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August 20, 2015



JACK!!!! Antwerp. You make me jealous.
Simple guitar cable. 1/4 inch "HEHEHEHEEHE" JACKS.
Takamine acoustic with pre-amp and tuner.
Gibson or less expensive Epiphone Les Paul.
I'd love to tell you to give your wonderful son BETTER and more EXPENSIVE GEAR, but that is NOT NECESSARY.
My son's gear, is either EARNED with his own money, or GIFTED from his Dad's surplus.
Jack? Have you seen my son on YOUTUBE yet??????


Cable is 20 foot guitar cable. MONSTER is my favorite brand. Small amp. Nice, to very nice ACOUSTIC guitar, for the principle of getting the kid, off the ground and enjoying the task. An Epiphone Les Paul is a REAL electric guitar, and cannot lose value.

Jack is Back!


Got him a used but excellent condition Epiphone Les Paul Studio model with an Acoustic 20 watt AMP, all from Guitar Center. What do you think? Do you think it will come with a neck strap.


Jack, get him a new Epiphone Les Paul Studio. My son has one and it's very very good. Get him an acoustic Takamine with a pre-amp. He'll need a cable. $10-25 bucks tops. I'd buy him a small FENDER AMP.
Jack, I wish I could be YOUR SHOPPER, because it's much less expensive for a veteran like me.
But. Bottom line. $400 should get EVERYTHING he could possibly want.
And they WILL throw in a couple of nice GUITAR STRAPS.......I INSIST.


Jack, were you saying that you GOT HIM a nice LP STUDIO and an AMP???


JACK, I should send you a nice GUITAR STRAP that is full of songs, and gigs, and LOVE!!!!
I have many of them.

Jack is Back!


Got him the Epiphone Les Paul already and the 20 watt amp. Shipping today.


WOW, I'm enjoying this a ton Jack. Your son is precious, and you are a FANTASTIC DADDY. I wish I could actually experience your sons' birthday gifts.
Jack, have you seen my son's YOUTUBE triumph???


Jack, I'm so very pleased. Frederick has a fantastic Father.


The scapegoat was reinstated with the proviso that he not really engage with the press


Yes Maryrose. He is free, but not REALLY free.

Dave (in MA)

DrJ | August 20, 2015 at 11:53 PM, not the same Karen Finley who got famous for jamming groceries up her hoohah?


No Dave. That kind of behavior would disqualify a person from further "antics".
Dave, we are about to have a WAR. The LEFT is out of control and Alynski tactics make SENSE to the SENSELESS MOTHERFUCKERS.
If we must have this WAR. I am ALL IN.


On tonight's dog walk I had on Glen Beck for a while. Beck has been strongly opposed to Trump.

In much of his last few shows this week he has been on the soapbox stressing that we have to have God in our lives and in our country to survive, and etc. Pretty much the sermon.

So tonight in hour 2 he started sliming Trump by talking about the pictures of Trump's current wife that in Beck's words were "pornographic." He kept stressing that he had seen them and they were pornographic, but then said that he had been told many of them were fakes/photoshops, but that since he (Beck) could not verify that they were fake, he did not feel it was proper of him to tell his audience that they were not actual pornographic pix of Trump's wife.

Overall point was that Beck (who loves to clothe himself in God talk) was doing his damnedest in my opinion to slime Trump, but pretending to be innocent the entire time he was doing it, and then saying that the only way to resolve the problem of Trump's wife and the pornographic pictures of her was for trump to come on his show and talk about them.

The way it came across to me, I hope Trump sends a couple goons to kneecap Beck. Total, total, slime ball behavior to take down Trump.

Anyone else have the same takeaway as I did? I will admit I did have to keep changing to a different channel as it was pissing me off so much, so maybe I missed some apologies if he said any, but very, very dirty pool in my opinion. grrrrrr.

Jack is Back!


Link to GUS, jr's UTube triumph please?

Jack is Back!

These people make me want to vomit.

Hillary Skips Bill's 69th Birthday Bash. [At the Blue Parrot in East Hampton] Poor tonto and Harry have to live with that trash while get to enjoy Europe:)


Jack is Back!

...while I get to enjoy.....



You did pick a good time to be in Europe.

Clintons are really "stinking up the joint".


It probably won't come with a guitar strap, Jack, or picks, and the strings on it might be old and dull. You'll want to figure out what gauge strings it likes. Probably .010" so called tens.


This is an example of the kind of nonsensical stories going on this week on tv. http://www.wsbtv.com/ap/ap/political/2-female-soldiers-graduating-from-army-ranger-trai/nnNsg/

The stories are all about integrating the Ranger regiment and this school has nothing to do with being in the Ranger regiment. The networks are blowing this deliberately or ignorantly, but this is a military leadership school open to all branches and is also something the elite military in other countries get sent to do.

It does not make one eligible to be a Ranger. That is a different school and most of the grads from the typical Ranger Leadership School class are in fact not members of any Ranger regiment. Two battalions are here in Ga, which is why I guess I know the difference, and one in Wash State.

This has essentially been a fraudulent story all week. Rangers are scrolled and ones who go on to Leadership school are also tabbed and lots of ambitious military aspire to get the Ranger tab, but that does not make them a Ranger except if you are the media looking to have women in every harmful situation whether they could rescue their colleagues and get them to safety or not.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Levin was all over the GOPe deliberately misstating the Constitution on the citizenship of anchor babies. He challenged Jeb Bush and Rove to come on his show for a civil ten minute debate on the issue. He also sought to mollify the MFMer on ABC who told Trump that the phrase "anchor baby" was offensive by suggesting anchor fetus. He also praised Jindal for going on offense against Rodham and PP while the Repuke bed setters cower with their consultants.


Oh my, lots of tapes of John Doe raids. Some lower level guys in Chisolm's office are trying to sue the WI SC to keep the illegal evidence so they can defend themselves from charges of illegally taking property. I guess this sets up a "we're innocent but the court destroyed esculpatory evidence" defense or something.

Lawyers doing that "law" thing again.

Jack is Back!


From a friend who received this letter from his buddy who is ex-Ranger Btl. commander:

"I am in very close contact with the Ranger Camp. The comments below from a Mountain Ranger Course Cadre [Ranger School instructor/grader] are pretty much what has happened:

Bob, when the administration wants something to succeed, they will do anything at all to make it succeed. For those of you who went to Ranger school, I assume that you did not have a general officer as a lane grader, called a walker these days [the officer who observes you when you lead a patrol and grades you on whether you passed or failed].

When they are social engineering, they make things work regardless of the standards or the consequences because it’s the engineering that’s important. Here's the breakdown: Army wanted 200 of the most badass women from the army, guard, and reserves to start ranger school in April. The deal was they had to pass RTAC [Ranger Training Assessment Course} to get a slot.

138 women attended several RTAC classes and 20 passed. The 20 women were put in their own unit to train exclusively for Ranger school in the months preceding their start date: 1 quit before school started.
19 women started Ranger School in April.
11 failed in the first 3 days: pt test, land, nav, and road march.
All 8 failed patrols and were inserted into Darby, the following class. All 8 failed patrols again. 5 were sent home and 3 were offered day 1 recycles. Nearing the end of their third attempt at Darby, all three had 2 failed patrols, and General Scott Miller (title: movement excellence commander of Ft. Benning) showed up to be their walker. [As far as I know, no officer above the rank of Colonel was ever a walker or lane grader. When I went to Ranger School, I believe the graders were all either NCOs, Captains, or Majors. I do not even believe that any officer associated with the school was a General, including the Commandant of the Ranger School. I think he was a LTC or Col.]

With the General along, all three passed. All three advanced to Mountains. Nearing the end of the patrol phase of mountains, all three women had failed 2 patrols, so guess who showed up again to be their walker?.... 2 of the three passed, and one has been recycled.

Some of the guys I work with here remember Miller from Delta [Force]. I'm sure that's not what's being reported, but when we first heard a General had walked them, three of them chimed in with "Scotty Miller" in unison.

These women will pass, and probably be honor grads. "Sounds like command interference to me”...[plain old dishonesty to me if they did not earn passing grades]. This does not surprise me. The General’s boss most likely told him (Miller), if you want to make three stars, there will be female Ranger graduates! So he Santa-Claused them so they would pass. Sad times. This PC BS will be the end of us, if it hasn’t already sealed our fate!"

I wonder what Ranger will be prepared to share his life and death mission with a weaker ranger?


Gracious jib. I was just commenting on the slanted news coverage and that it has been a feature on repeated nights. No wonder the media keeps hyping "held to same standards as the men."

Jeff Dobbs

Gus Jr with Cheap Trick...



From a millenian (can't spell it) this morning: "Political correctness is intellectual dishonesty'.

Those Rangers are pretty impressive woman no matter how you feel about it.

Miss Marple

Impressive women, but will they be able to perform as well as a man in combat? Can they carry a 200-pound man out of the line of fire?

Mother of a Ranger called into local radio yesterday and said she is worried about her son (who has done 3 tours at age 22) because she knows the physical requirements and while she applauds the women's efforts, she wants her son to survive.

Jeff Dobbs

Of course not...

A giant asteroid is not hurtling towards Earth about to wipe out much of the Americas, NASA has felt compelled to explain following a swirl of online rumors.

...it's SMOD, not SAOD.



It is not a matter of feeling jane. Failing patrols means each time these women were put in a position of safely getting people from point a to point b via navigational and other skills, they could not do it. It goes beyond the physical.

I asked spouse if he has heard what jib wrote and he says yes. So what does it do to command when everyone under you knows you repeatedly could not hack the patrol part of these various stages and were pushed out anyway.

That's what I think that mom is also worried about. These are the people trained to lead in bad situations and they repeatedly showed, and too many have heard, they were not good at it.


Scooting those two girls through Ranger school like that is an abomination. I had wondered how two had passed after reading last spring that all eight had failed.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that virtually no female has the upper body strength that ?98+%? of the guys in the Army lack as well.

There is something very wrong with putting people in positions where they physically can't do the tasks required of them.

Jeff Dobbs

Don't look now but Tiger shot a 64 yesterday at the Wyndham tournament here in my town. 2 behind the leader.

Local boy Carl Pettersson also shot 64. He's not actually local, so to speak, but he did graduate high school here in Greensboro. He won the tournament in 2008.

Oh, and my old high school classmate Justin Leonard is playing here too. He shot two under. Didn't really know each other - he was two years behind me. But maybe he needs a home cooked meal some night this weekend. Maybe if he doesn't make the cut (he's on the bubble at two under), he'd want to cut loose and come out and play some pool tonight. Imma dig up an email for kicks Justin case. Heh.

They're playing at Sedgefield Country Club - about 5 miles south of my office.

Captain Hate on the iPad

There's been so much crap promulgated through decades about how the only reason women don't do what men ordinarily do is because of social conditioning, in which Mrs H was immersed at Bowling Green way before the current gender nonsense. At a point I gave up on educating her of the obvious physical differences in playing basketball which was finally resolved by an anatomy academic neighbor agreeing with me. I was still exasperated that she'd been so brainwashed that at no time did she believe that I knew what I was talking about.


Reuters blows the State Dept out of the water.

Exclusive: Dozens of Clinton emails were classified from the start, U.S. rules suggest

Spokesmen for Clinton declined to answer questions, but Clinton and her staff maintain she did not mishandle any information.


The State Department disputed Reuters' analysis but declined requests to explain how it was incorrect.


State Department spokesman Alec Gerlach, in an initial response to questions on how the department applies classification regulations, said that Reuters was making "outlandish accusations."

The bottom line:

In the small fraction of emails made public so far, Reuters has found at least 30 email threads from 2009, representing scores of individual emails, that include what the State Department's own "Classified" stamps now identify as so-called 'foreign government information.' The U.S. government defines this as any information, written or spoken, provided in confidence to U.S. officials by their foreign counterparts.

This sort of information, which the department says Clinton both sent and received in her emails, is the only kind that must be "presumed" classified, in part to protect national security and the integrity of diplomatic interactions, according to U.S. regulations examined by Reuters.

She forwarded such information to Sidney Blumenthal, a non-government person.


Trump calls O'Malley a 'disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby'

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley apologized “like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby” for his remark that “all lives matter,” Donald Trump said in an excerpt of a new interview aired Friday on Fox News.

In an interview with Jeanine Pirro for her program “Justice” set to air Saturday night, Trump said that the former Maryland governor did not need to say he was sorry.

“And then he apologized like a little baby, like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby. And that’s the problem with our country,” Trump said, according to a clip aired on “Fox and Friends.”


From the Reuters link:


Posted before reading rse's post.

So now we have the Lawrence Summer issue too--is it possible that after eons of evolution and very different effects of hormones on brain development and growth that perhaps very few (if any) people who have a certain biology may be able to do certain types of cognition?
Is it a mortal sin to even consider that??


Why are women who need PC cowed officers to get through Ranger School "impressive"?

They are anything but impressive. This is typical feminist nonsense-we lower standards, squint our eyes, and then allow "women" to claim "equality". It is, of course, nothing of the sort.
These women are not "impressive", they are dishonorable for expecting us to squint our eyes and pretend that they are something that they are not. The whole thing is juvenile. They do not deserve our respect at all, and neither do their enablers.

This is where the real damage is done: there is no longer an object measure of accomplishment, reward or risks. Inevitably, standards will have to be lowered so that we can have the illusion of "equality".
We replace merit with mediocrity.

How do you run a military unit with such flagrant hypocrisy and detachment from reality. It is not just that they cannot preform, but that it cannot me admitted that they cannot preform. What does broader effect does this have?

What about males that cannot normally qualify, but still are better than the females that can get through the PC diluted "female qualifications"? How does that work?

This is just pure cultural Marxism and it ends in disaster.

And let us get this straight: qualifications like this are not merely "physical"; there are emotional, intellectual, and moral characteristics to getting ranger qualification. It is not just about the "physical" capacity to care a comrade on one's back.

This is the standard feminist lie: "well it is all just a physical difference--just upper body strength".

Nonsense. Tell that to the Marines that held out on Guadalcanal.

America has slipped into madness, and for what? So elitist, cultural Marxist feminists, very few of who would ever serve in the military or even support its mission, can sit around the faculty lounge or a bar in Georgetown and feel good about themselves?

If I were the next POTUS, I would call out the Flag officers that made this whole thing possible and publicly humiliate them.

They deserve far worse.


well Mayor Carcetti does need to be slapped, doesn't he know his own reputation,

Excuse me.

Heh, the general wasn't very good at his work. He hadn't done it for years, if ever.


Scooting those two girls through Ranger school like that is an abomination. I had wondered how two had passed after reading last spring that all eight had failed.,/i>

I don't think they were "scooted" as 17 started the program and only those 2 finished.

I'm not advocating for what you guys oppose, I'm simply applauding the success of those 2 women. Everyone should.


cutting through the folderall,

Miss Marple


That is a good question. I have noticed through the years that there are certain mental skills I do not have.

One is judging distance. I first noticed this when I had to measure rooms for a furniture store. I could NOT eyeball a room and give a good estimate of its size. My husband could routinely do this.

On the other hand, I have no trouble visualizing how different fabrics would work together from simply seeing samples. My husband had to see a sofa and chair exactly in order to decide if he would like them.

This is a small thing, but I imagine there are other instances (blueprint reading comes to mind) where the ability to judge distance and extrapolate 3-dimesnsionally is more developed in the male brain, due to eons of having to judge distance for spear-throwing and such.


I used physical attributes because that is the easiest. I am a tough old gal, but I have to have my grandson lift the water softener bags up and pour them in the tank. I can lift them enough to get them downstairs, but not up to shoulder level to pour them in.

My survival in a combat situation would have to depend on guile and treachery, I am afraid.

Old Lurker

MM: "My survival in a combat situation would have to depend on guile and treachery, I am afraid."

I would admit MM into my Prepper Shelter in a heartbeat...




Jane, clearly these are exceptional women. Pretty clearly they wouldn't be Rangers absent executive interference.

There it is.

This is good?

I pity them having to go into combat with men who know the backstory.


De Blasio Open to Ending Times Square Pedestrian Plaza to Fight Off Naked Women

The pedestrian plaza was created under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Mr. Bloomberg—who wasn’t sure about the idea when it was first pitched to him—credited it with reducing pollution, making streets safer for pedestrians, and for encouraging more commerce, according to an ironically titled WNYC article about how the plazas were there to stay when Mr. Bloomberg departed in 2013.
What would an able commander do?

And they will. And so will the women.


some are revealed as somewhat wise, and others confirm they are fools,


Bah, humbug.

How to warp a career in one easy lesson.


Another Ashley Madison data dump.

TC: This one includes the IP address history of users, so identities can be traced even if throwaway email IDs and pre-paid credit cards were used.



http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2015/08/from-the-paper-chase-to-dumb-and-dumber-are-lawyers-and-law-students-getting-dumber.html indicates that there is pressure to dumb down multistate bar because of lower pass rate. Fits right in with what SQ is saying and what the UN advocates for this week in this EFA report.


And say we manager to hold the line on standards somehow, and let the few women who qualify in. Let us say that they are in, but far from the top of the class. What does this say about these women, or our very notion of women? What do we accomplish here?

They have to become pseudo-men? That they become parodies of both men and women? We are to pretend that their mediocrity, calibrated for their sex, is excellence? What is the "liberation" in this? What are we teaching young people in this, women included?

This society is deeply confused about sex and the sexes.

It all stems from the BoBo, liberal/cultural Marxist conceit of the Boomers that being in the world is a matter of belief rather than human reaction, with all its powers and limitations, to the realities of the world. It is the toxic notion that limitations can be wished away by "attitudes", sloganeering, cant, and social engineering, and all the political intimidation these imply.

But there is an actually reality to the Cosmos, and if men and women were really the same, then the history of the world would be radically different.

To hold otherwise, to imagine that through all the ages of Mankind what was required was the putrid and flabby tribe of the Democrat Party of the USA to finally reach out and "free" us from our "learned biases", that such a paltry agency as the American Left s can somehow change the very course of reality itself is all just arrogant, puerile and narcissistic self-delusion.

Feminism is not "progress": it is decadence.

It is that last, flailing moans of the dying post war order and the civilization that created it. It is not even a cause, but an effect and a symptom. Soon it will pass. The question that remains is whether or not we can rebuild before it is too late. If not, we too will soon pass.

We are not helping these confused females (and I will not call them "women"); We are not helping ourselves.

In the end it must come crashing down. The longer we delay that the worse it will be.


https://efareport.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/new-statement-on-framing-and-measuring-inequalities-in-education/#more-6089 is the link.

Another necessary shift to get us to "an egalitarian society". Education itself, as I have been saying and proving, has to change until there are no significant discrepancies in results among different subpopulations.

Jeff Dobbs



why would that be,



Did you see this one, narc?



no I can't say that I had:

some explanations of the last trial balloon,


Politico this AM runs a Jeff Greenberg tale with this little nugget to keep their prog readers up at night:

since 1928, only one president—Ronald Reagan—has managed to leave the White House in the hands of an elected successor of the same party.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Another Ashley Madison data dump.--

Amanda Marcotte thinks the AM hacking is an abominable invasion of privacy that should not be used to out anyone's private misconduct...unless you are someone who doesn't believe what she does, like Josh Duggar.

She doesn't think you deserve to be publicly shamed and harmed by cheating on your wife.

You should be publicly shamed and harmed if you cheated on your wife
and opposed homosexual marriage.

If you cheated on your wife and cut a babies face open to extract its brain for resale you should be home free.


Got him a used but excellent condition Epiphone Les Paul Studio model with an Acoustic 20 watt AMP

JiB, in addition to picks and new .010 strings, get Frederick a room over the garage. :-)


Hillary, with no secure email, how did you as Secretary of State get immediate access to classified material to do your job?


narciso @ 9:28...yesterday at my mother's doctor appointment,a young woman (probably an older teen-ager) came in with an older gentleman,maybe her father. She had injured her knee in a fall (this was at the orthopedic doctor). Anyway, she was very sweet and pretty and the man was pleasant and nodded hello to us. I wondered about their ethnicity and when the nurse called her name,I was surprised. Her name is Mohammed,which I didn't realize was also a female name.


is it possible that after eons of evolution and very different effects of hormones on brain development and growth that perhaps very few (if any) people who have a certain biology may be able to do certain types of cognition?

I think it's pretty well-established that males have more at the extremes of distributions of cognitive skills. For example, males are much more likely to be autistic or have Asperger's. So it would stand to reason that men would be disproportionately represented in say, Fields Medals for mathematics, chess champions, and prisons.

Which reminds me: With all the complaining about blacks being disproportionately stopped, arrested, shot, etc., why does no one point out the same for males vs females? I think it's outrageous that there are so many more men in prisons than women.


So it would stand to reason that men would be disproportionately represented in say, Fields Medals for mathematics, chess champions, and prisons.

And, I should have added, in the Ashley Madison database.


Oh, I think most of the population of Massachusetts is spending the last ten days of summer in Maine. The traffic was crazy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sounds like Jeff Greenberg is dog whistling Sheriff Joe that if he wants to be pres, next time Barry comes knocking he ought to blast some buckshot from Ol' Bess through the door.

Hands down; shoot.


The pedestrian plaza was created under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Mr. Bloomberg—who wasn’t sure about the idea when it was first pitched to him

As I think I've mentioned before, that plaza (created by closing Broadway to traffic for several blocks and rerouting cars) *failed* the criteria that had been established for making it permanent. But it was kept anyway. That is government in a nutshell.


jimmyk, not to impose more Cuomo on you, [he says imposing more] Cuomo was explicit in pointing out the legislature (leaders implied) runs the state and how upstate had been abused by the concentration of legislators from NYC and LI.

Over the last several years, he said, he promoted more upstate legislator cohesion and insisted on programs to lower property taxes where upstate real estate is valued less.

[No comment necessary; just FYI]


the odds are even longer when you consider elected vice presidents, going back Martin Van Buren,


Also, FYI, just read the Albany Times Union sour grapes article on Nano. Journalism of conjecture and opinion.

They often do a better job of reporting, but not with this article.


Never heard about Ashley Madison until JOM mentioned it. Glad to have missed it. Don’t mind missing the whole operation, exposure, and reporting.

Guess I’m libertarian.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm tired of the sexist profiling of cops stopping males after a crime that was supposedly committed by a male.
How do they know how the criminal identified, or the person they stop either, for that matter?
If a witness says a dude robbed him and they stop the perp and he identifies as one of Heinz's other 57 varieties obviously the witness was mistaken even if the non-dude has the witness's widescreen on his back.


No worries, sbw. And I'm not saying everything Cuomo has done has been bad, but the industrial planning stuff is an abomination. The upstate-downstate conflict is very common in the northeast and midwest when you have a large metro area with half or more of the state's population and the rest relatively rural. I can remember it from Michigan, and I know it's a big deal in Illinois. It seems strange that the state is involved at all in setting property taxes. I suspect the deeper problem is the state mandating expenditures by local governments.


category error is becoming more than random,



someone forgot to tell erdogan about that:



Not from what I'm hearing corruption, but we'll see. One guy was just on saying he only passed because one of the woman was the only person who pitched in to help him when he couldn't carry any additional weight. 70 men failed.

They sound pretty exceptional to me. I'm proud of them.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The Omen's hashtags are funny.


Have you all heard about the horrific and bizarre murder of a woman at the Shaw's supermarket in Saco,Maine? Wendy Boudreau of Saco was murdered while standing near the ice cream freezer at the supermarket. According to the Maine State Police complaint,Connor MacCalister was angry and wanted to hurt someone,waited for a target (an older woman who wouldn't resist) followed her into the store and slit her throat. MacCalister was first identified as a woman,but a family member told police that MacCalister is a female-to-male transgender. He/She is in a single cell at the York County jail,because the sheriff is still trying to decide whether to house he/she with male or female inmates. A witness in the store at the time yelled at MacCalister, WHY? He/She said "I'm off my meds."

The community is stunned. RIP Mrs. Boudreau.


rse wrote:

"Another necessary shift to get us to "an egalitarian society". Education itself, as I have been saying and proving, has to change until there are no significant discrepancies in results among different subpopulations."

Not sure I agree that this is possible. Like it or not, there is credible evidence that Asians, as an example, have a higher average IQ than Europeans.

Is it realistic to expect these population to perform equally on an Algebra test??


"Hillary, with no secure email, how did you as Secretary of State get immediate access to classified material to do your job?"

Hillary wasn't actually working, she was in it for the cocktail parties.


it seems the Albany Times is at best meh, compared to other fishwraps,


this seems a little odd:



They already claimed she did all real work via paper and in meetings.


I suspect the deeper problem is the state mandating expenditures by local governments.

Bingo, jimmyk!


well you would have to go Norman, and the cleanup wouls be messy.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Omri Ceren at Powerline provides a lot of the details on Benedict Barry's secret side deal and the disgusting Quislings and courtesans at Vox and elsewhere who tried to discredit the AP story on behalf of their sponsors at the WH.

Keep in mind that Parchin is not some incidental insignificant part of their bomb program. Amassing the highly enriched uranium is something they know how to do and may already have done. It is the design of the bomb and the detonation charge that is more technically difficult and what Parchin is for.

Pretty sure no one here has to be told Barry, despite being not that smart, is plenty smart enough to know the above.
He's a purposely reckless, traitorous demagogue who knows full well this agreement frees Iran to build a bomb whenever it pleases while rewarding it with its frozen assets that would much more properly been used to compensate the victims of Iranian terrorism including our soldiers and families effected by Iran's interference in Iraq.
He wants Iran to have the bomb as a strategic balance (read, threat) against Israel and to a lesser extent, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And let me add, Barry considers an Iranian bomb a necessary counterweight to US interests in the middle east and the world as well.

Jeff Dobbs

They already claimed she did all real work via paper and in meetings.

Scissors beats paper. And rock beats servers.


It will be very interesting next weekend at the reunion to hear what people are saying about these two.

Ranger Bn's are very different. There is no margin for error. They climb tall buildings in a single bound.

One of them is an MP. The other is a Helo pilot. They'll be nice and famous now and can give speeches at the transgender and wimmens studies programs around the country for the rest of their lives about how they took it to The Man.

The guys will go back to their hunting and their motorsickles and kids.



The information appears to include privately shared comments by a prime minister, several foreign ministers and a foreign spy chief, unredacted bits of the emails show. Typically, Clinton and her staff first learned the information in private meetings, telephone calls or, less often, in email exchanges with the foreign officials.

That stuff is classified as soon as it's in US possession. Doesn't need markings. Her goose is cooked.

Old Lurker

IQ's. You want IQ's?

Tell me what you think our map color becomes when averaged out with our future voters from south of our border (hint. the same thing happens when you look at per capita net worths by country):


Old Lurker

Skoot. Only if Obama lights the stove.


iowahawk notes this cunning cunning plan,



Thanks so much for the Gus Jr. intro above, Jeff. He performed so well, but I couldn't take my eyes off the bundle of pure joy (who I assume was his proud daddy) bouncing with raised hands on stage beside him. If only more kids knew love like that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

30/70 she's the nominee.
1/99 she's pres.
I'd say 0/100 but psychos sometimes do get lucky.

Thomas Collins

OK, Extraneus, you've got me. But to save you the trouble of doing forensic IP tracing, I now post my Ashley Madison ad here for all to see:

"Aspiring sugar daddy who doesn't even own a rowboat, much less a yacht, seeks frisky golddiggers for wild times. Why be wined and dined at L'Espalier by a man of means when I'll treat you to the finest in southern New England food truck cuisine. Tired of being put up at the Ritz and being squired around to the finest Broadway plays, Central Park art galleries and private shopping sprees at Manhattan's finest clothing establishments? I'll take you to an amusement park and win you the finest in Red Sox caps and plastic rings at the game stands. Bored with all your tuition being paid, the luxury apartment rent being taken care of, and the constant stream of new luxury vehicles? Well then, enjoy a monthly commuter rail pass on my dime."

No responses yet. Perhaps I should upgrade my offer to two hours per month of Zipcar use!


what this reveals is a confederacy of dunces signed on to this deal:



buckeye-that is why traditional algebra is going away. name only. so are tests as traditionally understood. performance assessments are evals of behavior and much will be conducted via virtual reality gaming.

of course it is not possible. they are still requiring it as official policy and then calling it workforce devt or pbl for all. pols go along because all want the kind of projects sbw wrote about. that has become the lure for pols everywhere and both parties.



seems like something out of the onion not the wh

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