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August 22, 2015


I wonder if one of them ever calf-roped.

Heh, sent him off to the wild, blue, yonder.


DD is already a confused, contridictory mess. We don't need to be trolling the dork.


Patrick poole points out he details behind this known wolf, who lived in Morocco as of two years ago, then moved to france, Spain and syria.


DD is already a confused, contridictory mess.

The words you are searching for are:

"America hating, liberal jack@ss"


I've been trying to convince ever member of JOM for the last 6 hours that this entire episode began when a French national tackled a morrocan terrorist carrying an AK-47 on a train and....not one single person here believes me.

That's o.k.It doesn't matter who sprang into action first, so long as the guy was stopped and no one was seriously injured.

Let's just say that it was the American servicemen who were the first and only guys tackle said terrorist,not a a French national.


It was 3 Americans. The third is now out of the hospital. No call from Obama. I'm shocked! (yeah right)


"DD is already a confused, contridictory mess"

That's actually a fair statement. In the initial confusion that followed the reporting of events it was incorrectly stated by several media out-lets that it was Jean hughes-Anglade who tackled said terrorist. That account later shifted to an unknown French national who initiated the first attack.Anglade broke the emergency glass during the confrontation and stopped the train and received minor injuries,but his role in preventing the attack was initially wrong and as such so was my account.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Speaking of confused idiots, Jen Rubin is hopelessly lost on the 14th amendment.


Ear worm. Thanks TM

Centralcal on iPad

This from an account at Ace's (can't vouch for accuracy):

One Frenchman jumped on too, a train conductor who was off-duty and just on the train as a passenger. He held down the guy's left arm.

Toe bone connected to the foot bone.

Good God, Dublida has an honest bone in his body. What are you trying to do, anyway, gain credibility?


"This from an account at Ace's (can't vouch for accuracy):One Frenchman jumped on too, a train conductor who was off-duty and just on the train as a passenger. He held down the guy's left arm"

It doesn't matter.


Jack is Back!

No irish involved. They were huddled in the locked crew office not allowing the french actor and his son in.

According to the French press (not the American press, mind you), the intial contact by the Frenchman was completely accidental since he just wanted to take a pee and got shot for it. Who, BTW, tried to help him and stop the bleeding?

Why the Airman who tackled the Moor to the floor and got cut in the neck and the hand for his efforts. So while bleeding like a sieve he turned his attention to the frog and began to treat his wounds with hand pressure to stop the bleeding.

Once again, No Irish Involved. Thank God.

Miss Marple

I notice the New york Times puts the black guy waaaay down in the article.

ALmost like they don't want it known that these 3 have been friends since middle school.

Captain Hate on the iPad

A friend of mine who is an electrician for the Cleveland water department said that entire building has been taken over by the GOP in preparation for the convention. I realize that putting something like that on is a logistical nightmare but is having a large amount of people on site this early a normal situation?

Jack is Back!

Long day of golf, vigil mass, dinner, wine, JOM and now its bed time. Off to London tomorrow on the Euorstar. Look for me in the news as I tackle an IRA member demanding better beer and booze on the train.

Slaap Lekker, Tots Morgen


Good Morning: From Lt Col Tony Shaffer (RET) on FOX this minute discussing the latest on Hillary's E-mails:

Shaffer: This thing was essentially as open as a 15 year old computer in somebodies home. Let me be clear on why this is important. London Center is looking at this from the national Security perspective. This is like during WW2. We were reading the German's Mail, in an intercept program called Enigma. We were able to figure out every time the German's were going to do something because we were reading their mail ahead of time. That's what we're talking about here. My Intelligence sources tell me that now that everything is on the table, we knew that the Russians had gone in there and the Chinese had gone in there, and anything that was on that server, they now have a copy of. And that's what we need to be very concerned about.

Host: That raises huge questions.
Shaffer: Absoultely.

Host: You're saying that there are sources within the Obama Administration that are saying, right now, that are confirming that the Intelligence Community that the Chinese and Russian Intelligence service actually had access to that server.

Shaffer:Absolutely. At a Classified level. I can't name my sources, but clearly at a Classified level the White House knows, they know now the damage this has done to our National Security. Think about this. Think about the foreign policy failures over the past 6 years, 8 years. If somebody is reading your email they can anticipate everything you're doing to get there ahead of you. So this is no trivial issue. We have to take this seriously, and the fact that the evidence is there now, saying that this happened, that the Intel Community knows that, and there needs to be grater, more aggressive action to account for what's been lost.


Host:The State Dept is verifying the fact that it really did nothing to secure her site, and anything at all, after the hack was revealed.

Shaffer: Right. The bottom line is this. She had an iPad, that she wanted to use, which she was told was insecure. She had an entire mail system that everybody knew about on the inside. Everybody was getting their email from this Clintonmail.com, and no one did anything about it, and after the fact, after Guccifer, this European based hacker got in there, downloaded a bunch of emails, they didn't do anything even after they recognized that this was clearly compromised. It is completely unconscionable, and to me clearly someone should go to Jail over this. This is no small issue.

Miss Marple

Thanks, daddy!

I didn't have the TV on so missed it!


"I realize that putting something like that on is a logistical nightmare but is having a large amount of people on site this early a normal situation?"

Probably searching for bugs. (the listening kind)


I missed that Daddy. So we should pit Hillary against Obama - to take responsibility for this travesty. We can impeach him or jail her.

Let the people decide.


Mossad probably sold them the original server

Team America World Police


No, it's: 'Merica! F*ck Yeah!!!

Those 3 heroes will probably vote for Trump/Cruz over Biden/Warren.

Not sure who the unidentified, mystery Frenchman will be voting for in make believe town.


A British Euro correspondent woman on FOX is excitedly talking to Julie Bandaras, and she just said this about the 3 American boys:

"They were of course treated for their wounds, and throughout today they would be at the Police Station in Arras, which is in northern France, speaking to Anti-Terror Officers there. I can tell you Julie that while they were inside that Police Station crowds were outside cheering and clapping and saying "Thank You, Thank You!" And as the cars windows people left the city, again great cheers, and everyone just so...not just relieved, but so grateful that these 3 men had the foresight and the quickness to be able to bring this human down."

Great to hear the emotion in her voice about the townspeople outside the Station spontaneously cheering for the boys.


In one of his final acts as POTUS, Bill Clinton pardoned his CIA Director for having classified info on his home computer. Unless Hillary was in a coma at the time, she can't play the "I had no idea" card. Maybe she'll play the "Ken Starr traumatized me to the point I blocked out everything related to Bill" card.


So Schaffer thinks the WH is panicking a bit. We need to take advantage of that.



It makes sense to me that our Intel guys have now backtracked the server info and confirmed that her server and Email system was hacked by the bad guys. I think we can now take that as a proven "given."

With that "given," it now really is a stark fight between the Legal and the Political. Legally, there ought to be massive punishment and long, long years in prison for a whole host of folks associated with this, stating with Hillary.

But unfortunately, in this Administration, the Political controls the Legal.

So who knows what, if anything, happens next.

I think one of their problems is, they can't throw any underling under the bus and have responsibility stop at the underling level. It strikes me as more a house of cards, propped up on Hillary's decisions, and every card leans directly upon her. I think if anyone goes, then ultimately she goes, and if she doesn't go, then the corruption is so evident as to murder her in eye of the public.


I see reports are now including specific hometown info about the 3 Americans, plus names and quotes from their relatives. Not good retribution-wise.

Miss Marple

I was perusing Twitter and Hillary's press secretary guy went on a 32-tweet rant and in the process said that other cabinet officers had private servers!

Arrest them all!


And if Judge Emmett Sullivan (who I remain skeptical of because of his track record) keeps pressing hard and actually finally gets to the bottom of a case, he's looking good to take Ruth Bader Ginsberg's seat come a Republican President in 2016.

Have no idea if he'd want to do something like that.


Has anyone heard "Bush's cabinet did it too"? If not, they didn't.


The thing speaks for itself as did the murder of the lady at the San Francisco pier--even the relatively mindless can draw the various morals.


MM,I've been going thru boxes of "stuff" today. Is Reed and Barton damascene jewelery worth anything?

Miss Marple

Leslie Marshall just said Trump's lack of humility wouldn't play well with foreign leaders.

Yes, the leftist radio host said that without a trace of

We all know how humble Obama is.


Miss Marple

That was supposed to be JEESH!

I hat auto-correct!



I suspect it will go something like this: "Hillary you take the fall and I'll pardon you".

Miss Marple

Hillary would be a fool to believe Obama about a pardon.


after Guccifer, this European based hacker got in there, downloaded a bunch of emails

Guccifer hacked Blumenthal'a AOL account, not clintonemail.com, as far as we know.


I'm reduced now to having to watch CNN, since Kennedy is on FOX now:

Watching Poppy Harlow's Show:

She puts up this graphic of the Islamic Terrorist taken down by the Americans:

Train Gunman identified as Ayoub El Khazzani

---Official: May have tried to join ISIS
---Traveled from Europe to Turkey this year
---Likely linked to French ISIS fighters
---Believed to be Moroccan in origin

Poppy's first question: Do you think this guy was a Lone Wolf?

I also notice this on the ticker at the bottom of the CNN screen:

Man tackled, hogtied by Americans identified as Ayoub El Khazzani

That word "hogtied", don't you guys feel that mentioning anything having to do with "pork," especially in relation to somebody with an Islamic name, is offensive, if not down right micro-aggressive?

Centralcal on iPad

I think Obama/Jarrett would love to see cankles in shackles and then make himself the lefty hero by pardoning her. Jimmah doesn't appear to have much time left, so there goes his competition for worst President. Now to try and diminish the Dem's favorite ex-President is all that remains...for it to truly be all about him and him only.


It's gonna be a little hard to keep the black guy out of it.


Ace seems to have some info on who did what.





Daddy, I want to see Hillary hogtied... and that is a macro aggression not a micro aggression.


Now Poppy has on Marc Lamont Hill and some Conservative Ben ferguson, arguing about the offensive term "Anchor Babies",

MLHill: The problem is that by calling them "anchors" instead of "people", we lose sight of their humanity, and make it easier to have inhumane public policy. That's my problem."

All the way the ticker at the bottom repeats:

Man tackled, hogtied by Americans identified as Ayoub El Khazzani

Oh the inhumanity!

By using the term "hogtied", instead of "they tied him up", we lose sight of his humanity, and we liken him to an animal, an unclean animal, an animal offensive to Allah and to millions of his head chopping supporters, and it makes it easier to have inhumane public policy towards Islamic Terrorists. That's my problem.


If a president says birthright citizenship isn't a right at all, who's gonna stop him and recover all the deported anchor babies?

Miss Marple


I have never seen that Kennedy show and have it on while getting supper ready.

It is really terrible, isn't it?

Young women with chirpy voices do not do sarcastic humor well, even if they are gifted writers.

To do a show like hers you need an older woman with an Auntie Mame vibe, one who you think probably drinks martins and uses a cigarette holder, and who DOES NOT LAUGH AT HER OWN JOKES.

Jeff Dobbs

The problem is that by calling them "anchors" instead of "people", we lose sight of their humanity, and make it easier to have inhumane public policy.

What does Marc Lamont Hill's call unborn babies? And does he worry about losing sight of their humanity making it easier to have inhumane public policy?

Miss Marple

I am confused. Isn't "baby" a term for a human?

No one is calling them anchors ; they are calling them anchor babies!


I totally agree
After all she has done to enrich herself at our expense no punishment is too severe
I love that she has to interrupt her vacation
Unfortunately she is coming to Cleveland


Guccifer hacked Blumenthal'a AOL account, not clintonemail.com, as far as we know.


My takeaway from Lt Col Shaffer was that the Intel community has done more research into what was hacked and by whom since Guccifer did whatever he did how many ever years ago.

Hopefully we will learn more in coming days.


>>>So who knows what, if anything, happens next.

Posted by: daddy | August 22, 2015 at 04:25 PM<<<

Wrechard had a good post up that the scandal could engulf the whole administration because

a. high level people in the administration knew.

b. others used private email so it stands to reason others may have had a similar set up (especially those that have access to market moving information-think the CMS Health Care stock insider trading scandal).



"Hillary would be a fool to believe Obama about a pardon.'

Except if the alternative is having her killed.


Must be nice to have market moving information.


Miss Marple,

Kennedy is terrible. Gutfeld's new Show is even worse than terrible. And Megyn McCain is so gawd-awful as to make any show she appears on immediately unwatchable.

When I am driven to turn to CNN in the middle of the weekend as I'm doing now, it tells me that something is really really rotten in Denmark.

Bring back the dead raccoon!


What does Marc Lamont Hill's call unborn babies? And does he worry about losing sight of their humanity making it easier to have inhumane public policy?


In the case of unborn "fetus's", it's a perk!

Interesting tho' that Marc Lamont Hill's statement perfectly explained the power and logic of the Left's use of the word "fetus."



Wrechard from a few days ago ...

>>>There is of course stronger reason which sits at the very end of Cooke’s own train of reasoning, though he himself does not invoke it. Hillary won’t be prosecuted because to do so would open a can of worms. Hillary Clinton could not have handled such a vast number of sensitive documents in that manner without the tacit knowledge and tolerance of a large number of high ranking administration officials. At the very least those to whom she sent such emails or who sent her material on her server must have been aware of it.<<<


>>>Must be nice to have market moving information.

Posted by: Extraneus | August 22, 2015 at 05:54 PM<<<

? it is the scandal that makes my teeth itch, probably trivial and a symptom of the bigger problem of the size and scope of government ... the early release of the Department of Education report on for profit schools; an early release from the Department of Energy on the pending sale from the SPR; various early releases from the Fed; the only one I can think that was punished was an FDA official who schemed with his family to trade on FDA information before it was made public(although in that case it was much more clear cut he engaged in insider trading).


Speaking of hacking, I had a Windows PC hacked once. I tried to log on and my password didn't work. I typed it in several times before realizing that I should pull the ethernet cable out of the wall and turn off the PC.

(I had an FTP server installed, which is what I think attracted the hacker.)

The reason I mention this is that I found and downloaded a free Linux program that could be written to a CD and used to boot the hacked PC. This program simply churned through a few million Administrator passwords until it finally found one to log into the hijacked PC, and I was able to delete all the new user accounts (there were several, all with Japanese names).

I was able to recover all of my data and lock out the intruders. So simple. (I also found folders with all kinds of online gambling stuff. Apparently they were using my PC as a server, which they probably could have done forever if they didn't change my password.)

Anyone with access to a server and the ability to boot it up can hack the server within hours. I'll admit that my FTP password wasn't very strong, but this can obviously also be done remotely.

People looking into Hillary's server know all this and more. I sure didn't. I thought my secure router (with strong password) was some sort of protection.


Imagine if they were using my PC as a server for kiddie porn... I'd probably be in jail right now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- The problem is that by calling them "anchors" instead of "people", we lose sight of their humanity, and make it easier to have inhumane public policy. That's my problem."--

His problem is he's an idiot.
What is inhumane about not granting citizenship to the children of people who enter our country illegally or only for the purpose of giving citizenship to their kid?

If it's "inhumane" to expect those here illegally to have kids of their own nationality then wouldn't logic lead us to the only humane policy is to grant US citizenship to any parents who would like US citizenship for their kids? I mean, imagine how many teeming millions in Asia and Africa and South America would love to have their kids here but are in such dire circumstances that they can't get here to plop their kid out.

Seems by that criterion it's extremely inhumane to limit birthright citizenship to only the most fit and privileged foreigners who can actually physically make it here to get it for their twerps.
There must hundreds of millions if not billions who have that DREAM. Time for a stroke of the XO pen.


Resisting a Subway spokesperv joke right now.


Over at CNN they are trashing Conservatives and Trump for being against the "Anchor Baby" Policy.

When they run all these clips to make their opponents look bad, I wonder why they never run the clip of Harry Reid speaking on the Senate Floor in 1993:

HYPOCRISY - Harry Reid said in 1993 what Republicans say now about Illegal Immigrants

If making it easy to be an illegal alien isn't enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right?

Guess again.

If you break our Laws, by entering this country without permission, and give birth to a child, we reward that child with US citizenship, and guaranty a full access to all public and social services this society provides. And that's a lot of services.

Is it any wonder that 2/3rds of the babies born at Taxpayer expense in county run hospitals in Los Angeles, are born to Illegal Alien mothers?

I bolded the offensive terms to enhance your microagressin' enjoyment.

Here's a bit more on Harry Reid's 1993 Bill to end the Birthright insanity of our Anchor Baby Policy.

Strawman Cometh

As I listened to a local news (Raleigh) account of police fatally shooting a man as he rushed them "brandishing a kitchen knife" , oh crap, here come the BLMers, but, whew, the victim's picture reveals him as a porcine redneck, so it is all good. LOL'd when the infobabe informed us that he had prior charges including "drinking while impaired". Well, who hasn't?


Here is a list of the 86 people who had Hillary Clinton’s personal email address, according to the emails that have so far been released [6,000 out the 30,00 she provided?]:

Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff

Caroline Adler, director of the office of strategic communications at the state department

Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state

David Axelrod, senior advisor to President Obama

Daniel Baer, deputy assistant secretary of state for the bureau of democracy, human rights and labor

Kris Balderston, special representative for global partnerships

William S. Barrett,

Cherie Blair, wife of former British prime minister

Sidney Blumenthal, longtime friend and advisor to the Clintons. Worked in Bill Clinton white house and on failed 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Sandy Berger, chairman of Albright Stonebridge Group and former national security advisor

William Burns, undersecretary for political affairs

Kurt Campbell, assistant secretary of state for east Asian and public affairs

Lisa Caputo, executive vice president of global marketing and corporate affairs at Citigroup

Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary of state for African affairs

Claire Coleman, assistant

Derek Chollet, principal deputy director of policy planning

Justin Cooper, Bill Clinton aide

P.J. Crowley, assistant secretary of state for public affairs

Linda Dewan, Clinton’s scheduler

Thomas Donilon, deputy national security advisor to President Barack Obama

Terry Duffy, executive director at CME Group

Voda “Betsy” Ebeling, childhood friend of Clinton

Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff to

Jeffrey Farrow, lobbyist for Palau

Lee Feinstein, senior advisor in the office of the secretary of state

Jeffrey Feltman, assistant secretary of state for near east affairs

Oscar Flores, Clinton aide

Tina Flournoy, Bill Clinton chief of staff

Michael Fuchs, special advisor to the secretary of state for strategic dialogues

David Garten, legislative aide to Sen. Frank Lautenberg

Bob Gates, former secretary of defense

Gina Glantz, political strategist and Democratic campaign manager

Philip Gordon, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs

Scott Gration, Unites States special envoy for Sudan

Brian Greenspun, Editor of the Las Vegas Sun

Monica Hanley, Clinton aide at the state department

Doug Hattaway, President and CEO of Hattaway Communications

Christopher Hill, ambassador to Iraq

Richard Holbrooke, United States special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan

Robert Hormats, undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment

Rosemarie Howe, Clinton’s interior decorator

Lauren Jiloty, Clinton’s special assistant

Paul Jones, deputy chief of mission and chargé d’affaires in the Philippines

Craig Kelly, principal deputy assistant secretary of state

Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary for management

Karen Persichilli Keogh, director of New York operations for Clinton while she was in the Senate

Harold Hongju Koh, legal advisor of the State Department

Donald Lococo, architect

Jacob Lew, deputy secretary of state for management and resources

Capricia Marshall, chief of protocol of the United States

Judith McHale, undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs

Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff

Mike (no last name of identification)

Barbara Mikulski, Maryland senator

George Mitchell, United States special envoy for Middle East peace

Lissa Muscatine, senior advisor and chief of speechwriting

Jackie Newmyer, president Long Term Strategy Group

Victoria Nuland, Clinton spokeswoman

Nancy Parrish, co-chair and CEO of Protect Our Defenders

Jan Piercy, executive vice president SBI Corporation

John Podesta, longtime Clinton friend and advisor

Colin Powell, former secretary of state

Philippe Reines, deputy assistant secretary of state

Miguel Rodriguez, deputy assistant secretary for senate affairs

Laurie Rubiner, vice president of public policy and advocacy for Planned Parenthood

Robert Russo, Clinton’s special assistant

Daniel Schwerin, speechwriter

Thomas Shannon, ambassador to Brazil

Andrew Shapiro, assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs

Wendy Sherman, vice chair Albright Stonebridge Group

Anne-Marie Slaughter, director of policy planning at the State Department

Rick Sloan, communications director for the international association of machinists and aerospace workers

James Steinberg, deputy secretary of state

Todd Stern, special envoy for climate change

Burns Strider, political consultant

Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and director of policy planning

Adrian Talbott, director of CGI Lead at the Clinton Global Initiative

Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution

Neera Tanden, senior health advisor for health reform at the Department of Health and Human Services, now president of Center for American Progress

Ellen Tauscher, undersecretary for arms control and international security affairs

Nora Toiv, special assistant to the counselor, state department

Marty Torrey, chief of staff to Rep. John Sweeney

Lona Valmoro, Clinton scheduler

Richard Verma, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs

Melanie Verveer, ambassador at large for global women’s issues

Joseph Wilson, Symbion Power advisory board

Source: State Department

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article31025682.html#storylink=cpy


Ext -- thanks so much for the picture! Music to my eyes! After all the misinformation, it's wonderful to see him looking so well.


Over at CNN, Charles Barkely is on saying that he supports John Kasich for President. The host, Michael Smercomish, is really going after Barkley with questions, demanding to know why he isn't supporting Hillary.

Barkley weakly replies that she's great but she lacks what he's looking for. Smercomish keeps trying desperately to get Barkley to say Hillary is wonderful, and he also is picking away at why he's supporting Kasich instead of all the other great Dem candidates.

So the CNN Host, instead of simply asking questions to illuminate what the guest has to say, instead does the trick of trying to force the guest to change his mind and agree with the political opinion that the host himself holds.

Standard CNN stuff.


I should have bolded this one:

Mike (no last name of identification)

That McClatchy thing was from about a week ago, but let's take just one guy, who had her email ID and therefore knew she was using a private server:

Colin Powell, former secretary of state

Hope you right-clicked it, Mary.


LOL,Ext! Technologically speaking, I am the un-Hillary!


LOL, Ext! Don't worry, Technologically speaking, I am the un-Hillary.


Apologies for the double post



Reading your Wretchard link, I wonder if we've got folks in the Counter-Intel community who, observing the probable inaction that this Administration will pursue, are trying to figure out how to effectively leak without fingerprints "ala the ClimateGate e-mails", enough of the HillaryGate E-mails to make her non-prosecution impossible?

I can't think of anyone who would hate her more, and fear her as President more, than Military vet counter-intel spooks, who's best brothers in arms died on top of the roof of that compound in Benghazi.


I know you're an ex-IBMer from one of my former stomping grounds, just wanted to make sure you saw the whole thing. :-)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Standard CNN stuff.--

Only partially. If Barkley were white the CNN host would have been much more respectful of Sir Charles's choice, but he's not doing what's expected of a good little Dem house nigger (Is there a better term for the way the left expects their black charges to step n fetch it?)



Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices around the country have been put on alert after at least two women approached Iowa staff under the guise of being supporters in an apparent effort to catch the campaign engaging in improper or illegal activity, a Clinton campaign official said.

The motivations of the women is not known, but their alleged techniques match those of Project Veritas, the conservative group run by James O’Keefe, which specializes in undercover stings meant to embarrass liberal groups and politicians. The group declined to comment on the Clinton campaign’s allegations. “Project Veritas does not comment on investigations, real or imagined,” said Daniel Pollack, the director of communications for the group.



FOX reports a second server might be out there. Susan Estrich is the guest.

Geez. When I said "Bring Back the Dead Racoon!" I was joking.


So why hasn't the left started their own Project Veritas or CMP? Aren't there a bunch of corrupt targets on the right?



Second server link:



Ext, from your list:

Joseph Wilson, Symbion Power advisory board

Is that "yellowcake" Joseph Wilson, the guy so concerned about National Security?


I'm pretty sure James O'Keefe spies are everywhere.

Miss Marple

What drives me crazy about Estrich is her exaggerated facial contortions and head bobbing as she speaks.

I still think she looks like that Muppet hippie girl.


The point of that piece if obvious. If the data was migrated, it was migrated to a second server - one of Platte River's.

This gives pause, though...

A Clinton lawyer turned over at least one thumb drive that reportedly included copies of the emails that his client has already given to the federal government.

Didn't we already learn it was three thumb drives? Is that not a fact in evidence yet?

There's a lot of sloppy reporting about this email thing.


The Dead Raccoon's Estrich's take:

The reason this stuff looks incriminating is because of the way it's coming out. It's being brought out, and then there's an initial "maybe yes, maybe no", but if all they've got is a handful of documents from 2 servers or whatever it is, then the honorable, the best thing to do in that circumstance, is to say "I did the best I could. I think I did pretty well. And on these 5 occasions I clearly let things go that I shouldn't have. That's why the policy is what it is and why I'm sitting her apologizing for breaking it. I was concerned about privacy, it was not clear to me. I take responsibility. I'm not playing a game." And it goes away.

Miss Marple

That excuse Estrich crafted might have worked at the beginning of this.

Too late now.



yes re: Joe Wilson.

Posted by: Extraneus | August 22, 2015 at 06:46 PM

MSNBCCBSNBCABCNYT ... and on and on it goes.


lol ... Hillary saying "mistakes were made and I take full responsibility for firing the underlings that mad me look bad".

yeah that woulda fixed it right away.


That excuse Estrich crafted might have worked at the beginning of this.

It might have, though it shouldn't. Imagine if we could all have that as an out. Get pulled over for speeding? "I did the best I could...I clearly let things go that I shouldn't have. Sorry, officer."

Strawman Cometh

Yes, lyin' Joe Wilson. Not "You Lie!", Joe Wilson.



it would help if she were good looking ...


Or insider trading, or taking bribes through a foundation.

"Sorry, Your Honor, I let things go that I shouldn't have. My bad."


here was the instant reaction via twitchy after the doc dump



Jail spots sheets hanging from cell, foiling escape attempt

"My bad, Your Honor!"


she's as shocked as anyone that there is corruption goin' on around her.




Right-click for the whole thing.


So true
Too much water under the bridge and she has been caught in multiple lies
What arrogance to think she could get away with this
Val is not going to let her boy take the rap
Look for Moochelle to weigh in pretty soon


That was from Rich's link.

Also remember, Colin Powell was emailing her at clintemail.com. He knew she wasn't using a state.gov email ID, yet had no problem emailing her.

Presumably, he didn't mind anyone else looking at his emails.

Colin Powell, people!

A proven dirtbag.

I'd love to see him dragged into this thing.


I still think her campaign believes she is going to weather this
Hubris to the utmost level
McCaskill the first Senator to rush out of the gate in support of her has been mighty quiet

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