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August 20, 2015


  Fraud UFO

Hello from Spokane WA. Huge fire is making the sky dark and air smoky. Fans are behaving. WTH? Pluto and Ceres stuff was out of this world.


Cruz has been silently stalking the Trump positions, and many of those positions, he was advocating before Trump even became a candidate. Wait and watch...

Miss Marple


I agree Cruz is doing that. My question is whether he will be able to draw the Trump voters.

Just as Trump has a positive brand no matter what he says, Cruz has a fair amount of negative reaction with the electorate due to the trashing that has been done to him by the media.

An additional problem is whether someone who has been in the Senate can portray himself as an outsider.


O/T Tiger tied for #1 @ Wyndham.

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