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July 30, 2015


Eric in Boise

her campaign advisors were shrewd in rejecting "Getting To Know You" as a theme song

I think "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac is still open.


Oh, by " behinder " I thought you were referring to her need for a double wide chair switching to triple wide. Thankfully no pics of that dimension.


"Like Voldemort, Hillary is inevitable because she is invincible. Once that aura is questioned, the notion of making (North American, federal) history by electing the boss's wife becomes even less appealing."

Didn't work out very well in Argentina, except for the cronies of Kirschner. Wouldn't be any different here.

Captain Hate

The Trash-80 of politicians:




Saw your post about vehicle woes. Have a trusted friend(idea about a mechanic in your church congregation is a good one)check it out carefully before drawing any conclusions.

Could be something like stuck thermostat, crapped out water pump or big leak that can be fixed inexpensively if no engine damage has occurred yet.

Most modern vehicles have either aluminum heads or engine blocks (or both) which tend to warp quickly if overheated for any extended period of time.


The best way to prevent the phenomenon of legacies thinking they have a right to higher office is to defeat both Jeb and Hillary decisively. Since both are mediocre at the fine art of campaigning, it seems likely this will happen.

My wife, who reads Salon so I don't have to, figures that someone will ride in so that the Dems don't have to nominate Hillary.


It would seem that the meat grinder is getting closer and closer for the bozos who have been running this country for the past 7 years.

Hillary can't seem to get out from under her e mails; Michael Bay is coming out with a Benghazi film; The IRS scandal seems to keep on keeping on, and the Planned Parenthood Gosnell moment is exposing the lengths the Leftists will go to in order to protect themselves. It is time to cut out this cancer.

The nation is, I think, beginning to turn away in disgust. Let's hope so.


well that's certainly true, you can't pander enough to the left, they have Doc Brown and Red Squaw on their trapper keeper,

Rick Ballard


The Clintons have spent twenty years kneecapping potential rivals to the Red Witch. A midget riding to the rescue on a Shetland pony just ain't gonna cut it.

Why can't we just enjoy the prog "Burn the Witch" project until the cinders cool?

Captain Hate

Don't worry, Rick; according to the mensas at Time, Broomstick 1 is in high gear:


Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

The charms of Bill Clinton were never apparent to me, however it can't be denied to a certain segment of the population his gifts as a flim flam man reap great rewards.
Hillary, has none, not a smidge, not even a scintilla of charm, ease, wit or chumminess about her.
She can only exist as the lesser light of a symbiosis with her big creep of a husband. Even as Senator and SoS she was his adjunct.

With age, the old flasher has lost much of whatever weird charm he might have had and as Pres Hillary would finally have to be the homunculus to the weird little baby growing out of her chest, rather than vice versa.
She can only swim successfully in a sea of Stalinist urine, not in one of her own meager making.

She's a stiff.

Captain Hate

Fat RINO Bastard doesn't think that Trump has had any impact on the GOP race. Those 9 credit downgrades are becoming more understandable.


her campaign advisors were shrewd in rejecting "Getting To Know You" as a theme song

"Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen is still probably still available as well. Although the "Girls" part is a stretch.

Wait. "Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap it is, then.


Ignatz @ 2:17 -- Perfect!


Speaking of bit bottomed Cankles, Powerline, ahem, weighs in:

JOHN adds: Hillary can’t be honest even for a moment, even as she executes a modified limited hangout. She says “I have seen pictures from them”–the Planned Parenthood videos–“and obviously find them disturbing.” ABC News plays along by referring to the videos as “graphic.”

But only the third video, the one that just came out yesterday, the same day when Hillary gave her interview–had she actually seen it?–is graphic, in that it shows aborted babies and their body parts. There are no “pictures” to be seen from the first two videos. What makes them disturbing is that they show PP officials lunching. They drink wine, they crack jokes, they talk about general business matters and vacations, and all the while they are negotiating the sale of baby parts. It isn’t “pictures” that are disturbing in these videos, it is the business being conducted by Planned Parenthood. Hillary has no intention of engaging with the real issues raised by the Center for Medical Progress.


Good News on the Local Talk Radio front.

Last night on the dog walk Meghan McCain was replaced by Dana Loesch, who is already on earlier in the day on the same channel from 9 to noon.

So I called the Local station a minute ago and was told that because of some contract with America Now, (Meghan's Network) they have to pay for Meghan's show for another 90 days until the contract expires, but that they have decided they will instead rerun Dana in Meghan's 3 hour evening time-slot until that 90 days is up, then they'll bring on somebody else, probably Joe Paggs.

Said they had been receiving a lot of calls:)

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

--Speaking of bit bottomed Cankles--

If anyone ever bit her bottom they best high themselves to a hospital forthwith.
Maybe a mental hospital.


they best high themselves to a hospital forthwith.

They'd have to be high in the first place, but you have to admit there would be a lot to chew on, CHMI.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Yeah, I was too lazy and the line wasn't worth taking the time spell it right.


Same here. ;)

Man Tran

Per the continuing saga of Congresscritters not living up to their campaign promises, I spotted this comment over at one of Wretchard's columns by SB from CO:

I live in a heavily Republican House district. Since the last election, my Congress-critter has taken up residence in Boehners anal orifice and homesteaded. If we have an election in 2016, he is about to have the hardest election campaign he has every had. He may not survive. I know of two counties where he may not have any campaign organization.



Hillary is live taking questions from reporters on FOX. She has enormous bags under her eyes and looks very tired.

Says she hopes her e-mails can be released as quickly as possible.

Says (to some reporter named Andrea--probably Mitchell) she will be giving a speech tomorrow. On the Cuban relationship and ending of the embargo, she says we need to come together "to continue down the path of engagement that has been laid out by Obama". Says she worked on it when she was Sec State and that it is in America's interests.

Says she won't comment on something Trump said and gives that creepy laugh.

Says she will let the Republicans choose their nominee.

Says in regard to the UBS Donations to her hubby and the Clinton Foundation that any implications that there was anything unethical is categorically false, and that she worked hard as our nations first Diplomat to solve problems and work with her colleagues in Congress. Says this is just the kind of unfortunate charge you see in campaigns.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

It's only a matter of time before hotness privilege is ranked right up there with white privilege I reckon.
Proof Beautiful Women Can Get You To Do Whatever They Want

Some say that HP was the entire genesis of feminism.
Millions of ugly, angry broads are hard to argue with.

Captain Hate

Dear God, Rick Perry was on the Intern Killer and when asked to state what Boehner and McConnell have done well he sounded like a stumbling nincompoop. Just effing brutal.


Says she wants to raise the Federal Minimum wage. Says she supports Patty Murray's 12 Dollar minimum wage bill. Says we should set a Federal minimum and then get out of the way and lets States raise it higher. Says Patty Murray is one of the most effective Legislators in the Senate, bar none.

Miss Marple

Buckeye, Thanks for the suggestion. I have a mechanic recommended by my brother-in-law for both skill and honesty. If they don't get the Jeep fixed today I am calling AAA and having it towed to the other place in the morning.


You cannot hear the questions, just the answers. Totally bush league press conference. So you can't hear the questions, and therefore you have to guess at whatever the hell she's responding to, and even when she does respond half the time she simply says she does not yet have enough info so she'll have to wait and see what develops before she can make a decision.

Nothing of consequence, except to note how bad she looks.


Jeff, is there some JOM award for valor that we can bestow on several of our regulars for actually putting their well-being aside long enough to actually listen to that screeching bint, Hilligula, so we don't have to?

daddy gets the award for today.


FOX Business has cut away from Hillary's Press Conference. Probably because it was so lousy and so hard to hear.

Interesting that it was not aired on CNN or on FOX's regular station.

I think the decision of CNN to stick with Cecil the lion coverage and the airplane crash, tells us what they think of Hillary's Press Conference. Meh.

Miss Marple

Hillary is a year older than me. After several international trips with long hours on a plane, I can tell you guys that there is no way that I could do a presidential campaing.

And I am someone who is not fat, and I do a lot of physical work. As far as I can tell, Hillary's sole exercise is walking from a limo to a private plane.

I am not surprised she looks bad, and as the campaign goes on, she will look worse. Might even see a completemelt-down on national TV.


How long can it take to run a match on a number from a 777 wing flap?


She's a stiff.

So, Ig, are you saying that perhaps she will never be elected?



I feel sorry for that cop who was arraigned today for murder. He looks about 25 years old. It certainly didn't look per-meditated to me, but what do I know?

Just think how politically incorrect it is to feel sorry for a cop.


Has anyone yet determined if this murderer was an illegal or not? Parents are shot dead and their daughter is wounded by broken-down motorist they offered to help on the side of Montana road

So far all I can find about the perp, Jesus Deniz Mendoza, 18, is this:

A source in the Big Corn County Attorney's Office told the Daily Mail Online they believed Deniz was an American citizen of Hispanic decent.

He added the department would investigate why Deniz was in the area

Park County sheriff's spokesman Lance Mathess said his agency has been instructed by the FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs not to release any information on Deniz.

Not that it matters to the dead family of Good Samaritans.

Cecil Turner

How long can it take to run a match on a number from a 777 wing flap?

Ten minutes?

Wait. "Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap it is, then.


Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em

Jack is Back!


If I was a conspiracy freak, I would suggest that that wing was a plant. Mis-direction away from the Caucuses where Putin has it under camo netting getting a paint job, new numbers, and being fitted out for some nefarious mission.

There should be part control numbers stamped on the interior strut, no?

Bob B Lu

"Says Patty Murray is one of the most effective Legislators in the Senate, bar none."

Hillary should have a laugh track to go along with all of her speeches.

Jenny Strumpet

Rasmussen (7/30/15): "Trump Is Well Ahead As First Debate Looms

Trump, the GOP presidential hopeful who has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, is well ahead with 26% support among Republicans. Walker, the Wisconsin governor best known for standing up to labor unions in his state, runs second with 14% support. Bush, a former Florida governor and the third member of his family to seek the presidency, is the first choice of 10%.

Among the 13 remaining major Republican candidates, their levels of support are: Texas Senator Ted Cruz (7%); former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (7%); Florida Senator Marco Rubio (5%); retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (5%); Ohio Governor John Kasich (5%) and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (3%).

Four candidates earn two percent (2%) support each - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012 and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and former New York Governor George Pataki each pick up one percent (1%) of the Republican vote. "


Buford Gooch

Nice, fun, civil conversations today. I guess I'll spend more time lurking, like I used to.


If I was a conspiracy freak, I would suggest that that wing was a plant.


The talking head on opposite to Richard Quest on CNN said we couldn't yet rule out if Boeing had shipped flaperons via Cargo Ship over to Australian and if per chance a cargo container had fallen overboard and this flaperon was inside it.

And for the record, from here on out I'm calling the damn thing a flap, not a flaperon, even if it is a flaperon, whatever the hell a flaperon is.


Now CNN is saying that a portion of a passenger sort of carry on suitcase has been found near the flap.


Flaperon sounds like something Huma and Cankles know something about.

I denounce myself.

Cecil Turner

. . . whatever the hell a flaperon is.

If this guy were to fall backward suddenly, I bet he'd have a flapper on:

Captain Hate

Ripped from the headlines in between episodes of Neo Nazi Skinhead gun nuts:



"Hillary should have a laugh track to go along with all of her speeches."

Hillary is a laugh track.

I tell ya, Biden is coming...

BTW on the cruise I told Charlie Cooke that I thought it would be Walker v Biden. He said "thank you, you are the only other person than me who thinks that." And of course Charie Cooke is brilliant, maybe my favorite NROer of all time!

Eric in Boise

whatever the hell a flaperon is

Well, is it possible for a single piece of metal to function as both a flap and an aileron?

If the answer is "no", then my guess is the CNN pukes know about as much about aeronautics as they do about firearms.


I am off now to the beauty parlor to get my hair cut for my big date with Miss M and the Marpelites!

I think it will cost $586 bucks less than Hillary's haircut, and my carbon footprint to my Barber and back should be 342 less gallons per hour than hers.

My Barber BTW, is from Mexico and he likes to talk about Pro-Boxing as he plays Christian Rock over his Muzac system. Adios!


He is being held in “investigatory custody for another agency” Mathess said. Agents with the FBI were in Cody on Wednesday to begin proceedings to transfer Mendoza back to Montana. Palmer confirmed the suspect is in custody in Wyoming and that the FBI and BIA are the investigating agencies in the case. [Billings Gazette]

Seems odd for the FBI to be in charge of the investigation. Does the BIA refuse to allow non-tribal cops to be involved in LE investigations involving tribal members?

Miss Marple


Grandson is confirmed. He drove me around today on errands and arguing at AT & T. I am switching to Sprint because I am mad.

Grandson has money in the bank and wants to have his own account. AT & T wanted him to pay off his contract and pay a $500 deposit up front, close to a thousand dollars. The kid has always paid cash, owes nothing, and has a large bank account. They would make no accommodation.

I have been a customer of theirs for 30 years and they just shrugged. Meanwhile there are gobs of welfare creeps with AT& T phones.

So we wnt to Sprint, which WILL give him an account. And so I am moving my account over there as well.

Grandson has been on my account so there is no excuse for them not doing something. Boy am I mad at them.


AT&T is on the PP contributor list iirc.

Miss Marple

Well, another good reason to drop them.

I am fuming.

Jeff Dobbs

Based on where the flapperdoodle washed ashore, can we go back to the missing plane being spirited away to Diego Garcia?

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

It's not actually possible to be happy someone is busted on child porn charges but if it had to be someone I'm thankful it was the son of that haughty, aquiline-snoot-nosed, dour, hectoring, lecturing, old creosote-soaked rail road tie, Jane Alexander.

How she never fell through a conveniently open stage trap door is beyond me.


Companies that support PP, including AT&T.


Looking for a good deal on mobile phones--Cricket.com--and you can buy phone service by the month--no contract--for about$40/mo--($35 if you go to direct pay).

Jack is Back!

daddy gets haircuts? Why?



Comments are interesting. Cecile "Not The Lion, More Like Mengele" Richards' defenders look pretty bad.



Earnest said that he did not know if Obama had followed the story in the news but wasn’t sure whether he had seen any of the videos themselves.

Insty thinks the polling on this must be horrendous. But I can believe Precious doesn't know about the videos. They've been deep-sixed by the MFM and I don't think SportsCenter has weighed in, so there you go.


clarice --

Cricket is AT&T under another name.


AT&T is the old SW Bell and not the original AT&T that it bought. It now owns so many broadcast, broadband, cable, media etc companies that it buys and keeps the previous name so the extent of its web is less apparent.

Marshall McLuhan predicted years ago that AT&T would be the perfect mechamism coupled to schools for targeting the prevailing consciousness. So good they give to PP.

Janet  S.

Good comment at lyle's 4:30-

4:46 PM EST [Edited]
Regardless of your feelings on abortion, this is why you can never take liberals seriously. They are never wrong. Nothing they do is bad, or can be corrupted. Everything going on at PP is simply an attack from the bible thumping right. They are beyond reproach. Ironically, this is pretty much the definition of being religious. You are never wrong and always have the moral high ground, and any adversity is just a test of your faith. I'm not really sure why the left cant see that. Pretty funny actually.

Everything is corruptible. But the left is so concerned that any admission of wrong doing will bring down their whole philosophy/way of life that they cant even admit it to themselves much less the right wing.

If your beliefs are that shaky, you may want to rethink them.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

No way in the end will True Believer Barry agree to defund your friendly neighborhood butcher shop.


Jindal doesn't understand that very point, Janet.


IIRC BOzo was the only IL senator advocating for putting live babies who'd survived abortions into a closet to die.


Agreed, CNMI @ 4:58.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Just an OT question;

Dear Abby,
If white privilege is responsible for whites' elevated socioeconomic position and for blacks' depressed position, do Asians, Jews and homosexuals all have nifty privileges that account for their elevated socioeconomic positions too as the theory would seem to demand, or are they also oppressed minorities as so many claim?

Confused in California.

Cecil Turner

Well, is it possible for a single piece of metal to function as both a flap and an aileron?

Yes, it is. I think technically the ailerons on an AV-8B are flaperons, because they "droop" to improve lift at very low speeds. But there are various planes that use 'em . . . though I think elevons are more common.


That is because admitting that they are wrong will bring their whole "way of life" crashing down.

That is because it is based on an inversion of all values, and a separation of moral judgement from moral passion.

Every manifestation of their world is interlinked. PP is a case in point: it links feminism, confusions about liberty and license and "freedom", atheism, eugenics, and dialectic materialism with and notion of "revolt" against "non-progressive" and hind-bound "custom" or "society". It seeks to take one small aspect of "freedom", the "freedom to choose" and abstract it completely out of the context of human life, and apply in in only one narrow sense.

To question any point, to take their abstractions back to their true source and context, to imagine that any of those on the "exterior" of their world could be right about something throws the whole thing open to debate and therefore criticism. The whole moral and intellectual bankruptcy of it cannot withstand the scrutiny.

This is not just a vice of the American New Left, it is in fact a systemic part of the enter "progressive" movement from the French Revolution onwards--all one has to do to see this is to read Rousseau.

If PP was capable of admitting this was wrong, they would shut their own doors.

This is why people Like the Clintons actually cannot see that they are corrupt.

They cannot be argued with; they can only be exposed.

Miss Marple


It WAS the water pump!!

Car is fixed and I can go pick it up!!

Oh frabjous day, callou, callay!!

Thanks for everyone's concern and offers of advice!


Good deal MM!

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

That's good news MM.

Rick Ballard

BOzo knows the actual slaughterhouses are located next to the holding pens on the plantations. The videos appear to be examining the baby processing business from apparent motivation (non-profit profit) back towards the actual kill floors in the slaughterhouses.

I would expect caution on his part, given his knowledge of the fact Baby Butchers is predominantly geared to butcher black babies. It's not a good fit with his plans to be the Rayciss Emperor for life.


Happy to hear that, MM.


I noticed the lying witch's b.s. about "seeing the pictures" from the earlier PP videos, too. Glad Power Line picked up on that.

Someone should ask her if she's "seen the pictures" in the last two videos of plates of hearts, dismembered arms with hands, etc.

I won't post one here, but I would gladly post pics at a lib site that allowed anonymous commenters.

Anyone have suggestions?

Captain Hate

Cecile "Not The Lion, More Like Mengele" Richards

Daughter of one of the most annoying gashes of all time, Ann Richards, whose "great one liners" were about as funny as Garrison "How Dare the Christ Killers Write Christmas Songs" Keillor's scripts.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - I just switched from Sprint to AT & T reluctantly. AT&T has much better coverage plus we attend a lot of events at the AT&T Ctr and At&T Winspear Opera House where you can always get free wifi if you're AT&T customer. We weren't especially enamored with Sprint but I wish you good luck

Tom Maguire
...figures that someone will ride in so that the Dems don't have to nominate Hillary.

That has been and will remain the goal of the legacy media until the timing makes it impossible. If Bernie Sanders can generate this kind of excitement, imagine Elizabeth Warren on the warpath!

Hillary is a dreadful story, a boring candidate, and dislikes the media even more than they dislike her. The legacy media is lighting so many candles for Elizabeth they may burn themselves down. Yes, that's a win-win.

Tom Maguire
Hillary's sole exercise is walking from a limo to a private plane.

I thought I read her upper-body workout consists of shoving documents into shredders.

As to her looks, let's try to be fair - if it was your job to listen to Barack explain his foreign policy strategy to you, how much botox would you need to keep a straight face?

And I'm not even asking about animal tranquilizers...

Jeff Dobbs

if it was your job to listen to Barack explain his foreign policy strategy to you, how much botox would you need to keep a straight face?

Not to mention if it was your job to be the face of Barack Obama's foreign policy....

Aide:"Madam Secretary, I think maybe this should be your last drink."

Hillary: "What difference, at this ::hic:: point, does it make?"

Miss Marple


Hint, hint, old people. Hint, hint.


Yes, cricket is linked to AT&T service--but no contracts are necessary, the phones are well-priced as is the monthly service and because the company deals with AT & T coverage is broad.


Interesting. Wonder if Hillary saw the pictures of Benghazi.

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