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July 19, 2015


Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Ok, that's it, she's off my list too.




Can we have a new slate? Not really liking any of the candidates so far.


Lots of helping hands* in business, not all are govt quota imposed.

The thing they all miss-- once the helping hand gets you there, you have to perform.

Union or government work merely requires showing up. Management requires meeting performance numbers. Publicly traded tech firms among the least forgiving here.

* long list. Nepotism, school ties, Goldman Sacks ties, etc

Stop cowering when the cock crows.

Heh, clarice. My advice for the snowflakes: 'Dawn is a trigger warning'.

Over hill, over dale.

John and Jane Doe walk with Walker. Hear the thunder of their tread.

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze

"Over hill, over dale."

errr, Hillsdale ?

What about :

www.hillsdale.edu ;~)

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze

I'll tell you, I'm over Hill(-ary) but I don't think she's over us.

I detest that woman.

In some cases, a sandy trail.

As we march the dusty trail.


Great bumper sticker:

Over the Hill!

Jeff Dobbs

We live in an age where what gets you elected is not necessarily what would make you a good president.

In most people, this means you are going to be faking one or the other.

Obama was good at the first, got elected, and proved he was faking the second.

We probably have to come to grips with the fact that our best potential presidents have to be good at what can get them elected, even if they have to fake it.

(i'm not arguing necessarily that this stint by Carly is one of those things she must do to get elected - i haven't even watched the video, and won't. i'm arguing that there will be things that we may find distasteful or undignified that are necessary)

I don't want to live in a world where it is more necessary to be a good salesman than it is to be a proven executive - it is probably one of the most depressing things to me in presidential politics.

And yet here we are.

The one thing that is more depressing? Democrats winning elections.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I'm very much enjoying Deb's extended evisceration of McRINO.

Shockingly Rove News Sunday is leading off with the Trump/McCain story.

And those caissons go rolling along.

Over the hill the river runs past
To Grandmother's gingerbread house we dash.

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze

Regarding Janet's post yesterday, and more specifically what DebNC has been posting re Senator McCain:

I agree with Deb's 4:17 about McCain.
I can't stand him.

a Crazy Tea Party Hobbit

Posted by: Janet - I wish my family had a poncho | July 18, 2015 at 05:24 PM

I was a volunteer on McCain's campaigns in '99 & `08, I've got alot/ A LOT, of time for the Vietnam Era jailbirds; aside from the outright deserters and such, to endure such depravations and degradions to one's body and soul must have been excruciatingly difficult. Those that survived and those that did not, did so with extraordinary grace under pressure. I've been honored to spend some time with some of these men, I am in awe of their humble and inspirational life stories.

But, I wouldn't think such an experience should be a permanent shield against any criticism for behavior as a politician.

Simply, McCain political expirery date was reached some time ago, well before the last election, and I wish he would not run again.

I am well beyond caring about the man; if he attacked the opposition and in particular the resident, as vigorously as he has attacked "crazy Hobbits" I might be more accepting and even sympathetic.

McCain, go eat dog biscuits and bark at the moon.

Do you see what I see?

On the internet, nobody knows my trigger warning is the moon.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Panel on Trump: Brit said it was a huge blunder. Michael Needham says the GOPe is disconnected from the base. Jane Harman blasts Rove News Sunday for leading off with this story and fellates McRINO. Julie Pace says 404 thinks Trump hurts Repubs.

Snowflakes melt and walls fall, at the power of his call.

Heh, Donald Trumpet.

Run for the Democratic nomination.

Just thought of a brilliant plan by which the Donald could confound and amaze everyone.


I have no problem with Carly doing the Buzzfeed video--in fact I think it is a good move. There is a huge cohort of women who have no idea there is any other woman running besides the Hildabeast, and are planning on voting for her for precisely that reason. There is nothing in the piece about legislation or government action.
If all you say to women is that maybe they should stop whining, how can you expect them to vote for you?


I though the peacock network's focus on the Trump story last night shows they believe the Trump story taints the entire Rep field. Then they followed it up with photos of the KKK rally in Columbia SC even though they acknowledged only about 4000 current members.

I also noticed their use of the phrase "Emmanuel Nine" as our servicemen killed in Chattanooga still do not merit a federal half mast.

New post up. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/liberating-the-sought-generalized-ears-primed-in-advance-for-plannified-collectivist-societies/

One more point on carly the GOPe site in ATL for connected consultants did a poll on who would you believe from the Rep field and the leader as of yesterday was carly. Probably contrary to the reason for the post. Will try to find it.



Captain Hate on the iPad

Shocking that Jane Harman is a shill for Planned Parenthood and is upset at what the ghoulish video does for their image.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I bet a hidden camera on some dems discussing how to deal with black voters would also yield some interesting results.

I am beginning to think we won't make it until the election, which is a scary thought.



I know what you mean. Public discourse is getting ugly fast.

I particularly worry that Zero and the JustUs department will fan the flames enough to turn race riots into race wars.

Nothing about the current administration could be described as calming leadership.

Jim Miller

I linked to the Nuclear Free Iran site on the previous thread; I hope you will excuse me for linking to the site, again.

And I really really hope that all of you will take a minute to watch their ad.


Mr. Dobbs, from the previous thread:

I probably haven't been to Crater lake in 30+ years. Always loved driving down the road to it.

Er, just a minute there, junior. How old did you say you were?

James D.

don't want to live in a world where it is more necessary to be a good salesman than it is to be a proven executive - it is probably one of the most depressing things to me in presidential politics.

I find that to be true in life generally, not just in politics. The skills that make you better at getting a job or making a sale are not the same as the skills to do a good job or deliver a good product. Far too often, people only have one of those skillsets. And sadly, even more often, it's the former skillsets that's much valued over the latter. To the detriment of everyone.

Miss Marple

If John Stossel's show from last night is repeated this evening on Fox, I recommend it. Interviews with business guys on how they got started (Steve Wynn for one) and how they succeeded.

Very interesting and energizing.

Miss Marple


Heartbreakingly sad.

Jeff Dobbs

Er, just a minute there, junior. How old did you say you were?

Mid 40s...those were the days my family would load up in a station wagon or van and head out from Dallas...

NM, AZ, CA, OR, WA - up into Canada for Banff and Jasper, back down through MT, WY, UT, CO, back through NM and back home. 4-5 week trips during the summer.

We never went through any major cities (except Seattle where my great grandmother lived) and hit all the national parks and wilderness areas we could.

Oh, I wasn't the one actually driving - my dad was. Maybe "always loved the drive..." would have been better grammatically.


Oh, I wasn't the one actually driving - my dad was.

A-ha. Sounds like some great times.


boatbuiler @ 10:24

Agree. Furthermore, there are a lot of women who are concerned about issues other than birth control and abortion.

Played correctly, Carly might shine light on how the Dems are playing women and win some converts and blunt their message.

Miss Marple

Carly Fiorina is an example of how I wish all candidates would act. It seems to me she answers every single question, without dissembling. With details, too.

I sure wish she would be allowed in the debates. If she doesn't make the cut, i am going to do my best to get people to watch the forum they are running in New Hampshire for the lower per cent candidates.


Congrats to Clarice who is now headlining PowerLine as a 'pick'.


Me, too, MM--She really gets it. A communicator--my goodness will this make the republicans faint?

Old Lurker

Me three re Carly.

Centralcal on iPad

I am extremely impressed with Carly in every media venue I have seen her in.

Centralcal on iPad

I just sent the following Tweet:

@centralcal1: @BretBaier Many of us think FNC debate qualifications are nonsense. All candidates deserve opportunity. Fiorina is especially articulate.

Thank you MarkO for retweeting it! I hope those of you on Twitter will join me in this messaging to Fox.

Rick Ballard


Thanks for your comment re Dewey's promotion of tenure to protect nascent progressive fascist profs in the unis. I wasn't aware of the necessity, given Wilson's ascent and commencement of the first attacks on free speech during his imposition of the first Rainbow Utopia in the US.

I sure support Fiorina's use of whatever medium she chooses to introduce a touch of reality to snowflakes. Today's Pieces certainly highlights the attempts to censor by the social disease media as well as the jackbooted legal vermin Wisconsin. I wonder if Chisholm used the Palmer raids as a model.

Taking rainbow unicorn riders seriously is, IMO, an error. Laughing them out of the saddle is a better course.

Not 'if'.

A couple of things interest and amuse me. One is the extreme eagerness with which talking heads of all varieties are willing to predict an imminent Trump collapse. If wishes were certain, talking heads would be attached to trunks.

The other is the parallel between Palin and Fiorina. Confident, bright young women, both of them. When will Carly be beaten on Senna Square?

Miss Marple


I can't find that Tweet. I follow Bret as well so it should have shown up. Xould you send on to me directly? (on the public board, not a DM) @MissMarple2.


Jack is Back!

I've given to Carly, Walker, Carson and Perry just to keep them feeling the love and help with getting into the debates. I would prefer to not see Pataki, Huckabee, Kasich, Christie and Paul not in the debates if you have to get down to 10.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From clarice's excellent pieces;

“Neither Alexis nor I created reddit to be a bastion of free speech, but rather as a place where open and honest discussion can happen,” Huffman wrote in a post on the site.”

If reddit should crash Mr Huffman should have no trouble landing a senior management position at the Ministry of Truth.

Centralcal on iPad

Hope you got it MM, I have no idea how to use most Twitter functions.

Serf's matter, alive.

Well, shoot, searching in this century won't help you much with the Nineteenth, so here's Nekrasov, 1848:

Yesterday at six o'clock
I went to Senna square;
There they flogged by knout
A young peasant woman.

Not a sound came from her breast,
Only the whip whistled, playing....
And to my muse I said: Behold!
There is your own, your beloved sister.

Miss Marple

Yes, I did! Thanks! I retweeted it and then sent you an additional comment flagging Bret.

I swear if that fat doofus Huckabee and the loose cannon Trump are allowed, then Fiorina should be on there.

Centralcal on iPad

LOL - couldn't agree more, MM.

Besides, FNC has the highest ratings on cable - dividing the candidates up lottery style and holding two debates on consecutive nights wouldn't be that hard to do. They are thinking small ball and stupidly.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Exactly, cc.


I need twitter help. I made a comment about Shapiro being manhandled by a man in a dress and now I'm stuck in an endless loop of tweets. MarkO made a comment once about how he had muted people. How do I do that? I don't even know who they are insulting anymore!

Miss Marple

I so agree with you, Centralcal. I had hoped that Fiorina would gain traction but the Trump controversy has delayed that.

i STILL think the Trump thing was handled poorly by the GOP. If so many hadn't gotten nasty to him right off the bat, he wouldln't have had so many people interested.

And still, on Twitter, people are insutlting his voters, including one guy who said he didn't want their votes and said he would back Hillary if it came to that. This is a younger GOP guy working in DC.

Then they wonder why people get alienated from the party. I just do not understand this type of thinking.


Thanks, rse--didn't know that.

Great Iggy--XOXO


Great pieces clarice.

They are still pretending the shooter with roots in nablus did deliberately target marined, and this hudna lurch negotiated makes any sense


The debates should work like this:

1. The candidates are brought out from an isolated room one at a time.

2. They are all asked the same questions.

3. They are not allowed to mention any other Republican candidate in any of their answers.


Isolation rooms. Sweet.

Miss Marple

I like the isolation room-same question idea.

Old Lurker

Love that idea.

Miss Marple


Long article by a guy who seems knowledgeable about intelligence. (I have no idea who it is, so take it for what it's worth.)

His theory is that Snowden was an asset sacrificed to misdirect from a more important mole.


Interesting article, MM


Trump could go all the way. He is a master at the GOP necessary qualification for candidate: internecine bloodletting.

Sadly, his position on immigration will be darkened by his slur against POW's. Had he kept it to McCain, it might have been redeemable. He likes his heroes uncaptured. Hell. They should have tried harder.

Does he like them dead?


James Jesus Angleton's spirit lives on.

Born in Boise, Eric.

"His theory is that Snowden was an asset sacrificed to misdirect from a more important mole."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A lot of people who despise McCain as a politician still find Trump's type of criticism of his service execrable and a far bigger comment on Trump than McCain, even if Trump had limited it to McCain specific comments.

I presume like most people my immediate thought was how that big mouth, blowhard would have done as a tortured POW, absent the student deferments and whatever his disqualifying physical issue was.
Probably they couldn't find a helmet big enough to fit his head, and this in a military which accepted Jim Webb.

Miss Marple


Could you explain, please?

Miss Marple



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The eight stages of scam; and the similarities of the cholesterol scam and the climate change one.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Berekely protestors get naked and hug trees.
They don't want FEMA to remove some old eucalyptus trees.
First, eucalyptus are not native to CA and were only planted here in massive numbers because the state stupidly paid landowners to do so long ago.
Second, the purpose is fire control in an area which previously had a disastrous fire in 1991. It was only 1500 acres but was so intense that driving to my logging site in the Sierra Nevada mountains at 4:00AM the bright orange glow behind the coast range was perfectly visible to me from 100 miles away.

Frau  Indianerherz

"Hillary´s coming out speech"

Whoa! that American Thinker title caught my attention.
She's come out as a Marxist. Surprise, surprise!


Sure, JJA spent decades chasing a "mole" in the CIA he never found.

He had been the sponsor of Kim Philby, a Soviet spy, and that opened the door to many other spies. When Philby came under investigation, Angleton defended him.

After Philby defected, JJA became suspicious of nearly everyone. The result was that there was always one more "mole" to be found.

That's what it reminded me of.

Or did you mean Boise?

Jack is Back!

I told you so. Sooner or later he will self=immolate. McCain since Keating 5 has been a disaster politically but he is still an honorable officer and gentleman. I have had his Hanoi Hilton room mate, Charlie Stackhouse and Mike Crhistian's widom in my home for our annual Veteran's Muster pre-day reception. All admire his courage during his internment and all roll their eyes at his political sense.

Trump stepped on more than his tongue here. He gave America an idea of what a loose canon will look like who has their finger on the trigger.

Jim Miller

Snowden's timing: His defection came at an almost perfect time to take attention away from the massive Chinese spying, which was beginning to get serious attention in Europe as well as here.

Could be a coincidence.



Just in from an all nighter at the Jet Lag Club in Narita. At least 5 times and probably more tonight, the overhead CNN TV would run a story of Republican's and other civilized humans outraged about the dissing of John McCain. My fav Belgium bartender, having watched CNN all night, was angry at Trump's "reported comments," so I pulled up the Sheryl Atkisson's link that I think Pagar provided, and I cannot recall my foreign friend becoming more angry, after having read that, at this latest bit of media manipulation.

Congrats Sheryl. The workers I run into have a seriious view of Western Europe's problem, and n ry

James D.

The thing I don't understand about the upcoming debate is how ANYONE can think anything good will come out of it.

Put aside the candidates themselves, or the bias of the moderators, or the issues.

Just the basic idea of 8-10 candidates together onstate for 90 minutes, with a moderator who's got to ask questions, and then each candidate will restate each question they're asked.

Best case, each candidate gets maybe 4-5 minutes of actual time to speak, total, over the course of the event. I don't see how that benefits the candidates, or voters who want to learn more about them.


James, it feeds the moderator.



Berkely protestors get naked and hug trees.
They don't want FEMA to remove some old eucalyptus trees.

Beautiful part of campus. But you are right: the Eucalyptus trees are weeds for CA. And there are a lot of those weeds here.

James D.

Quick legal question (this is for the next book). How long after a fatal car wreck would it take for someone's life insurance to pay out to their beneficiaries? Days? Weeks? Months?



4 to 6 weeks. If all of the paperwork is in order.

James D.

Thanks, Sue! That's very helpful.


4 to 6 weeks.

Unless it is Geico. That is the least ethical insurer I have ever known. I can share the recent story, but my advice is to avoid them at all costs.

Miss Marple


As I told my daughter after her trials with them, "You get what you pay for."



We are on the other side. Sparing details, Geico does not acknowledge the police report or the arrest in said incident. They have tried to low-ball us by negotiating directly with us, instead of our insurance company.

This has happened more than once.

Absolute slime.

Buffet, of course.

Miss Marple

They ALSO are bad if they are your insurer and the other driver is at fault. My poor daughter had to do all of the contacts with the other insurance company, Geico dragged their feet on okaying a rental, caused her to miss a day of work, wouldn't get with the other insurance company to ok X-rays, etc. etc.

I think they believe their job is to collect premiums and that's all.

Miss Marple



rse: Ervin Lazlo - the needed all-encompassing belief and value system.

Where is the most concise expression of it?


rse, just a suggestion -- headlines are typically in sans serif fonts and body copy is typically in serif fonts. Reading a lot of material is easier with the visual cues serifs give.


Laszlo is really bad about not mentioning his most forthcoming books in any list. The last several posts have been from his 1963 books described in those posts and then his 73 book Future Society. There is a 79 really graphic book he seems to want to pretend does not exist that he did for the Club of Rome. I have that one too. Then there is what he has done in creating the Club of Budapest with Nicholas Negroponte of the MIT Media Lab.

So tell me what interests you in particular and that's the answer. His subjective mode remarks were one of those explains so much that I knew was being prescribed.

I will see what I can do but I am a hunt and peck typist and I do not know how to vary much when it comes to typeface. Wish I did. Red is supposed to teach me how to write powerpoints although I am close to going to ground to start my draft.


The quote about the church in the Middle Ages is on page 133 of ES.


The progs are circling the wagons to protect the John Doe DAs. Should Walker fire Chisolm and move to disbar the underlings the poopy pants brigade will yell "Reichstag Fire" (oops, check the comments, the nazi word is already out). The good news is Madison is petrified that some progs will be fried. TCFAB!


Hope he does fire them and hope they get disbarred.


rse, the reason I ask is that Lazlo has apparently convinced others that he knows whereof he speaks.

But “I have a dream” generates less traction than “If you do this, you get that.”

People who push his ideas have been convinced of something. Who convinced them of what?

Can it be so simple as “If you do this you will control the masses forever!” [Wringing hands in satisfaction.] Or is it, “People are so stupid that you must manipulate them because otherwise they will never understand.”


Laszlo is some kind of genius (PhD at a very young age)and is very tied into both the UN system and the Club of Rome. His son Chris at Case Western is involved with pushing the UN's global business school initiative--PRME.

I think he has hung out with the crowd that has been planning a noetic takedown of the West since just after WW2. I can literally trace the handoffs from then on until now.

It is what it is and we thought the Cold war was military and they thought it was cultural and that the West needed to not be locked into a precise blueprint like the Soviets but that collectivism with an oligarchy in charge was the future.

Captain Hate on the iPad

That Marquette law prof sounds like an idiot.


So does the "former Supreme Ct Justice".


Roaches scurry when the light is turned on.

A lot of desperation In progville as their big govt foot lands on their own anatomy.

A deliberate process of firings& disbarrments should extend their pain.


I know you guys typed Lazlo, but when I first read it, the unfair hit on Lazio came back to me.

I wish he had a PAC and could run an ad showing what a b.s. hit that was, and who was behind it, just as battle-space preparation. The Republicans would be smart to help fund that.

simply stupid

RSE nice seeing comments over at legal insurrection. My own take on Snowden is that Obama uses the wikileaks when he wants classified information out in the open. Always easy to say that Snowden let out info when it was never there to begin with.


Posted by: Miss Marple | July 19, 2015 at 02:47 PM -

interesting find. and in a rear disagreement with MarkO think that the author has the story nailed.

I thought I had commented when Snowden first started making headlines that it was probably cover for deeper more important assets. I was looking for the comment thread and can't find it. Also had speculated that one of the most damaging things that would happen during the Obama Administration was a wholesale destabilization of our intelligence services which had happened to Carter. Take for instance the Iran deal and the US Treasury officials working in OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) and throw in all the info that who knows who has from the OPM hack ... the Year Zero Administration will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Listening to Coldplay this afternoon. Trouble ...

And I never meant to cause you trouble,
And I never meant to do you wrong,
And I, well, if I ever caused you trouble,
Oh no, I never meant to do you harm.


evening all, Snowden is the Christopher Boyce 2,O,
recall the former was driven to his deed by the Pine Gap, at least that was the subterfuge,


Posted by: simply stupid | July 19, 2015 at 07:06 PM

why would he do that when he could have ValJar leak it to the NYT and WaPo?


yes, it wouldn't have been as effective, you have to think that it was a selfless act, the Ellsberg

Miss Marple


Because if it is leaked to the papers, there will have to be an investigation. If it's Wikileaks, well, they just say "Snowden" and no one investigates, just assumes they know the criminal.

Miss Marple

I must say one thing in that article stood out for me, and that is that for all of the blather about NSA spying on US citizens, most of the leaks have been about foreign stuff.

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