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July 18, 2015



Wonderful and horrifying Piece, clarice. Goebbels was a piker compared to our current opinion-shaping overlords.


McCain is a lot like Schumer.

They both spend a lot of time in front of a microphone "selling" the idea that their efforts are "making a difference"


Yeah, except that Schumer is trusted by the left.

Oh wait. That's not a difference either.


The FCC takeover of the Internet via net neutrality and punting ICANN to global tyrants will not help the matters Clarice highlights. Excellent Pieces.


Could happen to anyone.

Family of Chattanooga gunman says their son suffered from depression


Actually, I think Janet had the greatest observation about this. Allah is unforgiving, so Muslims have no other way to salvation if they've sinned.


Janet's right. I think there is a disconnect between their religious/cultural upbringing and life here and that often leads to such madness.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Great Pieces, clarice!

Of course, Janet's observation in the wider world will be met with the usual charges of Islamophobia, religion-bashing, and such.

I think she's 100% spot on.

Jeff Dobbs

Can't get the Sharyl's site right now.

"Error establishing a database connection"

Tried both the link Deb gave and Sharyl's main url...

Jim Miller

daddy - For many years, game departments have stocked the fish that fishermen want to catch, sometimes at considerable expense. (I still get a kick out of those fish drops from airplanes that they use to stock some high mountain lakes.)

In many states, a substantial part of the game department's budget comes from fishing and hunting licenses so the departments have a direct incentive to please fishermen and hunters.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that that explains the Northern Pike story.

(By way of contrast, the last time I was at Crater Lake, I learned that, years ago, it had been stocked with trout and that, now, the Park Service would really rather those invasive fish weren't there. But they don't get a big part of their budget from those licenses. (I think there is a small charge for fishing there, but I could be =wrong.)

For those who haven't visited Crater Lake, I probably should add that there is no stream leading out of it, so fish have no natural way to get there. The level of the lake is controlled by an area of loose rubble on one side that works something like the overflow in a bathtub.


Sharyl Atkisson: https://sharylattkisson.com/fact-check-the-washington-post-on-donald-trump-and-john-mccain/

Works fine for me.

Jeff Dobbs

Yup, now I'm getting in. Thx, Deb.


Reviewing overnight comments, I am grateful it is so easy to separate the signal from the noise on JOM.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Re pike and rotenone, there is no sadder story than the travails of Davis Lake, north of Lake Tahoe.
Ineradicable, possibly because people reintroduce them.

Jeff Dobbs

the last time I was at Crater Lake, I learned that, years ago, it had been stocked with trout and that, now, the Park Service would really rather those invasive fish weren't there.

Same with Yellowstone Lake. Way back they added Lake Trout - for fishermen. But the lake trout take over habitat of the native species and swim at depths that prevent natural predators who feed on fish from catching them.

They'd really like them gone now - there is no catch limit on them if you have a license.

I probably haven't been to Crater lake in 30+ years. Always loved driving down the road to it.

Jim Miller

Anti-Iran deal TV ads. I've seen one several times in this area since the deal was announced. Each time I was paying so little attention to the TV that I didn't catch who was sponsoring them.

The ads I'm thinking of are a bang-bang series giving details about the threat from Iran.

Anyone know what the web site is?


Years ago when the kids were young we stayed at Lake Yellowstone Lodge. Highly recommend that part of the park.

New post up and I put the relevance of that new database into it as well. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/liberating-the-sought-generalized-ears-primed-in-advance-for-plannified-collectivist-societies/

I have actually been going to the meetings touting its rollout for a couple of years because I do like being in the room for the announcements.

Miss Marple

Reports are that Mick Fanning, seen here getting attacked by a SHARK live on TV at the surfing open, is OK:


Jim Miller

No sooner did I ask then I saw the anti-Iran-deal ad again, and this time I caught their web site.

(I'm not sure how much effect it will have here. Senator Patty Murray is probably hopeless -- though I'll be writing her a letter, anyway. I'm not so sure about Senator Maria Cabtwell, though the odds are against her doing the right then.

One or two Democratic congressmen from Washington state might be persuadable.)

Jim Miller

Jeff - Now that you mention it, I think there was no limit on the catches in Crater Lake, either.

Miss Marple


Full video of shark attack, rescue and interview.

Jim Miller

Maria Cantwell, of course.

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