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July 11, 2015


Cecil Turner

I'm not sure which is dumber: the owner of a terminal company claiming they don't need a website, or making fun of him for saying it. First hit goes to the latter, though.


ladies and gentleman, the board of 20th Century Vole,

Askme Demolitions.

I get Wiley Coyote again, but I'm not sure which is which.

Dave (in MA)



they have a large credit line with acme:


specially the rocket sleds,


you can see one of the acme cosigners at the end of the page:



Stars Wars unveils behind-the-scenes sneak peek of The Force Awakens at Comic-Co



a little unintentional humor:



From the Time link: "Trump has said that he loves Hillary Clinton." I think that's true, and he's enjoying his current stalking horse role to the hilt. Next role - Perot II.


there's an irony in carlos slim's pointing this out, how many have they let go recently,

Trump understands his audience, the Top Men do not,


Wait, politician has disdain for private sector little person????

We're gonna need moar fainting couches!!


note ari fleischer, of the 2012 inquest role in that piece,


woody johnson, giving advice, what could go wrong,

Patrick Henry, the 2nd

There is nothing wrong with what Topolsky said- it was a dumb idea. If a manager can't deal with criticism then all he'll get is yes man and his business will fail or falter.


You want a nightmare scenario? Trump and Bernie Sanders both run as independents. Jeb and Hillary get their respective establishment party's nominations.

I can see Trump winning then. He'll get the LIVs, the free shit army, and the American Idol generation vote because he's a celebrity, along with those conservatives who are so fed up to the gills with the GOPe that they will relish the chance to poke them in the eye, while Bernie will siphon off the far left, radical chic, and the college kids votes from Hillary.

God save us all.

James D.

Mr. Bloomberg...has grown accustomed to deference,

Yes, most fascist dictators do, don't they?


From Notable & Quotable in today's WSJ we can read from Katherine Archuleta's blog of November 8, 2013 the following (liberally lifted from context for net effect).

"My first week at OPM is already over and it's been an intense, exciting, challenging and informative first five days on the job...

First and foremost, I want to be your champion. I want the American people to know who you are, and what you do....I plan to work with my team to create a plan for handing I.T. modernization across the agency, especially for retirement."

I'd say, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Ms. Archuleta. The American people, and everyone else, know who you are. You may retire now.


Well if any and and Democrats lose and Jeb gets the boot too, then I would say it was a great deal. Just Super.

Certainly, Trump could not do as much damage as the other three, and just imagine the press conferences. Balanced with someone like Cruz, Walker or Carly, it would work out well.

So in fact, if this came about, it just might be "God helping us".

It is hard really to see the difference between the other three other than the sheer rate of National suicide. Jeb Bush should really be a Democrat, and once upon a time he would have been one.

He is straight out of the 1990s. We need new blood, and someone that cares about this country. I see little difference between him and Hillary on substantive issues; He most certainly will not stand up to the Liberal. He seem to be saving his fire for conservatives, and is all the GOP establishment.

Hillary will sound off for the Hard Left but will not deliver 50% of her to them; Jeb will lie to the Right to get in, but his betrayals will likely be more than 50% of his promises.

More to the point: This country may elect Hillary, but it will not put another Bush in the WH. No way. Zip. Not going to happen.

This is just more the same, more of Dole, McCain and Romney. Another Card punching careerist.
It is just Jeb's turn in the GOP political machine. Enough of letting the Left pick GOP candidates; enough of these RINO, "Liberal Lite" candidates. People will not stand for it one more time. They will not.

If the GOP cannot see past this stupidity, then they deserve to lose.

With The Speaker of the House out there alienating southern Scotchs Irish voters and appeasing minority voters, there is every sign that they absolutely do not get it.

The Stupid Party, Indeed.


Well if any and and Democrats = Well if any and all Democrats


Imagine my surprise.


It furthers the meme, squaredance.

the boys up at the country club are no longer listening to the Main Street Republicans and think they can keep the money machine going in collusion with the Dems.

As long as the cash flows all is well for them.

Fast & Furious, the IRS Scandal, The fraud that is Obamacare, the data scandal, the VA scandal....did I forget anything?

And crickets from the establishment.


Heh, I forgot about the tenure thing, with all the prevailing wage cutbacks and abortion bans after 20 weeks going on. Ok, so Monday Walker will sign the budget and officially become a pres candidate. Trump will continue to dominate press coverage when it leaks that he wears confederate flag boxers.


That was right around the time of the first hack, snorfle.


Bloomberg is the anti trump, he didn't even pretend to be one of us.


It's not just TPA and ESEA renew. apparently the Senate is moving along on bo's diversity candidates to the federal bench.

"The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday advanced the nomination of Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Once confirmed, Restrepo will be the second Hispanic judge to serve on the Third Circuit, and the first from Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Kara Farnandez Stoll - who is the first circuit court nominee to clear the Senate this year and now the first woman of color to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Restrepo and Stoll - both nominated by President Obama eight months ago tomorrow - highlight the Republican-led Senate's slow progress on judicial nominations this year. According to a statement on Wednesday by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D. Vt., ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, "Stoll is just the fifth judicial nominee to be confirmed this year, the seventh year of the Obama administration. By the same point during the Bush administration, when Democrats controlled the Senate, 21 judges were confirmed - including 18 district and 3 circuit court judges."

Mitch McConnell and Lamar and others are basically more effective in advancing bo's agenda during these horrific times than the Dems.

That link was from the weekly newsletter of the civil rights group-the Leadership Conference.

James D.

squaredance @ 1:03

Your last 4-5 paragraphs ought to be carved into the foreheads of everyone who works at the RNC.

James D.

Why on Earth is the Republican-controlled Senate moving forward on any of Zero's judicial appointments?

Oh, right. It's not as though they're an opposition party. And it's not like we've just seen examples of the damage progressive activist judges can do.


To Polska was right on, the people behind time select were wrong to point fingers.


Posted by: derwill | July 11, 2015 at 12:42 PM


Frau  Spott
"Lucky for us, the non-partisan Democrat League of Women Voters ... were watching ... and challenged all the way to the Florida Supreme Court the legality of a Florida map that favored the Republican Party and incumbents.

FIFY, Fabiola Santiago (narciso's 12:16)



not sure I follow that Selleck story. how can someone "steal" something which was legally obtained and legally transferred?

Frau  Spott

rich, rich rich... It was *stolen* because the authorities strictly enforce their Hire the Incompetent policy.

"The water district said it spent nearly $22,000 for a private detective to investigate."

How did the CA water district phrase its "My bad"?


Rich: Exactly.

(if you missed it, it was all over the media the other day that Selleck "Stole water"; Some of the typical liberal rags were particularly offense. Note also, that a portion (the larger portion) was purchased before this absurd "rationing" even happened.)

I'd sue their pants off, at least the government "agencies", but he probably will not. Does nto seem his sort of thing. I do not think he can do much about the MSM, which is a horrible state of affairs.

Just another baseless attack on a Conservative, and one they got away with.

Here is where the US Libel laws need to be amended; the "public figure exclusion should be done away with. We should look to the UK to reform our laws here.

In reality, it is pure defamation.


lol Frau! Rocket Squad.


thanks Frau and squaredance.

Jack is Back!

Well, it looks like Lurch won't be geting his Nobel.

Noah Rothman ‏@NoahCRothman 11m11 minutes ago
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Bad sign. Noah Rothman added,
فرداد فرحزاد @BBCFardad
@HassanRouhani: Even if #IranTalksVienna fail, our diplomacy showed the world that we are logical. We never left the negotiation table.
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I bet that "private investigator" was someone's brother in law, "pal", or "contributor".

Seriously, you would think that they would check their records first before they shelled out $22k for a PI; you would think that they would refer it to the proper authorities before they hired a PI. Hoped that they got an itemized bill for that "service" the "PI" rendered.

The all round incompetence in this is only surpassed by the malice, corruption, arrogance and venality of these vipers.

Of course, most of the creeps involved with not pay any price for this stunt, and down it will go into memory hole.

James D.

Seriously, you would think that they would check their records first before they shelled out $22k for a PI

Why would you think that?

It's not as though the money is coming out of the pockets of anybody who made the decision, and it's not like anybody's going to be held accountable for wasting it so pointlessly.

Frau  Spott

squaredance sez: "In reality, it is pure defamation."

When this happens, I remember

"Everything is permitted to those who act in favor of the revolution"
(1792 - Collot d'Herbois at the French Convention)

It's good to be a progressive!


probably so squaredance. still don't understand why he would have had to come up with some sort of undisclosed settlement though (unless that is also inaccurate). seems to me the issue would be with the construction company that had the water rights to the hydrant and the water district.


Yes, and that worked out so well for both him and France.

Perhaps we should think of having one of our own--how do you think Selleck would look in a bonnet rouge?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Mark Levin has long said that Jeb is a good moderate democrat.

Any party putting Woody Johnson in a position of responsibility deserves J-E-T-S results.



and thinking about your idea of a 4 way race that would seem to me to be a way that Bush could win. Have been thinking along the DebinNC's lines that Trump is a stalking horse for Clinton but it might also be possible that he is a stalking horse for Jeb (the scene of a 3 ring circus with Trump as carnival barker scares all the big donors early so Bush can lock in all the big money and have an army of paid staff). Trump sucks the life out of the primary season-most quit the field before the first primaries, Jeb gets to sit on a mountain of cash and by super Tuesday Trump bows out and Jeb cruises to the nomination.


>>>accountable for wasting it so pointlessly.

Posted by: James D. | July 11, 2015 at 03:02 PM<<<

but they gotta shame those who are water greedy ...

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

-squaredance sez: "In reality, it is pure defamation."--

It probably is but is also probably not actionable. There is something called the litigation privilege which covers even pre-litigation communications and is relatively absolute.
Since they sued him they are no doubt covered by it.

The original story noted it was one construction company's water truck each time and I thought at the time it was probably perfectly innocent.

I wouldn't be surprised if the settlement was, the municipality compensated Selleck, rather than the other way around.


>>>did I forget anything?<<<

a pretty good start to a list matt.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

BTW, even if we're talking about the largest street legal water truck, a dozen trips is 60,000 gallons. Over two years that comes to ~80 gallons per day.


It could be that they have to "settle" with him.

At least one can hope so.

But it could be that they are applying some new "statue" that has fallen out of Sacramento's "rationing", perhaps even doing it retroactively. This brings p another oissue with these jackbooted "scarcity" tactics and the general lawlessness of the Dems: they can be selectively applied. I am sure that no one is hounding Liberal Hollywood ot Silicon Valley types over this water issue.

It is really a sort of War Socialism, and we will see these abuses on a global scale if and when they get in their "Climate Control" hustle enacted.

I an sure that we will find out soon what that "Settlement" is about. Still, one wonders why some one has not challenged this water rationing in court yet. CA is a big state.


rich, in a further twist of irony right out of a novel or movie, what if Trump, the stalking horse, starts to think that he could actually win this thing, and goes on to fool the Top Men by not dropping out? I can't see someone with an ego the size of Trump's passing by any opportunity, even a slim one, of being President of the United States.

And less anyone think that just being a celebrity won't propel someone into a major political office, I give you The Terminator. Hell, I lived in California at the time, and I voted for him, because it was obvious by election day that he was the only alternative to the Dems' main guy (whose name escapes me at the moment) with a chance to win.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Well, I'm as much libertarian as conservative and even I concede a municipality delivering water has a right to ration it in time of scarcity.
CA has not yet tried to regulate residential wells but I think it has commercial ones. If so that's getting pretty iffy. Things are worsened by CA water law being largely not derived from clear-cut statutes of which there are almost none but largely from case law which makes it a hodge podge of conflicting interests in the best of times.
If you have a right on record prior to 1914 you have a leg up but even then they're eyeing those too.


Cruz Bustamante

why such a beautiful state, rich in virtually everything, is saddled with such an awful political class ... tragic.



>>>in a further twist of irony right out of a novel or movie, what if Trump, the stalking horse, starts to think that he could actually win this thing, and goes on to fool the Top Men by not dropping out?<<<

the stupid party, confounded again ...

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

New frontrunner for worst non political idea of the new century; Frogs patent new hexagonal airline seating in which the middle seat faces the rear so that half drunk, opinionated, obnoxious New Yorker or the kid who won't stop fucking with you is right in your face for your entire SF to Hong Kong flight.

Manuel Transmission

I heard rumors (heh) that when the Donald is sworn in he will announce that he has a new revolutionary plan to maintain a secure border. It makes perfect sense given his history:

extraneus obvious got wind of the first phase:

"As of 1200 hours three days from today, anyone seen crossing the border illegally will be shot."
Take a few pics, put them on Twitter, and the border will be more secure than it's been in 50 years.

Once that is in place, Phase II will be to have the Border Patrol to merge with Fish and Game and establish a quarter-mile wide hunting zone all along the border. Like any big game hunting, there are several pieces to the process. First the hunters will need to establish their bona fides before obtaining their licenses. Next, as is routinely done where private property is involved, permission will be required from ranchers and other property owners to gain access to the strip along with the usual hiring of the ranchers or approved guides who know the local territory. Details are not fully worked out about male vs female bag limits, but certainly the bounty on anyone carrying dope and/or armed would earn a greater bounty. Furthermore anyone coming in from the ME would yield triple points.

Hunters would achieve a rating commensurate with their successes leading to Phase III where camera crews would follow them and it would quickly become the new Prime Time Reality Show.

Phase IV is where the real successes would start to show. After a year to work out the details under scrutiny of a special referee team, approved graduates of the earlier phases would be authorized to go into sanctuary cities and other places where MS13 and other gangs are ensconced and start bagging the worst of the worst by any means necessary. Tats and gang colors are all that is necessary to flag valid targets. This phase is fully imbedded in social media so that followers can vote on the perp photos to choose the best demise of the thugs. Details of this last phase are still being sorted out to allow appropriate time delays so the perps are not able to take advantage of the same social media.

Yet to be envisioned are the casino betting rules that fully exploit teh Donald's heritage.


and narciso is going to have to drop by with his encyclopedic knowledge of books, tv, and film and tell us where this plot appears derwill ...

was thinking bullworth but that isn't quite right.


hahahahahaha ...

Frau  Spott

Cruz Bustamante ...
the face of Alta California

Captain Hate on the iPad

Woody Johnson::Top Men
Geno Smith::Jeb Bush


beinging the Jets winning formula to Washington DC ... lol.

pretty sure Bush is going to lock up the nomination early though.


of course Obama could just cancel the election to spare us from the terrible decision before us and give us another spectacular 4 years ...


duh bringing ...


Trump Live



To go back to the original topic -- C'mon, guys, give the web guy a break. We techies frequently don't have the highest levels of social. Perhaps Topolsky simply thought that the boss was joking, and that he was just responding appropriately?

(That's one of my secret nightmares. Always be careful joking around with The Suits...)


Mr. Bloomberg...has grown accustomed to deference,

I don't see how any successful manager could allow that. I know it happens, of course, and Bloomberg is obviously quite successful by any standard, but when the employees are intimidated into subservience, the ideas stop flowing and the manager is required to come up with every new one.

No truly competent manager would be offended by push-back.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Well, what did Topolsky have to lose?
He gets hired to revamp Bloomer's websites and then the arrogant, little prig says he ought to cancel his website.

Either Bloomberg was serious, in which case Topolsky was out of a job anyway or, even worse, he wasn't serious and Topolsky would have to keep working with the poster boy for 'little man's syndrome'.

Seems like the proverbial no-brainer to me.


I'd rather be an incompetent billionaire than a competent reasonably well paid manager.


what time is the center ring event


Heh. Me too.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

derwill and rich -

The nightmare scenario that I really fear . . .

Trump gets his ego fed so much by all the attention and publicity of his primary run that he decides to go the third party route, a la Perot in 1992.

Then we have *another* Clinton - who is much worse than Clenis - winning the presidency with less than 50% of the vote.


Trump Event Scheduled to Begin At:



That will be more likely the more the Establishment dumps on Trump. If Priebus really called him to congratulate him for doing well in the polls, that was smart.

Jack is Back!

Here's a guy aiming to out do Dylan Roof but have we heard about this like we did Charleston?

New Jersey Man Charged With Killing 7 People over 2 Months | New York Times [give them credit for even reporting it].


Special bonus if you can guess his ethinicity. No, he he is not an illegal.


Trump event begins with black preacher (?) leading a prayer , a kid leading pledge of allegiance and a woman singing national anthem. Liberals all over America are disgusted.

Jack is Back!


Seen the trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. yet? Looks pretty good. Ian Fleming would be proud of his own rip offed- rip off:)


Speaking of disgusting liberals.


Unbelievable! Has any one ever had the police called on them because they were selling communist

Jack is Back!

And in L.A.

White Woman Killed by Shotgun -Wielding Black Guy in Possible Hate Crime.


We await the presser from the Rose Garden.



think that has been his plan all along ... problem with it though is that Clinton's handlers and toadies probably didn't think her campaign would blow up on the pad twice. (even I'm surprised at how bad her launch and re-launch have been and I had pretty low expectations).

it is still early and the Dem establishment can rally around O'Malley and Webb.


Has Webb gotten any MSM attention?


They will rally around Biden (or Kerry if the deal goes thru.)


fashionably late?

Miss Marple

Watching Trump event on YouTube. Since I have to use my iPad, can't switch back and forth very well. Lots of people there.


Flag issue, now gay-marriage resolution threaten to derail key GOP House efforts

Oh brother.


none so far ... Ex. But the Dems don't have many realistic options at this point.


is he speaking at a remote location that youtube feed is odd ...


Teachers' union endorses Clinton's 2016 presidential bid

Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers. It's the first major labor union to make an endorsement in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the union, says in a statement Saturday that Clinton is the "champion working families need in the White House."


Gee, I'm shocked - not

Jack is Back!

Off to our Halsey House Gala for the Southampton Historical Museum.

Lots of booze, wine, clams, lobster, music and all in the gardens of the oldest house in Southampton (1646) still standing.

Positng photos on my FB page, if interested.


oops that was footage from a previous event ...


still weird


the champion of the working class ...

Q: What’s your favorite flavor [of ice cream]?

A: I like nearly everything.

Cecil Turner

Seen the trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. yet?

Superman meets the Lone Ranger on two weeks' notice? Good cast, looks like fun.


the kid in the background is adorable


So I am flipping through the channels and I catch the lead story at 6 on CH10 in Columbus, clearly the most "progressive" of the major 3.

You will be happy to know that 13 gay couples were "married" in civil ceremony on the courthouse steps.

I am perfectly happy to ignore this BS, but I will be damned if I am going to celebrate.

No amount of court rulings, legislative activity or executive orders are going to make the abnormal, "normal".


hecklers ...

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

When is the right going to start calling for sanctuary states that oppose "same sex marriages" and refuse to perform them or acknowledge them?

If sanctuary cities for the left are just fine, shouldn't we be able to create our own versions? After all, because fairness.


Sanders draws early support for White House bid from long-time union allies

Sure, sure. Bernie Sanders will pick off unions from Hillary.


Hey, when's the first Democrat debate with Webb included?

Oh, there won't be any debates?

Here's the alleged schedule. (Every one has an asterisk.)


Rick Ballard

"After all, because fairness."


I'd go for "a diversity of tolerance" as we all gaze in wonder at the Rainbow Buttplug waving over the courthouse, lending dignified solemnity to the union of sodomists and sodomites in Ohio.


Business Insider:

Donald Trump just gave an amazingly surreal speech in Las Vegas


Trump giving great speech in Arizona

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