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July 24, 2015



When only "blacklivesmatter" there is a bucketload of racism out there for all to see. This following Holder's "just us" approach to the DoJ.

Jack is Back!

Well that didn't last long. [The prior "new thread"]

With black leaders like the mayor of Baltimore and the DA there, no wonder there is a dim view on race relations.

Miss Marple

I have now posted on two threads, only to have another pop up. (There's another one after this.)

I think I will let things settle down and go mop or something.


So, is Obama saying "Mission accomplished"? Or is he saying -- um, that didn't work out the way I expected.

I hate that I have to ask the question. I think if you polled Obama's voters in 2008, this would have been the least expected result.

Of course -- what the recent Planned Parenthood messages suggest is that -- All lives don't matter because, heck, some lives aren't really lives.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

--Of course -- what the recent Planned Parenthood messages suggest is that -- All lives don't matter because, heck, some lives aren't really lives.--

I saw elsewhere the macabre #blackliversmatter.

Thomas Collins

I think the women who say they are voting for The Hill because of her gender are going to be ones who are substantially likely to turn out and vote for the Dem nominee in any event. If Florida and Ohio are tipped by The Hill's gender into the Dem camp, it will be due to persuadable males who want to virtue signal their feminist side.

Captain Hate

Special Ed should be livid that this inebriated clown is still in place:


Captain Hate

The attack of the ugly dumbasses:


Frau Spruchwort

"The attack of the ugly dumbasses:"

German Confucius say "There's no pill to cure stupidity."

Frau Spruchwort

Too funny, CH @1:00

MATTHEWS: I think people should remember when they observe the Constitution and their oath of office that they should remember that all laws coming from that Constitution -- and the Logan Act is one of those laws -- you're not supposed to negotiate for the United States unless you are in fact the United States government.

Tweety forgets/forgives Lurch's doing just that with North Vietnam officials during his alleged-honeymoon in Paris. (Ah, we'll always have Paris...)

Captain Hate

Frau, our girl Tammy was the person who brought to my attention the ludicrous situation of ignorant bints criticizing Japanese women for observing Japanese customs. She let loose with a couple words which are why she's not on commercial radio.

Captain Hate

Arrest every effing member of the DoJ:



Priorities, CH. DOJ has to put all its criminal staff to work on Republican pols.

Captain Hate

Per Tammy Bruce, Carly is in the top 10 in two polls. Teh Tam also echoes my statement that it would look very bad for the GOP to exclude the only woman candidate.

Jeff Dobbs

Carly was tied for 7th in the latest PPP poll (with Paul and Cruz).

The last time she was in the top 10 was a Fox poll from 6/21-6/23 - but Fox has a more recent poll from 7/13-7/15, and the 6/21 Fox poll is the 10th most recent poll - not in the top 5 that Fox Network says it will use to determine who's in the debate.

Unless the Tam is using a poll that doesn't show up on the RCP list of polls (in which case, I wouldn't think Fox Network would be using it in determining their top 10 anyway). Or maybe there's a new poll out that isn't at RCP yet? I haven't seen it.

Jeff Dobbs

but Fox has a more recent poll from 7/13-7/15

...in which Carly is at 1% and tied for 12th.

Jack is Back!

Is this teh most interesting man in the world but dead?



Very disturbing to think what the DOJ is doing instead with the billions allotted for rape kit testing.


I beg to differ with German Confucius. There is such a pill. Cyanide capsules.


CC Straw Poll - Who do you support for President of United States in 2016?


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