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August 12, 2015


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You can't be impeached unless you're elected and Hillary will never....well, you know.


"Platte River’s services were sought in early 2013 to improve security of the server, which was installed for former President Bill Clinton at the couple’s home in New York state years earlier, The Washington Post reported recently.

The Colorado firm’s hiring coincided with the discovery that an email account for Clinton’s longtime confidant, private consultant Sidney Blumenthal, had been hacked by a Romanian national Marcel Lazar Lehel, known as Guccifer."...


Thank heaven for Guccifer.


David Burge

Hillary/Snowden 2016

Frau  in der Türkei

Hillary! can pardon herself as she takes office. There's nothing she cannot do.


a reminder about some of the claimed numbers of emails from March 2015 - http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clintons-emails-unanswered-questions-deleted-correspondence/story?id=29538638

"How do we know what she deleted?

Clinton’s word is really the only check that the public will have on this front. The emails that she chose not to keep included emails "about planning Chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends, as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes," she said.

Will the public ever know what emails she sent?

Yes, but only the emails that Clinton and her team have deemed related to her work as Secretary of State, and then from there, only what the State Department approved. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that once cleared, the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton handed over will be shared publicly on a government website though not for several months.

When it comes to her personal emails, the public will never know. Today, Clinton ruled out an independent review of her server."

and this -
"Wasn’t she breaking the rules by using a personal email account rather than a government address?

Clinton maintained that she "fully complied with every rule I was governed by." She did not directly address a 2005 update in the Foreign Affairs Manual codified by the State Department that ruled employees could only use private email accounts for official business if they turned those emails over to be entered into government computers. That ruling also forbade State Department employees from including "sensitive but unclassified" information on private email, except for some very narrow exceptions. She did, however, note that she never sent classified information via email."


So who services the server before 2013?


I wonder how long before even Democrats grow tired of the lies, but then again these are Democrats ...

If you like your email server, you can keep your email server


Posted by: narciso | August 12, 2015 at 11:58 PM-

good question.


maybe it was Snowden ...


Oh my my my. Oh my DEAREST FRAU. You know I love you, BUT....
"there is nothing she can't do"

She can't/Couldn't keep B.J.Billy satisfied and faithful...


Smooooch Frau!!!


Narciso and Neo, WHO SEVICED THE SERVER????


But seriously. The DODGE, LIE, and DEFLECT doesn't work with me.

She and BJ Billy, COULD NOT HAVE CERTAIN INFO at the READY for FOIA or other legal SCRUTINY. THIS SHIT IS SIMPLE to anyone with a modicum of doubt and an i.q over 130. Red flags abound. ANYTHING THIS DRIED UP DRUNKEN OLD HACK DOES, would get my antenae working. OUR biggest problem with the rancid MFM, is the MFM has no curiousity vis a vis THEIR OWN CRIMINALS. Furthermore, they are BIASED and in NO WAY SUSPICIOUS of obvious CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by RODHAM. Finally, when CRIMES are obvious, THEY the MFM, deny it and don't see it, because they DON'T WANT TO.


Tom Maguire! I am a huge baseball fan. A couple years ago Anne Meyers Drysdale came into my store, and was buying a lot of Brewers, Packers, Badgers and Marquette stuff. I recognized her. When she came to CHECK OUT and pay for her stuff, she handed me her drivers license. I told her that it was not necessary as I knew who she was!!! She was VERY NICE, and she asked me "Who am I?". I responded that she was probably the brightest and biggest icon of female basketball in American history, I told her that I was aware that she was in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and that her "late" Husband was the CY YOUNG winner and had thrown a no-hitter in 1962. I knew that MR Drysdale had died suddenly at 56 while a broadcaster for the Dodgers and had passed away in Montreal. I LOVE BASEBALL.
Anne Meyers Drysdale, sent me a long THANK YOU letter, and to this day I am flattered.
Your Phil Scooter Rizzuto reference is AWESOME.
LONG STORY SHORT TOM. Rodham was ALREADY IMPEACHED!!!! If you recall, BILLY BJ and RODHAM were a TWO-FER. Co-Presidents!!!! REMEMBER??? BUY ONE GET 2????? That's how we were sold.
So. 'RODHAM, did not have SEX SHOE ALL RELATIONS, with that womyn...MIZZ LEWINSKY!!!"
That's how it was played!! RIGHT??


No one would be surprised to learn the words Donald Trump do not appear on this blog. LMAO...


Buttbuster. Why would Donald T.Rump's words appear on this blog.
Get a grip ass-wipe.


Did they take over "her server" or her domain?

Has anyone said that Platte River took possession of a computer from Hillary Clinton? If so, that's pretty surprising, since they presumably had their own servers. All they would have had to do was change the IP address associated with the clintonemail.com domain to point to one of them.

I think some writers, and Senators, may be confused about what a "server" is.

, a

She'll NEVER give up her SERVER. It has YOGA PICS, and such..,,,
Extraneus, RODHAM is a CRIMINAL. We keep getting lost in the minutia.
Why did RODHAM have a PRIVATE SERVER for MOTHER FUCKING STATE DEPARTMEN NATIONAL SECURITY and TOP SECRET E-MAILS??? The FUCKING ANSWER IS OBVIOUS. She was HIDING her TRANSACTIONS. RODHAM, like her criminal husband, DOES BUSINESS on the QT. She wanted to have a way to be FREE from any SCRUTINY. She is that DISHONEST and she is THAT UNSERIOUS and UN-QUALIFIED. This shit is a personal game for RODHAM. Not to mention the MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIONS of dollars her husband greased, ALL WHILE RODHAM was supposed to be our SECRETARY of STATE.
The problem today is.......OUR COUNTRY is not serious. DUMB FUX do not RECOGNIZE, nor do they CARE, that RODHAM, CLINTON, OBAMA, ABEDIN, MILLS, JARRETT, BIDEN, KERRY et al ARE AMATEURS, and have SOLD US OUT.


I loved listening to Phil Rizzuto, Bill White and the third man in the booth, really a straight man for Rizzuto's shtick, Frank Messer. Those were the days.

Jack is Back!

Over at Drudge (trigger warning: photo of Red Witch) article by McClathcy DC speculates that Platte River may have backups.

Miss Marple

The use of a "misspelling" of a name in order to confound search engines and legal investigations is an old democrat trick pioneered by the Clintons.

If caught, it's excused as an innocent typo. If not caught, the plan worked.

I see that Eric Hoteham was also involved in the theft of White House furnishings, including art. This is how I first heard of Dale Chihuly, as they stole two glass bowls which had been donated by the artist. (Impressed the heck out of my daughter when she said he was putting up a big installation at the museum and I already knew who he was.)

I am surprised that the theft hasn't been discussed yet. It was so petty and grifterish. Low class.

Also low class was the gift registry which they had at a department store in Nebraska (possibly connected to Warren Buffet). Friends were offered the opportunity to buy them household items, china, silver, etc.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple


Miss Marple


Video automatically played for me, so warning.


Morning! I've been thinking,in a sane world,the Clintons would have been gone and forgotten 25 years ago. Bill would be living with a bimbo in a retirement community and Hillary would be teaching women's studies at some third rate college.
I think that in a few weeks,Biden will announce. The candidates practically live in NH and Iowa in the fall and early winter. Hillary hasn't had a large rally in NH yet,only small,friendly groups. What is the JOM mantra? Hillary is toast!

Miss Marple


Jim Eagle

Video: Sen. Rand Paul Attacks fellow GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.


Can't wait for the rejoiner.

Miss Marple


LOL! The picture makes Huma look like a poor waif being bullied by the G-men.


This seems to answer a few questions.

FBI reportedly takes possession of 'blank' Clinton email server

The FBI has taken possession of the personal e-mail server used by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state, according to a published report.

Barbara Wells, an attorney for Denver-based computer services firm Platte River Networks, told The Washington Post that federal agents picked up the server from a private data center in New Jersey Wednesday afternoon. The attorney told the paper that the server "was blank" and no longer contained useful information.

"The information had been migrated over to a different server for purposes of transition," Wells told the paper. "To my knowledge the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control." Wells added that the company had cooperated with the FBI and had been told it was not a target of the investigation.

The Justice Department is looking into whether classified information was improperly stored on or passed through the server, which Clinton used for all her correspondence during her time as secretary of state.

The Post reported that Platte River Networks had been hired by former President Bill and Hillary Clinton to upgrade their private e-mail network in June 2013, after Hillary Clinton had left the State Department. As part of the job, the old server was taken from the basement of the Clintons' Chappaqua, N.Y. home and moved to the New Jersey data center.

"To my knowledge the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control."

Obviously, if the data was "migrated" to a Platte River server, then that's the data of interest. The quote above reads like a Clinton statement (depends on what the definition of "on" is), and deserves the following:

"Do you mean you deleted the migrated data from all servers and backup devices? Did you do it in such a way that the FBI couldn't recover some of the deleted data, using advanced methods only available to the government?

Please hand those devices over."

Jeff Dobbs

Bill White "hmmed" and noted that someone might come along someday and pitch another such perfect game. To which the Scooter replied, "That would tie the record!".

What if someone pitched 12 perfect innings in a WS win? Is that just tying the record, or beating it?

So yes, if Hillary and Bill become the First Impeached Couple, that record won't be broken.

Polygamy, TM. You could have a three-person "couple" be impeached. Although when Huma is impeached sometime after 2025, they won't be breaking the record so much as extending their own record.


The thing I never understood was how information from a closed system got to this private network. They're obviously not networked in any way (OK, maybe not so obviously). If it is the case where someone copied over emails and other information by hand, stripping of classification markings in the process, well ... that person is going to prison.

Jim Eagle

The Trump rejoiner to Rand Paul, including how he beat him at golf.

Its a doozy as is the Paul campaign's reply. Read the whole thing.



"Which method was used to delete the data?"

Here are a few ways to permanently delete data:


Captain Hate on the iPad

The Identity Imbecile is as dumb as ever.

Levin talked about a letter to the editor of a Silverton, Colorado newspaper from over a week ago that talked about how the EPA was mucking around abandoned mines looking to justify shutting the area down for future mining and building a huge waste processing facility. Will the "opposition party" investigate this thoroughly?

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Anyone seen a breakdown of the "toxic waste water" chemicals?

Jim Eagle

Melilla is a spanish enclave surrounded by Morroco on the Med. Its main occupation is stopping the Moors from entering Spain. The video is in Flemish but the smuggling is pretty ingeniious. Watch toward the end - they even find the illegals in car bumpers and the glove box of a car.


Jeff Dobbs

Trump disses Rand's golf game? That's funny. So we've got a guy who obsesses over golf.

Obama's third term.


A couple of baseball observations from memory:

Harvey Haddix once pitched more than nine perfect inning yet wound up losing the game (not in WS).

For the 56 games of Joe DiMaggio's hit streak, I believe Ted Williams actually outhit him. IMO the most overrated baseball record.

The thing that no one will ever duplicate is Johnny VanderMeer's back to back no hitters.

In any case I am happy to say I'm no longer a baseball fan but I STILL hate the Yankees.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Miss Marple, I read that it contains arsenic, lead and cadmium, all of which are double plus ungood. Anything on top of that would up the toxic ante.

James D

Will the "opposition party" investigate this thoroughly?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Jeff Dobbs

Janet from last thread (since now I'm all into golf):
Some pics of our POTUS golfing this week. One is of him kicking his leg up, like he always does.

Time for a bit of a nit. In the article is a pic of the Obamas coming off of Marine One - Sasha is walking with her nose buried in an iphone (or whatever the device). Sorry (not sorry) for being such a curmudgeon, but it would be nice if the Obamas would ask her to put it away for the short walk from the helicopter and wait until they're in the limo. It just looks tacky.

Oh, and the caption on that pic?

Annual holiday: President Obama, Michelle Obama and Sasha Obama are vacationing on the upscale island for two weeks, as the family does almost every year. Malia is thought to be in New York continuing with her internships.

Oh, you mean the internship on that paragon of moral virtue Lena Dunham's show.


The thing that no one will ever duplicate is Johnny VanderMeer's back to back no hitters.

Scherzer was one hit away from duplicating it just this year.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Allen West was on Levin's show talking about the Iran deal being nothing short of enabling terrorism and green lighting Iran developing nukes. He gave a hard shot at dickweed Corker and how the donks are going hard at Schoooooomer and Cardin.

James D

Baseball records nobody will ever break?

I say Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak.

Miss Marple


Captain Hate on the iPad

Allen West revealed that the GOPe has been ordered to redraw his old district because they illegally changed it to get him out. I want one of the few remaining GOPe apologists to tell me why we owe that backstabbing group of lowlifes one iota of deference or respect.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I first realized what a prick Pete Rose was when he was pursuing DiMaggio's streak and complained about pitchers throwing too many breaking pitches to him. I'd have ordered him intentionally walked in every at bat after that.

Reading all this praise for Teh Scooter is sheer torture.


As part of the job, the old server was taken from the basement of the Clintons' Chappaqua, N.Y. home and moved to the New Jersey data center.

So the secret service is now the "secrets" service? Imagine the fear and trembling foreign foes feel facing off against the "Scooby Squad."


Trump is now ridiculing Bernie for letting the two only-black-lives-matter gals take over his event. His "they won't take my mic" taunt will make for some great tv as corpulent black females throw loud, obnoxious hissy fits wherever he does.

Jeff Dobbs

I'd have ordered him intentionally walked in every at bat after that.

Oh, not every at bat. Sprinkle in a few hit by pitches....."you said you didn't like all the breaking balls . . . how'd you like that fastball to the shoulder, Pete?"

James D

I'd have ordered him intentionally walked in every at bat after that.

That's why I think the record won't ever be broken. All it takes is one manager who decides he wants to snap the hitting streak, and if you get the guy out in his first at-bat, you can pitch around or flat-out intentionally walk him the next 3-4 times he comes up if you want to.

Jeff Dobbs

Baseball records nobody will ever break?

I'd be surprised if any player from now until eternity ever even get half as many stolen bases as Rickey Henderson.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Stephen Jay Gould, who was a lefty dicknose but pretty good at writing sciency stuff for the pipple, laid out just how incredibly unlikely the 56 game streak was. Paul Molitar made a decent run at it until he was thwarted from one last at bat by asshole Rick "Mr 4-3" Manning getting a game winning RBI in front of him.

Janet  S.


"Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken argued in a filing to a New York City court that a hefty payout to the victims of Palestinian terror crimes could burden the Palestinian Authority (PA) and interfere in Obama administration efforts to foster peace in the region."

No tears shed for US companies that are bankrupted by suing...even when OUR government prosecutes them!...but our government fights for foreign countries.

Kerry & Obama fighting for Iran.
Obama fighting for the Palestinian Authority.
Congress fighting for citizens of other countries here illegally.

At the very least, I would like a President & Congress that put America & her citizens FIRST.

Miss Marple


More news which will fuel Trump's campaign.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Fighting for the interests of palistoneagers over citizens is an unexpected new low for State.


Teen finds gold bar while swimming in German Alpine lake


Yes doc brown is ' running her over' with the delorean.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Weekend at Bernie's really looked like the Uncle Leo candidate when confronted with those obnoxious shriekers. Needless to say, projecting strength when confronted is pretty low on the priorities of his core constituents.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”
Two reasons to read this;
1. The excellent description of how today's yuppie now hooks up for essentially anonymous sex via Tinder and other meathook apps.
2. The bizarre "feminist" perspective marring and permeating the whole thing which renders it ridiculous.

Seemingly none on the left any longer man (oops, my microaggression is showing) the barricades or want to be the revolutionary vanguard.
They just mewl and puke (in this case about the "double standards" involved in being sluts and jerks as though it's not a two person transaction).
I'll take the angry harpies burning their bras and letting us see why no sane man would marry one from days of yore over the pathetic losers and whiners of the feminine millennium who say "men aren't fair and they need to stop being so mean to us sluts so we sluts can feel less guilty about being sluts."

Nowhere does it more than vaguely hint that random sex divorced from love and commitment is just as harmful to men as it is to women. Nor is it even seen as necessarily a negative; only a perfectly honorable pursuit in which women are unfairly only the helpless pursued. Were each side equally the debauched pursued and pursuer one gets the impression the chunkheaded author would consider it a perfectly delightful way to live for those who wish to live in debauchery; not that there's anything wrong with that.
Men who seek it out are described as patriarchal oppressors, although possibly unwitting ones, with their male privilege while women are hapless pawns helpless before the onslaught of privileged metro and lumbersexuality.

Men are granted the respect of recognizing their agency in the transactions (can't think of a better term) but women are seemingly helpless damsels in distress just waiting for their SJW knights in shining armor to come rescue them via social change which presumably will not restore any semblance of romance and commitment but will relieve the poor maidens from any guilt, stigma or consequences of their poor choices.
As a "protected class" women aren't even given the respect of being scheming, but at least strong willed, free agent, Scarlett O'Hara's, but instead are infantalized into helpless, gushing romance novel heroines powerless before the ass-swipe Tinder Fabios.

The left, to paraphrase Paul in first Corinthians, sees through a glass weirdly.


Fighting for the interests of palistoneagers over citizens is an unexpected new low for State.

I assume that you are being sarcastic here--they have been doing it for years.

That said, in this administration they do not even try to hide it: true "Citizens of the World".

The Nomenklatura--and their Country Club GOP enablers to be sure--are now so detached from the rest of the country that one wonders if some of them even understand that they are betraying it. With Globalism they are even economically detached. In some sense their detachment does not merely come out of their narcissism.

The only silver lining I can see is that it cannot go on forever.

Can we be turned back even if we get someone like Walker in. Yes, I think, but only if that person makes a point of what has happened and actively leads the nation back to sanity.

Rick Ballard

Bush was no profile in courage when the BLM ofas lit up in Vegas. BOzo's brownskins are working the national socialist playbook pretty well.

They want a violent reaction to the disruption, I'd suggest people start carrying Frau's playground whistle to rallys instead.


well they give in to 'their sin nature' and they recognize no other,

Carson, had a good rejoinder, last night, they only care about those who foolishly provoke cops, like the Crump camarilla rustles up, anyone else doesn't matter,

of course it's a blank server, it's all kabuki,


So what position in the new administration will Paul earn if he takes down The Donald in mutual flames?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Elon Musk, personally and professionally much closer to PT Barnum than Nikolai Telsa seems destined to stay Thomas Edison-like wealthy while his auto company renders its investors more like Tesla; flat broke.


mr. mcardle, has a striking understanding of the obvious, next the sky has a slightly grey cast in this area,


R Ballard: Exactly.

Of course, the Nazis copied all of this from the communists and the socialists.

There is nothing new here but the skin color--and perhaps the fact it all has been mainstreamed now. How I would love to hear a candidate call all this out for what it is.

I think the average American cannot get around the race angle to understand that it is just another political front.

It really is not hard to get this through; it just takes a little commitment and discipline.

Certainly, we will see a lot more of it befire Nov. 2016.


I don't think that's quite right:


he does things for a reason,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Cracks me up when Americans tut tut about Russian oligarchs.
In addition to crony Kapitalist Elon "Albert Speer" Musk above we also have aspiring Mussolini Tom "King Coal" Steyer vowing to get to the bottom of California's sky high gasoline prices.
The article quotes the Sac Bee's excellent Dan Walters who spells out the already solved mystery for dull Tom in some of the brightest Crayola colors. Hint; it aint Henry Rockefellers fault.

But of course the only color Tom really cares about is green and by that I mean US Treasury green not trees.
Oh, and he also cares about power by which I don't mean the hydroelectric or fossil fuel variety but the absolute or draconian type.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Er, eh, make that John D.


another BRIC through the window



so what is 'the butterfly effect' of this devaluation?


That whole class of zillionaire, "TED talk" Lefties like Musk and Steyer, with their need to shoot off their mouths at any point and their crony connections, shows me that they are incapable of real, productive business. Their fortunes are "fake" in a way.

This permeates the our current technology landscape. It is not limited to the energy sector.

One day we will look back and see what a whole malinvestment it has all been, and I am not just talking about dubious "social" startups but the big firms too like Google or even Apple.

None of this could happen without the direct collusion of government, or the indirect assist via financial hustles like the FED's QE.

If we had real market risk and rewards, hucksters like these would have to pay a decent price for capital and actually produce something of real value.

The left loves to talk about the "Robber Baron" era (and of course they were neither), but the elite they have created are infinitely worse and have done much long term damage. At least the Gilded Age tycoons added to the wealth of the nation, had a stack in it and did not try to take it down.

(And form our candidates we hear nothing at all about this.)


and zuckerberg was a trickster, with a little coding,



I read that telegraph article this AM.

I wonder if this was written before the last couple of days--new to AEP, China has risked it; we are into the 3rd day of Yuan devaluation.

This looks to have surprised just about every one in the financial punditry. I do not think that anyone really knows what is going on in global finance. Odds are that disaster is coming one way or another.

Events are in the saddle, seems to me.




the bill was from Zhahadoon:


Rick Ballard


Ambrose is a bit nearsighted there.

Chinese companies have borrowed huge sums in US dollars on off-shore markets to circumvent lending curbs at home, and these are typically the weakest firms shut off from China's banking system.

So the Chinese have their factories and the lenders have....?

Gosh, it's almost as if the capitalists loaned the Chicom slavers the money to buy the rope.


chart 2 in the telegraph article is pretty good although it only goes back to 2010. the contraction in trade starting in 2014 can't be good.

yeah, they risked it. like the communist party of china is really concerned about anyone other than themselves and their own power.

>>>so what is 'the butterfly effect' of this devaluation?<<<

maybe goods (if people had the money to actually but things) will be modestly less expensive but in the markets that China competes in it will take market share from other producers (mainly south america, developing asia, and mexico). however, when an insignificant currency like the thai baht devalued it spread to what became the Asian Financial Crisis and tens of billions of dollars in bailouts.


squaredance: I think the average American cannot get around the race angle to understand that it is just another political front.

Bears repeating.


yeah we have Soros to thank for that, he went after the renimbhi first, made SouthEast Asia, a nice new sanctuary for AQ,

James D

squaredance @ 10:37

I agree almost completely.

Out of your list of companies, at least apple does actually make physical products that people want to buy. That puts them far ahead of most of the tech and social media companies out there.


Well, outside of the fact that AEP missed the boat on timing, it is a good article.

As usual, a great comment section on that article too.


actually buy things ... coffee ... at this time of day ...


it's quite clear, autocorrect does as much,

Captain Hate on the iPad

I assume that the refinery problem in Shitcargo has caused gas prices to jump 60 cents in less than a week.

James D

I think the average American cannot get around the race angle to understand that it is just another political front.

A candidate who understood this, and who made it part of their campaign, could do wonders.

As with Trump on immigration, it's a situation where there are a lot of people who see that all the racist nonsense peddled by Zero and the DoJ and the BlackLivesMatter(except when they're aborted or when they don't vote democrat) morons, IS nonsense. And they're waiting for a national candidate to stand up and say:

"These people are just full of shit. You don't need to listen to them. You don't need to feel guilty because of things that happened a century and a half ago. You don't need to give these morons one penny, or one minute of your time."


CH up 40 cents over night here.


James D: Agreed--that is just my point, or rather part of it. The other part is that those who are "waiting for it" understand that it take a little push, but only a little, and those who do not see this will see it quickly. When that happens the whole thing collapses.

The point is to break the funny mirrors and see who and what is on the other side.

I think people understand things like AGW are hustles, what they need to understand is the whole "Race racket" is just another one.

When that is broadly acknowledge, much of the Lefts propaganda as currently calibrated fails.


james-but apparently apple is losing out of the huge china cell market to some company called xiomi. I have mentioned geff in my recent posts but toyota and samsung are both involved with this global corporatist push. They were listed as participants in the Closed Door Kazan conference in May. The tech companies at silicon valley in april.

sq-on my blog are some links to the aspen summits the tech companies, ftc, pols of both parties were involved in. Started in 93 under clinton and closed shop in 2010. The entity was called Progressive Freedom Foundation and was quite the cronyistic lovefest hiding behind language like liberty and market-based. Worth looking at. It's a nomenklatura dream.


Also a link to a 1995 Lessig law review article where is is writing about how to instill false beliefs via a manipulated concept of meanings. Media and p-12 are of course the preferred tools.


rse: is this the conference? If not, can you post a link?



This is especially for dr j. I know he will love the idea of conceptual mathematics. https://cdn.americanprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/12095408/Marchitello-CCSSmath-reportFINAL.pdf


http://edu2035.org/pdf/GEF-Kazan_programme.pdf is an example from that conference the aspen ones are attached to most recent post.

Worldskills also just had its global conference in Brazil last week then this agenda goes to davos in january.


it is perfect outside ... 78, 50% humidity, not a cloud in the sky.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

China is even more vulnerable to the chaos of a currency/trade war than the US or Europe. Problem is people and countries often do things not in their own interests because of misconceptions, misunderstandings, miscalculations, spite, hubris, retaliation and any number of other stupid reasons.

The whole world is on a seven year bender trying to ameliorate the hangover from 2008. Eventually the booze will run out and the hangover will be back twice as hard with no palliatives available.
The one thing the libs, leftists, Keynesians and the rest never seem to figure out is there are always imbalances and misallocations that occur as an economy grows. Recessions and depressions are the natural remedy for as orderly and as quick as possible a rebalancing of those misallocations. They are a painful but necessary good that have to run their natural course to be effective and efficient.
Seen as an ill, they are temporarily suppressed by politicians and central bankers in a foolhardy and doomed attempt to soften the pain and accumulate power. And so they prevent the market from a quick and efficient reallocation.
Problem is markets are irresistible forces while central banks and planners always discover to their chagrin and our poverty that banks and plans are not immovable objects.
We can pay the piper right off the bat, relatively cheaply, or later, expensively, but eventually he will always be paid because central bankers and planners never seem to learn that no matter how clever they think they are they can never through sleight of hand make 2+2 not equal 4.


You think that it is bad now, wait until a generation goes through that "conceptual math" hustle.

The author seems to think math teaching is about arithmetic (and maybe algebra). It is not.

Their "procedural math concept" is just how math, particularly arithmetic, has been taught for centuries, and that worked just fine. We did much better when the government was scarcely involved at all--we put people on the moon.

The fact of the matter is that younger students need to just roll up their sleeves and do the hard work of learning the foundations, and yes this requires a lot of rote learning, and if they do not they they are not passed to the next grade.

They act like we need an intellectual, pedagogical "revolution" in order to teach fraction. This is quite simple stuff. If they cannot learn it, then something is very wrong here other then pedagogy.

It just reaffirms that the second thing we need to do is shut down every education department on every campus in the country. These people are "not even wrong". You all know the first thing on the list.

We will not "fix" this until we get both the government and the Left completely out of it.

As an aside, what really galls is the fact that the same tribe of people that caused this mess in the first place not only will not take any responsibility for it, but have they nerve to offer more "solutions" to their own mess, and under the most vainglorious and arrogant assumptions too.


rse, I have no idea what "conceptual math" means. I read the summary, and it was not particularly enlightening. I'll admit that I'm not sufficiently interested to wade through the rest of the document.


that is the most blinkered way of teaching math, I could imagine, of course it comes from Soros's shop,


YOu know in the military (and a lot of in house corporate training), there is in teaching "skills" a distinct conceptual difference between "skills" and "knowledge". A skill is something that can eventual me pushed out of the cogitating mind: think playing piano scales. It is general a part of a larger set of "skills": I make my brink , you make the wall, the architect deigns the building. The saying is "to push it down into the muscles."

In this scenario, knowledge has a very limited meaning, and it is quite different than what we mean by "knowledge" in something like a university setting. It is a very basic ontological set and little more. It is a "tree" of tags or names, each node representing some other skill, or minimum concepts for another skill. Think of a hierarchical ontology that describes an engine in descending detail; now think of another tree of diagnostics that has set of diagnostics to run on the first tree. In teaching skills, this is what knowledge is. Just a set of referent tags.

So to think, as Worldskill does, seems to me to be conflating skills and knowledge where we mean knowledge in the broader sens.

Beyond that, if we assume the actually reality of what a "skill" is, as i outlined above,, as opposed to broader knowledge or further, to erudition and real conceptual insight, then they are pursuing something directly at odds to their stated mission, for the "skills" they teach will become obsolete soon enough, even if there is a market for them (and I rather doubt that the folks at Workdskill and the apparats who support them can accurately predict skill sets in the first place).

So after all that "skill" has been transferred, in a few years it is useless, and yet the worker is left with no higher knowledge to pursue a new "Skill".

(But I think what they are really doing is just pitching to government folks some "solution" so thatall can feel that they are hip, and are "doing something".

I wondered what in the wrold they wre doing in Kazan of all places, but now it seem a perfect place for this sort of hustle.


few had trouble understanding addition operations before, snorfle,


you can buy any car. . .


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