the itch away to which she gave me the View glare. Mrs. JiB has a photo which in her givien time will download and send to me and I will post.

Finally, the main tent opened up and we went in for some great jazz by some great artists. Go to my Facebook page for photos and who was playing. There was a big hoopla and hurrah when one of the kids from the center who had gone on to college and graduate program spoke about being at the "Pride" event in NYC yesterday. I just kept drinking and drinking and holding my tongue.

But the jazz was great.


Clueless College Students lend support to fictional Presidential Candidates




Yesterday I was working a tournament in Emerson (GA).

The basic response from the umpires and scouts was not appreciative.

In baseballese of course!😎


The second inmate in the outbreak has been shot and captured.


You know, it is really odd. Yesterday I was in my car doing errands, and I had the station that covers Kudlow on for about ten seconds only. The same station carries Levin, and I had been listening to him the last time I drove the car. The ten seconds was nearly exactly the same as the snippet that daddy quotes, except I did not hear about whom they were speaking. Now that I read it in full, I am truly flabbergasted that Kudlow thinks a foreigner could be featured on an American currency. A real head scratcher.


Just breaking that they caught the other escaped New York prisoner. He's alive, but was shot.

les nessman

I sure do miss the 'link to last page of comments' button/link when it's not here....

Cecil Turner

OK, so having just snorted some of Kudlow's spare crack,

Judging from this panel (especially George Will @ 3:37 on), there's a lot of that stuff floating around.

He really ought to retire.


a foreigner could be featured on an American currency.



Reposted (wish I looked first and avoided the tantrum)

Hailey is home and they are treating her for lymes, (not the fruit as I wrote earlier). She feels good and they are going on vacation tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support.



How bad do you think the stock market reaction will be to Greece?



How bad do you think it will be?


Forgive me for re-posting from the end of the previous thread, but I don't see how this can work otherwise.


First thing we need to do is pass a law forcing employers to ask about sexual predilections on job applications. (Otherwise, how could employers be accused of knowing someone is gay?)

Then we need a law that requires employers to canvas all employees about their sexual preferences and favorite sex acts.* (I believe California already does this for judges.)

Finally, we need to add these questions to the US Census.

Only then can we truly understand whether there's discrimination, or disparate impact.

*This would prevent employers from hiring only lesbians who prefer cunnilingus in order to make their numbers, thus discriminating with impunity against gay men who like... Well, you know.

Miss Marple

Good afternoon. I had to go to Hoe Depot with my Weedeater to figure out which spool of line to buy. This required assistance since there were about a bajillion types and I hadn't a clue.

I had a very nice gal help me who knew all about it, so that was a plus.

Then I went to the grocery where I was again appalled by the prices of staples like orange juice.

I went out and weeded but it is getting hot and oppressive again, so now I am saying "La-de-da, I'll worry about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day."

The above comment is a quote from a movie which will probably be banned soon.

Miss Marple

HOME Depot. Good grief.


I am happy to hear that she is home and diagnosed, Jane.(I wish I could have avoided their tantrums as well)


Jane, I have no idea. The market seemed bubbly to me given how bad the real economy is. Then a raft of bad SC decisions, a terror trifecta enhanced by warnings here for the 4 th of July weekend, More bad SC decisions due Monday. Toss in Greek fail by the "smart ones that run things" and it could be very bad. I do not understand how the market is where it is now, and nothing in the news is good for business growth. At least a short week to contain things.

Jack is Back!


Hoe Depot is where JayZ shops for his hard ware.

Can't download my photo of Joy Behar but she was there without makeup. Ugh!

She asked me if I watched TV and I told her only sports and Fox News.:)

She was not amused.


HOME Depot. Good grief.

Whoa, I was already getting my shoes on!


Henry, MM thinks it will be bad but come right back. Who knows?

Old Lurker

Hoe Depot? I thought that was a club Beasts frequents.

Miss Marple

Jane, are you referring to me or some other MM?

I usually don't make predictions about the stock market, except to point out that when I finally put by IRA into it, I immediately lost 50 bucks and it's been stuck there ever since.


A 'heads up' for those men who may be regular Home Depot customers. This one caught me by surprise.

Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends.

Here's how the scam works:
Two seriously good-looking 20-21 yr old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the trunk. They both start wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. Its impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say 'No' and instead ask you for a ride to McDonald's.

You agree and they get in to the back seat. On the way, they start undressing. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and starts crawling all over you,while the other one steals your wallet.
I had my wallet stolen December 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, and again on the 17th, 20th, 24th &29th. Also January 1st & 4th. Twice on the 8th, again on the 16th, and 20th, two times yesterday and very likely again this upcoming weekend.

So tell your friends to be careful.
P.S. Walmart has wallets on sale for 2.99


Jane, well the key is telling a dead cat bounce from a boom. My plan is to convert savings into beer for the weekend, then see where things are. ;)

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

If the Euro markets melt down sufficiently do you suppose Salma Hayek's billionaire Frog hubby would be sufficiently broke for her to run away with a lonely CA lumbersexual. :)

I'm guessing she received an award for best rack in that photo.


Please scroll on by this long transcript if uninterested, On catch-up I see that Cher thinks the Iranians are violent and not to be trusted. Since nobody else is posting today, here is how Historian Victor Davis Hanson analyzes Obama, per his conversation on Friday with Mark Levin.

Levin: You're E-Book is Seductions of Appeasement...Tell everybody what the gist of the book is.

VDH: We all make fun of Appeasement but we don't realize why it continues and thrives, and that is it's very seductive because it always tells people that the 'sophisticated elite mind' wants peace and can achieve short term peace, and the 'Neanderthal reactionary' always believes in primitive ideas of deterrence that are part of our ancient past. So what happens is an Obama, or a Chamberlin, or a Jimmy Carter will do things that will imperil our long term security, but they'll do it to the delight of the majority of the population, and only later do we find out the consequences. And one of the most dangerous things for anybody is to follow an appeaser, whether you're Churchill or Reagan or God Help the next President, because he's going to have to restore American deterrence, that our enemies, ISIS, Iran, Russia and China, habitually now assume to be getting away with things, and somebodies going to have to say it's not the way it's going to be anymore and that's going to be a very dangerous and un-seductive time...

Levin: Obama. Appeasement and ideology. They're not mutually exclusive are they.

VDH: No. I think Obama feels that certain regimes in the world are more authentic than others, they're more genuine. Turkey is more authentic than Greece, Venezuela is more authentic than Chile, Castro's are authentic, the Iranians that got out in the street in 2009 were illegitimate, that a Theocracy is more of a revolutionary movement, and so he's either sympathetic or he's indifferent to their violence and he feels that in this time and in this place it's incumbent on him to readjust the World Order to favor these silenced voices that have been there, but the 1 % United States sort of created this Post-War order, and it was unfair and unequal, and it's his duty to change things and make it more equal.

If any once cares VDH starts at about the 1 hour 26 minute mark of Levin's 6/26/2015 show, and continues for another 10 minutes with depressing, brilliant insights into our President.

Captain Hate

CT, I saw that clip this morning (it was the first time I tuned in) and was incredulous at what Will spouted. I don't know what the Ailes criteria is to be on the panel but it seems that Hume is a permanent member, plus some random skirt usually with the media, somebody with a book to hawk, and a token lunatic, either Will or Juan. TBH Juan has made more sense recently than Will.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

MM's Hoe Depot typo reminds me of our local nursery proprietress and an elderly customer;



I changed the channel after the first sentence out of George Will's mouth.


Since June is gay pride month...when is heterosexual pride month?
Seriously...we need to start pushing for the same nonsense all the other victim tribes have.
Congressional White Caucus
la Blanco Raza

Every business that participates in any gay pride commemoration should be forced to also commemorate heterosexual pride & abstinence pride.

Here's a bit of an old letter I sent to Safeway back in 2009 -

Today at my regular neighborhood Safeway...I noticed a sign celebrating gay & lesbian month.
This sign is inappropriate for a grocery store. Any sign celebrating any type of sex has no place in a grocery store.
Will there be a heterosexual month? Will there be a celibacy month?...

PLease just focus on selling groceries. I will not be shopping at Safeway until this "celebration" is over.


She asked me if I watched TV and I told her only sports and Fox News.:)


You should have said, I get my news watching Elizabeth Hasselback. What a relief to watch her now on a straight news program where she doesn't have to deal with that miserable coven of witches, especially that ugly, uncouth and very stupid red headed cow.

But you did fine regardless:)

Thanks for the good Halley news, Jane.

Jack is Back!


And Gabby Gifford won't sit outside one anymore either.

Jack is Back!

In case you have any Euro investments or buy and sell them, I don't have to tell you the impending disaster that has already started.

Euro already down 3+ to 1.09. Tomorrow? We don't need any tomorrow to make a disaster. Now, I wonder how Obama will react as if he understands world currency and trade markets.

I am pre-empting MarkO: DOOM®™


Obama and understand in the same sentence? Does not compute.


Yup, from 2012. California leads the nation yet again.

California questionnaire asks judges to list sexual preference

Alongside questions about gender, race and ethnicity, the survey now asks whether judges identify as a man or a woman, and if they're gay.

But in order to do anything with this data, we need to know the precise percentage of gays in the population, by state and congressional district.* This can only be done via the US Census.

*After all, it wouldn't be fair to bring a disparate impact suit against some company in Utah just because the California judiciary boasts a large percentage of gays.


Democrats don't have great statesmen like we do.

Graham: Remove the Confederate flag, keep other Confederate tributes


lol ...





Sorry Miss Marple, I was referring to a CEO Henry and I know.

Jack is Back!


I am concerned the damage Obama and Lew could/can/will do because of their ignorance. Lots of my moolah at stake on that arrogant and ignorant idiots decision making skills.

Miss Marple


Thanks. I was pretty sure it wasn't me, but there was this small fear I drank too much wine one night and started pontificating. Ha!


Obama and understand in the same sentence? Does not compute.


Levin: Did you ever think you'd see a President... who detests America's History and America's founding?

VDH: No...I was worried about him because I had read his 2 books...There's a weird combination, that he is arrogant and he doesn't like the American role in the world, or what he considers the unfair system here at home, but he's absolutely ignorant. He thinks the Maldive Islands are in the Falklands, he thinks people in Austria (speak Austrian), he doesn't seem to know that his Grandfather couldn't have liberated Auschwitz. He doesn't have any central grasp of US or World History or Geography or the way the Post War order helped millions of people. He just sort of casually walks in, and he cat like walks down the steps of Air Force 1, and he gives all these pontifications but he doesn't understand what he's saying, he's not informed. He does a lot of damage. (VDH finishes with an audible sigh).

Listening to VDH's depressing observations on Obama is what I imagine it was like for Boethius's prison guards listening to him recite bits of his "Consolation of Philosophy" prior to Theodoric ordering his execution.

Miss Marple

Jack, There go my European customers. Last international sales I have had were from Israel and Canada. Sold 2 items to Canada last Friday and have an offer on one today.

Aussies and Russians have disappeared.

Rick Ballard

Greece might be used as an excuse for an overdue market correction but it's very difficult to assign causation to a completely foreseeable event. Hell, the Swiss broke their Europeg in January, taking a very minor hit from which they have since recovered.

Greece is just the burial of a dead duck, not the arrival of a Black Swan. The Black Swans are still on their nests in Austria and Hungary.

This month Greece, next month Ukraine and then we wait to see who will be the next victim of the OPM Famine.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Bubba Watson squandered a two stroke lead down the stretch and now looks likely to lose The Travelers to Paul Casey in the playoff.


When I came downstairs this morning, Momma, who's usually has on FOX News, had on Elvis and Anne Margaret:

I asked, "Viva Las Vegas?", and she replied, "Yeah, I just can't stand any more of the news right now."

Captain Hate on the iPad

Welp, maybe not...


CNBC has futures down 270 for the Dow open. We will see.

Jack is Back!

Thank God I am married to a Belgian banker's daughter who have foreseen this clown show and led us down the path of security. My FIL is right, we will end up with a Northern Euro and Southern Euro or no Euro. Your pick.

Miss Marple

I am just glad I have all of that silver stashed under my bed.

Miss Marple


I am going to push the theory that the Dow drop is due to the Obamacare ruling, not Greece.

As you said, Greece is not really a surprise.

The Court ruling was a bit of one. Let Obamacare take the blame for the Dow drop.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Looks like Bubba wins after all




Hailey is home and they are treating her for lymes, (not the fruit as I wrote earlier). She feels good and they are going on vacation tomorrow.


Does this mean that you are babysitting Bubbles the Python and the 8 Baby Chicks?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Much as I would love to saddle the two pussyboys, 404 and Roberts, with tanking the market, the dimwitted decision served to clarify the future and the market reacts negatively to the unknown.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I see you are still hampered by truthfulness in politics, which I have learned DOESN'T MATTER.

I am going to go with Obamacare being the cause, because I say so. I want everything bad hung around Obama's neck. Everything, from my divorce to hurricanes.

I am now playing by democrat rules.


A Helpless China Tips Its Hand: A Market Crash "Poses Great Danger To Social Stability"


Miss Marple

So far, I have learned from this press conference:

Pepper really does throw dogs off the scent.

If you stay behind the treeline you are hard to detect.

Filing this away for news I may have to use.


Bubbles, 8 chicks, squishy the fish, chinchi the chinchilla, and 2 cats. (I may be forgetting something). No worries, Kiwi will help.

BTW Daddy you had some real competition last week. My friends Bev and Steve were here for 5 days, and Steve romanced Kiwi like no tomorrow.

Caro arrives tomorrow. No competition for kiwi there.


Miss Marple, I like your style. Obamacare it is.


"the bizarre spectacle of the Mormon Church being charged with bigotry by Pro-Polygamy Lawyers, because of their belief that God revealed to them a hundred years ago to quit practicing their famous brand of Polygamy."

Actually, it could be even worse for the Mormon Church were polygamy legal. The Mormons did not give up polygamy because of a revelation. They gave it up because it was

In fact, as was the case with the Romney family, after the "Manifesto" polygamy was practiced in Mexico and Canada, where it was legal, and on the high seas.

Now, consider this. Polygamy becomes legal, the Manifesto's reasons vanish and the Mormons are back to having been commanded of God, in an actual revelation, to enter into plural marriage. Now what?

And you think Brady has trouble?


I was pretty sure it wasn't me, but there was this small fear I drank too much wine one night and started pontificating. Ha!

Miss Marple,

I was worried there was a night when I didn't do that:)

Frau Prost!

Miss Marple sez: I drank too much wine one night and started pontificating.

To which I say NTTAWWT!

...and daddy agrees.


Well given Amy's weekend I got to tell her gay marriage passed (and that it was the right thing done the wrong way). Her response was that it's okay to celebrate.

I agree.


My friends Bev...


Say "Hey" to Bev please. I thought she was much fun to chat with. And I don't know who Steve is but if he's cutting into my tummy rubbing relationship with Kiwi, I don't like him.

The Mormons did not give up polygamy because of a revelation. They gave it up because it was


Thanks for that clarification. I thought it was a revelation. Shows what I know.

Now, consider this. Polygamy becomes legal, the Manifesto's reasons vanish and the Mormons are back to having been commanded of God, in an actual revelation, to enter into plural marriage. Now what?

As I understand it Salt Lake has something like more millionaires per square mile than anybody on the planet, so my guess is Divorce Lawyers will flood the town, since they'll have so many new cases they can prosecute. There''ll probably also be a big need in Utah for Divorce actuarial tables, to figure out how much more of the assets should go to a wife number 3 who divorces as opposed to a wife number 5 or number 7 who pulls the trigger.


Different Bev, Daddy, but the one you know loved you.

Cecil Turner

TBH Juan has made more sense recently than Will.

Sad, isn't it? He used to have more signal to noise, but lately it's been one big senior moment.

I changed the channel after the first sentence out of George Will's mouth.

I will next time.

I had my wallet stolen December 4th, 9th, 10th . . .

Heh. That and Hoe Depot brightened my day considerably. Thanks.

Miss Marple

Just to review:

When libs tell you that this gay marriage rulingwon't affect churches, point hem to the article in TIME that proposes ending their tax exemptions:


Blame Obama and the democrats.

When the market tanks tomorrow, point out that Greece's default has been expected, while the Obamacare ruling was a bit of a surprise and affects business more directly.

Blame Obama and the democrats.

When the subject of the terrorist attack in Tunisia comes up, point out how Obama has done NOTHING to stop ISIS.

Blame Obama and the democrats.

The press is out talking about what a swell week Obama had. Let us push that maybe he did, but the country did not.

In all things bad, blame Obama and the democrats. Fight under democrat rules. They are the ones who started this.

Oh, and for more fun news, Joe Bastardi has charts showing SNOW in ATLANTA in November and December. Stephanie, rse!! Lay in firewood(if you have a fireplace), gas grill tanks, canned goods, and blankets!

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Ah, Scalia hurt some pantywaist's wittle feewings at the Daily Breast.
Civil disobedience in pursuit of leftwing crap is noble. In pursuit of what they hate (liberty) is "TREASON!"

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Ten year old boy given hormones by his parents to make him a girl.
Let your kids walk to the playground by themselves, get a visit from CPS.

Turn a frickin ten year old into the opposite sex with powerful drugs, when the vast majority of confused kids this age grow out of their illness, and you get a cookie.


I should have put that 5:19 in quotes. A "scam alert" joke that has been around awhile. The Hoe Depot made me think of it.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Maybe I'll start calling her Magpie, too.


My bday is 6/26 and I am mightily annoyed at the prospect that it may be a new date of infamy. Those unfortunate to have been born on September the 11th -- well, it can't be that bad, but I am still not pleased.


we will end up with a Northern Euro and Southern Euro or no Euro. Your pick.


I had an excellent Professor in Roman History in college named Henry C Boren. His specialty was the Grachii, and I took his course on that, but he was also proud of and famous for figuring out how sometime during the slow collapse of the Empire some Emperor had devalued the currency by 50%. I recall him explaining how that when he was a Grad student there was some historical question that Historians of the Empire couldn't figure out, and then he explained in a very fun and straightforward manner how as a young Grad student something triggered him to consider a monetary devaluation as the cause, and then the clues popped out at him and became obvious to everyone in the field. I think that is how he initially made his name for himself. He went thru the whole thing in one lecture, and really made that personal process of discovery very exciting and you could tell he was still thrilled talking about it.

I am no Economic mind at all, but I did recall when living in the Philippines in about 1983 or so, when Marcos did the same thing; devalued the currency by 50%, so that where on Friday 1 US Dollar equalled 22 Philippine Pesos, when the banks opened on Monday, 1 US Dollar equalled 44 Pesos.

I recall that that really clobbered a local Philippino
guy in Olongapo Village who sold bicycles, as I had ordered a bike put together from different fancy parts from him at the 22 Peso cost, but when he finally got the pieces and presented it to me, the Peso cost to him had now doubled, and he was losing his rear end. Again, I know nothing of economics, but that was eye-opening to see how things like that rippled thru the society and clobbered the local economy. He was devastated.

I just throw that out there as we wait and see what happens to Greece and the Euro come tomorrow morning.


My dad was diagnosed with Lyme disease twice, back when it was "new." The docs brought in a ton of other docs to examine him so they could see what it looks like. No long- or even medium-term effects. I hope the same for Hailey.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I read that earlier, Iggy; incredible what brainless idiots that poor confused kid has for parents. Let's put it this way, with an upbringing like that he was gonna be one of the lost boys anyway. If ever a couple deserved the full tilt Menendez...

Jack is Back!


I had a similar experience in Indonesia. We had a currency bank on our jobsiite where you could go and exchange dollars for Rupiahs. But one day when I needed Rupiahs, a friend said he read earlier that the government was thinking about devaluaing from 900+ to down at 650+ rupiah to the dollar. I waited and sure enough I made a 30% killing by cashing in a day later.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

How is this astonishingly disastrous Iranian "deal" better than what we have now?
Mind boggling. Makes Chamberlain look like the oracle of Delphi and Patton rolled into one.

Miss Marple

My sister and brother were in Italy when Nixon devalued the dollar. It put a huge crimp in their travels and my brother has never left the country again.

Jack is Back!

Sorry to confuse but the devaluation was from $1 buys 650 Rupiah to $1 buys 900 Rupiah.


Happy belated birthday Lauraw!

Laura White

Thank you and I forgot my screen name which is (hush) my real name, Laura White. Life is difficult.

Rick Ballard

The Greeks have been voting themselves their own treasury for over 2500 years and resorting to devaluation every time the economic parrot falls off its perch. They couldn't pass up the opportunity to vote themselves Fritz's treasury as well but Fritz has decided executing Stavros is necessary pour encourager les autres (especially Pedro, Giovanni and even Pierre).

The Greek default will be described as a flesh wound by the EUtopians but the underlying demographic disease is endemic throughout EUtopia and there is no cure in sight.

Jack is Back!

Rick B,

Maybe they'll pull an Argentina and peg the Drachma to the pound:) Remember how that worked out.

Dave (in MA)

Jack is Back! | June 28, 2015 at 05:03 PM, consider yourself high-fived and fist-bumped.

Dave (in MA)

On the final morning drive edition of the Jeff Kuhner show on Friday (he's taking over the 12-3 slot occupied by Limbaugh) Kudlow discussed the possibility of running to try to unseat either Schumer or Blumenthal.


This is kinda funny - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11702651/Andy-Warhols-oceanfront-Hamptons-estate-goes-on-the-market-for-85-million.html

scroll down & look at the flag above the couch....in the Hamptons.

Flags of the Confederate States of America
First national flag: "The Stars and Bars" (1861–1863)


@fxmacro: “The debt is not payable,”Puerto Rican Gov García Padilla said. “There is no other option.

[Lest we forget about this one, too.-Chitown Lurking Unit]

That is dollar debt.

Jim Miller

A small bit of good news: (I think.)

The TV stations have been telling us that a budget deal has been reached here in Washington state. As is usual, the stories have been so vague that it is hard to figure out who won and lost.

But -- as far as I can tell -- the Republican state senate majority (plus one Democrat) mostly won, again. Which is pretty amazing, considering they control a single chamber (barely) and a single statewide office.

If so, I would attribute their victory to setting achievable goals, and to staying together, in spite of attacks from special interest groups.

(They were also smart to let Governor Jay Inslee announce the deal, as if it were a victory for him, instead of, as it appears, a complete defeat.)

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday plus two days, Laura White. I always enjoy your posts. But let me ask you this: Why do you post under your real name? Why would anyone want to do that?

Jack is Back!

Waiting for the "Le Resitance"? It begins, in Texas.




In accord with your 08:34. here's the last of the VDH transcript, which explains the problems that face the next US President if Obama and Kerry are stupid enough to sign this Iran Deal, and Congress allows it to stand:

Levin: Now Barrack Obama's Appeasement as you said, this is going to cause problems obviously for the country and the next President. They're going to have to rebuild our Military, rebuild our Foreign Policy, they're going to have to make it clear to our enemies that they have to fear us. Can this be done quickly by the next President?

VDH: No...it took Reagan 3 years, and you know better than I do that they demonized and hated Reagan...and the same thing, They hated Churchill, said he was going to bring back Verdun and the Battle of the Somme, and he wanted to bring back the trenches of World War 1, so the next President... whoever it is, is going to have to tell the Chinese that you can't keep bullying people in the South China Sea, and the Baltics, and on and on, and that's going to be very dangerous because Putin is going to say, and the Chinese are going to say, and the Theocrats are going to say "Well, wait a minute. We're just doing what we've always done for the last 8 years. Why are you being so provocative? Why are you trying to start a War?" And that'll be a Public Relations problem. That'll be, as you say, a Military Problem. That'll be a psychological problem. Americans won't like it, they never do when the wages of Appeasement come due.

Levin: This deal he wants to cut with Iran is a disaster isn't it.

VDH: It becomes more and more lunatic. At first they say "No Inspections", then they say "We're going to keep enriching," and then they say "Oh BTW, you have to give us a new Reactor, a new sophisticated nuclear expertise and we just keep saying "Yes, yes, yes," and when the French back out or the Europeans are worried, who are actually in missile range more than we are, you wonder what's driving it? It's again ego and narcism. He doesn't have a legacy other than the collapse of the Middle East and I guess he's going to put our safety and the safety of our allies in jeopardy for his so-called "legacy," along with John Kerry. I just wish that John Kerry had already got his Nobel Prize and would just leave us alone.

A view from a true student of History.

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