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July 14, 2015


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Goldberg is describing Barry's magical-thinking which no sane person would describe as hyper rational.

We must reluctantly conclude Mr Goldberg is not sane.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Speaking of terrifying;
the consequences for the Pacific Northwest when the Cascadia subduction zone breaks.

Jeff Dobbs

I'm not sure, based upon my last reading of Goldberg, that he fully understands the shallowness of Obama's thinking, in part because Obama's not-that-smartedness is so absurdly infantile and illogical that the hyper-conciliatory Goldberg might not believe that Obama actually thinks the way certain college freshmyn social science majors think.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Seems to me the three most important questions are;
1. Are we confident the IAEA can detect cheating?
2. If we are confident of that, why, because we think we're smarter than dumb Iranians?
3. If they do cheat what is anyone going to do about it?


Jeff, bear in mind Goldberg probably doesn't understand Obama's own hate of Israel, motherhood, and apple pie -- if the contents of Israel get harmed they can get in line behind the contents of Altgeld Gardens. ("contents" because that narcissist does not recognize other people as anything but objects).


No Goldberg is infuriating, he knows the length and breath of the Sepah's reach, the Houthi will be the model to organize the Shia on the oil rich Hasa and Hejaz coasts,


Third-world President. He's not only just not that smart, he's a hoax top to bottom.


let's remember who Goldberg, he had a temper tantrum, when he was a reservist during the Intifada, which got him the attention of the Times,

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Even third-world presidents are usually scheming to get stuff for their country.
Obama hates America. He actively works to hurt & humiliate America.
How in the world that loser was elected TWICE is beyond me.

Thomas Collins

I don't think Obama is clueless. I think Obama's anti-colonial mindset extends to the US and Israel. And he is being advised by people who are (I) clueless or (II) believe that the Iran deal is sound balance of power politics.

I don't think we have seen the worst. Before Obama's term is over, look to Obama supporting a Security Council mandate implementing pushing Israel back to the pre-1967 borders.

Jane on Ipad

I agree with Janet. And how come everyone keeps talking about an earthquake in Seattle just when I get here?


My daughter and her husband fly into Seattle today, too, Jane. Earthquake? What's that about?


If not clueless, cagey in a malevolent, sociopathic, reflexive manner.

His world view is that of the third world. He is un-American at best.

Communist/Fascist most likely.

The most dangerous man to occupy the White House. Ever.

Jim Eagle

BTW, This whole thig could come udone without anyone lifting a finger. Just like Seattle and the PNW, Iran is an active earthquake zone with some of the highest accelerations ever recorded.

Miss Marple

Janet, You mentioned on the previous you heard an ad about the environment and the Pope sponsored by the Knights of St. Francis.

Here's their web site:


They are a recently-formed organization (2008! WHAT a coincidence) and they are based in San Francisco, California.

Their motto is "Peace and Love" which they have translated "Pax et Amor" which is incorrect Latin although probably fitting for San Francisco, since "amor" is romantic love as opposed to agape.

I don't know much about them, but they shouldn't be confused with the Knights of Columbus, an old organization devoted to defending the Faith and promoting responsible family men.

Captain Hate

Miss this, OL?



another brilliant brilliant plan,


if nothing else, contributions to Islamic State will skyrocket,

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
Their motto is "Peace and Love" which they have translated "Pax et Amor" which is incorrect Latin although probably fitting for San Francisco, since "amor" is romantic love as opposed to agape.

Perhaps they double as a "Yes Means Yes" organization on college campuses.


it's all greek to me,



and this seems to fit in, as well:



you can consider the 10th circuit decision, on the Sisters in the same

Jim Eagle

Gosnell's spirit lives on in an even more disgusting and macbre way.


Jim Eagle


No irony in that Turkey borders Iran, is there?

Captain Hate

Not going full Costanza was never an option:


Frau  Spott

Hear, hear TC @1:33.
You didn't mention the Promise Zones to tie more cities to the federal Democrat teat.

These newly designated Promise Zones will join five others that President Obama designated in January, 2014 – Los Angeles; Philadelphia; San Antonio; Southeastern Kentucky Highlands and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. The work underway in these communities is already showing results.

Results? Details, please.

Can Iowahawk get us through the remainder of this administration?

Frau  Angriff Nachbarschaft

Red diaper baby Julian "Don't forget my accent mark" Castro, head of HUD, guides Promise Zones and the stealth program snaking our way: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.
Stanley Kurtz has been watching and warning as Rush Limbaugh reported yesterday:

So busing came along to try to fix it. Of course, it didn't work, and it withered away on the vine after way too long a period of time. But the left isn't through. The next idea to come along instead of busing kids, is essentially moving people from one neighborhood to another. "Today, the Housing and Urban Development secretary, Julian Castro," or "Hoo-lee-on," depending on your pronunciation preference. "Today, HUD Secretary Julian Castro announced the finalization of the Obama administration's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.

"A front-page article preemptively defending the move appears in today’s Washington Post. The final rule" in this mess "is 377 pages, vastly longer than the preliminary version of the rule promulgated in 2013." The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule "is easily one of President Obama’s most radical initiatives, on a par with Obamacare in its transformative potential. In effect..." Look at me. I want you to hear this. "In effect, AFFH gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood."

It gives the Regime a lever to impose "a preferred racial and ethnic composition."

Jim Eagle

Good Lord.

Netroots Nation Organizaers Ask Conference Attendees Not to Rape People.



Obama understands like-minded progressives and no one else.

And like-minded progressives say that any opposition to the Iran deal, no matter the details of the deal, is the equivalent of a call for war with Iran. (Surely Obama believes this, too.) And, since war is wrong, any deal is right, no matter the details of the deal. QED.


And, since war is wrong, any deal is right, no matter if it leads to more damaging war.


Does this deal significantly reduce the chance that Iran could, in the foreseeable future . . . continue its nefarious activities under the protection of a nuclear umbrella? If the answer to this question is yes, then a deal, in theory, is worth supporting.

"Reduce" compared to what? It's a meaningless question without a counterfactual. And the counterfactual is either a feasible better deal (so by definition the answer is "no" if such a deal exists) or alternative approaches like military action, stronger sanctions, etc.

Tom Maguire


If they do cheat what is anyone going to do about it?

At Reason, we are told that Russia and China were going to sidestep/subvert the sanctions anyway, but if the Iranians flagrantly cheat, maybe they will agree to snap them back.

Of course, if the sorta-kinda cheat, then the Russians, Chinese, Germans and French will look the other way. Enforcement is not an option.


And here's a heartwarming story for a Tuesday:


Perhaps this is related to the earlier debate about capitalism and civilization.


Is everyone out digging bomb shelters? 38 minutes without a post.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, Rowan might be gone but the loons are still in charge.

I had a laugh just now reading a book suggested by - I think RSE - Heresy as a series similar to my previous series about Henry VIII.

This one is set a few years later with Elizabeth on the throne, and the back and forth since H8 died, Mary brought the Pope back, now Elizabeth is back to the Church of England and the Catholics are on the outs again. Got the setting?

Well, we are in Oxford and the College is all atwitter trying to decide whether the Catholics should kill the Church of England guys or the other way around.

On page 642 there is an exchange where two guys are trying to decide if something was heresy or not and what should be the punishment, and one guy asks "What would God say about it?"

To which the other guy responded immediately "Good Heavens! What does God have to do with it anyway???"

As the wise man said about the fate of those who do not know their History...

Miss Marple


I took a small nap. I've been up since 5AM and had to do a lot of work.

Now I am listening to Stuart Varney subbing on Cavuto. He's got Guiliani on right now, commenting on this horrible deal.

Thomas Collins

Obama and his pants crease worshipers won't give a serious argument for this deal. So, in the interest of covering all the basis, I have linked to a Google page below that has links to Ken Waltz's balance of power theory, which argues that Iran's having the A-bomb helps bring a necessary balance of power to the Mideast, and to articles attacking and defending Waltz's view. I disagree with Waltz, but at least Waltz avoids the sickening happy talk emanating from the White House.



I think the Corker deal was just for fun. Sure, Obama and Co. got a laugh out of the fact that the Republicans fell for it, but either way - even if the Senate kept their authority and failed to ratify the agreement - Obama can claim the high ground after the inevitable confrontation happens on his successor's watch.

Kind of a win-win, except for all the additional death and destruction.

I'd bet that Israel is re-thinking their decision to hold off during Bush's final days. Bush is probably re-thinking this, too.


I'm reading more details about BOzo's new Transforming Majority White Suburbs Out of Existence Initiative. It's a huge undertaking that, hopefully, will be stopped in its tracks on Jan. 20, 2017, while still in the massive planning stages. I can think of few things more likely to rile average Americans than the feds taking over neighboring zoning decisions and enforcing same using Americorp/Vista storm troopers.

Thomas Collins

And if it's balance of power you want, this deal will probably do it. Sauds will get nukes and align with Islamic State. Will Sauds control the bomb, or will Islamic State? Maybe both. Paks will be bolstering their delivery system. Worried about immigration? Well, I'm sure we'll accept displaced Mohammedans while lending a skeptical eye towards Middle Eastern Christians who want to escape. Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry will be accepting toasts from all the right people in the international organizations. Puke-inducing is the most polite way I can describe the spectacle.

Thomas Collins

Ah, yes, DebinNC, I was going to read the HUD final regs. today, but the confirmation of the capitulation to Iran has me bummed out enough that I don't think I should tackle HUD regs. today.

Jack is Back!

Israel now has 60-90 days to finalize their Iran elimination plans. That, of course, includes a silent coalitiion with the Arabs. I like an October surprise.

Thomas Collins

I'm hoping the plans have been in the works and are being finalized now, JiB.

Jack is Back!


Of course, but from my bomb plan experience, you always want updated intel especially Humint and airG2. Then get more technical. It would not surprise me that Israel has their own version of a MOAB and also a newer versiion of Stuxnet.

Hey? Where's Geraldo:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--And if it's balance of power you want, this deal will probably do it.--

Problem is MAD doesn't work when at least one of the parties is mad.
Just believing in a thousand year temporal Reich was enough for Adolph to risk unbalancing the power in a worldwide conflagration.

Do we really think a herd of Twelvers who think it's their sacred eternal duty to touch off the end of the world sit around arguing detente and realpolitik doctrines?

Thomas Collins

We can always hope, JiB. By the way, even if Congress overrode an Obama veto, what is Congress going to do if Obama simply implements the deal by executive decree? I doubt the federal courts will intervene.

Old Lurker

I'm still liking my idea of giving them all two or three bombs each but set them so they can only be used within certain boundaries like an Invisible Fence. And for a bonus set them so they all go off if unused for say twelve months.


Old Lurker

TC, see how the system breaks down when the Judicial Leg of the stool is MIA?


I'm old enough to remember when Nixon was called the Imperial President.

What a piker he was.

Miss Marple


I am relieved Juan has the dummy seat today instead of Geraldo. Juan is much easier to take.

Thomas Collins

Yes, OL, although five SCOTUS critters are happy to make up new rights, I don't even think they would entertain a declaratory judgment in an action against Obama on the Iran matter. But ultimately I don't think it will come to that, because there won't be an override.

My concern about the Congressional procedure is that people may think it validates Obama's agreement, which it doesn't. Because there will have been no treaty vote, Prez Walker can rescind it by executive action. And notwithstanding the usual continuity in American foreign policy, I think the next POTUS is going to have to negate much of Obama's foreign and national security policy.


All is not lost. We still have Tom Cotton, and the pictures of Pluto sure are nice!


Trump: Why didn’t Obama demand that Iran release its four U.S. prisoners as part of the deal?

When the guy’s right, he’s right, especially the bit about Obama dealing from desperation.

Does anyone get this idea that Obama was desperate? I don't. Everyone, including Obama, knows that this only helps Iran get the bomb.

Even Trump won't say that this was Obama's intent. Will anyone else have the guts?


Not to mention his domestic policy as well, TC.


From the outset, Obama's intention was to permit Iran to have the bomb and to focus on containment.

As the Old Professor would have said, you can look it up.

Old Lurker

TC, the Brits ( used to or still) use a device called a shadow cabinet where the out party assigns one of its own to look over the shoulder of each in power cabinet person. (One money guy to shadow the actual money guy, one military guy to watch the actually military guy and so on)

With all this time before the election, I would love to see a (Walker or Fiorina) form such a group today and regularly post the list of Executive Actions intended in his first 100 days. At least we could have some hope.


Iranian language towards U.S. shifts after deal

From “Death to America” to détente?

As recently as Monday, Iranian newspapers were referring to Americans as “neocon nut jobs.” That was just two days after the country’s supreme leader called the U.S. “arrogant powers.” But after President Hassan Rouhani announced “all our objectives” were met in Tuesday’s nuclear agreement, the tone of Iran’s rhetoric shifted dramatically.

“This agreement goes both ways,” Rouhani wrote on Twitter. “The successful implements of #IranDeal can dismantle the wall of mistrust brick by brick.”

That brand of rhetoric is a fresh path in Iranian-American communications.

Old Lurker

"and to focus on containment"

What makes you think he will pivot to containment, Mark? Can he even spell the word?

Jack is Back!

Rouhani = the new version of Joe Izusu or Baghdad Bob or Pinocchio.

Take your pick.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If we're giving Iran the bomb how bout we give a couple to Saudi Arabia?

First an airburst over the Kaaba followed by a ground penetrator to salt the earth it stood on.
With nothin to pray toward, the House of God beaten into a glowing plowshare and the Fifth Pillar pilgrimage rendered somewhat impractical how long til the other four pillars fell?

Marlene on Kindle

Just came back from having the dog groomed,saw another truck flying a CBF. Heh. Mainers flying the flag southerners dare not fly.
Holy carp,Heh Johnson doesn't know about the murder of Kate Steinle.There are no words.


So true
If Iran gets the bomb it will be on Obamas watch
Clinton responsible for North Koreas nuclear bomb and Bambi can claim responsibility for Iran
Both will have tainted legacies

Marlene on Kindle

Jeh,darn auto correct.


Seems like that would be hard to do, OL, since they'd have to line up real future choices before some of the big names might want to commit, or replace interim names with their real choices if elected.

Do the Brits actually put these same people into the ministerial positions if they take power?

Btw, the thing I like most about the British system is Question Time, where the PM and ministers take questions from the MPs. Can you imagine Obama, or any of our recent presidents, handling such a thing?


Johnson is pathetic
When asked point blank about Kate he looked like a deer in the headlights
I bet his instructions are to do absolutely nothing about illegal aliens coming in or being deported
Do nothing is part of his job description


I see another highlight of Obama's second term, crushing Little Sisters of the Poor, got a big thumbs up from the 10th circuit today.

Marlene on Kindle

Howie Carr plays audio clips as an intro to his show.He played a clip of Kerry touting the Iran deal.Then he played a second clip of Kerry as Senator,saying...this tunnel(Big Dig)will be a bargain.Ha.


What kind of name is Jeh anyway


Imagine Jeh Johnson, or Kerry, or any of these clowns, during a British-style Question Time.


What happened with the 10th Circuit
Sorry Skoot my phone always writes your name as Smooth which I am sure you are


All of those named would wither and die under such intense question ing

Jack is Back!

The same guy who just gave Iran the bomb.

User Actions

Mark KnollerVerified account
Pres Obama also calls for elimination of gangs in prisons - and for ending rape in prison - and an end to making jokes about rape in prison.


Glad you like the book OL. Read the most recent one, Treachery, flying back and forth to SF. I am not sure it has been published in US yet.

I usually get the Sansome books from the UK too as they come out at least 6 months earlier. Also his reimagining of WW2 if the British had surrendered after Dunkirk is great as well. It is called Dominion and has Churchill living as a fugitive and running the Resistance.


They don't have the bomb yet, and Israel must be working right now on a plan. Netanyahu won't want to be remembered as being passive over this, and an attack on Iran would be a big f-u to Obama, which I'm sure he'd like to deliver before the Nobel committee votes.


10th circuit said they must comply with contraception mandate, Maryrose.

"which I am sure you are"

Thanks, but I prefer "technically competent but verbally abrasive" :)


Religious freedom is taking a hit with this Little Sisters of the Poor lawsuit
Repubs can use reconciliation to get rid of some of this Ocare garbage
Ultimately the Sisters will win at the Supreme Court level
Let's ask Pope Francis what he thinks


Woman in wench costume takes down sword thief

In this Saturday, July 11, 2015 photo, provided by Steven Chapman, a renaissance festival attendee, right, restrains 22-year-old man Connor Ward, after he allegedly made off with a sword at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, in Larkspur, Colo. Ward is facing charges of theft and resisting arrest after authorities say he crashed a jousting performance at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and tried to take a sword. A witness said the man was chased down by two women in costume.

Well, ok, nobody's gonna post?

Polish cow on the run for 2 years is finally caught

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Matylda finally moo'ved back home.

The cow escaped from her Polish farm two years ago and lived a life on the lam in a nearby forest, sometimes damaging crops. She has finally been caught.

Owner Leszek Zasada spoke about his adventure with the brown cow in a story broadcast Tuesday by the all-news station TVN24.

He said Matylda escaped in 2013 from his farm in Zloty Stok, in Western Poland, the day after he brought her home.

She survived two frigid winters on her own, but the time on the run took its toll. She lost the calf she was sometimes spotted with and returned home with many scars.

Farmers in the area complained of the damage she caused but nobody was able to catch her until last Saturday.


Nothing about the dude taken down by a wench?


Maryland Democrat Becomes Enraged in Presence of Ex-Husband's Fiance; Exposes Breasts, Jiggles Each In a Hand

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I love the Maryland Renaissance Festival. We go about every other year & always have a great time.

Prepare Thyself For Merriment!!


Renaissance Faire thingy down the road opened Saturday. My nieces tried to drag me along with promises of large quantities of mead. I thought about all the lard asses from IL that would be there and stayed away.


I wonder how the Green Revolution people in Iran feel right now. $15 Billion for more arms for more Basij and Revolutionary Guards.

Syria is becoming Iran's quagmire and even Hezbollah is admitting that it is taking serious casualties. We got that going for us.

The Abu al Miki Maus Brigades have launched another offensive against ISIL, which should be completed by @ 5:45PM Baghdad Central Time with the turnover of 20 M-1 tanks and a battalion's worth of Hummers. U.S. advisers were not amused and will advise more strongly come the next batch of deserters.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Isn't this what everyone does when they get angry? - "...Kelly exposed her breasts to the camera "with one breast in each hand [shaking] them up and down."

Good Lord.

Every Democrat should be asked if they approve of "breast shaking" as a way of displaying anger.

Perhaps it's the newest Progressive women's issue & us Bible thumpin', gun totin', creepy-ass crackers are just unfamiliar with it.


The Dem female exposed herself in the presence of her kids? No wonder MD is #3 in states whose residents told Gallop they'd leave if they could.

Miss Marple


They always have those Renaissance Fairs in hot weather, and I am disinclined to see people sweating in medieval costumes designed for cool English springs.


Odd how the Dem's naked boobs juggling was in court documents, but the WaPo didn't find it worth mentioning.

Jack is Back!

Details are the devil.

IAEA and E3 & EU+3 agree to assist Iran in many areas of nuclear safety and security.

[Can I help you rob that bank and rape that woman? It would be my pleasure].



Every Democrat should be asked if they approve of "breast shaking" as a way of displaying anger.

Who would deny this approval?


What kind of a name is Jeh anyway?


According to the website Think Baby Names:

"Jeh as a boys' name is of Latin origin, and means "blue crested bird". Jeh is a variant of Jay. Also possibly from the Latin name Gaius meaning happy." [edited]

Sounds like something a flower child from my generation might have thought up. I think he pronounces it Jay. So, why not name the kid "Jay"? Or "Blue Crested Bird"? Or even "Happy"?


That wench is going to strangle him with her boobs if he doesn't quit it.

Miss Marple


"Creative" spellings of names drive me crazy. Every time I see "Jeh" I think it rhymes with "meh."

I went to school during one of the episodes of creative name-spelling. I knew gals named Lynda, Jayne, Kristal, Debra, Linn, etc.


It appears that the wench also kept possession of her phone during the capture. Well done, wench.

Miss Marple

Boy, these two analysts on Greta's show are lame.


Speaking of baby names, my youngest ran two potential girl names by me recently, and I hated both. I think I responded somewhat affirmatively while thinking, "Seriously?" The names were of the Gertrude/Hilda type, not the modern Bethany/Brittany or classic Grace/Sarah type. She's not pregnant, fortunately, so I'm keeping hope alive.


MissM, yes, the pleasure of large crowds of drunk sweating fat Illinoisans on an otherwise splendid but hot July day. Chocolatefest in Burlington is just as bad (add smeared with melted chocolate to the above) but at least it is in May. March or October would be far better timing.

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

My experience with the MD Renaissance Festival is that it is a very fun day. The acts are very Un-pc with lots of great banter. The crowds are good natured too.

Here's one of the acts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrBbFB0wZhQ

Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy at NYS Fair 8-27-2008

Jack is Back!

Thank you MLB and the Reds for having another silly stupid rendition of our national anthem. What a disgrace but they don't even understand how ridiculous they sound. And yet the crowd goes along with it.

Old Lurker

I love it RSE and in my OCD manner will do the others one after another, by which time my JOM friends will give me another series to do.

I am aware there are new books in several of my other guys but I will wait until I am done with yours for them.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Technically wouldn't she be jiggling her udder?

Eric in Boise

My memory of the CO Renaissance Fair many years ago was the dunk tank, with a sign saying "Drench A Wench", and a lovely lass on the platform in full regalia.

As a young family walked by, the barker called out to their seven or eight year old boy "Come on lad, give it a try! You're never too young to learn how to get a woman wet!"

The parents didn't seem to see the humor.


Ni Hao!

In the hotel room in China I find I am more able to stomach coverage of the Iran Nuke Deal when it comes on the Chinese channels, than when it's covered on CNN International or the BBC.

CNN with Amonpour and her bunch, come across as personally invested in praising this thing as "Win-Win," and as an example of their champion Obama's courage and wisdom that they can go to battle for. BBC's initial coverage is playing this as a political battle between Obama and Republicans, nothing more, and their talking heads from the Mideast seem close to giddy to be able to call the balls and strikes in that contest.

So I go to the state sponsored Chinese channels and they are refreshing. I can't read any of the reporters biases, and I get no sense that they are personally excited about being able to report on this story. They just rad the news, deadpan and serious. They provide images from Iran of huge murals painted on buildings saying "Death To America" and mocking the US flag.

Mark Levin was pooh-poohed when he was the first one out of the box to scream that the Republican's had painted themselves into a box and whittled away their treaty power by the Corker(?) Amendment, but looks like once again he was correct.

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