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July 18, 2015



Deb, we don't even know how many vets the VA killed in Tomah WI by handing out opiates like candy at Halloween instead of diagnosing then treating actual health problems.


Latest VA scandal news, featuring a quote from Armed Svcs Chairman John McCain. It's a disgrace imo that this abuse has gone on for years while McCain was more interested in playing "maverick" and "gang leader" than protecting the vets under his care.


The foul weather lasted about an hour, faded, then came roaring back just before 11 a.m. Slashing rain and raucous thunder hit the Hillcrest district of San Diego, where the San Diego Gay Pride Parade was underway.

But will the fags get the hint?

Jeff Dobbs

Go back to lurking, TK.


John McCain is much more of a disgrace than Trump imo. AFAIK, Trump hasn't killed anyone through negligence.



Jeff Dobbs



"Today Donald Trump sat down for a Q&A at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.

Frank Luntz asked Trump if Obama loves America and if Obama is a moral pResident.

Trump's short response follows:"



I tried but sue couldn't let it go. So here I am.


AP: "The VA has pushed for the removal of six senior executives, including four who were fired and two who retired, said spokeswoman Victoria Dillon. One of those fired was Sharon Helman, the former director of the Phoenix VA health care system, the epicenter of the wait-time scandal.

McCain doesn't even know or care what was happening in his own back yard? Those AZ vets didn't contact his office for help? Uh huh. Out with McCain and in with Jeff Sessions as Armed Svcs Cmt Chairman.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Great point by Deb again.

I don't remember McCain bringing any of them to light or using his position to right the wrongs or end the abuse.

That is the story of Congress, isn't it?
All showin' up on TV whining, while they are the ones that can write laws.

Ol' McCain doesn't even know what Allahu Akbar means....& he sat playing video poker in Senate hearings on Syria.


Deb, it's not a contest. McCain is NOT a conservative. He is arrogant, and deserves to retire to his wife's milllllions.
Trump is a loud mouthed boor, who just happens to be right occassionally.
With the shit this nation is dealing with, and by SHIT, I mean Obama and his violation of his oath of office, McCain has been as useful as teats on a bull. I believe that McCain deserves credit for being wounded, imprisoned, tortured and finally released. I believe Jordan Speith is a hell of a golfer.
McCain SUCKS as a Senator. Trump is only getting traction because shitty Senators like McCain have refused to do their jobs, and love the TITLE of Senator.

Jeff Dobbs

It's Sue's fault TK can't be a man of his word



Let's blame China.


What did I write?

I expect some level of vindication when you read it.

As far as sue is concerned,this is what she does.


When McCain kicked crippled, faithful wife #1 to the curb and married younger, richer wife #2, two of his groomsmen where Gary Hart and William Cohen. Birds of a feather, before McCain was even in the Senate iirc.

Frau  Steingehirn

At least Rohani acts in his country's (Islamic) interests. We get bubkes.

Jeff Dobbs

What you wrote made me think you were stepping away, concerned about straining relationships.

It may well be me that misinterpreted your intention.

We can let it all go to shit instead. Right now, I'm fine with that. You're on my last nerve.

JOM hall monitor is not for me.


Jeff, I don't want a battle with you.

Miss Marple

I wonder what the non-college union guys think of sneering at a lack of a degree.


Jeff, when you said "go back to lurking".
Tk said "why".
That kind of rhetorical disrespect and game playing is just plain wrong.
TK is stirring the pot. One of the reasons DOT is gone. I'm not taking sides, I just find that kind of game playing distasteful, it's rude and it's meant to be rude.

Why? You know exactly why TK.


The idea was that. Trump mania was getting the best of all of us.

It has been pretty clear that sue and I will never have any sort of friendship. I have zero respect for her as a result of her constant personal hammering.

Less than three hours after I express my concern regarding people I do care about, like you, she does it again. And then I do what I always do. I let her have it. Maybe that is why I enjoy Trump.


Gus, see my 8:51.

Eric in Boise

TK is stirring the pot.

There's a blast Email for that.


Tk, I don't mind your posts at all. But picking fights is another matter. We all say things we shouldn't at times.
Fight the good fight TK. You have a lot to offer.


I'm on the email list. Is that my suggested fate, Eric?

Frau  Steingehirn

@7:53 "dipsh!t" without adequate reference isn't my idea of a blast.

Here's a blast email
Shooting in from far away
Dipsh!ts shout, "Hooray!"

Jeff Dobbs

And then I do what I always do.

Just go ahead and change your name to Blogkiller, TK. You're well on your way.


Who does he blame when I'm not here? Which other than today hasn't been too frequent. I don't even lurk when I'm not posting. So, out of curiosity, who does TK blame for being a bore when I'm not around? Don't bother answering. I really don't care. But TK should change his name to blog killer. It would be more appropriate.

Love to those I love. ::smooches::

Eric in Boise

Is that my suggested fate, Eric?

No, TK, I was just being a smart ass. I would like you to lighten up a bit, though, if if's not too much to ask.

I hate it when people on here squabble.


TK: get the hint?

TK, just so you understand how what you wrote hit me, I don’t call them fags, I don’t mind individuals dealing with their own sexuality, and while I suspect what you wrote as to be a joke, it didn’t come across that way.

Just sayin’.

Jeff Dobbs

Sue plagiarized me. She's efficient, having seen and copied my Blogkiller tag within the same minute that my comment went up. I don't know how she did that, but I'm convinced she did.

Eric in Boise

Dipsh!ts shout, "Hooray!"

And Captain Haiku smiles :)


Sue, who else do you drop in on and spout off against when they have said nothing to you?

You are confused about blame placing.

A better question is why would you mention me when I am gone, not what I do while I am here.

Leave me alone, please.


Jeff, I'll leave.


I appreciate that, SBW.


Look what FUKWADS the Daily Caller has/have become. Look at the lack of logic and reason and the knee jerk PC bullshit.
It is scary.

CAM> Jed •an hour ago

The reason so many people are displaying the confederate flag is merely to pi$$ off idiots like you that think you can tell others what they SHOULD do. Looks like I succeeded with you. Made my day. Now, you have my permission to set your hair on fire, loser.
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DC Moderator> CAM •an hour ago

We have received a complaint that your avatar violates our ToS. The Daily Caller does not allow images that reflect racism or bigotry. Please reread our ToS and correct the situation or we may be forced to delete your account. Thank you for your cooperation.
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We have received a complaint that your avatar violates our ToS. The Daily Caller does not allow images that reflect racism or bigotry. Please reread our ToS and correct the situation or we may be forced to delete your account. Thank you for your cooperation.

There was SLAVERY/RACISM/and BIGOTRY in the U.S. before the CONFEDERATE FLAG was invented. ERGO, the U.S. flag should be banned by The Daily Callers logic.
NO MATTER, the Daily Caller and it's "Founder" can fuck themselves.

Professor Fukwad

GUS makes Caitlyn look macho.

Mackinak Jack

"I don’t call them fags, I don’t mind individuals dealing with their own sexuality, and while I suspect what you wrote as to be a joke, it didn’t come across that way."

sbw sounds like a closet fudge packer.

JOM Lifer

" One of the reasons DOT is gone. "

Good riddance to the low IQ bitch.


"Scott Walker’s “clarification” of his anti-gay Boy Scout remarks is mind-numblingly stupid "



Someone must have left the asylum doors unlocked tonight.

Rick Ballard


Did you see that the FSA ofas went after Sanders as well as O'Malley at nutroots? Red Squaw appears to be the only prog fascist acceptable to the Supreme Leader of the FSA. NK nailed it pretty well. The Supreme Leader wants Red Squaw - Red Witch just wouldn't be as good for the race baiting he has planned for his pathetic future.


I sent you an email, Jeff.


Good Morning.

Latest book was this odd one: On the Missionary Trail: A Journey through Polynesia, Asia, and Africa with the London Missionary Society

In the 1790's a London Society formed to send out evangelical missionaries all around the world. After launching them to all these unknown, dangerous and exotic locations, the Napoleonic Wars started, so for the next 20 years every time they'd send out a re-supply ship the thing would get captured, so the missionaries were totally on their own and un-suppled.

Anyhow, in 1820, they round up 2 men and send them on a round the world tour to make contact and resupply the missions, and come back and deliver a status report. This book is just a history of their fact finding mission. So a bit of an unusual read, but fascinating, with all sorts of unexpected observations of the societies they encounter. This bit about wives in Benares India for instance, I found fascinating:

"Some of the women in Benares are inveterate shrews; such, no doubt, there may be elsewhere, but here we have particularly remarked it. The tongue, however, is the main weapon (for they rarely come to blows), and fearfully expert are they in using it, for the annoyance not of their antagonists only, but of all who have the misfortune to come within "the winds of such commotion." Downright scolding matches are kept up for hours in the market-places among those who deal in commodities there. If domestic or other business call of one the combatants before the affair is duly settled, she cooly thrusts her shoe under her basket, and leaves both on the spot, to signify that she is not yet satisfied. Immediately upon her return, the lady takes up her shoe and her argument, and begins where she broke off, nor ever ceases till she has exhausted her spleen, her strength, and her vocabulary of foul phrases, or has obtained from the object of her vengeance the satisfaction required."

Anyhow, a decent read. I brought it along in the book bag because I knew I was working this trip with the kid who grew up in the jungle outside Machu Pichu, where his parents were missionaries to the natives, and I figured he'd enjoy hearing about it, especially since these guys visited so many of the locations we visit regularly---Hawaii, Sydney, Singapore, Penang, Guangzhou, and India. Fascinating to read about how those places were doing back in the 1820's, and seeing what has changed and what hasn't.

Frau  Steingehirn

Oh, to be with Jane, caro and Zoltan.

(Pssst! Cait ain't all "she's" cracked up to be. In a match with Zoe "Come fly with me" Tur, it would be no contest.)


It doesn't take much to make the "mentally ill" dance for me.

Frau  Indianerherz

"Red Squaw appears to be the only prog fascist acceptable..."

Good grief, Rick. Lizzie's as phoney as they come. Poor Bernie has been on working his bona fides for many, many, many moons. Markos and his KozKidz are a big disappointment.

Frau  Indianerherz

Clarice, thank you for the introduction to Zoltan.


You're welcome. He's delightful. He missed meeting with our lady friends on the last NR cruise. Hope they make contact this time. If they get him to hold up a "Jane won" sign though, we're over.

Rick Ballard


Supreme Leader Shakedown BOzo needs the rabid legal vermin at JustUs reporting to him. Red Squaw doesn't have much of a chance and Red Witch would definitely interfere with his hustle. The slime mold Red Witch stuffed into Justus when she wasn't defending the Rapist in Chief are hitting their sell date and BOzo really doesn't want her interfering with his vermin as they slither up the ladder.

The #blacktrashmatters nonsense is all about his planned hustle and he's really licking his chops after that disparate outcome ruling.

Jack is Back!

Driving out of Hanover today to go get Frederick at his camp, I saw my first Bernie for President sign in the front yard of run down log house with a decrepit rocking chair on the porch. Don't know if he has running water and inside plumbing but its probably some sociology professonr at Darrmouth's digs.

What is really odd is that I have driven up to NH twice now. Once on 93 from Boston through Manchester to Hanover and the other on 91 from Springfield to Hanover and have yet to see any signs or bumper stickers for any GOP candidate. I know its early but does that mean Bernie is a consensus choice:)?

Centralcal on iPad

The asylum doors are open most nights around here, Clarice.
And that's the problem.


Well, speaking of disparate outcomes, there's the SCOTUS and Congress.


Here's a local story where what they fail to tell us seems to me more interesting than what they do tell us: Ancient pike pulled from lake mud offers glimpse of Interior's past

Some scientist taking mud core-samples from a northern Alaskan lake bed, pulled up the jawbone of a Pike fish that obviously lived in the Lake 8,000 years ago.

Here's a pike:

Story then tells us this: Northern pike lived in the lake until 1970, when state biologists killed them all with rotenone, a powder that interferes with fish respiration.

So why did State Biologists wipe out the pike in 1970? They don't tell us.
Did they do it because their science told them the pike was an "Invasive Species?"
They don't tell us.
Was the Science Settled when they wiped out the Pike that had apparently lived in the lake for 8000 years?
They don't tell us.

Why did they wipe out the pike in 1970? I thought State Biologists and Fish and Game were supposed to protect species in their natural environment. Did they not know it was a native species, and if it is okay to wipe out native species why are we paying all these billions and billions of dollars to protect snail darters and smelt?
They don't tell us.


Disparate outcomes, I suppose. The pike were faring much better than the snail darters and smelt.


Actually a peninsula clarion story five years ago, said they started then, but really what do they know, the pike infestation started in the 70s, according to this story.

Rick Ballard


Do you suppose enough sidewalk chalk exists to draw enough pictures for the Monkeys in Robes to understand they issued a ruling against natural selection? They should have gone for a finding that π = 3 while they were at it.


It is almost as bad a decision as Kelo.


I say almost--because the Court decision may be of limited impact:http://www.scotusblog.com/2015/06/symposium-supreme-courts-victory-for-disparate-impact-includes-a-cautionary-tale/


So is Alaskan fish and wildlife news, from a year before, but I guess it is like the wile Canadian menace.

Le donald is doing a good Elmer Fudd impression, complete with powder burns

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

How can there be invasive species?
It's all one huge lovin' earth, right? Who cares about borders or anything anymore.
Let it all mix as a big ol' one world utopia & then we can see which fittest species survive!

That is the attitude with people...& people are just animals, right? A pig is a dog is a boy.

Let's let it all go free & see what happens.


I'm afraid one day they will find the 'right to arm bears' and make it mandatory.

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy- sent you an email, don't know if you've seen it. Know any company pilots based out of Hong Kong?

Our friends who moved there last year are in town, and in conversation with the wife this morning, they apparently are good friends with a couple of your company's pilots through their church there.

Yeah, so she and I were sitting around talking this morning - about all things Asia - and I swear my toes are twitching in anticipation of a lull in the conversation so I can drop the "I have this buddy who lives in Alaska and flies to Asia all the time" as if that would then make me some kind of expert in all things Asia.

I mean, it's not like my friend is particularly interested in which places have the best waitresses who carry themselves with the poise and confidence of seasoned athletes.....


How hard would it be to get ourselves wrapped up in boxes with air holes and placed on daddy's plane for a wild tour in Asia with out favorite gadabout?



My father used to tell stories about catching Northern Pike in the inand lakes in Michigan. I think they were known as great sport because they fought.

I don't think they are very plentiful in the lower 48 anymore, don't know if rotenone was involved.

Frau  Indianerherz



the pike infestation started in the 70s, according to this story.


Did they just not know they had been there 8000 years ago? From googling it looks to me like they probably thought they were an invasive species, but in the comments you get this:

rextrailbigfoot | May 26, 2012
Northern Pike are an invasive fish? But they were there first, weren't they? Yes, in the 1950's and 60's my Dad and I used to walk back to Quartz lake and catch Northern Pike. They ate the white fish that could be seen jumping in the middle of the lake. It was a beautiful time, I will always remember.

But along comes the State of Alaska. They poisoned the Pike and the white fish then planted their domestically raised trout. Got news for them. They ruined Quartz Lake.

Alls I know is that I don't know, but I would have expected whatever the reason they were wiped out to be mentioned in the story, and then to tell us if they're reasoning for wiping them out was solid or was faulty.

Miss Marple


I had to laugh at your comment about being in a shipping box, because every day I ship I wonder if daddy will be flying my shipment. (FedEx is the carrier for US Priority Mail.)

I know he doesn't carry my domestic packages, but those I ship to Australia and other exotic climes are always thought of as "daddy shipments."


I keep telling people not to use the Flux capacitors but do they listen, they go back in time, and we end up with world's where pat Paulsen was president for life.


Is qillam funding all this feltercarb, the local steer figure for those without a rosetta.


So the loan gunman might have been hanging around with three associates per a local Memphis station, wdef.

Many of the other family Summit errs except for lidsay who was mostly splurge were great. Re right scoop


Yes a full arkham array clarice, how was your other vacation spot,

Miss Marple



narciso, is going back into deep crypto again..Here's the story he referred to:http://therightscoop.com/breaking-chattanooga-shooter-had-been-spotted-at-shooting-range-with-3-men-before-massacre/


Sorry mostly due to autocorrect, but that is the piece, I was referring to.

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy once flew a bear to Indianapolis.

Brown Bear Cub

(boy was it's arms tired)



Just replied via e-mail, but here's some of it with names removed just to keep folks here in the loop.

Don't know Benji, but I know Tom _____ and his wife Kathy who I like very much, and soon to arrive in Hong Kong will be my British turned American Citizen buddy Luke ______. He is wonderful fun, 2 kids, and married to a Canuck gal. Luke is the guy who in college in England during summer break did the road trip with some buddies where they bought a beater car and drove it all the way down to South Africa on a lark:) Great stories from him about God protecting morons:) Luke is an excellent bartender! Vincent who runs the Jet Lag Club Bar in Narita Japan lets him work behind the counter anytime he wants, whereas Vincent only lets me behind the counter to walk his dog, "Inop."

That's Inop at the far end of the picture (right click) where he usually hangs out atop the bar, and I'm usually on the barstool right in front of him (I was last night, and will be again tonight!

I am sorry Luke is leaving and heading to Hong Kong since I'll see him less, but I think if you're friends meet up with him they will love him.

Also Jeff _____ lives over there with a wife I think from Taiwan. He plays a great blues guitar and often sits in with the Philippino bands in Shanghai for a set, but I doubt he goes to Church. Luke by the way grew up near Battle of Hastings territory, and he attended the Church where King Canute (who ordered the waves to stop) as an Alter Boy along with his brother. Luke says he was not a member of the religion, but his mom lied and said they were Catholics so they could go to the excellent Catholic School nearby:)

And there's a few other usual suspects that come to mind. Ian ______, a Spanish kid from I think near Madrid. Smart as a whip and a very decent guy. Also the ______s, tho' again I doubt they'd be going to Church, and might be more trouble than they're worth.


Use the Howard hunt decoder when in doubt,

The fish is red, the water is warm.


These goggles do nothing.

Jeff Dobbs

Thanks daddy! Nice bar in Narita.


daddy...the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game started stocking trout and salmon in Quartz Lake the same year that rotenone was introduced to kill the pike. Since more fisherman prefer to fish for salmon and trout, it would make sense financially for the state to see a return on their investment. Here's an 18 lb'er son #1 caught through the ice on the Sudbury River in Concord MA, not too far from the Old North Bridge where the battle at Concord took place. It's a shame however that they would kill off a native species to introduce others IMO.

 photo Son 1_zpskadnawto.jpg

Pretty, aren't they?



Miss Marple,

Since Jane and Caro are doing such a lousy job telling us about their latest travel adventure, could I invite you to brunch in Indianapolis on 4 August at any location you want, with the daughter or the puppy dog or the IU grandson, or whoever, so we can have an adventure and our JOM buddies can vicariously share it with us? I'll supply the Balvenie!


I just sent an email to Danube to inform him of the changes here. I don't know if it is enough to entice him back to posting. I certainly wish it is.

Hopefully the site will go back to normal in short order.


Thanks for that info, Rocco.

In the comments it's a lot of back and forth between the Pike fans and the Trout fans. I think Clarice has long been a fan of "sharpened pikes", so I'm on her side.

Cool photo.



Miss Marple


Would love to! I will check schedules. At least one should be free. Am on iPad and heading to bed, will check with them and let ou know.


Nighty-nite Miss M.


Nighty-Nite, Clarice.


If you believe Sharyl Attkisson, and I do, the WaPo intentionally snookered us today by quoting Trump out of context re McCain.


I have never cared for McCain since McCain-Feingold. But at least he is a fiscal conservative. Also, sequestration doesn't leave much room for increasing military spending.


Hmm, I like Sharyl, but her piece seems to have inaccuracies of its own. She omits the statement by Trump, "I like people who weren't captured, I hate to tell you that."

I don't know why Attkisson's piece has no links or sources, but I presume she is referring to Trump's remarks captured here:


I haven't seen the WaPo piece to which Sharyl refers, but the overall reporting has emphasized the line, "He's a war hero because he was captured; I like people who weren't captured." That's accurate as far as I can tell. So I think Sharyl is off on this one.

Sandy "I stand with Walker - 2016" Daze


Well done, Clarice.

Thank You.

Good morning.


Thanks, Sandy,

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Even if things are bad...you can always thank The Almighty that these people are not your neighbors.


Jack is Back (Again)!

Op staand! (Get out of bed).

Off to Blue Duck for the croissants and pain chocolat for breakfast -on-the-bay with Frederick and Mrs. JiB.

Great pieces, Clarice.


Clarice-I second sandy's applause. When you get a chance take a look at my last two ISC blog posts and then the one I am writing today. I am talking about K-12 deliberately fostering a "subjective mode of comprehension" because the research from the behavioral scientists, largely funded by nsf or foundations, has told them this is essential to a collectivist orientation.

Those on-campus speech codes essentially do not let reality or the clear Axemaker Mind that does not accept the offered narrative or the sound bytes at face value from having the chance to burst the subjective comprehension bubble.


Republicans realizing that one of their Presidential candidates is a scumbag is like a member of a pedophile ring discovering his friends lack morals.

If you're a real dickhead you're going to naturally gravitate toward conservative ideology and therefore inevitably be a card carrying member of the asshole party. So when go out into public and say something asshole-ish, you're only doing what's in your nature.


sorry...so when you go out.....


Trump: "He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

McCain served honorably, despite prolonged suffering, which I consider heroic. But so did and do so many others. Trump's off the cuff remark may have reflected a distinction between the many vets who did their duty under dire circumstances and rare ones like Dakota Meyers, whose heroism is almost beyond belief. It's impossible for me to attach "hero" to a prima dona like McCain, Armed Services Cmt. Chairman, who abandoned his duty to millions of honorable military members forced to depend on the VA and finding no help. Learning in yesterday's news that the Phoenix VA was the worst of the worst capped it for me re McCain's "hero" status.

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