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July 12, 2015


Old Lurker

With all due respect to my Catholic friends, those who do not recognize that the Pope is a dangerous enemy should read the LUN from the NYT.

Old Lurker

The Episcopal Church in the United States lost 60% of its members by turning radically left in the late 60's, and the 40% who remain have an average age of something like 69, so tic toc for them.

Catholics are now following the same recipe and it will either end the same way, or it will fuel the revolution past critical mass such that it will impoverish the globe once again.


The value of having ordinary citizens slapped by the halibuts of the Pope, Obama, and the GOPe, is that it can shake those citizens out of their school-induced stupor.

Old Lurker

We shall see, sbw. It is a big rock to push back uphill.

Jeff Dobbs

But one must have a heart of stone to mock these oppressed victims of their own hotness

Or at least a ♡ with which one can replace the dot over the "i" in Brittany.


Jeff, did I ever tell you you're my favorite?
OL we drove past the cathedral last night and noticed new construction. What is it? A new gay wedding chapel?


Ok, SJW locust wants a participation trophy instead of a job. Perhaps directions to a cardboard box of her own are in order.

Old Lurker

Probably, Clarice, probably.

James D.

I"m with you, OL.

Old Lurker

WaPo predicts Iran deal today. WSJ speculates the Greek deal might fail. Maybe Kerry needs to wrap up his attempts to get the Persians the bomb and hustle over to Germany and save the union.

Jeff Dobbs

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm going way out on a limb and guessing Brittany didn't do too well in her pool party interviews.

Anyone want the other side of that bet?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Happy Birthday Ann.
And many more, cutie.

Miss Marple

I would like to know what the JPII priests are thinking.

This entire papal tour will culminate in a visit to the White House and a speech before Congress, in which no doubt Obama's policies will be praised and we will be insulted.

I will be happy to be wrong.

As a convert under Benedict, this is a very difficult time for me. I am sort of ignoring anything Pope Francis says which is political or economic.


HB, Ann!!

Omri, ceren, The Israel Projecthttp://bigstory.ap.org/article/68a6b0062cc445968a74607887a01537/us-secretary-state-hopeful-iran-nuke-deal-near
VIENNA (AP) — Diplomats say negotiators at the Iran nuclear talks are expected to reach a provisional agreement Sunday on a historic deal that would curb the country's atomic program in return for sanctions relief. Two diplomats at the talks tell The Associated Press the envisioned accord will be sent to capitals for review and, barring last-minute objections, be announced on Monday. The diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the negotiations publicly. The agreement would cap nearly a decade of diplomacy, including the current round in Vienna that has run more than two weeks and blown through three deadlines.
Presumably more details will leak as reporters start to hunt down details, but it looks like a done deal.
Congress will now have 60 days to review the agreement, and lawmakers will be specifically looking for how the Obama administration managed to overcome the final issues that held up a deal over the last two weeks: anytime/anywhere inspections including access to military sites, the IAEA's concerns over the possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear program, and the Iranian/Russian demand that the United Nations arms embargo against Tehran be lifted.
Based on how negotiations have progressed since mid-March - Iranian intransigence followed by repeated American collapses on nearly every core issue - it's unlikely that Congress will like what it finds. Mitch McConnell predicted this morning on Fox News Sunday that the deal will be "a very hard sell in Congress."
The Corker legislation allows lawmakers to introduce a resolution of disapproval, introduce a resolution of approval, or do nothing.
A resolution of approval would be loaded with symbolism. It would most likely be introduced and then voted down: a rebuke by a co-equal branch of the U.S. federal government of inarguably the most important diplomatic gamble in decades. But it wouldn't have any legal force.
A resolution of disapproval would carry all of the symbolism of a failed resolution of approval, but it would also prohibit the President from lifting some sanctions. The trick is that the President would have the ability to veto it, and then Congress would have to override that veto. There may be enough worried Democrats in the Senate to get to 67, but the conventional wisdom is that the White House retains sufficient political capital to prevent 290 votes in the House (there are simply too many safe seats where the general elections don't matter, and members' existence relies on not getting primaried - and the President is still the most powerful force in the Democratic party).
In any case, this will be the next 60 days in Washington DC.

James D.

I find it terrifying that the man who leads my country, and the man who leads my church, both consider me - and all of us here - as enemies.

Miss Marple

Sirens across north Israel. Incoming rockets.

(From Twitter.)

Miss Marple

James D,

That's a succinct way of explaining it, and I pretty much agree with you.

Old Lurker

MM at 9:47. That's pretty much how I feel about my way of life and value system.

Miss Marple

Sirens in Israel were false alarm. All clear.

Jane on Ipad

Happy Birthday Ann! Love,love,love you!


Quote from Brittany Bronson article:
"The all-female cocktailing staffs are expected to maintain near-perfect appearances regarding makeup, hair removal and spray tans; some pools even require weigh-ins. Such expectations make them vulnerable to demeaning comments from management regarding bloating, shaving or the need to lose weight."u

For that amount of money in that period of time - I wouldn't care if management called me lard ass.


If vulnerable Dems want re election in2016 they will vote against this stupid Iran agreement
They don't owe Obama anything
Bennet in Colorado and Man bin in West Virginia could be handed their walking papers
Obama has a proven merde touch
If they climb aboard the Good Ship Hussein Obama they will find themselves spending more time with their families It is like Ocare. Dems will lose seats because of it


Happy Birthday to the always lovely ann
Your sense of humor always makes me laugh


Happy Birthday Ann!

Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

Happy Birthday, Ann!! Lots of love to you!!

Centralcal on iPad

Happiest of birthdays, Annie Banannie!



only if light is shined on the subject. Ocare failings become visible and personal for alot of people.

A bad deal with Iran may only become visible when some raghead tees up a hot one in NYC.



Rick Ballard

Happy Birthday, Ann!


I think it is more likely that the Pope takes The Church down the route of the Episcopalians.

The Parishes I know are all quite liberal--I cannot speak freely in them at all. Sometimes I have to grit my teeth to make it through a Left wing homily.

Some groups in the Hierarchy must have been planning this for quite some time.

It is a disaster, and it will be exceedingly hard to undo. I doubt that it can be undone in the current arrangements; it might take immense world wide suffering to set the Church right.

The is far worse John the 23rd.

The world is in for some very difficult times.
The West may not recover.

THe Left has put down the pedal. They are likely to get it all.

We certainly will see the Church faithful now line up for Climate Change and a global Marxist Order. There is no meaningful dissent in the Church now.

given that the last two pope where among the greatest in history, and fulling understand the dangers of Communism, one wonders how we got here so quickly.

Oh weak, arrogant and stupid we are in the West.



How we got here is simple. Instead of questioning the Marxist horseshit, most of "my generation" was smoking dope and saying "its cool"

Old Lurker

That is true Buckeye but truthfully it goes back several hundred years. It is like a virus which the body beats into submission until, lurking deep within some dark cave in that body, it awaits a weakness then reblooms bigger and stronger than before.

James D.

It's also human nature, unfortunately. Envy and resentment and "you didn't build that" is a lot easier than building and doing and earning.

And staying quiet to get along with one's co-workers and neighbors and even family is easier and safer than rocking the boat (especially when the other side is ready and willing to throw away friendships, family ties and any semblance of decent behavior in order to quash opposing voices).

We need botter wording.

Ironic all this guilt about slavery as the serf's collars are progressively tightened.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--That is true Buckeye but truthfully it goes back several hundred years.--

Goes back at least to Cain and Abel.

Old Lurker

Right, exactly, James. One might say it is Biblical but then you would have to wonder why the Pope does not see that.

Old Lurker

Beat me to it, Iggy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--you would have to wonder why the Pope does not see that--

What I actually wonder is does he spend more time in Mother Jones than the Bible?


" But it wouldn't have any legal force."

After the Supreme Court decided that the word state actually was the word federal, IMO, nothing the Congress does can be guaranteed to have any meaning.
Happy Birthday Ann! May you enjoy many, many more.


Happy Birthday Ann.

Man Tran

Didn't the Fatima Prophecies say this was the last Pope? Starting to look that way.

Happy Birthday Ann. Our best pals down 315 are moving to Tucson. One less reason to swing by. :(

Captain Hate

HB Ann.

Cecil Turner

"Such expectations make them vulnerable to demeaning comments from management regarding bloating, shaving or the need to lose weight."

Inhuman. I see the military is getting more reasonable about such things:

Army Plans ‘Dad Bod’ Physical Standards For Males With Dependents

Frau Zeitungsfrau

HB Ann! Getting in late but at least under the wire!

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