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July 22, 2015



He'll give it to Cuba along with any Marines and prisoners still there next time he needs a distraction from something more evil.

James D

I wish that were a joke, henry.


Oh it is no joke alright. You can count on it.

Captain Hate

Good thing Gitmo never flew the Confederate flag.


Well, it flies the American flag, which is cause enough.


I agree with Henry
When something else blows up in HusseinObama face hell pull the get out of Gitmo free card

Jack is Back!

Typepad's transfer switch (i.e. x. vindocosuite) is acting up and most TM links like above "just can't deliver" go nowhere.

BTW, from the previous thread on nuclear works verification, IAEA may have the non-P5+1 boots on the ground in Iran but we still the NNSA with certain flyover technologies. Any enrichment work still needs venting and atmospheric dispersal which can be detected down to the nano-rad.

Bozo won't authorize it but his successor sure can and make it mission number one.


JiB, turn off JavaScript to use a link when TP goes into "x" mode. The link in this post is a NYT ass covering over a broken campaign promise. "all the SJW that's fit to print".


Oh, turn JavaScript back on to comment. :)

Jack is Back!

Ms. Lindsey shows how to destroy your cellphone (in case The Donald has given out your number:)


Jack is Back!


May have to think about this.


Dave (in MA)

If he REALLY wanted to get rid of Gitmo he could have just promised if you like your Gitmo, you can keep your Gitmo.

Jack is Back!

As Arte Johnson would say, "veeeerrry intersting".

Sources: Navy Officer, Marine Fought to Take out Chattanooga Gunman using Personal firearms.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Come on, relax.
Barry can't give Guantanamo back without congressional consent.
Thankfully we no longer have to worry about him flouting the law and just doing so by EO.

He can just ask Senator Corker to draw up a resolution stating he can't give it away if 9/10s of congress votes to stop him. And even if they do he can always veto it and Sen Corker would reach across the aisle to end the gridlock and be sure to require unanimity to override.

Our living constitution in its death rattle.

Jack is Back!

More art imitating life at the nets.

CBS Orders New Series About Aliens Eating Congress' Brains | Mediate


This is called "thinking INSIDE the box".

Dave (in MA)

I want the people to know that they still have 2 out of 3 branches of the government working for them, and that ain't bad.

Ack Ack


Meanwhile Obama is planning to do away with Israel.


Jack is Back!

Didn't know about this. But there are side deals between the IAEA and the Iranians that no one not even us get to see.


We are so screwed.

Captain Hate

The Horde is not happy with the GOPe:

I am a conservative. I am not the GOPe's base. I will not vote for another republican, ever again, unless they bribe me like a democratic special interest group. Close the border or repeal O doesn't care, impeach Holder, abolish the IRS, whatever... give me something, or fuck off. And do it, don't talk about it. I am not accepting promises anymore. These turds have no more credibility with me.

Posted by: simon jester at July 22, 2015 02:33 PM (tFyfM)

jimmyk on iPhone

Can't link it now, but some panel of idiots put together by the NY idiot-in-chief Cuomo just decided that NY fast-food workers should earn $15/hour.

This will be an interesting social experiment of it goes through. I feel bad for the innocents who will lose their jobs because of rich unions and others who think they know what's best for these workers.

I'm puzzled as to how (never mind why) the state can single out an industry like this.

jimmyk on iPhone

Here's the link to the minimum wage story:


I'd also like to ask them why $15 and not $50?

Miss Marple

Just going through the offerings for tomorrows auction, and look what is featured!


I know the 3 branches of govt, but, for the life of me, can't figure out which 2 you meant. : )

I like the Bill the Cat reference


Does it have the "Dixie" horn? I'm only driving down for the auction if it does.

Old Lurker

Most here would be hard pressed to explain why any of the three branches is working as the Constitution intended.

Dave (in MA)

Gentlejim: Bzzzt. Thank you for playing, here's your consolation prize.


So let me guess: The earth is saved due to acute ptomaine poisoning? Or is is just malnutrition? (seams meager pickings to me, particularly after the K street vampires are done with them).

Miss Marple

Alas, Gentlejim, I don't think so. ERTL usually didn't add noise. Plus I would think it would have something on the package which said "Plays Dixie."

Did I ever tell you that when my dad was finishing up his career as head of maintenance at a local school system, he had a pickup with that type of horn? My daughter still remembers it from her childhood.

AND since he had also taken up using his .22 rifle to shoot rats in his barn (which migrated from his low-class neighbors property) he put Mickey Mouse stickers on the side every time he shot one, like kills on a fighter plane.

I sure miss my dad.


O'Malley recently promised the NetRooters he'd push for the $15 minimum as Prez, before saying "All lives matter" got him booed off the stage.


Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 13m13 minutes ago

WH confirms it's in the final stages of drafting a plan to shut the US prison at Guantanamo Bay. @PressSec says it's a @POTUS priority.


Thought for sure I had it. Drat. I'll get it next time. That movie was funny. You could say the aliens are today's Dems and the humans are today's LIV and GOPe. The heroes would be the likes of Walker, Fiorina, Cruz.

The mouse ears story is funny. Reminds me of the running battle Ralphie's father had with the furnace in A Christmas Story. I can imagine him out at the barn, plink, "ha ha, got another one."

Miss Marple

If Donald Trump was running to draw off conservatives in a 3rd party race and help Hillary, I don't think this plan is working as they intended.

1. From what little data I can find, he is drawing more people from the moderates rather than the conservatives. (Remember my 2 sisters.) He is also drawing from Millennials, who think he will create jobs. (And these are not normally GOP voters.)

2. So when we see those figures in swing states with Hillary behind Walker, Rubio, and Jeb! , what this tells me is that their support has stayed constant, while Hillary's has dropped, and much of this might be that LIV's have heard the loudmouth guy say "She's the worst secretary of state in history." I don't think LIV's pay attention to the musings of candidates on C-SPAN.

3. So, the concerted effort to convince voters that Donald Trump isn't conservative will pretty much be wasted effort. Conservatives (who tend to check these things) know he is not. LIV's and moderates DON'T CARE, as they like him for other reasons.

4. What I fail to understand is why people in the GOPe haven't checked this out and made some calculations. Personally, if you ask me, people like the GOP media strategist who is making noise all over Twitter and wrote an article about Trump voters for Politico today, ending with "don't be the last clown in the tent" are not actually interested in capturing voters and building a winning coalition.

They are interested in preserving careers on the gravy train. If Trump is successful without one of those consultants, then other candidates will begin to think that they, too, could save money by doing without them.

In the process, they are convincing all of those tentative Republicans that they aren't wanted in the party, so when Biden declares, these voters will all go back over to him, and that, in my opinion, is why we lose elections.

Miss Marple


That is why I love that movie, which is EXACTLY like my childhood. All of my sisters, my brother and I watch it every year.

My dad was a great guy. I wish more people could make humor out of every-day life. The world would be a better place.


I like how the NYT closes with

"But workers in New York City who have staged protests at airports, in Times Square and on the steps of City Hall have argued that even $10.10 is not a living wage in New York.'

Well now, that makes it different.

I wonder what would happen if someone singled out their industry?

I am surprised that this is even legal.

What is interesting is their harping about the compensation of the CEO of McDonald. They do realize that it is a franchise, right?

This is what happens when you have one party state and that party is kept in place by cronies and moochers. They do not have to even appear to be rational.

Note here that the yuppie foodie joints are excluded from this, it is really just a gift to the unions, and as every one knows just hurt lower income people by far them most.

This is what is really hateful: graft and venality inflicting hardship while wrapping in a banner of moral superiority and "concern for the little guy". What truly hideous people.

Were I King, I would cordon off these Blue Hell nests of Leftists, and not allow them to vote on anything but what goes on inside them, and not allow them to leave.

What I would give to force Coumo to run a Fast food joint for a few years and feed his family from the proceeds.


They do realize that it is a franchise, right?

Good point--the biggest victims of this fraud will be those who ponied up anywhere from $400,000 to $1M+ (including real estate and construction costs) for their franchises, and now find them worth only a fraction of that.


And these are mostly not rich people.


so the atty for the misunderstood uncle of the chattanooga shooter, in Jordan, happens to be the Ikwan's atty in that country, just coincidence,

Captain Hate

McD's franchises have been a very effective way for minorities with aspirations to achieve upward financial mobility. Nice to know that the progs are doing their best to undo that success story. Idiots.


Franchises also are owned by a lot of (legal) immigrants, and not just McD's either.


DC has caught the minimum wage should be $15 fever, too--unfortunately the referendum they've planned for this cannot cover District employees and we have another law forbidding discrimination against them. In any event I doubt Congress will approve any referendum induced wage increase. At the same time the geniuses in the DC Council are considering having non citizens vote in local elections--a Wiley Coyote scheme which would require elections for local offices be separate from elections for federal office--something likely to cost a couple mil in loose change.


P.S. Lots of black voters don't seem enthralled with the second plan.


what I was referring to:



It's gonna suck for the workers when they automate the ordering process at Mickey D's. That is done easily enough. Just turn the touch screens around and make sure they speak Moron.

Automate the hell out of the cooking process and it will be like the BMW factory. Every burger exactly the same.

Technology will bite the leftists in the ass.

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