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July 26, 2015



Primero and shocker!

Thomas Collins

With one exception, every Westphalian creature is for itself. The exception is the United States under Obama.


Well, they don't want to make Obama mad by attacking Islamic militants too aggressively as the Africans were warned.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

You can't switch back if you never switched in the first place.
Ask Caitlyn.


Great pieces clarice

Rick Ballard


I believe the Nobel Peace Prize winner has approved of Turks killing Iraqis and Syrians as part of his Arab Spring initiative. He has withheld approval of Jordanians killing Iraqis and Syrians without express permission and is displeased with Egyptians killing Libyans and Saudis killing Yemenis. Nigerians can kill Nigerians as long as its a Mahometan v Mahometan or Mahometan v Christian encounter. Nigerian Christians are discouraged from killing Mahometans.

Things may change, of course, because Arab Spring is essentially Mahometan Calvinball played with bombs and bullets.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Excellent Pieces, clarice.
I have an open mind on Walker and he now has to put up or shut up. If he is content to fiddle around the edges of the welfare state and make it slightly less unionized and a bit more efficient then he'll drop off my radar.


We can't trust Turkey, but we CAN TRUST Iran.


At 09:54.. D o you see any other candidate saying anything about stopping unions?

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

On the Planned Parenthood thing I'm having a hard time figuring out why it matters whether they are selling pieces of baby human beings they killed at a substantial mark-up, at cost, below wholesale or are just giving them away.

On the assumption there is no Godwin violation possible concerning a story about babies killed for convenience sake and then cut into pieces for resale, who was more reprehensible; the Nazis who held the Jews clothes for a paycheck or the ones who turned on the Zyklon B and who would have happily done so for free?

Miss Marple

Walker will have every federal government emplyee against him, because they fear his methods.

Consider if employment in the federal union was voluntary. Consider if union activists had to draw their salaries from the union, rather from the federal government, as they do now. Consider if democrat coffers were reduced by a whole lot because union dues dropped.

I understand incrementalism on these issues, as long as the progress is always forward.

I await his explanations on how he plans to proceed as president.

Miss Marple


Morally there is no difference. However, we are trying to get people to face what it really is, the killing and dismemberment of actual human beings.

"Out of sight, out of mind" is how this gruesome business has lasted for so long.

My pint about China is that those fetal tissue pills do NOT fall into their high-sounding "medical research" category and I would bet cash money some of those baby parts end up being shipped to points in the Orient.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

--At 09:54.. D o you see any other candidate saying anything about stopping unions?--

Slowing down public unions without reversing the welfare state is hopeless.
I would gladly take a fully unionized federal workforce one quarter its present size over a right to work one of the same size it is now.


MM, Alicia Colon has a great piece which I cited today about how some of that tissue ended up being clones for taste receptors used by food companies.

Miss Marple


I just ran across a reference to that.

Medical research my foot.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

The case has to be made why we don't need and why the country would be better off without a HUD or a Dept of Ed or EPA or pretty much any other three letter combo in DC.
Incremental progress on that front is useful.

He won't have every fed employee against him if they don't pay union dues but they are going to lose their job?
If no public unions is the goal then abolish them via EO on day one. That's an increment which shows seriousness and lets the left know, finally, they are in a war for survival, not a game of patty cake with little girls in party dresses.
Yes Lindsey I'm referring to you.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Politics is not a sport. There aren't three outs to a side nor an end zone.

If you're playing defense and your opponent advances to the goal line, they score and then keep driving it down the endless field until they score again because they have a limitless number of goals.

If you put the other guys out three times, they don't hand you the bat; they keep swinging until they make contact, and they aren't swinging at the ball...well not the baseball anyway.

Republicans have been on defense for 80-100 years because they have chosen to be, and in politics that is a guaranteed loss.

Jeff Dobbs

NBC/Marist poll of IA and NH...

Clinton is ahead of Sanders (who represents neighboring Vermont in the U.S. Senate) by 13 points, 47 percent to 34 percent. They're followed by O'Malley at 5 percent and Lincoln Chafee at 2 percent.


Has NH learned nothing? Make Hillary look bad in your state and she's gonna start crying.

Miss Marple


I don't disagree with you, but marshalling support for draconian cuts from Congress is difficult, and an EO would immediately cause the unions to take it to the courts, where it would be tied up for years.

Myself, I would start chipping away at the unions while poling Americans to see which department should be cut first. I think agriculture or education could stand being abolished. The ag department has one of the biggest buildings in DC and is not needed in the manner it was in the 1930's.

Send most of the money to the states in proportion to their agricultural income, and get it out of DC. Same with education, which is especially unpopular due to Common Core.

Miss Marple


This is a neat sort of time-waster, when you get sick of politics.


How about that revelation about Forsyth working for mi 6

Miss Marple



For those of a prophetic bent, turkey is a significant player in both Ezekiel and revelation



I think it is worse than choosing to be on defense for the last 80-100 years. Republicans politicians are often the genteel amongst us. They don't like to get "down and dirty" because they don't know how. That is what a policeman with his whistle is for.

Democratic politicians, on the other hand, often have a constituency that knows how to get "down and dirty" because it has been part of their survival.

OrangeDrank and Bitch McConnell are getting their lunch money boosted every day because we have sent a couple of pussies to a knife fight.

'I don't need this'.  Oh, yeah?

Heh, Kerry and Obama after the suicide tweet and the revelation of the side deals: Who are those guys anyway?

Perhaps a little 'side deal'?

Are we sure US planes aren't bombing Kurds?


OrangeDrank and Bitch McConnell are getting their lunch money boosted every day because we have sent a couple of pussies to a knife fight.

We're viewing a make-believe knife fight, like the finale of West Side Story. Only our Tony and Riff are frauds, wearing Shark t-shirts under their Jets jerseys.


Excellent "Pieces," Clarice, just want to mention that the link to the Fiorina interviews with Tapper and Fox is bad.

Jack is Back!


That 10:41 gave me pangs of nostalgia as I have read most of those books. My first was On The Road as frosh in college thinking the Beatniks were the cat's meow. Little did I know.

And Travels with Charley was very popular amongst us Hamptonites as Steinbeck was living in Sag Harbor and started his journey from there.

Then how can anyone not have read Roughing It? With Innocents Abroad it is the best of Twain's humorous traveloouges at the same time an historical and geographical tour-de-force.

The last one I read was Blue Highways and The Lost Continent and I have to agree 100% with the writer of that article. Bryson should stay in the UK or better yet Russia.


Thanks, Jimmyk.I;ll have the editor check it out.

Vanguardism--from my fb friend Jeffrey Varasano:

"How the Left deals with this is very instructive. The left studies revolution and power tactics, whereas the right studies policy and governance. The left are pros at this and calls it "Vanguardism." Lenin wrote about it. The party moves not from the Center but from the edges, which then makes a path for others. The Vanguard takes arrows, tries things out, and can make enemies. It can always disavow, if need be. In this way, the true force, which follows the vanguard, has the path lit.

The Far Right: the left paints the far right as extremist nuts and immediately tries to link the center right to it. The Left's goal is to create a rift - to prevent the center right from creating any protection for the far right and leave their own out to dry. The left smears the far right then connects the center right to it, forcing the center to distance themselves. Thus the rift actually comes from the center right itself. The far right, who are the most courageous foot soldiers, are hung out and get discouraged. The center right never takes one step to the right for fear of being lumped in with those that have been shunned.

The Far Left. The right tries meekly to connect the center left to the far left. The center left defends the far left, not by embracing it, but by calling anyone who sees their connection to their left wing paranoid. Thus they don't defend communism, they say the right is paranoid for worrying about it. In this way the center left protects itself and attacks the right at the same time. Meanwhile they actually protect the far left too. They discredit individual critics of the far left rather than defend far left policies. But then they also funnel money to the far left or to more palatable fronts for the fast left. Gradually they work to mainstream far left ideas. So yesterday the right was paranoid for thinking Obama would support gay marriage, today the right is evil for opposing gay marriage.

There's more to this, but this is the gist of Vanguardism." – Jeffrey Varasano

Texas Liberty Gal

It seems as though the MSM and even FNC are completely ignoring Cruz's speech on Friday. I guess that's why McConnell had no comment on it as that would have forced MSM to cover it. As my FB friends saying - smh!

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Persactly, clarice.


Shoebat's take on prophetic Turkey:


Link was published two years ago.

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