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July 18, 2015



Is it possible to go OT on an open thread? I'm doing so.

Did you know that animals can have severe food allergies that can have a major impact of their lives and behavior?

My boy, a 14-year-old siamese, has not been right for a couple of years. He would chew on himself, and there were large portions of his belly where the fur was missing. Often the chewing attacks would end in a spasm/seizure.

After a few false starts, it turns out that he has food allergies. At the moment he is on steroids, and we have transitioned him to non-allergenic food.

He is back to his old self.

Of course he can't stay on steroids for very long, so we'll see if the food change is enough. I sure hope so, since it is an absolute delight to have him back in body and soul.


Does he have a sudden irresistable urge to pump iron?


Jeff Dobbs

The group not running for president.


From Trump's Facebook:

"I am not a fan of John McCain because he has done so little for our Veterans and he should know better than anybody what the Veterans need, especially in regards to the VA. He is yet another all talk, no action politician who spends too much time on television and not enough time doing his job and helping the Vets. He is also allowing our military to decrease substantially in size and strength, something which should never be allowed to happen.

Furthermore, he was extremely disrespectful to the thousands upon thousands of people, many of whom happen to be his constituents, that came to listen to me speak about illegal immigration in Phoenix last week by calling them "crazies".

These were not "crazies"---these were great American citizens.

I have great respect for all those who serve in our military including those that weren't captured and are also heroes.

I want to strengthen our military and take care of our Veterans. I want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN especially for those that serve to protect our freedom. I am fighting for our Veterans!"
As responses go, that's perfect imo. It might not be enough for many, but it highlights McCain's failure to effectively stand against BOzo's unrelenting war on vets throughout both his terms.


McCain’s military experience does not cover for foolish political mistakes.

BTW, it is a foolish political mistake to demean those who point out McCain’s mistakes.


I don't know that those who attacked Trump expected. Yes, he's a buffoon and took a cheap shot, but if you're going to attack him, it's a gloves off situation. Some were smart enough not to get into the pig-pen.

Btw, McCain took a cheap shot, too, and did it first.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Luntz isn't running for pres.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

McCain isn't running for pres.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Do cats get 'roid rage?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I was struck at how inconsequential and unaffected he appeared.--

Amazingly, Lindsey is running for pres.

Consequently I recommend a vivid scarlet strapless mid thigh dress and five inch stilettos with maybe some pearls if he really wants to stand out next time.


Here--something else besides Trump's nitwittery to talk about:http://nypost.com/2015/07/18/obama-has-been-collecting-personal-data-for-a-secret-race-database/

Thomas Collins

I would vote for this candidate in a strapless mid thigh dress over Lindsey.


Janet - I wish my family had a poncho

I agree with Deb's 4:17 about McCain.
I can't stand him.

a Crazy Tea Party Hobbit


From Clarice's 5:17,
"Meanwhile, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, headed by former Congressional Black Caucus leader Mel Watt, is building its own database for racially balancing home loans."

Then in 5 years when the "balanced" loans go bad, they can sue the lenders again for making loans to people who would have trouble repaying them.

Thomas Collins

I would vote for this candidate in a strapless mid thigh dress over Lindsey.


Federally funded cities deemed overly segregated will be pressured to change their zoning laws to allow construction of more subsidized housing in affluent areas in the suburbs, and relocate inner-city minorities to those predominantly white areas.

Isn't that bottom line? Once the feds were allowed to "grant" money to cities or anyone else, why wouldn't they attach a few strings?


I wonder if the feds know what will happen if they try to take over local zoning? Being new to living in a town, we experienced our first zoning war several months ago over a Wendy's wanting to build on a small lot on a nearby thoroughfare, but site the exit into our already bottle-necked neighborhood. The city hall room overflowed with extremely angry residents and 6 pro-Wendy peeps. All nine commissioners upheld the current zoning laws, but imagine the reaction when HUD demands Section 8 units be built where no apartments are currently allowed?

Jeff Dobbs

(we all know there's a new thread, right?)


We do now.


You've got it jimmyk. So far all I've been asked about race is on medical forms and I refuse to answer saying it's none of the govt's business.

I wish this got more coverage so people could fight it at the inception.

Rick Ballard

It ties back to finding just the right gruber for the Census job as well. Census is actually responsible for the initial data distortion for most minitru efforts. BLS just couldn't lie nearly as effectively without the Census initial massage of data.


One of the things zero did when he became prez is move the Census bureau into the WH. He wanted to control it from the get-go.


Did you say Census? from today's Instapundit:
THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Government IT official ran law enforcement data systems for years with faked degrees; Interior official resigned when caught, then took a job at Census Bureau. “The official, Faisal Ahmed, was assistant director of the Interior’s Office of Law Enforcement and Security from 2007 to 2013, heading its Technology division. He claimed to have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and a master’s degree in technology management from the University of Central Florida—but he never attended either of those schools. He resigned from his position at Interior when the fraudulent claim was exposed by a representative of the University of Central Florida’s alumni association, who discovered he had never attended the school after Ahmed accepted and then suddenly deleted a connection with her on LinkedIn. Faisal did not leave government service, however—he took another government job at the Census Bureau, and is apparently still there.”


Faisal did not leave government service, however—he took another government job at the Census Bureau, and is apparently still there.

I read that Faisal's case was referred to the Justice Dept., which refused to take action. But I hope it's not true that he still has a government job, because that kind of ineptitude and/or indifference is horrifying.


"...because that kind of ineptitude and/or indifference is horrifying."

It's shocking isn't it.


"...because that kind of ineptitude and/or indifference is horrifying."

Tell us about it.


"...because that kind of ineptitude and/or indifference is horrifying."

Preach on, preach on.

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